How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten:

Jenna was speechless at what Ryder told her. All her brain was screaming was Finally! After all this time, they finally found something that might suggest a deal. She leaned over Ryder's shoulder and read the article. By the time she got to the end, she had a huge grin on her face. Yes! A deal! She frowned. She should be sad that someone was going to die, but thinking about the end result, she quickly got over it.

The next morning, the girls were extremely tired from staying up late going over the details of the first trial. What they had to do, how they were going to get there, and how they were going to get Ruby's knife without any questions. Jenna argued late into the night that she wasn't going to be left behind, and although someone had to watch Lilith she wasn't going to stay behind. Their last point to discuss was what they were going to tell the boys. All they had to do was hold off any questions until after the trial.

"Get up ladies. We have a hunt." yelled Dean packing his bag.

Ryder groaned. "What's the hunt?" Lilith was crying and by this time Ryder could tell the difference between the cries. From the sound of the cry, Lilith wanted to be changed.

"We're thinking witches. Someone had swallowed razors when they were eating candy. It's close to Halloween, so it could be something." Dean shrugged his shoulders.

Once they checked into the motel, the brothers dressed in their FBI suits. Both Sam and Dean kissed their respective women, and Sam even kissed Lilith's forehead before they left.

As soon as they heard the Impala leave, the girls got down to business.

"Okay, first thing's first. Do you remember the spell?" asked Jenna.


"How are we going to get the knife?"

"Don't worry about that. I'll get it before they leave."

"Do you have the glasses?" Ryder pulled a pair of glasses out of her duffel bag. "Holy oil? Lighter?" Ryder nodded. "You'll be able to handle the Hellhound, so that won't be a problem. When will it be coming?"

Ryder thought over the article she had read the night before. "Well if I did the calculations right, it should be coming tonight at midnight. Around the same time the boys would be with the witch."

"Speaking of which. What are we going to tell them? I really don't want to lie. They're going to be pretty pissed we lied to them when we finally tell them about the trials."

Ryder laid back on the bed. "They're going to be pissed either way. But they'll eventually accept it. They want Hell closed off just as much as we do. I'll think of something."

"Oh! What about Lily?"

Ryder shrugged her shoulders. "We're taking her."


"I'm not leaving her."

"She could get hurt."

"So can you. That's why she's going to be with you until it's over."

Sam and Dean pulled up into the motel lot. After confirming the case involved a witch, they were discussing what they needed to look out for.

Dean found it odd that neither of the girls asked to go any hunts or learn how to hunt with them since they got here. It's not like he wanted his girlfriend and her best friend to hunt, but if they were really big fans of the show wouldn't they want to hunt with them? He wasn't stupid, he knew they were up to something and he was going to find out. He just hoped they weren't doing anything stupid. But then again, they were with the Winchesters, they were definitely doing something stupid.

Sam opened up the door to reveal not only the girls, but two men. He freaked out and pulled out his gun pointing them at the men. "Who are you?"

Dean rushed in after hearing his brother yell. Once he saw Castiel, he told his brother who he was. Sam was smiling that he was in the company of angels. He was always a believer, but to be in the same room as an angel was amazing.

Ryder could see the way Sam looked when he saw the angels, and it hurt her to know the angels aren't at all what Sam believed them to be. Unfortunately the Bible didn't make it clear that the angels were real dicks instead of the Hallmark angels.

Jenna held Lilith and kept her out of sight from the angels. She may know that Castiel wouldn't do anything to children, but Uriel was an asshole, and she didn't trust him.

Ryder had her arms crossed and was very angry at Castiel. They had agreed that Uriel would be a problem, and the best way to go was to get rid of him. By the looks of it, Castiel didn't hold up his end. Damn angels.

"Who's he?" Dean asked pointing to the big black guy staring out the window.

"Uriel. He's an asshole." Ryder said glaring at Castiel. He may be a reliable friend to the boys in the future, but right now he was nothing more than a foot soldier.

Uriel turned his attention to the girl who disrespected him. He looked at her like she was nothing more than the dirt under his shoes.

"You better watch your mouth girl, or you'll regret it." Anyone else would stand down, but Ryder wasn't anyone else. She wasn't at all scared of him, regardless if he was an angel.

Sam couldn't believe what he was seeing. An angel just threatened his girlfriend?! What kind of angel is that?

Ryder scoffed. "Please, you don't scare me Uriel."

Jenna understood that Ryder was tough, but there was a difference to who should be disrespected and who should be feared. Ryder may have gone up against a demon, but this was an angel, and she really wished her friend would stop talking.

Uriel stepped closer to her trying to scare her, but she just glared at him with equal hatred.

"Enough!" yelled Castiel. "This is not why we came here."

"Why are you here?" asked Dean. He had moved in front of Jenna and Lilith protectively during the confrontation.

"Have you located the witch?"

"Yes, and we know who it is?"

"Do you where the witch is?"

Sam and Dean shared a look. "No, but we're working on it."

"That is very bad news. You must stop the witch."


"Raising Samhain is one of the 66 seals."

Dean understood now. "Ah, this is about you friend Lucifer."

"He's no friend of ours." Uriel spat out.

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that." Ryder mumbled.

Uriel glared at her. He didn't like the meaning behind those words, and he certainly didn't like her. He turned his attention to the other girl holding a child. He sensed something odd in the room, but he couldn't pinpoint the source. He tried to get a look at the child, but Sam's whore stood in front of her blocking his view.

After discussing that the boys would find the witch before the seal would break, the angels left. Dean was impressed with Ryder for standing up to him, and he found himself liking her more all the time. He was still skeptical about her strength, just because she had a mouth didn't mean she had the strength to go with it.

The boys went to the diner down the street leaving the girls at the motel.

"We need to leave tonight after the boys go after the teacher."

Jenna nodded her understanding.

When Sam and Dean were leaving to go after the teacher, Ryder called Sam back.

"I want you to be careful."


"Sam, I want you to promise me something. I need you to promise you won't use your powers. No matter what."

"I promise."

"I love you." she kissed Sam passionately. She fought back the tears that wanted to fall. There weren't many things that scared Ryder, but the trials did. She didn't want to admit it, but she was scared. Scared that she wouldn't see Sam or Dean anymore. Scared she would be leaving her best friend behind, and her daughter. Scared that she was going to die in the end.

Death was something that scared everyone. Not a lot of people would admit to it, but everyone was scared to die. Scared of the unknown. Scared to leave the ones they love behind. That's what scared her, and it scared her even more, because not only was she going to die when the trials were finished, but because she wouldn't have much time with the man she loved more than anything(other than Lilith).

"I love you too." Sam kissed her a final time, then got into the car with Dean and drove off.

Ryder watched as the car drove out of sight. She didn't know what would happen in the next few hours, but she prayed that she would come back with the first trial finished. She had to. Besides the trials, she had so much to do and so little time to do it. Once she finishes the first trial, there was no going back. Even though Sam walked away when Dean begged him to, she knew that wouldn't work for her. She had so much to live for ever since she came here, but there was so much damage that would happen if the demons were left alone.

"It's hard to say goodbye especially to someone you love." A voice said behind her. Ryder turned to see Jenna holding Lilith.

"Well hopefully it won't be forever." She took Lilith from Jenna and walked back in the room to get ready.

"Did you get the knife?"

Ryder shook her head. "Him not using his powers is more important. He'll need all the help."

"So what are you going to use, because you have to bathe in its blood?"

Ryder shrugged his shoulders. "Let's hope a silver knife works just as good."

A couple hours later, they came to the location of the man who made a deal ten years ago. A man had saved his daughter from a rare disease that had no cure. The doctors claimed it was a miracle, because there was no evidence of the daughter ever having been ill. Neither girl was sure that it was a deal, except that the girl was healed the very next day after being declared that she was going to die in a matter of a few weeks. And it was ten years ago exactly.

They explained to the man the whole situation, and once they made it clear that they were not crazy the man agreed to let the girls help him. Ryder had gotten the glasses ready, and it looked similar to the show, but so much more real. The blue everywhere was beautiful. She shook her head when she remembered what she was here for.

Jenna held Lilith tight. She hated this whole situation, and not just the part that her best friend could die, but the fact that Lilith was there. Anything could go wrong, and she could get hurt.

She locked themselves along with the man in the room. They were all scared, but having a pair of glasses herself and a loaded gun made her feel a little more safer. A little. She looked at the clock on the wall and her heartbeat picked up when the clock struck midnight.

The man looked around scared like he heard something, and Jenna could tell he was hearing the Hellhound. Let the show begin. Please God, keep Ryder safe.

Sam was so angry with himself. Although he didn't want to do, he didn't have a choice. The worst part of the whole situation was the way his brother looked at him. He didn't like it, and prayed Dean would never look at him like that. He hated to see the fear in his brother's eyes. Dean was afraid of him, and it hurt him deeply. He leaned his head against the window and closed his eyes as Dean drove them back to the motel.


Sam tries to stab Samhain. The cut sizzles and Samhain throws Sam into the wall across the room. He gets up and Samhain looks at him and gets ready to attack. Sam puts up his hand, and uses his power to stop him. Samhain fights against Sam's hold, but he manages to keep him from advancing too much.

Dean comes running around the corner and watches as his brother uses his powers. Dean's face falls. Sam sees Dean passed Samhain, but continues. He didn't want to do it, and he certainly didn't want his brother to watch. Sam put all his concentration on his target.

Sam exorcises Samhain, and once he is out of the body, Don's eyes turn back to its normal color. Sam can barely look at his brother. Dean looks at him sadly, and with a bit of fear in his eyes.

(End Flashback)

Sam wanted to cry, because he remembered his promise to Ryder not to use his powers. He wasn't looking forward to seeing her disappointment. He had enough of that from himself, and most likely from Dean too.

Dean was more sad than scared. He wasn't scared of his brother, but for him. They both knew that using the demon powers was like playing with fire. It may seem pretty and harmless on the outside, but the more you mess with it the bigger the chance you are to getting burned. That's what was going to happen to his brother. No, he shook his head. He made a promise to his brother a long time ago, that no matter what he was going to save him, and he will. If it's the last thing he'd do, he's going to save Sam.

Ryder had a pair of old glasses on looking around for the Hellhound. Other than looking for the beast, she had to admit the man's house looked really nice. It was much bigger on the inside than it was on the outside, and clean. Then she heard it, growling.

She took in a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart. Please God, keep me safe. She looked around for the beast, and she was going to walk to check in another room, when she saw it. It was hideous, and big. Damn. The show did not do the Hellhound justice. If she wasn't in the position to kill the hound, she would seriously want to admire it.

It was snarling at her, and this was it. First trial. She took her stance, knife ready. She was starting to have second thoughts about not getting Ruby's knife. No, Sam needed it more than she did. She'll be fine.

(AN:Ryder fights with the Hellhound. Use your imagination).

The Hellhound had her pinned, and despite her dislocated shoulder, this was the position she was waiting for. The Hellhound was ready to attack her, when she stabbed the animal in its stomach. The hound whined in pain, but she ignored it. She was never one for hurting animals, but she figured this could be overlooked. She dragged the knife across its stomach and the blood(black), drenched her entire body. Ugh! She pushed the dead hound next to her.

Ryder just wanted to lay there forever. She was so tired, and hurt, and covered in blood. She carefully sat up and as soon as she did, the pain from her shoulder shot through her entire body. She breathed through the pain, and when it subsided she called out to Jenna.

Jenna could hear the commotion between the Hellhound and Ryder, and each time Ryder cried out in pain, Jenna fought the urge to go help her. Lilith began to cry when she heard Ryder. Jenna tried to soothe her niece, but Jenna was crying herself. Stupid emotions.

The man looked panicked, but otherwise was fine, so Jenna ignored him. After about fifteen long minutes, the noise stopped. Her heart skipped a beat. What did that mean? Did that mean the Hellhound was dead? Or was Ryder?

"Jenna!" She heard coming from downstairs. When she heard her name, she ran out the door and to her friend.

Jenna could see Ryder sitting on the floor covered in black muck, which Jenna realized was blood. She could see the dead Hellhound lying next to her. She sighed in relief. Ryder won. She smiled. They were one step closer to closing up Hell.

"Are you alright?" Dumb question.

Ryder shook her head. "My shoulder."

"What's wrong?"

"It's dislocated." Ryder's shoulder was only ever dislocated one other time, but this time hurt like a bitch. "I need you to set it."

Jenna sat Lilith down, and positioned herself next to Ryder with her hands on her shoulder. "You know I've only did this one other time."

Ryder waved her off. "You did fine the last time. Just get-" Ryder cried out in pain when Jenna set her shoulder back in to place. She clutched her arm, and bit back the tears. That hurt. That really hurt.

"Sorry." She sat next to Ryder, and rubbed her back. She was so proud of her, because not many people would go through all this, especially if they knew how it'll all end. "Say the spell."

When Ryder got herself under control, she braced herself for the pain she saw Sam go through when he said the spell. She spoke the spell she had herself memorize, and almost immediately her arm glowed and it was painful. Not as painful as being thrown across the room by a big ass dog, but still painful. As the pain went away, she leaned into Jenna.

Jenna held her friend, and wanted nothing more than for her not to through with this, but she knew Ryder would do it anyway. Her best bet was to go through it with her.

"I gave him the pouch, and told him to leave if he didn't want more Hellhounds on his ass."

Ryder stood up and held Lilith. She kissed her, and all three left the house to go 'home.' Jenna set the dead Hellhound on fire, luckily it didn't cause the rest of the house to go up in flames with it. They called a taxi, and when it showed up, Ryder rocked Lilith to sleep humming her lullaby. She closed her eyes, and before she knew it she was asleep too.

When Sam and Dean got back to an empty motel room, they both freaked out. Both thinking their girls were taken. Sam found a note attached to the TV and they instantly relaxed. Then got angry that they left without telling them.

Sam, Dean

Don't freak out. We didn't get taken by any demons or monsters or angels or anything else you're thinking. We went out for a little girl time. We'll be back later tonight. We took Lily with us. We love you both.

Ryder and Jenna

An hour had gone by, and they were about to go looking for them when the door opened. They rose to their feet ready to start yelling when they took in the sight of Ryder.

Sam freaked out when he saw the state his girlfriend was in. He rushed to her side, and she almost collapsed in his arms still holding Lilith. Jenna took her from Ryder, and Sam picked her bridal style. He gently put her on the bed. He took in her appearance, and all he saw were her clothes covered in black goo. What the hell?

Silence covered the room until Dean broke it. As Ryder changed her clothes, not caring that Dean was in there too, he asked the question that was plaguing Sam's mind ever since they arrived.

"What the hell happened? And don't give me this crap about 'girl time'?"

Jenna put Lilith to sleep and when neither girl answered, Dean grew pissed. "Well?"

Ryder sighed. "What do you guys think about closing up Hell?"

"What?" They said together. Neither Sam nor Dean knew how to respond to that. That wasn't what they were expecting her to say.

"In season eight, it was told that Hell could be closed off when a set of trials were completed. When all three trials are done, Hell could be closed off with every demon in it."

Dean's jaw dropped at that. Sam was grinning big. Hell could be closed? No more demons?

"Great." Dean clapped his hands. "How do we do it?" If what they were saying was true, then they were more than willing to do it.

" person needs to do all three trials, and after each trial you say a spell. After the third one, every demon would be locked in Hell forever."

"Okay, I'll do it." Said Dean. Dean was more than willing to do the trials himself. He didn't see himself with much of a future anyway, so he didn't care.

Jenna looked at Dean with so much sadness. She remembered what he told Sam right before Sam killed the Hellhound. He didn't see himself happy. He wanted to die with a gun in his hand. He wanted Sam to live and be happy. She looked at Ryder wanting her to say something.

Ryder saw the look and braced herself for what was to come. "You can't. None of you can."

Sam looked at her confused. "Why not?"

"Because...I've already done the first trial. It's done."

"WHAT?!" Sam and Dean yelled together.

"Shh. You'll wake up Lily." Jenna said. She sighed in relief when all Lilith did was turn over.

Dean tried to control his anger, but it wasn't working. Neither was Sam's.

"What do you mean?" asked Dean.

"Exactly what I said. We went out, and I did the first trial."

"What was it?" asked Sam.

"Kill a Hellhound and bathe in its blood."

"You..killed..a Hellhound?" Dean asked astonished. Was that possible? I know you can hurt it, but kill it? But then again if it bleeds you can kill it.

"Yes. And I'm going to do the rest of them." She stood up and tried to look bigger than she was. With her injuries, it wasn't working.

"Like hell you are. You aren't going to do them. Sam tell her!"

"Dean's right. You can't do them. It could be dangerous."

"Of course they're dangerous. You think God wanted the trials to be easy? As if."

"Exactly. I'll find a Hellhound and kill it myself. That way you won't have to." Dean reasoned.

Ryder shook her head. "That won't do you any good."

"Why not? If you did, I sure as hell can."

"It won't do you any good, because I'm the only one who knows the spell you have to say after each trial. And I won't tell you." She was so tired, and all she wanted to do was go to sleep for the next year.

Dean and Sam groaned in frustration. Out of all the girls to be thrown in their universe, it had to be one of the most stupid, reckless, and stubborn girls.

The next day, Dean still wasn't talking to Ryder which she was fine with. She was too tired to argue. Dean, Jenna and Lilith went out to eat breakfast. Ryder was too tired to go, and Sam wanted to stay with her. Sam wanted to tell Ryder what happened, but he was to shameful. He didn't want to admit he failed.

Ryder went to take a shower since she was too tired to take one the night before.

Sam was packing his and Ryder's things when he heard wings behind him. He saw that it was Uriel. He may have once been happy that angels were real, but now that he knew they were just assholes, he wasn't too thrilled to see one now.

"You were told not to use your powers." Uriel stated.

"What did you expect me to do? If I didn't, then my brother and I would've been killed." He couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. He had to use them. He had to protect himself and his brother. He had no choice. At least that's what he told himself.

"You were told not to use them."

"You know what, you guys are dicks." Sam spat out.

"The only reason you're still alive is because you've been useful. The moment that ceases to be true, the second you become more trouble than you're worth, and I will turn you to dust."

"You touch Sam, and you'll find yourself dead long before you make a move." A voice said behind him.

Uriel turned to look and saw that it was Sam's whore. "You're starting to piss me off woman."

"Don't test me Uriel. I know more than you think. You wouldn't want your little secret to get out about your new friend, would you?"

Uriel smirked, but you could see the conflict in his eyes. He turned to look back at Sam, "Ask Dean what he remembers from Hell." A flap of wings can be heard as Uriel disappears.


Sam looks at her and frowns. "He remembers Hell?"

When Castiel left, Dean went back to his breakfast. He looked at Jenna and smiled. "Jen?"


"Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?"

Jenna looked at him and smiled. Her eyes glittered with happiness. "I'd love to."

The rest of the day Jenna couldn't stop smiling. She hadn't been on a date in a long time. And now she was going on one with a man she loved more than anything in the world.

When it was time for their date, Dean drove them to a nice restaurant. He was one for fancy places, but he wanted to do something nice for her. She was there for him, and loved him like he never thought another person can love him.

They talked about anything and everything. Dean talked about some of the hunts Supernatural didn't show, his childhood. Jenna in turn talked about growing up with only her dad, and Ryder and how she felt about the show.

The night came to an end, but they felt closer. Dean loved every moment of it. He still couldn't figure out what he felt in his chest every time he was with her. It grew when their night ended. He opened the car door for her, and he kissed her passionately.

Right there at that moment, he knew what that feeling was. He only ever heard about it from other people. He witnessed it when Sam was with Jessica. He heard about it when his father talked about Mary. He saw it on TV. He never thought he would ever be one of them. He knew that people who experienced it couldn't describe it in words. It was beyond words.

But he knew what he felt every time he looked her. How much his heart raced when he saw her smile and laughed at his jokes. That no matter what she was his world, his life, his everything! Sometimes it only took one thing to make him realize how much he needed her. How she stood by him even knowing what his life was like, and what he did. When she was the only one that made him feel complete, and made him feel like he was the happiest man alive!

"I love you, Jenna." He whispered when they broke the kiss.

It was love. He was in love with her. Dean Winchester was in love.

She gasped.

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