Blessed Secrets

Chapter 7: Misfit Children, A semi-homeless girl part 2

"What just happened?" Cried Mizuki as he started to bawl.

"We got turned into children because of the mallet you idiot!" Silver ranted before trying to locate Lily.

"I blame this on you!" Mizuki cried while Silver growled at him.

"Shut up you big baby! It's only-Lily watch out!" Silver screamed, this allowed Lily to dodge Narukami's hand and glared.

"Why did you do that?" Lily asked angrily.

"Considers is Devine retribution darling. Even though I was only aiming to Silver this turned out to be more interesting than I had originally thought" Narukami said with s smile as she held the mallet.

"Change them back now!" Lily snapped.

"Why? I've done you a favour by doing this, isn't this what you wanted? To let this fox get a taste of his own medicine?" The Goddess asked. Lily shook her head and narrowed her eyes at the woman.

"Look as angry as I am with this git, no one deserves this kind of punishment" Lily said before walking towards the boys. She then began to feel a sudden chill as something wrapped itself around her stomach and something had touched her forehead where Mikage's mark rested. Within seconds she began to feel something cold slowly leave her body in the form of a light breeze, in a away it reminded her of water slowly moving away from her body as the tide moved.

Lily looked up to see a ball of yellow and blue appear in Narukami's hand to her shock. What is that?

"Now human you are free to live on as any ordinary human would do, be thankful I have given you this privilege for others are not so merciful" Narukami said coldly as she pushed Lily away. When Lily turned around she almost snorted at a leaf hit the Goddess on the back of her head. However the amusement left her when Narukami used her power of lightning to hit a now screaming Silver.

"You little brat!" Narukami snapped angrily. Lily glared at the woman for hurting him like that.

"Why did you do that?!" Lily snapped as she grabbed Silver's weakened form, Mizuki ran towards Lily in order to hide from the cruel woman.

"Because I do not tolerate such disobedience, now that I am the Goddess of Mikage shrine these two will have to respect me. Tell you what since I am so merciful Silver. If you accept that I am your new master and become my familiar I shall restore you to your true form, does that sound like a deal" and with that Narukami fled the area leaving the trio in a state of shock.

"We're sorry Lady Lily but we are spirits of the Mikage shrine" cried Oishi.

"We cannot help, please forgive us" Dai pleaded before they were forced to leave.

Without wasting time Lily had grabbed her stuff and the children before anyone could say a thing, Aoi however gave her a funny look before shrugging and went back to work.

"Gets weirder every time" he mutters.

Lily, Silver and Mizuki sat on a bench while feeling mixed emotions.

"Unbelievable" Lily muttered as she was sandwiched between the children, she managed to get Mizuki to fall asleep while Silver was glaring as he faced forward.

"... Well we can't just stay here, we should seek shelter now while we can" Lily said in hopes of encouraging Silver to speak. Sadly it wasn't going well.

"You should go, the snake and I will solve problem by ourselves" Silver said now feeling pig sick. To think he would be back to the size of when he had just died, it was sickening and Silver was sure that he was going to freak out if he wasn't alone.

"No way" this made him look up to see her cold look. "This is our problem!" Lily said sharply before looking at Mizuki.

"You, me and Mizuki have been wronged without any means of defending ourselves and I am not going to tolerate it" Lily explained. Silver's ears flopped.

"And yet... You still don't ask me for help when it comes to the people in you college. It's ironic in a sense that you would say that. You have a home with the tengu while I can go wherever I please" Silver muttered. Lily bopped him causing him to look up.

"Do you like spilling out your problems?" Lily asked sternly, Silver mentally winced for she did bring up an interesting point on that. "You hardly trust me enough as it is-"

"That is not true!" Silver snapped before standing up, he flinched once he remembered that he was not his normal size causing him to curse mentally. "Lily I-"

"Save it Silver, right now we need to change you back so let's go rest for a while" Silver bit the inside of his cheek from how she dismissed this talk, but what does she expect? He didn't want to make her think of him as a cold blooded monster who killed and raped women without a care in the world, he nodding grudgingly as he looked at her. As they made it close towards her old home Silver had started to feel light headed and weak, was this because of how he had shrunk to this form?

Without warning he collapsed catching Lily's attention, she gasped before moving her free hand that wasn't on Mizuki to touch Silver's forehead. The girl wrenched her hand back from how hot it was before biting the tip of her nail. He needed help fast and she was sure Shinjirou could offer some assistance despite who needed it.

Lily picked Silver up and cradled in him with her other arm before running towards the old apartment. Seeing each that no one was home made Lily irritated but leaned on the side of the wall by the door, talk about rotten timing. While she needed help Shinjirou was at work.

Lily felt her body grow tired and her eyes started to droop. Maybe a small nap wouldn't hurt.

Shinjirou walked up the steps to the apartment he and Lily use to share with a forlorn expression. It was always quiet now a days and he missed seeing Lily as they crossed paths in her old home, how they would tease, laugh and made the other feel wanted but most of all he missed hearing her voice. It is normal right to miss a person you call your sister and worry about their wellbeing right? He could justify his worry when that guy earlier on had tripped her and none of her familiars bothered to show which was disappointing, it made him wonder if sake was more important to them than Lily. The thought made him frown.

On route to the door he stopped and did a double take. Why was Lily sleeping by the door with two children asleep in her arms?

Shinjirou opened the door before glaring at one of the children that was a fox. However he couldn't argue nor hurt him unless he wanted Lily to be upset with him, he picked up the fox only to yelp at how hot the child was. What was going on here?!

Instead of picking up the fox he tried the white haired boy and bit his lip, they both were running high fevers and it looked like they were getting worse by the minute. Now picking up the White haired boy he nudged Lily lightly in order to wake her up. Lily groaned as she stirred from her slumber and opened her eyes to see a blurry image of what appeared to be her brother. Shinjirou almost laughed at how cute Lily was, she was never a morning person but helped her up regardless and ushered her into the house.

Once there Lily was able to settle Silver and Mizuki into one bed so they could be both treated without delay.

"I must say Lily you surprised me by sleeping by the door" Shinjirou said catching Lily's attention. "You do remember the secret key right?" Just hearing that made Lily grin weakly. She had totally forgotten about it which made him laugh.

"Don't laugh! I've had a busy day" Lily cried out before pausing at the hot drink in front of her.

"And stressful. Mind telling me who those brats are? You're not kidnapping children are you or do I already know them?" He said with a teasing smile. Lily cried out from the joke.

"Please do not joke, I really need to find a yōkai doctor" Lily whined causing him to blink.

"I am afraid a doctor will not be much of help" Shinjirou said in a sad tone, this made her look up.

"Why can't they?" Lily asked, hearing this left him sighing.

"You see these two have been regressed in body only and their powers cannot handle it" he explained, this made Lily's eyes go down.

"But there must be something we can do. Maybe Vincent can-" Shinjirou stood up and went to get something from the draw.

"Vincent's knowledge is limited when it comes to us yōkai remember? What can he do?" The tengu asked before picking up a box. Lily blinked at the design.

"What is that?" She asked now looking curious.

"It's an old family remedy that might help bring down the fever" he explained while opening the box.

"Well you stinking fox consider this payback for upsetting Lily you damn runt" he said with a sadistic smirk while Lily gave him a weak smile.

"I wouldn't do that brother, Silver doesn't like people putting things into his mouth" Lily warned as she watched him interact. Oh he was mad about everything.

"Oh I am sure it'll be fine, after all this is for making you cry and for invading the house not once but twice. I'd be careful fox this pill is as bitter as hell which should suit a pathetic-" Shinjirou froze as Silver bit his finger.

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Shinjirou screamed as blood came rushing from his finger at an alarming rate. Lily shook her head as she stared at him.

"I told you so! Now are you done? Did he even take the pill?" She droned as she stared at him with a bored expression. He looks at her sharply, tears running down his face from the pain as he wraps his finger in a cloth.

"How should I know?! Seriously are you not going to help? Did you not see what that rabid fox did to me and you're just sit there?!" He ranted. Lily shook her head before taking two pills, after inserting the first one in Mizuki's mouth which had been the easy part despite the fact that was fussing from the taste as he pulled a face. However after a few minutes he began to relax and sleep once more She then turns to Silver. She tickles his chin lightly before stroking his face but he didn't respond.

"It's okay the mean tengu is not going near your mouth" Shinjirou glares from the comment but says nothing, instead he watches her interact.

"But can you open your mouth please or I can't give you the medicine" Silver pulled a face as he resisted the urge to open, seeing this made her purse her lips and began to stroke his cheek. "It's bitter I know but it'll help you get better" she said in a soft voice. Surprisingly after a few minutes Silver had slowly began to open his mouth allowing her to slip it in. The young fox gagged from the taste but swallowed it regardless. This took the tengu by surprise but said nothing. To think that the fox would listen to her astounded him.

He watched Lily pick up Silver so he was in her arms before settling onto the bed, she wrapped the covers on her and Silver as he clung on to her instinctively while he slept. Lily then placed Mizuki's head on the side of her stomach so he could sleep and not feel left out. The young child sniffled a bit as he gripped the sheets leaving Lily to give him a soft smile, she stroked his face softly and marveled at the petal soft skin Mizuki had. Lily knew that despite his mischievous nature that he had a heart of a child that had been isolated from ever bonding with anyone, the way he acted with Silver was wrong but in Mizuki's own way it was a cry for help and attention. In truth he didn't know how to act since he never had the experience and it saddened the girl a lot. However Lily was sure with the right guidance he would not just be a good familiar but a really good and loyal friend, and would be a very protective brother that would stand by them, he just needed to learn to get a long with his brother familiar. On the other hand he did make some progress in regards to learning about what the world is like now when she first took him out and that was a start.

"For a pair of brats they don't look like they would cause anyone problems when they are sleeping" Lily looks up and grins from Shinjirou's words.

"Yeah very hard to believe that they are always at each others throats. They do look angelic" Lily commented, the tengu scowls before walking off.

"They anything but angelic and you know it" he mutters before going to his room to sleep. Lily shook her head in agreement before looking down at their sleeping faces.

"Don't I know it" she said dryly but smiled at their innocence faces, "it's weird they look very cute in this form" she commented before sleep took over again, she glanced at the time which read two forty in the morning and sighed. What a big mess.

"How are you sonny? Did you sleep well?" Asked an elderly woman.

"Where...where am I?"

"We found you badly injured so we tried to patch you as best we could" an elderly man said. Looking round the boy pouted catching their attention.

"Wasn't there a girl here?" The couple looked at one another, the boy felt something soft and weird in his hand but chose not to show his confusion, he looked down briefly and saw something purple.

"I am afraid that you are mistaken sonny, it was just us two the whole time" The boy quickly covered it before looking up at them, something wasn't right and he was going to find out what.

Silver opened his eyes slowly, he felt something hard underneath him but it was actually comfortable to his surprise. The kit nuzzled the thing and stayed still for a while before closing his eyes. Not knowing that he had just woken up Lily who moved slightly and groaned from the rude awakening.

The movement however made Silver's eyes shoot open and began to panic from what he was sleeping on. He looks up quickly and saw Lily's head, the kit's ears went down while his face started to burn from realizing that he had been in fact sleeping on her. He then looked down to see his right hand clenching her clothes but she didn't complain. What the hell?! Why was he sleeping on her and why was she allowing this? Talk about indecent!

"Morning sleepyhead" Lily said in a tired voice as she stroked him with her free hand. This took him but surprise as she did that. "Sleep well?" She asked while yawning. However Silver is too mortified to respond. What happened here?!

Lily glances at the time to see five forty in the morning. Just seeing it made her whine slightly from how Silver had just woke her up.

"Silver it's too early, please go back to sleep okay?" Lily asked as she stroked the back of his head lightly, this comforts Silver and before long his eyes start to droop from exhaustion. Sleep sounded appealing right now, but that dream… it was something that he remembered happen once Lily saved his life and left him with the elderly couple. Without thinking he clutched her dress with his small hand before going to sleep. Part of him began to feel as if she would vanish from his sight once he fell asleep, it happened before and he didn't want it to happen again.

A loud shrill scream hit Silver's ears making the kit cringe from the noise.

"Why is that pervert on Lily? Get him off!" Mizuki screamed forcing Lily to wake up while the tengu glares at the snake child after rushing in from hearing the scream, even he looked as if he had just been sleeping but was forced awake.

"You know she's been up late into the night trying to take care of you brats and yet you won't let her rest" Shinjirou says dryly. He sees Lily groaning as she wakes up, her arms wrapped around Silver so he doesn't fall but that makes Mizuki angry.

"Get off of her!" Mizuki screamed to Silver's annoyance. Lily opens her eyes before patting Mizuki.

"Too early Mizuki, please keep the noise down" Lily whines faintly as she looks at him with tired looking eyes, this makes him pause and look down now feeling guilty for waking her up. Silver however glares at the snake for the rude awakening.

"Sorry Lily, but why is he on you like that? Surely that's disrespectful-?"

"Relax Mizuki, I let him stay because he wasn't feeling very well" Lily explains as she stretches slightly despite the added weight. Silver however slides off so she could stretch properly, however that meant that he would be beside Mizuki but instead of doing anything in retaliation. The kit ignores him while looking at Lily but masks his worry.

"How are you both feeling?" Lily asks with a weak smile while her brother frowns.

"I'm hungry!" Mizuki says out of the blue causing them to look at him.

"Make it yourself brat" Shinjirou snapped shocking Mizuki.


"This isn't a free-OW HEY WHY'D YOU DO THAT FOR!" Shinjirou cries as she kicks him. Lily then gestures to Mizuki who has now started to cry, tears were streaming down the you child's face as he sobbed. Meanwhile Silver gave him a weak glare that said 'really?!' while at the same time his eyes narrowed slightly. Despite glaring he did look cute in Lily's eyes, not that she would admit it out loud.

"W-Why are you so mean to me? I-I didn't do a-anything wrong" Mizuki asked while crying, he rubbed his eyes with his hands as he tried to stop the tears from falling. Surprisingly this was not a fake cry once his trembling voice had reached Silver's ears but it was embarrassing to watch Mizuki act like this. Then again he always did have the intention span of a child which wasn't very good given his age.

"Don't be rude please and get him some cereal, I'm sure Silver's hungry as well so fix him something as well please" Lily says in a tired voice. The tengu gawked in shock.

"N-no way! These freeloaders-"

"Shinjirou!" Lily warned as she gave him a look that made the tengu shiver.

"F-Fine" he says stiffly before going off. Lily then placed Mizuki on her lap before rubbing the child's back in a calming manner as she hugged him.

"There there Mizuki, I know, I know... it wasn't very nice of him but he's just shocked and worried that's all okay?" Lily said in a soothing tone, Mizuki hick ups as he continues to cry. His left hand still rubbing his eyes as his head bobs up and down. Very soon Mizuki was able to stop crying and rested against Lily, the girl patted Silver's head lightly while mouthing 'thank you for being patient'. On the other hand his eyes still narrowed but said nor did anything knowing that it wouldn't end well. Soon after that the trio made their way to the kitchen in order to have their breakfast.

"So what's first on your agenda?" Shinjirou asked as he passed her a carton of orange juice.

"Well first off I'm getting new stock since it seems your surviving on nothing but take outs" Lily replied bluntly, just hearing that tone made him groan in defeat.

"Don't groan at me" Lily snapped. "I thought you liked to cook, after all Joanna took the time to teach you"

"I know but it's not the same" the tengu replied as he chomped on a piece of toast, Lily after a few minutes nods.

"Why not invite us over then?" Lily asked, she rested her arms on the table in order to relax.

"Because I finish late and by that time you often go to sleep by then" he said bluntly. That she could not disagree about.

"Even so, don't assume that just because you're by yourself that you can't try to cook your own food okay?" Lily asked sternly.

"Alright" he said softly before finishing his food.

"Speaking of Joanna I was thinking about visiting her" Lily added as she stood up with her empty bowl in one hand.

"Allow me" Shinjirou said before taking her bowl in order to wash it, Lily however had sat back downshift sitting between the two children.

"You should see her though, Joanna has been wondering on where you are and wanted to know if you were okay" Shinjirou explained as he finished washing the bowl.

"You didn't tell her?" Lily asked as she looked at him, she spotted a mess on Silver's cheek and began to while it off with a tissue to his dismay.

"Of course but she does find it hard to believe that you were living in the Mikage shrine and that he had asked you tone his successor" Shinjirou replied, that Lily could not disagree about. Even she was still trying to figure out why this had happened and why her, in truth she still had not adjusted to this new lifestyle which was partly why she kept pushing Silver away. After all given that she lived a semi normal life who would truly adjust this sudden transition immediately?

"I know what you mean" Lily replies softly. Silver looks up with pensive eyes but says nothing, noticing a change in her mood Shinjirou immediate began to change the subject.

"So what time are you heading out to meet Joanna?" He asks now moving towards the table.

"Maybe in an hour" was all Lily had said.

"I will come as well just in case" Shinjirou said before getting up to change. Lily looked down to see the children look up at her, it almost made Lily laugh to see how cute Mizuki was being as he looked at her with beady eyes while eating. Not knowing that he had a mess on his face and hands.

"Come on you" Lily said with a smile as she picked him up while helping Silver off the chair. She then made a beeline towards the bathroom and began to clean Mizuki up. Once that was done Lily then proceeded to change the pair into something suitable due to the fact that rain was going to show up later that day.

Lily was walking with Mizuki in her arms, while at the same time she held Silver by the hand as they walked through the busy street. Silver wouldn't have minded if it wasn't for the fact that she was holding the snake, he never did trust the snake since he did often prove how untrustworthy he was before Lily showed up.

"Dumb snake" Silver muttered under his breath causing Lily to frown slightly but said nothing until they reached a shop like house that presently belonged to Joanna. Once Shinjirou opened the door he allowed Lily to enter with the kit walking beside her.

Silver looked around to see various foods that weren't from Japan and blinked at how such a small area could contain a vast amount, that couldn't be normal right?

Lily approached the desk and pressed the bell alerting the owner of the shop that she had company. A middle aged woman showed up within minutes, once she approached the desk did the woman gasp.

"Lily! Shinjirou! What a pleasant surprise!" The woman said with a wide smile before engulfing the pair in a hug, not noticing that Mizuki was in Lily's arms. Once she did she blinked and observed the fussing child.

"Lily is he yours?" Joanna asked before looking at the frowning kit that was looking up at her while his arms were folded which mean that he wasn't happy about being ignored, just seeing that made her giggle. The teens either chuckled or giggled at what was going on and made no move to help. Mizuki grinned and laughed to Silver's anger leaving the kit wanting to skin the brat.

"Hello little one, how are you today?" Silver whined and batted Joanna's hand away from him before turning his head to huff, seeing this made her laugh. "He's very shy Lily but I have to ask as to why you have two children in your care" Joanna asked sternly despite the fact that she smiling. Lily sighed as Mizuki kept gripping onto her top to stop himself from moving while Shinjirou copied her hove.

"It's a long story auntie" Lily admitted, the woman continued to smile as she picked Silver up. Just seeing that made Lily purse her lips to mask her smile, he looked so miserable and uncomfortable but this event was too cute to make her want to stop.

"I have time" she replies as she closes the shop and leads them into the kitchen, all while keeping her grip on the squirming Silver. Mizuki laughed as he pointed at the annoyed kit who glared right back at him.

"I hate you! You damn snake just die already!" Silver yelled causing Mizuki to suddenly cry to everyone's surprise before frowning at the shocked kit, to think that they would gang up on him even Lily was frowning.

"Young man where have you learned that kind of language?" Joanna asked sharply.

"Silver I get you don't like Mizuki nor this situation but like it or not, you are both the same boat so can we not try and anger our allies please?" Lily asked weakly. Silver scowled.

"Why you made him as your familiar when you had me is completely unfair! D-do you have any idea of how I feel?" Lily felt her breathing halt from seeing tears not only form but watched them run down his cheeks. Silver paid no heed to anyone and kept his eyes on her, maybe it was because he had been regressed into a child that was causing him to act childish but he found that he had no control to his dismay as everything came out of his little mouth. "Do I mean so little to you?" He asked in a quiet voice which left Lily biting her lip, why did he chose not to play fair?

"Lily" the teen jumped from the sound of Joanna's voice was as she looked at them.

"An explanation of you please" seeing herself in a tight bind given how her auntie had a displeasing look. Swallowing her fear, Lily had sat beside the kit and began the tale of how she arrived at the shrine to when Narukami had shown up. Joanna's eyes remained void of emotions as she looked at them.

"As far fetched as this is, I believe you Lily" this made them mentally sigh with relief until Joanna looked at Silver who almost shrank back from her intense gaze.

"But Lily you need to speak to Silver before you start to make decisions, regardless of the fact that he's been keeping secrets. You should never use that against anyone" Joanna said in a motherly tone. Lily nodded without argument which allowed Joanna to look at the kit

"But you young man should be honest with your fiancée, a marriage especially is based on trust and honesty. If you cannot go through with that then there's no point being in a relationship and I clear?" This time it took a while before Silver agreed and nodded in reply, after this the woman nodded.

"Great now that's cleared up, how about lunch?" Joanna asked with a warm smile.

Lunch itself proved to be a challenge, Mizuki had been making a mess which caused Lily to help not only wipe the mess from his face and hands to Silver's anger. This resulted in kit going on a hunger strike to Lily's dismay, sensing tension Joanna helped with feeding Silver who continued with his tantrum while Mizuki played and eat without a care in the world. Lily turns to see Shinjirou eating with an irritated expression, not that she could blame her brother.

"Shinjirou can you take over and feed Mizuki please?" Looking confused he looks up before looking at Silver's sour mood.

"Sure why not" the tengu shrugged before grabbing his food and moved to sit beside a frowning child. Lily however began to cook some spaghetti in silence, Silver looks up from the sudden different smell and now starts to wonder what she is up to. By the end of it Lily had two places of food, she gestured for Silver to come but is reluctant.

"If you want to sit with Mizuki a bit longer then-" Silver pushes the table causing his chair to scrape floor as he hops off the chair in order to follow. Silver continues to follow until Lily opens the door which now shows him a colourful floral garden. Silver in awe from how they surrounded a bench which appeared to be untouched.

"Grandmother enchanted the place and suspended it in time so nothing will damage the place" Lily explained as she placed the plates down. Silver's ears pin themselves to his skull and his tail goes limp from hearing her calm voice. Here he was behaving like a child and yet she hardly complained.

"Lily... I'm sorry" Lily looks up from his meek voice. "You've tried to be patient while I've been acting like an idiot" Silver froze as she pats his head softly.

"You're just frustrated, it's natural but acting like that to Mizuki especially since you are always at each other's throats" Silver winces from her words. "But remember like you he has been turned into a child, so this will be hard and very scary for him as well" Lily said in a soft voice while smiling at as knelt down to his level. Silver's cheeks go red from her kind smile and from how she spoke to him. Without warning the image of the small child entered his mind, this in itself was odd since he wasn't sure as to why the child had even showed up. Was it trying to tell him something? He was not sure but he felt some longing, some need to protect that frail child in a way that reminded him of Lily.

"S-Silver?!" Lily cried out in alarm as Silver pulled her close to the best of his ability and buried his face into her stomach; Lily's eyes grow sad from seeing him acting like this. What had provoked this sudden change in mood?

"Let's just stay like this please?" Silver asked while his voice is muffled by her sleeves. Lily looks down still and rubs his head with her left hand.

"You're food is going to get cold" Lily says softly as she lifts his head up and smiles warmly, just seeing it made his cheeks go red. "Let's eat and then rest for a bit, sounds like a plan?" She asks while smiling. Silver a bit dazed nods from her kind smile. By the time they finish eating, Shinjirou enters the garden with Mizuki only to see Silver sleeping on Lily's lap as they sit on the long swinging chair. Lily continued to stroke his head in a delicate manner while he grabbed her skirt lightly; Lily leaned back as she placed one leg under the other and allowed the free leg to swing with the breeze. Both looked content to the tengu and snake's surprise, instead of disturbing the peace the duo left silently allowing Lily to relax.

"Lily" Silver's voice after an hour had caught her attention.

"Hmm?" She looks down to see his eyes slightly open.

"When I'm back to normal… can we come back here again?" Silver asks weakly, hearing this question did take Lily by surprise but ended up smiling.

"Sure" Lily replied with a smile, Silver sighed softly from the response before fatigue took over his mind once more.

Lily cradled Silver as she walked into the house and placed him on the couch to see Shinjirou entering the area.

"Where's Mizuki?" Lily asks.

"He's in the bathroom" the tengu replies leaving Lily relieved, Joanna who enters smiles softly at Lily and Silver.

"He's a real angel isn't he?" she comments while Lily smiles softly at the comment, however that changed when Joanna moved closer and began to fondle Silver's right ear. This causes the teens to blink from the sudden move, meanwhile Silver starts to mutter slurred words before going pink. He then starts to move slightly not knowing that someone was touching his right ear, Shinjirou tries not to laugh while Lily smirks and almost chortles from watching Joanna teasing him. However Silver's situation takes a turn for the worse as the woman pinches his ear so hard that it forces the boy to wake up and yelp from the pain.

"OW!" Silver cries out as tears form in his eyes, he turns to see Joanna sitting by him with a frown.

"Great now that you're awakened it's dinner time" and with that she moves away leaving the trio rooted to the spot. Mizuki on the other hand enters while he had a thumb in his mouth, not knowing what had just happened.

Lily's eyes move from side to side while Silver scowls as he rubs the sore spot on his ear, his face was still pink which was slowly fading away.

"That was disturbing" he mutters before getting up.

Dinner proved to be slightly worrying at Joanna continued to give him scrutinized looks as she eat, this left the kitsune uncomfortable and wanted nothing more than to leave the area but stayed to prove that she wasn't going to get to him. Lily and Shinjirou held the children since they were showing signs of fatigue.

"Be sure to visit soon" Joanna said with a smile. She hugged Lily close while making sure that Silver was in range.

"I know what you've done boy" Silver's eyes bulged as she grabs his tail but keeps his clenched fists on Lily's top, he tries to remain calm but it was proving hard. "If I catch you upsetting Lily I'll cut off your tail and make sure that you can never have children… am I clear?" she whispers coldly as she smiled, masking her anger and hatred towards him. Meanwhile Lily was talking to Shinjirou, both however were oblivious to the threats while at the same time Silver remained rigid due to fear. That woman was not to be trifled with that's for sure. Silver remains silent on the way home confusing the pair, while Mizuki on the other hand giggles and points at the stars with awe filled eyes. They did look nice tonight to their amazement and it was thanks to the cloudless sky.

By the time they arrived home it was nine in the evening, that was when things got crazy.

"Bath time" Lily said weakly as Silver was sorting out his pillow, hearing this made him drop his pillow and stares at her with wide eyes.

Oh NO! Anything but that!

Silver wastes no time in escaping to Lily dismay and begins to chase after him while Mizuki waves and laughs at what was going on, almost assuming that this was part of a game begins to run away as well while Shinjirou is drinking a can of soda. Lily jumps and misses Silver who turns a corner; just landing made her wince and tries to get up.

"Come on Silver! There's no use running! Please just have a shower and be done with it! I won't look I promise!" Lily pleaded as she chases him.

"I don't wanna! Not even with that ruddy snake!" Silver cries before Lily once again dives and this time grabs his tail, despite the painful landing Lily was relieved to have caught him this time. This makes his face go red and ends up not only tripping and falls face first on the floor. From looking down he looked like a bug that had been slammed into a window while his arms and legs were splayed out from all four ends, Silver could feel his nose becoming sore from the fall but before he could recover or run his tail gets pulled forcing his body to move, this caused him to yelp and cry as Lily crawls to the bathroom with his tail in her right hand.

"Lemme go! Lemme go you're hurting me!" Silver yells now feeling his face go red hot from what she was grabbing, talk about mortifying.

"Not until you have a bath and that's final Silver!" Lily snaps as she finally reaches the bathroom, next she locks the door after dragging him into the room leaving Silver to cry out in horror and fear. Right now he would rather be injured by Joanna then endure this humiliating situation.

"STOP IT!" Silver screams taking Shinjirou and little Mizuki by surprise as they clawing on the door.

"Oh stop it and just do it!" Lily says in a tired voice.

"N-NO WAY!" Silver cries while clawing harder still no dent to his shock.

"Just take them off!" Shinjirou stares with a frown as he holds his cup; as soon as he takes a sip he hears this.

"No way!" Silver yells now clawing more frantically even if it was in vain since he couldn't reach for the doorknob.

"Silver strip off now!" Lily snaps only this time Shinjirou does a spit take causing his clothes to get stained from coffee, his face went beet red from her words. Silver's face went more red and his tail started to shake and wag from the fear.

"NO GET OFF OF ME! CRAZY LADY GET OFF MY CLOTHES!" Silver's voice filled the area leaving the tengu and snake rooted to the spot. Shinjirou turned to a smirking Mizuki who was sucking his thumb; already the tengu could feel a migraine coming along and began to get some aspirin.

"You are having a bath and that's final!" Lily snapped before putting a naked kit in the tub, he was glaring at her while his arms were folded. It would have been amusing if he was in his original size but no he was a child and it angered him deeply. Lily panted deeply from the agro and began to turn on the tap, she made sure the temperature was just right and began to wet the pouting kit's head. Silver was not happy one bit and refused to co-operate… then again he would after she washed his hair. Silver's ears flattened as she washed his hair diligently, it felt nice to have his hair caressed in such a gentle manner. It made his heart beat quickly from the level of care but he refused to smile, no he was embarrassed to be touched this way by the girl he loved and he was naked for goodness sake! Who would find this enjoyable was beyond him, probably a pervert no doubt. Before long she began working her way to his cheek, neck and shoulders. That's when he started to get uncomfortable as she worked lower. Just as she was about to wash his chest he recoiled from the sudden uncomfortable feeling.

"Getoff Lily!" Silver squeaked as he turned his head to mask his blush. Lily sighs as she places one hand on her hip.

"Finally going to wash yourself off huh?" Lily asks bluntly as she folds her arms. Silver on the other hand hastily took the body wash and began to rub his body furiously in order to regain some self respect that had been scrubbed away from what happened. Lily nods before getting up.

"Stay here I'm getting a towel" Lily orders before leaving the room but closes it just in case. Silver stopped and sighed from this respite; he looks down and whines from what had happened, the worst part was that he was a child so why did this even come about? He was so happy that Lily was no here to see it, he would not live it down and Lily would just be confused to even see that it had showed up. This was not Silver's day what so ever much to his dismay and began to change the water from warm to cold. Before long he had started to think of the most disturbing thing ever to walk the planet. It made him gag and continued to shiver violently from the cold but it did the trick however the situation took a turn for the worst as the door open to reveal Lily. Her eyes widened at how he was shivering and rushed over to snatch the bath hose, the girl almost yelped by how cold it was.

"How did that even happen?!" Lily asks frantically as she turns the warm water on. "Silver why didn't you say anything?" Lily asks sharply as she places her hand on his cheek, biting her lip from how cold he was. Silver didn't respond, instead he looked down and saw to his relief that the evidence had vanished.

"Silver please tell me what happened" Lily pleaded as she looks at him but the boy doesn't say anything, no once this was over he was sure that this feeling would still not leave his mind at all and he knew that it would get worse much to his dismay.

"I want to go sleep now" Was all he said, it didn't make her anymore happy but didn't complain. Instead she helped him brush his teeth and allowed him to leave. Silver made a dash to the room and jumped into the covers, he then wrapped himself into a tight cocoon and shivered slightly. That was too close and just thinking about it made him sick, he was sure that if she had either stayed longer or arrived earlier it would have left him more mortified after all he now had the body of a child. It was horrifying and didn't make him any better as he laid there in the bed.

His ears flattened and his eyes narrowed from hearing Mizuki laughing, meanwhile the sound of water being splashed hit his ears. It was irritating to even know that Mizuki was just milking this situation while at times he had regressed mentally as well which confused the kit a lot, at how the snake would just allow himself to act in such a childish manner. However there was nothing he could do and just allowed things to carry on, he was getting desperate when it came to getting his form back. Silver didn't want this; it was like a punishment given to him for his sins from before even though he had turned over a new leaf. But what could he do? He was just a small kitsune child; he had no power to do anything.

The sounds of splashing stopped and the door opened to reveal Mizuki who was covered in a towel. He climbed up and jumped onto the bed to Silver's annoyance, the snake had allowed the towel to fall off his nude form leaving Silver to scowl and cry out in anger.

"Put some clothes on you crazy fool!" Silver snapped before Lily came in looking tired and worn. She had some clothes in her hands, the tired girl then began dressing Mizuki who was laughing and jumping despite the fact that his hair was spikey and messy to Silver's confusion. What exactly happened to his hair?

"All right Mizuki it's time for bed now" Lily said as she patted his head.

"AWWW! But I'm not tired! Bedtime story! Bedtime story!" Mizuki said eagerly while Shinjirou appeared in the doorway.

"I'll read one" he offered to Lily's relief, she stood up and was about to leave until the sound of whining hit their ears.

"NO! I want Lily!" Mizuki said stiffly to their dismay. After a few rounds Lily had given in knowing that it was pointless to argue.

"Sure" Lily said in a tired voice. Mizuki smiled.

"YAY story time!" the snake cheered to Silver's annoyance. Lily began to sit between the children as she flipped though a book called Grimm brother's tales and began to read Cinderella. Even though it was morbid Silver and Mizuki had settled into a deep sleep to the teens relief, Lily tried to get out but was forced to stay rooted as the children grabbed her clothing stopping her from moving. She gave her brother a weak look that said 'help me' but he couldn't get them to release their grips.

"I'll get you something to drink" he said quietly.

"I want to brush my teeth and go toilet!" She hissed with frantic eyes that meant that she was serious. This left him panicking and tried to remove one hand of her at a time. Lily bounced out of bed and ran straight to the bathroom before slamming it shut. Once she was done Lily had slumped onto a chair with a cup of hot chocolate in front of her, she whined from what had happened.

"Why did they have to be children… then again I prefer children than old people" The tengu snorted.

"The smell?"

"No teeth and their dentures will fly out of their mouths. Plus some are dirty old perverts" Lily replies coldly as she gives him a dirty look. That he could not complain about, his father was old but is still kicking. After drinking their drinks the pair brushed their teeths before getting ready for sleep. Shinjirou however noticed that her usual glow was slowly diminishing which was odd since her power- wait a minute… memories of seeing the missing God mark came to mind.

"Hey Lily, where's Mikage's mark?" Shinjirou asked with suspicious eyes, Lily blinks as she looks at her brother's look.

"Oh Narukami took it" Lily replied, this made the cup that was in his hand fall. Ignoring the smashed object he stares at her.

"Lily what's wrong with you?! You're power has been stolen" he yelled leaving her surprised.


"Lily I can't sense any power coming from you at all! Surely your ability to read minds should have caught your attention?!" Shinjirou asks angrily. Lily looked down.

"I don't feel anything, I can't hear anything either…" Lily's voice began to fade from realizing the truth.

The sound of thunder hit their ears followed by a sudden chill which filled the room. They looked behind them to see the area being shrouded by a mist, which in itself was bad since people couldn't drive or move without bumping into something.

"What's happening?" Lily asks weakly. She noticed his unease as she turns her head slightly.

"I-I don't know… let's not leave the house until it's safe" he replied and not once did the girl disagree.

Lily was in the bed with the children beside her. Both boys had been shaking due to the cold despite the fact that the heating had been turned on, Mizuki had whimpered slightly due to the loud noise. Silver on the other hand had is eyes open and close slightly before they narrowed from what was going on. There was a disturbance in the air and it didn't take a genius to figure out that it was Narukami, after all who would throw a tantrum like this but the question was why the temperature was getting colder and colder. It left him completely confused until he went out of bed; he opened the window and glared at the chill. Immediately he recoiled from realizing what the feeling was- it was Lily's powers. He looked at Lily's sleeping form sharply now moving to see her mark had no longer rested on her head yes, but her glow when she had her powers was slowly vanishing.

At this rate she would be normal and completely human, just thinking that made him conflicted for it was a part of her. A part of her that had caught his attention when he first met her, somehow a part of him knew that she was different but not once was he scared of her, in fact he was interested by how she made his world warm, filled it with happiness and light. But now this had happened and it left him saddened to see that part of her as it was now slowly beginning to fade from her body. Silver continued to glare before walking towards the open door; his eyes went to Lily before the kit left the room. He ran towards the front door and opened it with the stool that rested by the coat rack. Taking a deep breath Silver immediately broke into a run, his mind was clear. Getting Lily's powers back even if it meant having to remain a child. It was a risk he was willing to take.

Lily as soon as she awoke was greeted with a chill, she moved slightly to see the window was open which was odd since she didn't leave it open before. Looking down to see Mizuki…but where was Silver?

Lily detached himself from Mizuki and began to enter the corridor. Something was wrong, very wrong and it was telling her to go somewhere but by the time she stopped. Her mouth flew to her throat as her stomach had lodged itself into her throat from seeing the front door banging slightly onto a stool before detaching itself from the door. Fear began to enter her system, what was he thinking?!

Lily grabbed her shoes and pulled them on before running out the house, Shinjirou who had just opened the door to his room frowned at the open door.

"Damn kids" the tengu muttered before closing the door, not noticing Lily's missing shoes.

Lily shivered as she ran through the streets, steam puffed out of her mouth as she panted. She was going to get Silver back; he was foolish to go to Narukami. Especially since she's got it into her head that Silver abuses his masters especially her.

She almost regretted not putting on a jacket or coat since she was wearing a no sleeved white shirt. The girl almost picture Silver being tormented and beaten, yes he had been a pain and high maintenance ever since she met him at the shrine. But he had meant well to some degree and never once asked for much… despite the fact that he was being VERY clingy and touchy especially when she was not a very touchy feely person. But he needed help so she would help him this time around, however he had better make this up to her later on.

Lily could see the shrine's steps and bounded up, immediately she began to stop and rub her arms as the cold air began get worse. Narukami was up there Lily was sure of it and Silver was running out of time-fast, the girl was no stranger to her powers and knew that if they weren't in control they could run amuck like now. If the cold wasn't dealt with the whole of Japan could suffer, just feeling the frigid gales made Lily shiver more and felt her legs collapse on the stairs. Her knees hit the stairs and her hands instinctively hit the upper stairs. Her body couldn't move now, even she had her limits and even though she had the power of ice, water and time but it was also her weakness.

She couldn't last for long in the cold, she was no ice queen. She was human, a warm blooded human that could feel, could bleed and think like everyone else but some didn't care. No they saw what they wanted to see, they gossiped and continued to spread malicious acts as they meant so much to them than being honest and true to themselves, the thoughts of being popular and kicking anyone who might be feeling happy about themselves or those who are down due to depression or from an illness or deformity and other things that might cause someone to feel down about something, they didn't care about anyone's problems but their own. As long as it created a satisfying effect to damage a person both inside and out, it mattered not and it sickened Lily deeply. She looked up and glared knowing that Narukami was just one of those 'popular' girls that would hurt and be malicious just because she could. Lily's eyes narrowed, not knowing that her eyes had turned to ocean blue slits, not knowing that her nails had turned sapphire blue. What she did know was that she was standing up and had one thing in mind- to get her powers and Silver back. Even if it was a one sided match, she cared not for this was disgraceful and it made her blood boil. She didn't know why she was feeling this sudden urge to go up there and tell but Lily could feel something warm enter her heart, allowing her to resist the cold, instead of hurting her the cold was surrounding her as she walked up in a slow but determined manner.

This was going to end-NOW!

Narukami sneered in anger as Silver shivered as her power struck him again. He had been tied up and was being tortured for his 'crimes' still Silver did not answer or talk back, nothing he could say would make her listen. She was set on making him wish that he had never existed, he was just a yōkai who had no say in proving his innocence.

"Do you still resist me Silver? All you have to say is that you are sorry and that you want to be my familiar" she said in a cynical tone, her hair dishevelled from anger, lack of sleep caused by stress. Silver refused to speak; his mind kept going back to Lily leaving the Goddess more angry than ever. Silver began to howl in pain as the lightning's power increased before ice hit after the attack, it left him more cold compared the heat of the lightning. Silver knew that it was Lily's powers, they were getting to a breaking point that it was unbalancing Narukami. At times she relapsed and collapsed or had unwillingly released either Lily's ice powers or her own lightning. It was sight to be seen but there was nothing he could do. Lily's powers were calling out to her, wanting to be returned but Narukami was still being stubborn. She refused and it was costing her until very soon she would not last the week.

"All you have to say are those words but you are trying my patients" Narukami said coldly as she raised her hand up. However just before she could launch her attack the shrine door was forced open and landed on the floor. Standing before them was a very angry figure that was surrounded by the icy cold wind, hair flying from the current but kept staring at the scene before them.

"Narukami!" Lily bellowed in anger as she stomped over towards them, her feet made the door turn to ice before it disintegrated shocking the pair and the lion dogs familiars. Very soon the particles that belonged to the door surrounded her as if shielding her from harm. Silver who opened his eyes weakly saw to his surprise that her eyes were blue like Serena only they carried a sense of foreboding that meant war was about to occur. Lily looks at Narukami sharply, without warning the woman was sent up and began to gasp for air.

"Here is what's going to happen Narukami" The Goddess winces from the wind as it forces her to face Lily. "You are going to drop this bad behaviour you have and leave Silver alone because what you have done is wrong and we all know it. And also if you don't! I'll beat the living hell out of you until my grandmother takes you straight to where the Head God is and believe my I'm sure he'll be VERY interested to know why you've been sent there. Am I clear or do I need to repeat myself?" Lily asked coldly as she leans closer. "And by the way Silver wouldn't dare raise a hand on me unless he wants to see the next sun rise or his next meal- GOT IT?!" Lily snaps in such a cold tone that it makes Narukami shake before nodding due to fear.

"Now give me my powers back, Mikage's mark and the mallet! IF you don't then we're going to have a lovely talk… clear?!" Lily bellows causing the air around them to get more stifling that it was getting harder for the Goddess to breathe.

Shinjirou was shocked to see the ID on his phone that said 'Mikage Shrine'. At first he thought that it was Narukami but he was relieved to hear that Lily was all right and safe. Silver however had taken a beating but was being treated by Lily, however the tengu was asked to bring Mizuki to the shrine as she finished what she was doing. Apparently Narukami had practically begged for forgiveness while passing Lily her powers back, the lucky mallet and the Land God's mark before doing a runner. She was not going to bother them for some time after that incident but she was called to see the God of Izumi for a private matter, sadly however once she arrived there she had been severely punished and was forced to help Serena who had personally 'taught' the woman the very means of respect and what would happen if Narukami had even attempted to upset Lily once more. Now realizing that Lily was Serena's granddaughter left the woman shaken and scared.

NEVER anger a dragon's descendent especially if it is a Celestial one and those ones had Devine temper on their side, which was never pretty for anyone.

Once Shinjirou arrived with Mizuki, they were greeted with Oishi, Dai, Silver and Lily who were sitting in the empty living room. In his sister's hands was the lucky mallet.

"You got it back" The tengu was relieved but kept his composure due to the fox. Lily nods before ushering Mizuki closer.

"Grow bigger!" Lily said while resisting the urge to snicker at the innuendo. Mizuki cried out with relief causing Lily to chuckle at his eager behaviour.

"Thank you Lily!" Mizuki exclaims with pure happiness before hugging her tightly and began to crack open some sake despite her ban, however given that it's a time to celebrate… she could allow it this once. Silver narrowed his eyes as he folded his arms while Shinjirou scoffed but was relieved about the fact that things were getting back to normal.

"Follow my Silver please" Silver narrowed his eyes as he folded his arms while Shinjirou scoffed but was relieved about the fact that things were getting back to normal.

"Follow my Silver please" Lily said taking the group by surprise but Silver did not complain, instead he followed her quietly his tail moved from side to side in a slow manner. Shinjirou glared at Mizuki before tackling him to the floor.

"Ow why did you do that?" Mizuki asked with tears in his eyes.

"Do you think I'll allow you bother them? They need to talk so but out!" The tengu snapped.

"Oh you're so mean!" Mizuki whined.

"Once a child always a child, you are never going to grow out of this are you?" Shinjirou said with a weak sigh.

"what is that suppose to mean?" The snake asked with a frown, Shinjirou sighs again.

"Just let them be for now" he said softly.

Silver and Lily sat face to face while she held the mallet.

"Are you ready?" Lily asks now like him feeling the tension surround them, it almost choked them but they were both eager to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Silver nods stiffly as he looks at her with hooded eyes.

"Grow big Silver" Lily swung the mallet on his head and immediately was surrounded by smoke. Lily was coughing for a bit until something sent her against the futon. The mallet slipped from her hands but was long forgotten as lips pushed themselves on to hers, bigger hands grabbed her wrists and sent them beside her head. The lips moved from hers and latched themselves onto her neck, this allowed Lily to see a long curtain of red hair which left her confused.

"Thank you Lily…" came a husky voice but she immediately recognized who it was, instead of answering she gasped as he kissed a spot on her neck and grabbed the folds of his blue yukata before leaning her head closer. Silver immediately pulled back allowing her to look at his slightly guarded metallic silver eyes as he panted for air like Lily, he pulled her close allowing her to rest on the crook of his shoulder.

"That was a stupid thing you did" Silver said huskily while Lily grabbed his yukata.

"You're one to talk, what were you thinking going to Narukami?" Lily asks bluntly. Silver gave her a faint smile.

"You were becoming a proper human due to your lack of powers, the longer they remained taken. The more it damaged you and you would never get them back. It's not fair that you had to be put in such a situation just because of a bitter dispute" Lily looks at him with narrowed eyes.

"So you only cared about me when I had powers?" Lily asks coldly, to her surprise he smiles.

"I care about every bit of you, those powers are a part of you and to have them stolen is like stealing part of your soul. I couldn't bear to have that happen to you" Silver replies.

"But what about my pipe and drinking ban? You still going to act like an idiot and throw a-" Silver's kiss silenced her.

"I'm willing to kick back a few things" Silver said with a wolfish smile that made Lily blush slightly.

"Sure about that?" Lily asks bluntly, he nods in reply as he continues to smile.

"Positive… but the snake however might not be so happy about this" Silver comments with a lopsided grin.

"Tough get use to it" Lily says coldly making him laugh.

"That's my Lily" Silver said with a grin and leans in to kiss her once more.

"Nope still alcoholic!" Shinjirou comments as he spits the residue into a bucket beside him. So far the making non alcoholic sake had proved to be tougher than anyone had originally thought. Silver however smiled as he sat with Lily close to him. As much as Silver wanted to lay with his back on the porch with Lily and gaze at the full moon, this had proved to be slightly entertaining to his surprise.

What he didn't know was that in a few days things would take a change and not once would he be prepared for what lied ahead.

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