Blessed Secrets

Chapter 8: Visits gone wrong

Things were slowly getting better in the shine, minus the fact that Silver was once again on a rampage from the fact that Mizuki had kissed Lily to initiate the contract. The worst part to Silver's dismay was when Lily had been sitting down while the red head was cooking, the snake had just showed up all happy before kissing Lily just as Silver had turned round to look at Lily. The fire below the pan started to expand and roar as if matched Silver's mood and he hadn't turned up the dial for the cooker. Silver's eyes narrowed before turning the cooker off, placed the pan down and dragged the whimpering Mizuki while Lily had just stared there with a weak smile and waved good bye. Silver was beyond livid and it was no joke for anyone to enjoy.

Lily as she eats could hear the sound of flesh being punched and Mizuki's screams making Lily wince as Silver's yells erupted around the garden area. Once she finished cleaning the plate and pan she against her better judgement went to stop the fight and saw Mizuki clawing and hitting the ground in a frantic manner as Silver tried to smother him to death with his own clothes. Lily shook her head and smiled before clapping her hands which slightly caught their attention.

"All right boys enough playing now we have-" the phone rang from inside attracted their attention. "Be right back but NO killing please, if you are so desperate clean the shrine since it's still a mess and I saw charred marks in the hallway" Lily instructed before running inside.

"Hello?" Lily as she grabs the modern phone and places it to her ear.

"Lily how are you today?" asked a male gruff voice that sounded cheerful, Lily's eyes widened from recognising that voice.

"Uncle?!" Lily cried in shock

"Care to tell me why we are visiting this man?" Silver asks as he holds Lily duffle bag as they walk towards a set of houses.

"Uncle wants a weekly visit" Lily replies simply as they pass by a few people.

"That's all good and all but… why is he coming along?" Silver asks as he gestures to Mizuki's peppy smile with his index finger, his mood now sour from having to bring the snake along. Lily shakes her head while the snake familiar hums a few tunes to himself.

"Uncle Loez is interested in knowing who Mizuki is, he wouldn't have asked if he didn't want to know" Lily replies with a weak smile. Silver pouted but didn't complain, after all he did meet the man before he died and he was someone who had a head on his shoulders.

By the time they approached a shop it had the words 'Loez's herbal medicines' on the huge window and the door sign. The sign took the shape of a medicine vial while the words were etched on it while the words open could be seen.

Lily looks at the boys before opening the door only to hear the doorbell jingle signalling that there were visitors.

Lily entered the shop to see a mixture of bottle containing a range of rare and common herbs, vials containing medicine for almost any illness available, a few bottles containing animal bones that could have been replicas Lily till now refused to even find out.

She reached the back to see a bored greyish white haired teen with red eyes leaning on the counter, he had a brown sweater that made the boy cringe when Lily had heard his thoughts, a pair of black plain joggers and greyish black trainers. The boy was looking at two people talking about some of the herbs and sighed deeply.

"Bored today Hoshi?" Lily's voice broke him from his bored smile and made him sit up.

"Jeez Lily, you know how to surprise a person" Hoshi replies bluntly, not knowing that there was a tall dark shadow holding something. Silver's eyes went wide while Mizuki on the other hand went still from the shadow.

"It's not my fault you were lounging on the counter with a bored look on your face" the shadow went closer and lifted the item. Hoshi cringed.

"It's too quiet today and I wanted to do homework but NO! The old man wanted me to work here today-OW! WHAT THE HELL…?" Hoshi turned round the moment a broom hit his head, he swerved round and froze to see an old man with long white beard, his eyes were sharp and deadly causing Hoshi's heart to beat out of his chest.

"Why are you disrespecting the shop you stupid boy? And why are you not sending Lily up? Didn't I teach you anything?!" the man snapped crossly as he held the broom. The old man wore a green and white jumper and white trousers along with white slippers.

"Must have not taught me enough" Hoshi mutters before getting hit again. The old man sighs deeply.

"Just mind the till while I send Lily up and don't let me catch you doing that again! AND I WILL KNOW!" the old man snapped. Hoshi rolled his eyes.

"Sure thing gramps" Hoshi mutters darkly, this time the grandfather did not argue or complain knowing that it was a waste of time. Instead he looks at Lily and her familiars, his eyes narrow slightly before gesturing them to the door beside the right of the counter.

The old man opened the door to reveal a set of stairs and allowed Lily to enter first; Lily in response thanked him before going up the stairs before the boys. Just seeing that made one of Silver's brows go up. So far the man was so trusting and it was no joke.

"I must apologise for Hoshi's behaviour. He gets this mostly from his disappointing father" the man said weakly. Lily grinned while the boys were at a loss for words.

"It's okay uncle Loez, although thanks to my cousin I had to see a specialist eye doctor two days ago" Loez blinked since Lily would always have a way of hiding her future whether she meant to or not.

"What did they say?" Loez asks while looking at her, on cue her smile turned into a frown.

"I was referred to another hospital which is two cities far" Lily replies, hearing this made Loez grumble.

"Do you want anything for your eyes?" Loez asks with concern, Lily shook her head.

"Nope I'm having nothing touch my eyes even though the doctor said no preservative eye drops" Lily replies grudgingly. Loez smiles at her attitude.

"Just like your mother you stubborn child" Loez comments brightly making Lily smile weakly. Once they reached the top of the stairs they were greeted with a mini hallway that lead to the living room.

"Take a seat Lily, I'll get you some tea"


"Green tea with lemon I know" Loez laughs before getting it ready. The boys took their seats with Lily after she had moved to a spacious looking kitchen. "So where's auntie Mia?" Lily asks as the man worked on the tea.

"Oh she's at a party with a friend of hers… can't remember her name but some call her Sobo" Lily pulled a face from the word Sobo as she tried to figure out the woman's name.

"Belle right?" Loez shrugs before passing Lily a cup, "your guess is as good as mine" was all he said, the last time he called when she was out with the woman it was not pretty and his mind still went back to the 'party' they went to… talk about ghastly. Silver thanked Loez who passed him a cup of tea before giving a smiling Mizuki the last cup.

"So tell me about yourselves" Loez asks the boys who had blinked from the question.

"Well you know who I am Loez" Silver pointed to himself which earned him a dry smile.

"Yes I do Silver and I am still mad about it" Silver's ears pinned themselves to his skull. It was no secret that Loez could predict the future but he also heard titbits about Silver from his own mother. The thought of what Silver had done in the past had made Loez frown whenever he looked at Silver, but the look in the old man's eyes showed that he knew about the fact that he had been kissing Lily. Just thinking about the unrestrained anger mixed with a protective uncle's instincts made Silver shiver mentally. Mizuki on the other hand, Silver had a feeling that the snake was not going to be so lucky.

"So you know about how-" Loez glared at Mizuki causing the snake to freeze.

"Speak when spoken to boy! Honestly you're worse than my disrespectable grandson and his moronic father" Loez bit crossly. "Acting like that to someone who wants to turn over a new leaf is insulting, surely you wouldn't want people to do that right?" Loez asks sternly.

"No…" Mizuki said before putting his head down in shame. The man nodded sharply.

"Right…" Loez looks at the time and frowns.

"Stupid boy hasn't closed the shop yet" Loez said coldly before standing up. Lily also stands up catching their attention.

"I'll get him" Lily says with a warm smile, it was the least she could do since he was asking her to visit and stay over at the house for the weekend. Loez smiles softly at her before patting her head.

"Such a good girl, okay I'll let you get him. Do you know where the keys for the shop are?"

"By the upstairs door" Lily replies with a pondering face.

"Atta girl" Loez praised before allowing her to go off. Once she was out of sight Loez then turned to the boys, the edges of his mouth were pinched to show that he was not happy.

"So boys, care to explain your attitudes when it comes to my niece you stupid perverts?" Loez snaps coldly. Uh-oh they were in trouble Silver realised as a shiver entered his spine, he realised too late that Loez had done sent Lily away on purpose and now they were at his mercy.

Lily immediately helped Hoshi was more than grateful for the assistance.

"Gramps just keeps saying his back hurts and doesn't bother to help" Hoshi mutters as Lily turns the open sign to close before locking the door. Once that was done Lily helped him with the till.

"Hoshi… you know aunt Laura?" Hoshi looks up and nods slowly as he stares at her.

"Yeah why?"

"Does she still own a book store?"

"The same book store that has been around for ten years, why are you asking?" Hoshi asks as he takes the card totals and places them into an envelope.

"I was thinking about getting a job" Lily replies blankly as she takes the cash and starts to count them. Hearing this takes Hoshi by surprise.

"Why would you want to work?"

"Just want to occupy myself for a bit, and I don't want to keep relying on shrine offerings, it seems rude so I want to at least feel like I deserve the money I'm getting" Lily replies now feeling awkward. Hoshi pauses before writing the total card payments.

"Why not give her a call?" Hoshi asks, "You like books more than me anyways" Lily looks up before smiling at him.

"Sure, why not thanks Hoshi" Lily grins at the pink cheeked male, he was not use to being thanked or praised but kept his emotionless persona in check to the best of his ability.

"No need to thank, just give her a call already" Hoshi said stiffly. "So how long has uncle asked you to stay here for?" Hoshi asks as they finish.

"The weekends why" Hoshi groans at the information.

"Great so I have to endure a mad house" he mutters before they turn the lights off only to see a blond haired boy knocking at the door in with a sheepish smile. Hoshi frowns at the boy who held his bag strap to his shoulder.

"Jeez Luca why are you so late?" the albino asks coldly after opening the door.

"Sorry study group got crazy so I had to make a run for it" Luca waved hello to Lily who smiled back in return, Hoshi however tuts from listening as he locks the door.

"This is why I don't do study groups, a complete waste of time" he mutters before joining the group.

They proceeded to walk up the stairs one after the other as they chatted about how their day was. As usual Hoshi was told off for giving his teacher a hard time with his homework, even though he was smart he just wasn't bothered since school itself was boring.

"I don't see why I have to study when I am working already" Hoshi commented at one point. Luca and Lily gave him a weak smile.

"How would you have learned to count the money?" Luca asks as he walked behind Hoshi.

"Pfft that's common sense Luca and you know it" Hoshi replies stubbornly. Very soon the trio reached the door only without warning Lily gasps sharply as she slipped causing a hand to grab hers. Lily at that moment grabbed her chest due to how her heart had stopped for that one moment, that was frightening to say the least.

"Careful" Silver commented with a small relieved smile as he helped her away from the item she slipped on which could now be seen as a skateboard. Lily immediately gave an embarrassed slash worried Hoshi a sour look.

"Really? I could have slipped" Lily said dryly.

"Sorry, I keep forgetting to move it" Hoshi replied stiffly before moving away from the door, his eyes avoided Silver's disapproving look. Luca walks past Hoshi and looks at Silver with suspicious eyes.

"You're the guy Loez spoke about" Luca comments bluntly leaving Silver uncomfortable, there was something about those blue eyes that left the red head unsettled. But why? And why was the boy glaring at him like that.

Lily chuckles before patting Luca's head.

"Don't mind Luca, he's very protective of me ever since he was brought here. I'm like a sister to him and like me he can read minds so he's very suspicious of people" Lily says with a casual smile. Silver however wasn't feeling too sure about that part, after all if that kid could read his mind then he was not going to like hearing what Silver was actually thinking about Lily. And to prove it Luca scowled before walking away causing Lily to smile weakly.

"He's not use to people who he doesn't know" Lily defended a now nervous Silver; even Hoshi was gobsmacked by the sudden attitude.

Just then Silver felt a sudden nausea enter his stomach leaving him wincing slightly, Lily took note of it and frowned as she realised something. Why was he still hiding his ears and tail?

"Why not allow your tail and ears to show?" Lily suggested, Hoshi gave her a weird look until a yelp escaped his lips.

"WHAAAA! What are you?!" Hoshi screamed before covering his mouth, Luca came back in and sighed at what got Hoshi startled.

"A kitsune" Silver replied dryly as Hoshi stared at him with his mouth open.

"Oh… that's why the old man was saying that a yōkai was going to visit" Hoshi replied faintly. Luca and Lily almost snorted from the info.

"What were you expecting? A troll?" Silver asks coldly.

"No Lydia?" Hoshi replied bluntly, at that moment Silver's tail dropped from his words as he heard Luca laughing. Silver then turned to glare at Luca who covered his mouth. Lily rolled her eyes and patted Silver's back.

"There there, lets just get past this and have something to eat" Lily suggested in order to break the ice.

"Dinner is in three hours" Luca commented, Lily nods her thanks leaving him smiling slightly.

"Lily~! Can I have the mushrooms?" Mizuki asks as he pops his head in the room. This made Luca blink now noticing the other arrival.

"Ask uncle please" Lily replies with a smile, hoping that he would leave and to her relief the snake familiar did.

"Who's he?" Hoshi asks as he looks at the pair.

"Mizuki" Lily replied with a smile and shrugged causally.

"He's the little bastard who kissed Lily and made himself her familiar" Silver said coldly, Lily's eyes went wide before she slapped his arm.

"Excuse me language! And this is coming from the guy who-"

"Made himself her familiar twice without your consent" Luca answered dryly. Uh oh! Silver knew from the sound of that tone that Luca was mad. Lily winced from having that being brought into the open. Hoshi was left speechless.

"What?! You had your first kiss stolen by one of those two guys? I haven't even kissed once Lily and yet you allow yourself to be with strange demons" Hoshi commented bluntly leaving Lily embarrassed.

"H-Hey! Stop talking about that! Can we please just sit and watch TV without mentioning about me kissing anyone?" Lily pleaded.

"Agreed" Silver said sharply before walking to the brown sofa, he did not want anyone to know about what happened when they were five and they didn't even know that it counted. Luca however gave him a dark look catching Silver's attention.

"I can hear you" was all the blond had said to Silver's horror.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU LOT?!" Loez screams in anger as the TV continued to release static and smoke from the newly made hole. Lily and Silver watched in horror as they sat down, both had no idea of what had just happened. Hoshi and Luca decided to play fight fair enough since the pair were either watching or reading a book, but at that moment Hoshi had sent his leg up and kicked the phone so hard that it was forced from it's cradle. Without warning the phone had immediately crashed into the TV alerting everyone of what happened. Lily dropped her book while Silver's eyes went wide from shock. Without warning the TV shook before making a small explosive noise and slumped. Silence echoed in the room until Mizuki and Loez rushed into the living room to see Hoshi and Luca standing in fighting positions, while Lily and Silver had a look that suggested that they witnessed a murder taking place. This didn't sit well with the uncle who had now begun to scream at the young boys.


"Without admitting anything gramps, we wanted to say sorry" Hoshi said weakly, his eye went to Lily who had gone pale while Silver frowned at him but it was hard to tell since they were sitting behind the boys.

"You should be angry and we had forgotten that there wasn't much room available" Luca added now wishing that he had been sitting down. But oh no he had to show off what he and Hoshi had learned in martial arts class to Lily since she hardly showed up now a days. Ever since he was brought over to Loez's home as a baby she had always took care of him until the accident forced her away from him, however there were times when he was allowed to visit with Mia and now when he tried to impress Lily it had messed up.

Silver spotting that Mizuki was about to say something, had mad the gesture to keep his mouth shut and surprisingly the snake agreed. Instead he sat beside Lily and kept watching.

"This cannot be happening! I just had that paid off you foolish boys! Why is it that you break everything in the house?! There was the sink! The cooker! The Microwave!"

"Hey Gramps-" Hoshi whined, knowing that the microwave had a fault to begin with.

"Don't interrupt me boy!" Loez said in a venomous voice which silenced Hoshi.

"The table" the boys winced from that one. "The chairs that I HAD to replace seven times!" Loez stressed in anger making the boys once again wince.

"The sofa was set on fire! The TV AGAIN! Basically everything in this house including the bathroom has been ruined and replaced!" Loez screamed in front of the trio. Talk about airing out dirty laundry.

"We are-"


"You know what?! I'm sick of having to discipline you both! You're worse than your father and he was an idiot!" Loez continues to rant; Lily looks at him oddly as she notices that there's twinge in his emotions.

"Uncle I think you need to sit down" Lily says meekly.

"Not right now Lily dear!" Loez says calmly before grabbing his belt and chucks it at Luca.

"This time I want you both to beat each other since you love violence that much!" Loez orders while Lily winces.

"What?!" Hoshi cries in horror, it's bad enough his grandfather had injured him with either a ruler or his belt but this was a new low.

"You heard me! Beat each other and take turns!" Loez yells before coughing, he winces as his chest starts to throb from his heart as it started to beat rapidly.

"Uncle are you okay?" Lily shoots up causing Silver to react, he knew without a doubt that her tone meant something was wrong.

"HOW AM I OKAY?!" Loez asks in a hysterical voice as he looks at her with pleading eyes. "THOSE HOODLUMS MURDERED THE TV AND NOW I HAVE TO ONCE AGAIN TO RANT!" he starts to cough for a bit and uses his hand to cover his mouth. Silver bristled from the smell of blood as the smell entered his nose.

"Loez I think you really need to sit down" Silver said as he went to help the man.

"I'll be fine, thank you Silver" Loez says softly as he sits down. Lily stands beside Loez and rubs his back to ease him, Loez smiles at her briefly.

"Such good children…" His smile vanishes leaving him angry. "Unlike those three over there! One's s misfit who likes to act like he's holy but always causes trouble" Mizuki blanched while his eyes went wide. "The second one is a public menace and a domestic terrorist who likes nothing more than to make people mad" Hoshi bites his lip

"The third one wants to judge just because he can read minds and does things without thinking! Just like the second one, the third one is also a bloody trouble maker both inside and out of the house and likes to destroy the house as well!" Loez snaps leaving the boys to put their heads down from shame. Mizuki still remembered what Loez had said once Lily left the room and it was not good at all. Sure Silver had been told off for his mistakes in the past to being indecent with Lily, but Mizuki had suffered the worst of it.

"Uncle I think you need to lie down now, you're overworking your heart with stress" Lily said softly as she tried to ease the tension from her uncle.

"I-You're right Lily" Loez said before standing up however his head started to swim leaving him light headed, Silver immediately helped him stand in place to the man's relief.

"Thank you Silver" Loez staggered until his heart rate started to get worse.

"I think I need to call an ambulance" Hoshi and Luca froze and looked at one another. "Where's the phone boys?" he asks while trying to remain as calm as possible. However the boys winces before looking at the TV, this unfortunately set the poor man off.


"Where are you going?" Hoshi asks now sounding alarmed by the sudden move.

"Where else there's a phone downstairs" Loez said now opening the door, not noticing that there's something on the floor.

"W-Wait I have a-"

"STUUUUUUUPIIIIIIIIIIID BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYS!" Loez screams as he falls down the stairs due to the skateboard.

"Phone…" Hoshi said weakly before taking out his mobile. Lily had a look that was a mixture between a frown and a wince.

"Uh-oh…" Lily said weakly. The group rush towards the door.

"I told you to move it!" Silver snaps as they look down the stairs to see glaring man.

"Why are you still standing there? Get the ambulance now" Loez rants weakly before passing out from the pain.

"So wait… do we still need to beat each other now that he's out?" Lily glares darkly at Hoshi before Silver slaps him harshly, forgetting that he's human.

"OW MY ARM!" Hoshi screams as his arm begins to hurt. Luca on the other hand sighs from the dumb question.

"Just call your father" Luca says weakly causing Hoshi to look at him sharply.

"Err Hello?! My arm!" Hoshi cried until he saw everyone glaring at him, knowing that he had no choice given that it was his fault, the albino mumbled before using his free hand to speed dial his father.

"Hello?" asks Vincent who at that moment sounded like he was writing something. Hoshi still staring at the unconscious man while Luca, Lily, Silver and Mizuki were rooted to the spot, the white haired male had taken a deep breath before answering.

"Hello? Who is this?" Vincent asks sternly.

"… Dad… Grandfather's down" Hoshi said weakly.

"WHAT?! What happened?!" Vincent screams in shock as he scraps the chair from pulling back.

"It was an accident..." Hoshi replies weakly while feeling sweat running down his brow despite the fact that he was in pain.

"Didn't I tell you to tidy your stuff up? Now look what's happened!" Vincent snaps before getting a nurse to contact the ambulance.

The group were still rooted to the spot and were staring at the fallen man.

Vincent stood by Loez's hospital room while staring at the guilty party, Hoshi on the other hand had his arm in a cast which had been placed in a sling from having found out that it was broken.

"Do I even need to know why my father is the room for a concussion and a heart attack?" Vincent asks coldly as he taps his foot and folds his arms. They squirmed from his gaze before he turned to look at Luca.

"You had-"

"The phone was kicked into the TV!" Luca cried causing Hoshi to round on him.

"You rat!" He snapped angrily.

"Hey I didn't say that you did it! Did I?" Luca reported back.

"You didn't have to Luca, his response is enough for me" Vincent's voice snapped them back to reality. They were in trouble; he then turned to Lily but kept his composure.

"Is this true?" Lily winced before nodding, there was no point lying to her cousin after this.

"What have I told you two? Stop destroying the house!" Vincent asks weakly as he frowns at his son and Luca.

"We didn't mean to, Hoshi didn't see the phone and kicked it" Luca defended, hoping that the man would believe him.

"It's still wrong, now I'm going to have to deal with an ill father and my son while I am suppose to be working" Vincent said weakly as he leaned on the wall. Luca blinked from his words.

"But what about me? Am I being kicked out? Where am I suppose to live?!" Luca asked in a panicked voice, even Lily was stunned by the sudden turn of events. Vincent chuckled before patting the stunned boy.

"Why Lily has room right? And I think it's about time you stay with her since you are both old enough, now that Lily's got two familiars to help her you can live there now" Silver's stomach dropped. Not another mouth to feed! He already couldn't stand Mizuki and now he's going to have a young teen who already hates his guts live with him. Did he really not get a say about this?

"But why?" Luca asks, not that he's complaining but he did deserve an explanation for this sudden move. Vincent smiles softly at him taking the boy by surprise.

"Well thankfully you are both sitting down. Do you remember your parents Luca?" This confused the boy.

"No, the only thing I know is that my parents had been murdered" Silver winced from those words. Images of his mother and sister began to plague his mind. Watching her get shot as she stood on the top of the stairs just because they were playing tag, it was suppose to be a fun and innocent game but his sister Anna had been spotted seeing something bad and was shot for no reason, just because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Luca turned to look at him with unreadable eyes but Lily knew, she could feel Luca's guilt and sadness for being harsh to Silver.

"What is that have to do with anything?" Luca asks now trying to rid himself of the guilt. Vincent looks at him with a small frown.

"Your father was murdered for digging in too deep with something incriminating, but your mother… she was forced to run away after you were born. No one has heard of her ever since" Vincent admitted softly. Luca's heart lurched from hearing the news, that couldn't be right yes he was a baby when it happened but hearing that left him sick to his stomach. Didn't his mother want him? Was that why she ran?

"Why did she leave then? Did we mean nothing to her or something? Why sir? Why would she-?"

"Because someone has been after her family for years Luca" he looks up in shock to see Vincent's hardened look, this proved that it was no joke something must have spooked his mother and the question was what.

"Which brings my reason to why you should stay with Lily" Silver and Lily piped up while Mizuki, Hoshi and Luca looked at him with confused looks.

"Why would I need to? Not that it's a bad idea but I don't understand" Luca asked as he observes Vincent, the man was surprisingly being secretive and to prove it he had been blocking Luca from reading his thoughts ever since he was small. The doctor sighed before taking a deep breath.

"Lily is your mother's sister" silence echoed in the room. Lily was in complete shock; this had to be a joke. No her sister left the family when she was two, no explanation, nothing she just took off without looking back.

"This has to be a joke" Hoshi said coldly as he looks at his father, he looks at Luca's stunned expression before seeing Lily's expression and for a minute Hoshi had wished that he hadn't. Lily was feeling heartbroken and had the look of someone who had been abandoned. To prove that she was in shock, Lily had the look of disbelief on her face. This had to be a dream, it was not happening, it was not funny and Lily was starting to feel resentment for her sister. Silver seeing her conflicted eyes held her hand in order to assure her that he was there, but Lily wasn't paying attention instead her mind was on one thing and that was to get out of the area.

"I'm afraid it is true, Ayami had been on the run ever since she left her home but didn't want her family to worry. When Lily was two, Ayami had gotten pregnant and told your father that she couldn't stay where demons would come after her, but your father didn't want to her to leave him so he went with her regardless of what would happen. Once you were born Luca Ayami had instructed your father to send you to my father for safety, however once you were placed with us he had been killed" Luca nodded in from the news.

"Lily?" Mizuki's voice got Luca's attention as Lily stood up. Her hair covered her eyes as she faced Vincent. Without warning she stormed out the area shocking them.

"Lily wait!" Silver called as he ran after the upset girl. Vincent sighed deeply.

"It's too be expected, Lily was only two and it deeply unsettled her family. Lily and Ayami were suppose to be close and now she's found out about what happened it's bound to open wounds that were suppose to be closed. Give her time Luca" Vincent said softly as he patted Luca. "Like Ayami Lily was also marked for death by the same demoness that has spread rumors to kill everyone in our family" Hoshi glares.

"That same one who cursed us right?" hearing this took Luca by surprise; Vincent nodded sombrely from hearing the question.

"I'm afraid so, Zerla is still imprisoned in Izumo but still has ways of making us suffer" the man said softly.

Lily stood on the side of the roof with a pensive expression, eyes sombre and filled with resentment. Why her sister couldn't send letter or speak to her somehow is beyond her. It wasn't fair, why now after all this time? She treated Luca like a younger brother not knowing or suspecting a thing, if she had known then she would have been there for him more than ever. She would have done more; she would have shielded him more but then what? Would Luca still think of her as a sister or push her away for being a reminder? Would he have resented her?

The questions continued to plague her mind as her blue dress fluttered thanks to the wind, her long hair now free from being tied up moved along with the dress creating a sad scene if anyone could see her now.

Lily almost jumped when she felt someone wrap their arms around her but knew from the sleeves that it was Silver. She could sense his worry and sadness which left her more sadder than ever.

"You can go home, don't worry about me" Lily said softly and yet he didn't budge.

"Not when you are like this Lily, let's head back…"

"To what Silver? I feel like I was living a lie!" Lily said as she turns to face him, eyes filled with bitterness as tears run down her cheeks. Silver sighs before lifting his hand up and brushes them away as she shivers from crying.

"I know but Luca was not aware of this either, so do not distance yourself or doubt that he doesn't care about you. That boy cares enough to be protective of you when it comes to me" Silver comments dryly, just hearing that made the girl laugh weakly.

"He's a real spit fire isn't he?" Lily asks shakily while smiling, seeing that made him smile.

"I now know where he gets it from-oof!" Silver grunted as she punched his arm playfully. "Hey no punching!" Silver said gruffly while smiling. Lily shook her head while pouting, however her eyes were filled with mirth.

"Come on jerk let's get Luca and Mizuki so we can go home" Lily said in a dull voice. Silver pulled a face.

"Can't we have the snake stay with them? I mean we don't truly need a freeloader in the house" Silver asked as he followed her to the door.

"He can learn if you guide him"

"It's like talking to a brick wall with him!" Silver cried out while the staircase echoed his voice.

"Now you know how I feel when it comes to you" Lily said dryly.

"What is that suppose to mean?!" Silver yells as the door leading to the roof closes.

Silver places the last of Luca's stuff into one of the guest rooms before sighing at how late it was.

"Okay do you need anything to eat or drink?" Silver asks before turning round, he feels a smile slowly creep up from seeing Luca as he curls up in his futon while he is sound asleep. Silver puts the covers on properly before turning out the light and leaves the room silently in order to not disrupt the sleeping boy.

As he walks down the hallway his mind goes to Lily, yes she is managing for now but for how long given the circumstances he wasn't sure on who was going to snap. Lily or Luca?

Silver slowly opened the door to Lily's room and sighs at how Lily had once again managed to fall asleep at her desk. Her head was in her arms as she sat on the chair while her computer was still running; it made him wonder on how her neck was never affected by this.

The red head plucked the sleeping girl gently from her desk and placed her in her futon before covering her with her duvet. He smiled at how peaceful she was when she slept before looking at the semi clean room; he almost chuckled at how she tried to make an effort to clean up but frowned at the cleaning basket and saw a lot of dirty laundry. Even though he knew that she refused to have him do it, the kitsune however almost twitched at how the clothes almost overflowed from the basket. They had to be cleaned and given how they were suppose to be at her uncles, it almost relieved him at how the trip had been cancelled since he could do it. Yes she would scream at him for doing it but at least they would be clean, then again the basket might need to be cleaned as well.

Silver took the basket and proceeded to clean the clothes despite it being late in the night, with luck they should be clean by morning…hopefully.

Silver's head could be seen on a few of Lily's clean shirts, the work had tired him out so much that he ended up falling asleep on the clothes that he was folding up. So far the undergarments had already been put away which left the shirts and trousers.

Lily however was glaring at him slightly from catching him; her arms were folded and stood beside him while Luca and Mizuki stared at him.

"That's gutsy" Luca comments as he watches Silver sleep, Mizuki however was glaring.

"He touches Lily's clothes when he knows he's not allowed!" the snake snapped, Lily rolls her eyes and kicks Silver's rump only to have no response. Lily's mood darkened even more before spying his tail.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Silver's eyes snapped open from the pain that came from his tail; he shot up and went to grab his tail, sleep now forgotten due to the pain. Who would be stupid enough to step on his tail-where was he?

"Ehem!" Silver's ears pinned from being caught. Uh-oh!

"Had fun sleeping with my clothes?" Lily asks dryly causing the kitsune to turn his head and give Lily a sheepish smile. Lily's eyes shone murder while the boys were scowling at him for being indecent.

"I was cleaning" Silver replied meekly before groaning from the pain in his tail before spying her foot as she stood close to him, well that explained why his tail was now in pain. Only Lily would do that if she was VERY mad.

"Didn't I tell you not to clean my clothes?" Lily asks sternly, this unfortunately had set Silver off.

"Lily come on it was overflowing! How could you allow it to get that bad?!" Silver asks a now stunned Lily.

"So what? It's okay to touch without permission?"

"I was hoping to put all the clean stuff away but I fell asleep in the middle of doing it" Silver defended.

"And what time was that?" Lily asks bluntly.

"I don't know! Daylight was coming out that's all I remember" Silver replied with a frown as he tried to rub the pain out of his tail, he was so not going to forgive her for that.

Lily continues to frown.

"Leave my stuff alone and go to your room" Lily said sternly, hearing this shocked Silver while Mizuki hid his smirk. It was about time that he was getting punished.

"B-But- what?!" Silver was at a loss of what to say since she was telling him to go to his room like he was a child.

"Silver you've had only one hour of sleep, let us deal with things for now okay?" Lily's words shock Mizuki and Silver, Luca however agreed with Lily. Not getting enough sleep was going to cost Silver his health and not in a good way.

"Lily come on! I can handle-"

"Silver!" Lily warned sternly which made him wince, "Don't make me order you to go and sleep in your room! I'll deal with my laundry, Mizuki will do your chores while Luca helps with cooking" Lily instructed. Luca immediately rushed to the kitchen to get some breakfast ready while Mizuki grumbled as he went to clean the floors of the shrine.

"Check what cloth your using before touching the floors Mizuki!" Lily called from where they stood.

"Okay!" Mizuki replied as he ran. Lily then turned to Silver.

"Up you get Silver" Lily said as she helped him up, she then picked up her clothes before following him to his room, once she was sure that he was inside the teen went straight to her room and placed the clothes on the floor so she could sort them out. Once that was done she immediately placed them into their separate compartments so it was easier to spot which item is which.

Now satisfied with her work. Lily had crept back into Silver's room knowing from experience on how stubborn he was, already she felt a sigh leaving her from seeing how he was still awake.

"Silver come on sleep now, we can take care of things" Lily said as she sat beside him. Silver gave her a scowl.

"It's morning so I have no reason to sleep" Silver said before a yawn left his lips. Lily shook her head before patting his head.

"Come on sleepy head lay down and sleep" Lily says as she makes him lay down and strokes the crown his head. This slightly relaxes him but at that moment he didn't want her to leave him so he grabs her waist and pulls Lily so she's laying beside him.

"H-Hey Silver!" she yelps in shock only to have him hug and pull her close.

"Just stay like this please" Silver mumbled before sighing softly, Lily glares at him weakly but doesn't do anything. Instead her hands are on his chest and stays still, only to feel his nose nuzzle her before releasing soft snores which causes Lily to whine quietly. Why her?

"Oh well, might as well get more sleep then" Lily mutters before closing her eyes since it was going to take awhile.

Without knowing the time Lily had been nudged awake slightly, she whined a bit before opening her eyes to see Luca.

"A girl named Himemiko wants to know if you can come to her tea party tomorrow night" Luca mouthed after muttering his apologies. Lily on the other hand blinked as she tried to process what had been said, her eyes widened before nodding.

"You can come to" Lily mouthed back to his shock, he nods slowly despite the fact that he's in shock from what she said. Lily tries to get out of Silver's grip; she bites her bottom lip from the lack of success. Seeing this Luca tries to pull Silver's arm away from Lily only to have this happen.

"Waaaah!" Luca mentally screams as Silver pulls a petrified Luca into his arms, this forces Luca to squish Lily slightly as he is forced to lay on top of them.

"Oh why?" Lily cried mentally as she now had a clingy possessive fox and her nephew on her. Lily then punches Silver repeatedly but is unable to wake him up; Luca on the other hand was red in the face from what had just happened. He tried to get out of Silver's grip which proved futile and turned to see Lily glaring, she was so angry right now and wanted nothing more than to punch them off of her. Instead she spies Silver's ear and then tries to free her right hand since it was closest to him. Luca's eyes widened at what she was planning to do and mouthed 'no' pleading with her to reconsider with what she was about to do. However Lily was too angry to even consider anything. After placing her index finger into her mouth and made sure that it was wet enough, she then lifted her arm up and slipped the wet finger into Silver's left ear before twisting it as she pushes her finger deeper into his ear.

Silver's eyes shot open from the horrific act before shooting up and moved away from them due to what happened. His hand went straight to his ear and looks at them with petrified eyes.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Silver screams in terror as he looks at them, Luca's eyes were wide and had lost the ability to speak. That was mortifying for anyone to endure while Lily on the other hand was folding her arms and glared.

"Now that I have your attention! Can you not send my nephew onto me like that! I don't like to be squished like that" Lily snaps before getting up and leaving the room in a huff, Silver while his hand is still covering his ear turns shakily to Luca who's mind looked as if it had been blown. What just happened?

Lily after sorting her clothes out had began to eat her lunch which had been a sandwich while Luca was sitting beside her, Silver on the other hand was sitting in front of her. No one spoke a word after what had transpired, that was going to be something it was going to be kept a secret no matter what.

Silver after cleaning the dishes started to feel a sense of nausea for no reason. He stared to gag just as he covered his mouth and almost felt the urge to throw up. This caught their attention and made them look up.

"You okay?" Lily asks now giving him her attention. Not trusting his voice Silver shook his head and rushed towards the bathroom. Lily then turned to a confused Luca who shrugged; surely the incident hadn't caused that much damage right?

Seven hours later

Lily had began to finish her work and was smiling at what was happening with it, she then went to get her sketchbook and began to do a series of doodles.

"GHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Lily's hand jolted and moved to one side creating a long jagged line to her surprise. She looked up and glared at the noise, Luca who was doing his homework which involved reading a book had accidently threw the book in the air and rolled instinctively which caused him to hurt his knee as a result. Luca then cried out in pain before clutching the bruised leg before curling up on the floor. What was that all about?!

Mizuki who was cleaning the table had heard the noise; sadly his hand slipped with the cloth and ended up slamming his face onto the table causing his face to leave a mark. He looks at where the source of the noise was before grumbling and glaring.

"Who was that?" he muttered darkly, hoping that it wasn't who he thought it was. Oishi and Dai blink from the scream as they ended up tripping and toppling against the table legs. That was unexpected! Why was Silver screaming?

Lily frowned as she placed her headphones on and began to blare any more screaming out with music from her laptop, next she began to rub out the jagged line before continuing where she had left off.

Silver covered his mouth to hide his sharp canines; he was in shock to see such a thing even appear. His mouth had hurt after he had passed out in the bathroom so once he came round. Still disorientated while was feeling a sudden migraine and sickness coming along as he looked at the mirror, that was when he saw his teeth now sharped and bared. His own eyes feral, his tail was starting to feel sore and tender to his dismay. It almost made the time when Lily stomped onto his tail seem like nothing. What was going on around here?!

Silver wanted to get help but who would know about what was going on.

"Take these damn pills when you start to get weird boy! Don't leave without them!" Loez's cold tone shook Silver but the pills were in his room and he was not going to get them without people seeing him this way.

His stomach started to hurt badly almost as if he was being kicked repeatedly, while at the same time his teeth were becoming so painful that he wanted nothing more than to chomp on anything hard just to make the pain go away. But he doubted that it would have any effect what so ever. Just as he was about to move, Silver had almost resisted the urge to bit his lip due to the fact that he had tried to move his tail only that was a big mistake. Silver spied outside's door and opened it, seeing no one he rushed to the kitchen and grabbed some sake jars he had personally had hidden before the ban thanks to the fact that Mizuki had purposely tried to drink them out of house and home. He then grabbed a cup as he came to the conclusion of drinking himself to the point that the pain would go away.

Once Silver had arrived at his room, to his relief he had not being caught by anyone as he slammed the door shut. He then went to bed and began to drink straight from the jar. With luck his pain would vanish, however he could hear his fangs making small scraping noises as they brushed against the rim of the jar. He winced but kept on drinking. Very soon after the third bottle began to get tipsy and started to slouch onto the futon before sleep entered his mind.

"Silver? Silver!" a females' voice caught Silver's attention as he continued to sweep the porch. He saw Lily standing there with her hands on her hips.

"What is it Lily?" Silver asks looking at her with curious eyes.

"Can you come with me for a bit" Lily said now moving away, confused Silver follows her with the broom before seeing that she had entered her room.

"What do you need to talk to me about?" Silver asks as they take their seats by the table.

"I want a divorce" Lily says coldly as she leans on the table and looks at him. This takes Silver by surprise. Why did she want a divorce? She wasn't married to him.

"I don't follow? What do you mean a divorce because I am pretty sure that we are not married yet?" Silver asks with curious eyes.

"No not that kind of divorce, I'm talking about room/office divorce" Lily replies bluntly as they continue to sit by the table.

"Office… wise?" Silver asks in a confused tone, even he did not know how to respond to that comment.

"Your room. I want you out of it as soon as possible" Silver's stomach plummets from the shock from hearing such a thing being asked.

"B-But where am I suppose to sleep?!" Silver cries out as he stands up

"Silver sit down"

"No! I want to know exactly what is going on here!" Silver cries out in anger and shock.

"SIT DOWN NOW!" Lily boomed, due to word binding Silver does as he's told to his anger.

"So… where will I sleep then?" He asks angrily as he folds his arms.

"Outside" she says tartly, hearing this leaves him stunned.

"I spoke to Mizuki who will be dealing with were you sleep and he will arrange where in his room will you be sleeping" Lily added bluntly, Silver was more in shock. He would rather sleep outside than sleep with him.

"So I'm sleeping with a snake?!" Silver asks dryly as his tail bristles from shock, now hating the fact that he will have to share with Mizuki.

"But why my room?" Silver asks while trying to keep as calm as he could in order to not anger Lily anymore. Lily laces her fingers together as she looks at him with narrowed eyes.

"I am turning it into my office so I can use it for technical and document use, end of discussion" Lily replies bluntly before standing up.

"Hey wait you can't do that to me Lily" Silver snaps as she starts to walk away. "LILY!" he snaps angrily as he stands up, there was no way he would EVER share a room with that snake. It's bad enough he has to share Lily, now this!

Silver shoots up from his bed, now awake he starts to take in his surroundings. To his relief he was still in his room and sees to his side a few empty bottles of sake and a cup. Silver briefly remembers drinking that night to get him to fall asleep due to the pain in his mouth. To his dismay the pain was still there causing him to cover his mouth and groan.

"What just happened?" he asks weakly, still disorientated from the dream. Talk about scary!

"Yo Silver" Lily pops her head in the room after sliding the shoji doors open causing him to yelp in shock before bumping his tail, her scent was starting to drive him crazy and he didn't like it one bit. Hurting his tail didn't made things any better for him as Silver resisted the urge to grab it. Lily frowns at the bottles on the floor and sighs.

"What's up with you? Did drinking finally take it's toll on you? Why so jumpy?" Lily asks looking puzzled as she takes in his unkept appearance.

"Fine just… what time is it?" Silver slowly turns to look at the window that showed him outside. He then noticed that it was daytime. Lily frowns at his disorientated look, his mind was buzzing the pain he was feeling leaving her confused on what was the cause for his sudden problem.

"Twelve o'clock in the afternoon" Lily replied bluntly.

"WHAAAT?! Why didn't you wake me?" Silver yells in shock as he tries to stand up but finds that his body can't move.

"You were so tired from doing twice as much work for the past week since Mizuki isn't doing well for chores, so I let you have the morning off" Lily shrugs Silver blinks at the kind gesture despite the fact that she had stopped him from working yesterday morning as well.

"I don't eat breakfast much anyways so I'm not fussed" Lily shrugged Luca took a piece of toast and rushed off to school today" Lily replied however the happy mood he had before now suddenly vanishes and begins to strides out the room despite being in pain. Not caring about how his clothes were wrinkled from tossing and turning, nor had they been changed since yesterday lunch.

"Hey where are you going?" Lily asks now going after him.

"You're having lunch now" Silver says bluntly as if saying that it was not up for discussion.

"But I just eat already" Lily said weakly as she followed him.

"What exactly?" he snaps as he looks at her angrily, knowing that she would eat bite sized foods when he often didn't cook.

"Spaghetti" Silver stops from the reply and sighs.

"Fine but-"

"Already did some shrine jobs already and made Mizuki scrub the decks" Lily replied bluntly. "Seriously we're okay just get some more rest until you do anything, you're not feeling well and we might have to cancel the tea party" Lily grins before patting him. Silver glares.

"Tea party?" Silver asks coldly.

"Princess Himemiko asked me to come but if-"

"WE are going and that's final" Silver said angrily, how could she do something so silly? His health meant nothing when it came to invitations that yōkai.

"Well you are ill and besides you just had a nightmare" Silver flinches before looking at her with shock filled eyes. How did she know that?!

"I know how much you don't want to be with Mizuki so don't worry. I don't even need to ask given the way you both behave towards each other, see you but make sure you rest first!" and with that Lily goes off leaving him standing by the door.

"I swear whether she is a mind reader or not, she sees like a hawk" he mutters before looking at his clothes, grimacing for not noticing his appearance was that bad. Silver goes back in his room and slams the door shut. He might have to take her advice on drinking less or getting a non alcoholic drink after all.

The pain in his body did not leave what so ever and he was starting to feel like an emotional train wreck, he had no idea of what was going on and was starting to hate every second of it. At one point he was trying to kill Mizuki or he was in his room hiding from the pain and had to hide the fact that he was crying as he curled himself up into a ball, medicine long forgotten as a result.

Luca at times when Silver had showed himself was looking at him oddly to Silver's confusion and he didn't know why he was doing that. Was there something on him or was there something wrong with his clothes? The boy never did ask or reply given that he could read minds. Even when Silver looked at Lily during lunch, he unknowingly had been staring at her a lot longer than usual and then spotted Luca scowling slightly, this had left Silver blinking as he realised that he had been staring at Lily a lot longer than he should have been. He didn't know why but some part of him was pulling itself towards her and it was driving him crazy. Twice that day he had to take a cold shower when things got out of hand, he even developed short fevers and his tail started to ache once again. The worst part was his teeth had continued to ache and he couldn't get anything to stop them from hurting. The very thought of grounding his teeth together had scared him.

Silver tried to sleep it off only to hear the sound of his door being pounded into which left him annoyed.

"What?! What do you want?" Silver growled while scowling at the door.

"Get up foxy it's time to go" just hearing Mizuki's' voice left Silver annoyed and tried to get up.

"Alright stop hounding at my door" Silver snapped as he crawls over to his wardrobe. Using the door he clawed his way up before opening it up. Spying his purple hakamashita and black hakama he grabbed them before changing while trying to keep himself from upsetting his body anymore than it already was. Silver hissed when the fabric had touched his tail but bit his lip, only he immediately regretted it as it started to bleed. Silver yelped and cursed before covering his mouth with his hand and went to get his bleeding lip cleaned up.

Once that was done Silver joined the group, however his eyes went to Luca who was frowning at him still, it was getting the point that Silver was going to snap and demand why the boy was looking at him like he had done something wrong because Silver was sure that he hadn't anything. So why was acting like he had?

Lily arrived in the living room wearing a blue long sleeved short dress over her short sleeved dark blue shirt; the sleeves were very wide at the bottom while the dress reached to her knees, under the dress was a pair of shorts that went up to her lower legs in order to make sure nothing would happen. Mizuki began to compliment her dress while Luca smiled at her modest look, unfortunately Silver was at a loss for words which left Lily wondering why he was staring at her oddly.

"Ehem!" Lily coughed which left Silver jumping slightly.

"Huh? What?" Silver looked up to see her frowning.

"Are you okay?" Lily asks now looking at him with worry, Silver blinked from her question.

"Yeah why?"

"You're spacing out a lot today. Do you want to stay home?" Lily asks now placing her hands on her hips, sadly this left Silver uncomfortable as the elastic on her waist began show the shape of her thighs.

"Maybe he should, he's not been himself lately" Mizuki said with a smirk, however before he could say anything else Silver immediately had him pinned to a wooden beam but had him tied upside down. To make it worse for him there were two foxfires circling below him, almost daring him to free himself knowing that if he escaped they would hunt him down and burn him badly.

"How's that for not being myself vermin?" Silver spat before walking out the room leaving a stunned Lily and petrified Luca.

Lily and Luca followed Silver to a swamp; both kept silent knowing that Silver was still in a bad mood the proof was how he kept stomping the ground. Almost as if he wanted to kill any insects that crossed his path this had left the pair wishing that he had stayed home.

"So… Silver. How has your… illness?" Lily asks wearily as Silver continues to have a look of someone who wanted to murder someone.

"Fine! Stop asking about it Lily please" Silver pleads as he looks at her, his eyes softened from seeing her worried glance. His hand moved on it's own and cupped her cheek lightly, Lily could feel that Silver's hand was trembling for some reason but why? It didn't make sense for him to act in such a manner.

"Lily I'm just trying to deal with a few things at the moment and I need you to bear with me a little while longer okay?" Silver asks softly, seeing his conflicted eyes left Lily nodding. Silver smiles briefly before trying to walk away only he had now found it hard the moment he touched her soft cheek. His breathing quickened and felt himself moving closer, just one touch was all his body wanted but his mind was screaming no, sadly his body was in control and began to override everything. Silver began to lean in closer, as he did the kitsune was able to catch more of her floral scent leaving him feeling slightly intoxicated and for once didn't want to fight the urge. Maybe one kiss wouldn't hurt.

"Hey Silver how much further until we reach Princess Himemiko's home?" Luca's sudden question jolted Silver from what he was doing and pulled back; he tried not to gasp for air while Lily's face had gone red as she began to blink from what had just happened. Did that just happen? Her mind was now left with unanswered questions to her dismay, but she knew that she had to get them out of him sometime soon.

Very soon they reached Himemiko's home and were greeted with the host who was in human form but wore a floral kimono. Lily greeted the girl with a hug and smiled.

"How are you Himemiko?" Lily asks with a wide smile.

"I'm fine, I hope you didn't get lost though" Himemiko replied with a concerned expression before looking at the boys.

"No we didn't thank you" Lily smiled at how worried her friend was, it left her feeling blessed and touched by the gesture.

"I thought you were a yōkai" Luca asked weakly catching her attention.

"Who are you if you don't mind me asking?" the girl asked with curious eyes, she tilted her head to the side as she looks at him.

"Oh errm" Luca stammered as he looks at her, now wishing that he hadn't of spoken due to being shy. "My name is Luca… I'm Lily's nephew" Himemiko gasps before looking at Lily as she beamed at the boy.

"I didn't know that he was your nephew" she commented making Lily chuckle.

"Yeah, it was a shock for me since I helped raise him when we were very young" Lily said with a brief giggle, Himemiko smiled from seeing how happy Lily was.

"Welcome Lily's nephew, I hope you enjoy your brief stay here" Himemiko greeted with a respectable bow. Luca stammered before bowing back in return.

"T-Thank you" Luca replied making Himemiko smile as she covered her sleeve.

"So you do you like your human form?" Lily asks now looking at the female yōkai. Himemiko nodded.

"I love it and knowing that you and Silver were the ones who helped me see Kotarou has left me feeling nothing but never ending happiness. I am forever in your debt for your kindness" Himemiko said with a smile. Lily smiles back before hugging the girl.

"It was my pleasure, I'm more than happy to help couples find one another" Lily replied.

"Still I shall treasure this form no matter what" Himemiko commented as she looks up at Lily.

"Oh that's very touching…brat" Silver mutters to himself causing Luca to look at him with shocked eyes. Why was he being so mean to the host? What exactly had she done to deserve such rude words?

"What was that Silver?" Lily asks sharply, her very voice left him shivering but not in a bad way leaving him slightly embarrassed but kept it to himself.

"Nothing!" Silver said in a high tone before spotting Luca's filthy glare.

"Stop looking at my aunt you pervert" Luca hissed before hitting Silver with his shoulder.

"Look it's not my fault okay?!" Silver hisses back as he turns to see Lily glaring at him while Himemiko had the look of confusion on her face. Just seeing their looks made him wince with guilt.

"Shall we go in?" Himemiko asks Lily who on the other hand wasn't sure given how Silver was acting.

"I… okay sure if it's okay with you" Lily asks wearily. Himemiko looks at her.

"I wouldn't have invited you if it was not okay Lady Lily" she replied softly, Lily nods before following Himemiko into her home. Lily and Luca were in awe from seeing how grand and shiny Himemiko's home, Silver however was resisting the urge to mutter or look at Lily and what was worse was that his fangs were acting up again leaving him wanting to groan in discomfort. Trying to distract himself he looked around the palace only to catch Lily's dress top as she moved, seeing her move left him slightly hypnotised and drawn to her figure which in itself was not what he had in mind.

Silver then turns to look at Luca and almost bristled in surprise as he sees him glaring.

"Stop staring you pervert or I will make your life a living hell" Luca mouthed at a now disturbed kitsune who wanted nothing more than to run. That boy was definitely Lily's nephew and given that Lily lived up to her threats, he was sure that the boy would as well. However now that Silver had thought about the last threat Lily had made, it left him tingling with glee at how she told him off. It almost left him thinking about what she would look like if she wore something that was out of her comfort zone and held something like a ruler or a whip-

"OW! WHY?!" Silver yells as he glares at Luca who's eyes shone murder and bit his lip.

"You know my aunt and I can hear you right moron?" Silver blinked before looking at Lily's eye as it twitched slightly while Himemiko was silent, not knowing why Lily had gone so silent. Silver swallowed thickly as he looks at her weakly.

"S-Sorry" Silver stuttered before looking away. Eyeing him coldly Lily then looked away and began to resume her talk with Himemiko. The yōkai looked at Silver then at Lily before they began to walk ahead.

"You know, why not alter your appearance with the talismans?" Himemiko asks out of the blue leaving Lily confused.

"Why would I want to do that?" Lily asks quietly as he looks at her smiling friend.

"Well wouldn't it be fun to see what you look like as a yōkai? Plus you have word binding so why not order him to do something unusual?" her friend hinted. Lily's eyes went wide from horror before pink appeared on her cheeks.

"H-Himemiko" Lily hissed weakly as she slapped the girl lightly "You can't go saying stuff like that" Lily whispered now feeling her ears turning red from what her friend had in mind, now realising that Silver and Himemiko had both in fact indecent thoughts.

"Why not? You are his master and fiancée right?" at that moment Lily wanted nothing more than to ram her head against the nearest wall. She hoped that Luca was not listening in and peeked; to her relief he was still glaring at Silver.

"That doesn't mean that I want to be touched" this confused Himemiko. "Look once and I mean ONCE we get married, that's when he can but right now…" Himemiko notices Lily's saddened look "I want us to sort out his trust issues, when he starts to be honest and tells me what's going on, including about how he was like in the past. Then I might consider moving forward" Lily replied sombrely. Himemiko made a clicking noise with her teeth as she looks at them. What could she do to help them move things forward, it seemed nearly impossible given how close they might seem but that was a façade now that she saw them. There was a giant chasm that separated the pair and it left her wondering why that is, what had even encouraged them to even be engaged to one another piped her interest. Maybe she could try and encourage them but when and where to start was the question.

Himemiko commented about how the full moon made the moss glow, it left Luca and Lily in awe while Silver remained brooding on his current situation.

"That's the new Land God?" asked a voice from behind a nearby curtain, the thoughts of the person immediately caught Lily's attention leaving her to look at the curtain. She spotted three sets of eyes looking at her and almost felt intimidated by their resentful look.

"She doesn't look much, just plain and weak" the second voice muttered leaving Lily feeling like she had swallowed something bitter and felt her upper mouth twitch in disgust. Just another pack of jealous bitter girls only they were yōkai to Lily's annoyance. As much as she wanted to vent at them, she chose the high road and ignored them which could be seen by Himemiko.

"Why Master Silver chose her I don't know" the third voice hissed just as Lily walked past them. Before anyone could process what as happening the curtain flew open and Lily was sent to the ground, she bit back a cry and turned to glare at the ones who sent her to the ground. The girl immediately rolled her eyes as she saw three fish yōkai cooing and hugging Silver, who at that moment looked uncomfortable and slightly annoyed.

"Master Silver do you remember us?" Asks the second voice.

"You're the Carp princesses right? How… er lovely to see you. You've grown since I've last saw you" Silver said weakly now wanting to leave so he could avoid gaging at how they smelt. Must have been using some perfume they made or brought from their home, not that he wanted smell the strong stuff.

"Oh don't be mean Master Silver" the first one cried with a wide smile.

"We're so much more beautiful compared to when we were younger" The third one gushed to Silver's dismay.

"See how our scales sparkle" The second one said with a flirtatious smile.

"Someone just kill me please! Better yet is there a bus or carriage nearby that I can ram myself against?" Silver thought in a pleading voice that made Luca snort, hearing this made Silver glare and left him wanting to strangle the boy. Lily's brow rose from hearing Silver's thoughts, on the bright side he wasn't attracted to them but it didn't leave feeling anymore relief.

"Aren't we beautiful" Asked the first one as she hugged his arm tightly. Silver felt himself grow more annoyed at how clingy they were being.

"Ladies… you are all beautiful in your own way" Silver said in a surprisingly calm voice but the girls were oblivious.

"Oh don't be like Master Silver" the third one drawled as she smiled.

"Who is the most beautiful one here?" asked the second as she leaned closer.

"There's only one who is the most beautiful right?" the first one to leaned closer only it was near his ear. Silver resisted the urge to shake in anger at how they were getting too close for his liking, one even ran a fin down his arm leaving him shivering from the lack of space but they assumed that it was because he liked them. Lily bit her lip before turning her head; she was not going to get involved with his previous girlfriends and hated the fact that he would allow them to act so shamelessly in front of her. Just seeing them act like this reminded her of how unfaithful he had been towards her, this left her wondering on how many other women he had been with

"So why not choose now?" the second one asked as she placed her head on his arm and ran it down to his hand. Silver felt his mouth twitch in anger as they started to hound him even more than usual.

"Come on it's not that hard is it?" the first one asked

"Only one right?" the third one leaned closer while the first one placed her head on his shoulder.

"Just chose Master Silver" the third one cooed as she moved her fin, however she brushed lightly against his sore tail without realising it. Silver's fur and tail bristled before he rounded at them with murder in his eyes, against his better judgement the red head started to bare his fangs at the Carp princesses which left them, Lily, Luca and Himemiko not only shocked but stunned by how he looked at them.

"GET AWAY FROM ME AND STOP TOUCHING ME LIKE THAT YOU BLOOMING HARLOTS! I'M NOT A YOUR PLUSHY TOY SO GET OFF OF ME!" Silver roars which causes every noise in the home to become deathly silence. Without meaning to every bit of his frustration had started to pour out with each word that left his mouth.

"IS THERE SOME KIND OF SIGN OVER ME THAT SAYS TOUCH ME OR HUG ME?! NO! SO GET OFF ME YOU CRAZY VAIN CHICKS AND GO FIND SOME OTHER POOR SMUCK TO TORMENT!" Silver rants without meaning to, right now he was growing very tired of having people especially the Carp princesses who were constantly either touching or bothering him without thinking of what he would be feeling. Enough was enough now, before when he had no memory he wouldn't have minded but he was getting married and even if they didn't know that was tough luck for them. Reality started to kick in for the carp princesses as they started to cry, the proof was the tears that had suddenly appear in their eyes before they began to wail from the insults. Now wondering why he was acting in such a cruel manner.

"Why are you so mean to us Silver?" the first one weeps as she covers her face with her fins.

"We just wanted to tell you that we miss you a lot! Is that so wrong?" The third one cried, this causes Silver to growl angrily.

"Gaaaoooow cry me a river and get lost!" Silver scowls at them with narrowed eyes while folding his arms, Lily blanches at his hostile mood but finds herself unable to move. Himemiko looks at Lily's reaction but sympathises with them, she could tell that Silver was not in his right mind and had guessed that something had just happened. Luca on the other hand was just in shock from the colourful words Silver had sprouted.

"In case you haven't heard I am engaged so back off already and stay there!" Silver rants without thinking about what he had said, if he had been in his right mind the fox would have then stopped to cover his mouth and would have felt his face heat up from embarrassment. But sadly he was too angry and sore to care. Just seeing him act like this made the carp princesses freeze up but they were more stunned from hearing that he was engaged compared to the fact that he was sprouting those his harsh words. Not wanting to take anymore of his insults the Carp Princesses had decided to run away, due to feeling deeply hurt and embarrassed from the fact that they humiliated themselves by throwing themselves on an engaged yōkai. Silver mentally winced, he didn't mean to lash out but he just wasn't feeling himself, his tail was hurting, his teeth still ached and just putting either his lip or tongue on them had made his lips bleed. He was not having a good day at all.

"What are you fricking high or something?! What was that about?!" Lily screams ignoring everyone else in the room as she glares at him as she clenches her hands, she resists the urge to slap Silver senseless for acting in such an indecent manner. The worst part was that this was Himemiko's home; it wouldn't have been too bad if it was at the house, embarrassing yes but she would have 'slightly' understood. Silver gave her a look of disbelief and gestured to their retreating forms.

"Lily you saw them! They were-"

"Have you been snorting catnip when I wasn't looking?!" She screams causing Silver's ears to pin themselves to his skull. She was mad for sure.

"N-No" He froze before glaring. "I don't even do that kind of stuff girl! DON'T EVER ASSUME THAT AGAIN!" Silver ranted as he stomped towards the fuming girl!

"THEN DON'T DO THAT AGAIN?! WE GIRLS HAVE FEELINGS TO YOU KNOW!" Lily barked ignoring everyone and focused her attention on him.

"So you think it's okay to have people throwing themselves on you?!" Silver snaps now moving closer. Himemiko's eyes go wide at how they were behaving but says nothing, if anything she was impressed at how they weren't tearing each other apart.

"NO I DON'T! But I would at least ask nicely-"

"I DON'T ALLOW ANYONE TO TOUCH MY TAIL!" Silver screams before covering his mouth as his eyes go wide. Lily gives him a look of disbelief.

"That's it?! All this yelling is over a tail?" Lily asks coldly. Silver starts to shake with fury.

"DU-YEAH! I don't allow anyone touching it!" Silver snaps.

"Why because it's a mating call?" Silver freezes from her words, how did she know that?!

"I'm quite surprised given how you've been with a lot of women idiot! Did you not know that I wouldn't find out?! I'm pretty sure a lot of them has touched it right?" Lily spat angrily. Silver stared to snarl in anger.

"No as a matter of fact! They DON'T!" Silver snapped back, Lily had been the only one who had done that and it was when he had gotten into an incident with Mizuki and the glue. It had gotten to the point that he almost had to have it shaved but Lily had used hot water and tried to brush all the gunk away. Not that he was going to admit that Lily had been the first one.

"Oh sure Silver! You know what I should have just made you stay at home and allowed Mizuki to come" Lily snapped, Silver felt a tick appear by his right eye.

"Now that is unfair!" Silver yelled feeling hurt but kept himself in check to the best of his ability.

"Then what the hell is going on with you?!" Lily asks angrily, Silver resisted the urge to bit his lip and turned his head.

"I'm just not feeling well-"

"Which is why I said stay at home!" Lily continued to rant.

"I don't want to Lily!" Silver stressed out now feeling frustrated with her stubborn attitude.


"Because I don't trust that snake!" Lily exasperated as she threw her arms up in anger.

"Luca is with me!" Lily replied now sounding tired. "How would I be in any danger?" Lily asks now sending her arms by her sides. Silver continued to glare.

"Because he doesn't know his boundaries-"

"He sees me as a sister! He's been alone for a very long time Silver what do you expect?" Lily asks coldly. Silver continues to glare at her naïve words.

"Yeah I'm sure!" Silver retorted coldly.

"Silver I'm warning you stop this now" Lily warns knowing that he was going too far.

"Why should I? He forgets you are my fiancée and tries to weasel his way by talking about my past! He only thinks of me as a disgrace and always tries to ridicule me just because I'm not a holy familiar!" Silver snaps.

"He's a child Silver what do you expect? He doesn't know any better and sees some Yōkai who have bad reputations as bad, and don't have a single ounce of remorse" Lily replied sternly. Silver grits his teeth angrily from how she was defending him.

"You know what?! Why don't you marry the brat then if you are so chummy with him!" Silver spat before walking away.

"Silver!" Lily was left speechless by his words. What was going on with him? Was he that jealous? Which in a way was odd since she's with him and not Mizuki.

"Silver this is silly get back here now" Lily said sternly but the angry fox just kept walking and didn't look back.

"Silver!" Lily growls before looking at Himemiko weakly.

"I am very sorry about this" Lily apologises weakly.

"It's quite alright, I think he's dealing with something personal" Himemiko comments while Lily has a sour look on her face.

"Oh I know and he's going to pay for not having it sorted out! Nor did he have the galls to tell me that he was having a problem to begin with" Lily bit coldly, this shocked Luca and Himemiko who were now wondering on what she had in mind.

Once Silver arrives at his room. He immediately starts to pant deeply from what had just happened, that was awful and not once did he ever want to remember that event again! What had caused him to act in such an improper manner? Talk about disgraceful and in front of his master, her nephew and her friend as well!

Silver groaned deeply as he ran his fingers through his hair and tried to sort out his sudden emotional imbalance, he just wanted to scream, curse and cry from what happened.

It was embarrassing no humiliating NO-! It was mortifying to Silver's dismay. He was not going to come out the room and instead hide in the basement that he installed in his room, then he would lock it and cower inside the makeshift room until the matter had been attended to and dealt with accordingly.

Suddenly the door to his room was slammed open without warning, Silver ended up screaming in a high pitched voice to his horror. Eyes widening from what just happened, Silver immediately clammed his mouth shut with his hands.

"Lily! Lily I swear I didn't mean it!" Silver cried as he saw her thunderous face as one minute she stood there by the door glaring at him and the next she was storming over towards him, Silver due to reflex ends up trips and landed on the floor, he almost howled in pain from landing on his tail before he scrambled onto the futon as he tries to escape her wrath, this had messed up his futon and had left him tangled up in his sheets. He looks up at her with fear filled eyes as he tries to move backwards only to fail badly thanks to his bed sheets.

However Lily still kept walking over towards him with a dark glint in her eye. Enough was enough in her books and this had to be dealt with now!

"Lily please I don't know what came over me! Lily don't!" Silver pleaded as she grabbed his shoulders and slammed him onto the messy futon; next she straddled his waist and leaned closer towards his face. His eyes widened from what was going on, he knew that she was going to kill him one way or another. His own heart was starting beating out of his pinned ears as he stared at her with fearful eyes, what was she going to do to him? Was she that mad at him?

What as worse was that her scent was driving his senses wild leaving him wanting to run or flip Lily over so he could have her whether she wanted him to or not, which in a sense began to scare him even more, as much as he tried to struggle her grip had kept him in place to his dismay.

"Why isn't anyone coming in and stopping this?!" Silver screamed mentally as he tried to escape her hold.

Without warning she sent her head down and bit his neck.

"LILY!" Silver yelled in fear as the bite had left him yelping and had caused him to scream in panic, his body started to shake especially from the fact that she was sitting on him which prevented him from running. But the fact that Lily was also biting him as she invades his personal space had left him confused and scared. The pain left him feeling mixed emotions thanks to the fact that she bit his weak spot, it left him wanting to either moan or scream from the pain. Lily then bit harder on his neck which allowed her to break the skin. Silver ended up choosing to scream and began to thrash due to the pain and from the moment he had caught the scent of blood coming from his neck. Silver clawed the futon causing the sheets to rip from his nails; he started to pant and groan as he continued to resist touching her knowing that he wouldn't be able to stop himself if he did. Silver continued to wonder why she was even doing this until she released his neck. He turned his neck to look at her, his eyes shaky from what had just happened to him while his palms had gone sweaty from resisting very hard. He was panting heavily and almost resisted to avoid her gaze as the kitsune's face went beet red from what she just did.

"There! Why do you always have to make such a big deal of everything?" Lily snapped as she sits up and folds her arms. Silver went rigid as he takes in what she said, his eyes then went to the blood on her mouth and watched her use her sleeve to wipe off the blood, just seeing this makes him bite back a groan and resists the urge to lick the blood away from her mouth but kept his ground. He had lost the energy to even move thanks to his non stop panicking and thrashing, Silver looked at her while looking completely baffled as to why she did it.

"Huh?" Silver asks not knowing what to say.

"Look every kitsune goes through it, why didn't you just ask me to do this sooner? You could have saved us the embarrassment you fool" Lily snaps coldly.


"I mean honestly that kind of behaviour is not right and I get it that it'll leave you uncomfortable, but why didn't you ask for medicine or something?" Lily asks angrily as she narrows her eyes at him.

"What are you on about?!" Silver cries now sounding upset from not knowing as to what she was even talking about, this leaves Lily frowning.

"You are dealing with Full Moon Week" Lily replies bluntly. Silver blinks in shock from hearing her words. He's what?

"Huh?!" Lily sighs at how clueless he was but keeps her eyes on him.

"Look you're starting puberty that's why you're acting weird. Tail aching" Silver goes rigid again. "Fevers" Silver swallows "Uncontrollable outbursts" Silver's ears pin themselves to his skull at being caught out. "And sore teeth" Silver could hear himself whining from feeling nothing but humiliation and wanted noting more than to hide inside his basement, he was never going to look at anyone in the face again thanks to this.

"Look Lydia's already gone through it and I also have a book on kitsune anatomy" Lily said as she stares down at the horrified male.

"Wh-What? What book?" Silver asks in a panicked voice.

Lily picks up something that was beside Silver and dumps it on his head before getting up and walking away.

"Ow!" Silver cried weakly before looking at the book that was now resting on his chest. Not moving from his position he picks up the book and looks at it. Immediately his eyes harden at the title.

"Anatomy of kitsunes for morons!" his eyes narrowed the title before turning the book so he can read the back.

"If you are reading this, it means you've finally hit puberty. Congratulations idiot you are finally growing up!"

Silver's eyes twitched badly as he gripped the book tightly; suddenly he released a full blown roar scaring everyone except Lily within a ten mile radius.

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