Hidden Away


Ikoi or Kaiya, is childhood friends with Kagome. Ikoi is a 17 year old girl who is friendly with everyone she meets, but that soon changed when she follows Kagome into the bone-eater’s well. When she find out Naraku is her father, things change. She learns that not everything is as it seems.

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Ikoi's POV

I woke up early today so I could see where Kagome is heading off too. I've started to become suspicious of her so called "illnesses". I knew she had to be going somewhere, because I called her yesterday and her grandpa said she was down with the chicken pox again. 'I've had it. She's missing way to much school!!' I thought as I slipped into a blue long-sleeve shirt and black shorts. I quietly tip-toed down the stairs, and out the house. From there, I ran straight to the Higurashi residence. Sighing, I made it to the top. "They must be insane.." I mumbled, catching my breath, "Uh-!" I made a noise and dashed to hide as Kagome looked my way. I peeked up and saw her shake her head. "Why is she going into the shrine- HOLY!" Suddenly, a bright purple light emerged from the shrine. "Kagome!!" I ran towards the shrine and jumped into the well without thinking. "Wh-Wha? Ahhhhh!!!!"

I screamed as a purple glowing light surrounded me. "This isn't real. This isn't real." I tried to convince my self as I hugged my knees to my chest. I began to hear birds chirping and happy voices. "What?" I looked up to see a sky. 'I have to climb up.' So that's what I did. Once I made it to the top, I heard someone call a name out. "Uhh, Kagome? Who's that?" A small voice said. After I pushed myself out, I fell to the ground. "Agh! Awe...ouch." I rubbed my head. I looked up and saw five people look at me. I instantly stood up. "Kagome?" "Ikoi?" We both said at the same time. "You know her?" The dog looking male said. "Huh? Oh yea! She's my best friend!" I smiled slightly and crossed my arms. "U-Uh...Kagome? W-Where are we?" I asked shyly. "We are in the Feudal Era, but I have an important question." The Monk told me. Instantly the mood of the group changed. "Will you bear my child?" He asked.

I squealed when he grabbed my hand. "L-Let go p-pervert!" I yelled and hit my knee against his face. I ran behind Kagome and whispered in her ear. "Is it normal for that pedophile to ask random females that?" She gave me a sheepish smile and nodded. "Well, I guess your stuck with us for now. I'm Shippo!" The kid-looking fox said. I cooed and crouched down to his level. "Hey there! Oh gosh look at you! You're so adorable. Man, it's a good thing I brought snacks." I went through my pack and found some chocolate Pocky. "Here, have these. It's like chocolate breadsticks. Super tasty." He grinned widely. "Thank you!!" I gave him a closed-eye smile. "Ah...we should probably do introductions huh." I took a deep breath. "Okay, I'll start. My name is Ikoi Rakuyama. Usually people call me Ikoi." I said. Kagome smiled. "This here is Inuyasha, the monk is Miroku, she's Sango, and you've already met Shippo."

She told me. I nodded. All of a sudden I felt an excruciating pain on my back. I fell to my knees. "Oh my- AHHHH!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!" I screamed as my back began to burn. "Ikoi!!?? Hey are you alright?!?" Kagome and Shippo called. "My back!! Check my back!!! It's burning me oh my gosh!!!" Kagome lifted my shirt up, her breath hitched. I sighed as my back slowly stoped burning. "Am I okay? It doesn't hurt now......Kagome?" I began shaking. "I-I-Inuyasha....come look at this..." Her voice shook. "What the hell?!" Inuyasha finally spoke. "How on earth could she have Naraku's spider on her back?!" Sango cried. Panicked, I shoved my shirt back down and stood up. "What's wrong with me?! Why won't you tell me?!?" Inuyasha pulled out his sword. "You!! You work for Naraku don't you?!" My eyes widened. "Inuyasha no!! Don't harm Ikoi!!" I began crying.

"P-Please...d-don't harm m-me...I'm sorry." I stuttered. I ran into the forest. "Ikoi!!!" I heard everyone except Inuyasha yell. I looked around. 'Dammit....I'm lost..' I thought to myself as I sat down. I slowly pulled my sleeves up and sighed. "The scars....new and old...big and small....still hurt." I sobbed. 'It's a good thing I didn't bring my blades, or I definitely would've died here.' I thought as I stood up. I dragged my feet until I stumbled upon a village. From afar, I could already see them. 'Kagome...Shippo...Am I really a danger to you all?' My heart began pounding. I took the mirror in my pack out. I shrieked. My hair had become a velvet black, and my eyes changed to a wine red. I looked up and noticed that Inuyasha heard my shriek. I began shaking. 'Where do I go?!' I began panicking and ran towards the village. All I could do right now was hope that someone would hide me. "Ah! W-Who are you?!?"

I skidded to a stop when a man dressed as a baboon appeared in front of me. "Naraku!! You get away from her you monkey!" I heard Inuyasha. "Foolish Inuyasha. I'm stunned you haven't noticed." I turned to everyone with a frightened look. "What are you going on about!" Miroku called. Naraku grabbed me with his root-like tentacles. He lifted my shirt up. "H-Hey!!! Inuyasha!!!! Guys help me!!!" I cried. "Seriously Inuyasha, have you not noticed that this girl before us has my genes?" I froze, as did everyone else. "W-What are you saying?! You're saying she's your daughter?!?" Inuyasha yelled. Naraku chuckled. "That's impossible!! My father Onigumo died before I was born!! My mother told me so!! She told me he gave up his body to demons in exchange for eternal life!!" I yelled. 'Mother...she was there for me up until I turned six. She was killed by a demon.' I gasped.

"You!! You were the one who sent that demon to kill my mother!!!" I screamed. He chuckled. "Indeed. How foolish it was of your mother, Sakue, to try and hide you from me." He seethed. "Your insane!! My father is dead!!!!" I strugged. Then, Naraku took his baboon mask off. I immediately stopped and stared into eyes that looked just like my own. "Y-You....I-I have....your....hair color and eye color.....y-you...." I stammered, not wanting to accept the fact that he was indeed my father. "Naraku...what a coincidence." I heard a deep voice say. "Sesshomaru!!! What are you doing here!!" I turned my head when I heard Inuyasha yell. 'Sesshomaru? I've seen him before...' My eyes widened. He was the one I kept dreaming about days ago. I felt something go inside of me. I look down and see another demon going in me. 'What is this feeling?' I thought as my body began pulsating.

"My child...I am your mother...Sakue...your demon powers have awoken..I am sorry I hid this away from you. When Onigumo blessed me with you, I knew this would cause problems since I was a demon and he a human. That changed when I heard he became demon. Please learn to side with your father....let the demon be on with you. I've hid it away for far to long... I love you...." I heard my mother say. "Mother..." I whispered as My body began glowing. Naraku chuckled. "Your powers have now awoke. Accept the demon Kaiya. You shall no longer be Ikoi." I closed my eyes as I felt thousands of demons enter me. "Ikoi!!!!! Stop!! Don't let them in!!!" I heard Inuyasha and everyone else yell. I looked down at them. "My...friends..?" I gasped. "No!!! Stop it!!" I screamed and tried to escape, but I was too late. The last and final demon pierced my heart. "Ahh!!!!"

I screeched into the air as my body fell to the ground. With my now lifeless eyes, I stared at Inuyasha and the group. 'I'm dead...but...I don't feel dead..I feel alive.' My head was pounding. "Rise Kaiya...it's time to accept who you are." My father commanded. Just like that, my body raised up. In a doll-like way. "I'm alive....even though..." I broke off. "Are you really my father? If you are...when is my birthday...how old am I....what's my step-parents' name?!" I questioned. He chuckled. "You were born on the tenth day of winter. Your are currently seventeen. It's Chihori and Hiroya." My eyes watered. 'He really is my father...he answered them all right.' I ran to him and wrapped my arms around his left arm. "It's really you..." I whispered. "Hey!!! Ikoi come back!! Get away from him!!!" They called out to me. As soon as I turned to look at them, a sharp item pierced my shoulder. "Sesshomaru!!!! Stop!!" Kagome yelled.

I look up and came eye to eye with a male that looked similar to Inuyasha. "Your Sesshomaru...I've dreamt about you you know? You and I....are destined to be wed..." I voiced as I pushed the sword out of my shoulder. His eyes widened. A cloud of miasma began surrounding my father. Ignoring their pleas to come back, I jumped backwards until I reached my father's side. We flew away, me never knowing when I'd see Kagome and the rest again.

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