How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve:

A week after being proposed, they all agreed to get married as soon as possible. Why wait? The apocalypse could come at any moment, and then they would be too busy to have any time to get married.

Neither girl wanted anything big, they just wanted to marry the man that stole their hearts all those years ago. Even going to Vegas would be perfect or down to the court. Although the court would be out of the question, because of their records. So maybe the court wouldn't be a great idea.

Neither Sam nor Dean cared too much on the preparations, all they wanted was to do was go down to the church and say 'I do.' Letting the girls do the preparations, they had one thing they needed to do: buy the rings. It was one thing to propose without a ring, but to get married without a ring would be a little sad. So they left the girls at the motel, and went down to local jewelry store.

Arriving at the jewelry store, they looked around. The more they looked, the more they felt overwhelmed. There were too many rings, and they were starting to freak out.

A saleswoman looked at them and she hated it when people came in here when all they wanted to do was look. By the looks on their faces, they realized they could never afford one of their rings. And judging by their clothes, no way would they be able to afford the rings. The short one had a disgusting leather jacket, torn pants, and dirty boots. All in all, he looked like a bum. The tall one(who really needs a haircut), had an ugly plaid shirt, dirty looking jeans and boots as well.

The saleswoman wanted them out of the store now. They had to keep up with appearance, and no way was she going to allow some bums to make their store look bad. She walked up to them with a huge smile, which creeped them out if they were to be honest.

"Hi, are you guys lost?"

Dean smirked. He just casually shook his head. "No, unless there's another jewelry store around here, we're in the right place." He turned his attention back to a couple of rings that caught his attention. It was a good thing they had fake credit cards, because there was no way he would have the money for these otherwise.

Sam had found a couple of rings that would be perfect for him and Ryder. He felt that after all that he had put her through, she deserved to have something nice. Although he was going to get it for her anyway, but at least he has a reason for it(other than loving her).

"Well, we don't allow anyone to window shop. So if you'll just leave the store immediately, I won't call security." She said still smiling gesturing for the exit.

Dean looked up stunned. Did she really just say that? "Listen," he looked at her nametag, "Jackie, my brother and I came in here looking for rings. And we're not leaving here until we do." He would have left after that, but that would just give her what she wanted. That was the last thing he was going to do.

"Actually, I know what I want." Sam said. He pointed to two rings that just called out 'Sam and Ryder.'

Dean nodded. "So have I." He pointed to the ones that he wanted.

Jackie looked at the rings they wanted, and smirked. "Those rings are seven thousand(Dean), and six thousand dollars(Sam). Judging by your attire, those would be a little out of your price range. So if you'll please leave the store."

This woman was seriously pissing Dean off. If she wasn't a woman, he would have knocked her out. He was very tempted to have Ryder come down and kick her ass. That way he could finally see her in action.

"Did I ask for the price? No, I didn't. I can read the tag, I'm aware of how much it'll cost. I'd like to buy these. Now."

After paying for the rings, and getting them into the right sizes, they left. They loved the look on her face, when the cards went through and paid for it all. Stupid bitch!

Meanwhile, Ryder, Lilith and Jenna went to the thrift store. They knew they were told to go to an actual store to buy the dresses, but they didn't want anything expensive. They grew up with second hand clothes, and they didn't care if they had the most ugly dress. All they wanted to do was marry their man.

Entering the store, they went straight to the aisle with the dresses. There weren't that many wedding dresses, but the ones they did have weren't that bad. In fact, for a thrift store the dresses were actually kind of pretty. They went through the dresses until each found one they liked.

Ryder tried hers on, and when she felt satisfied, she went to the baby section. It was a good thing she brought the baby carrier, otherwise it would be hard to look at the clothes. She picked out a few clothes, and toys.

Jenna went into the dressing room and tried on her dress. As she was getting putting it on, she was stunned at what she saw in the mirror. The dress hugged her in all the right places, and it looked as if it was made for her. She smiled, and caressed the dress. She loved the feel of it, and teared up a little. There was no way that this was really happening. This had to be a dream, because there was no way she was picking out a wedding dress. No way was she getting married to Dean Winchester.

She didn't realize how long she was in there until she heard Ryder at the entrance. "Jenna, are you okay?"

Jenna wiped her eyes, and cleared her throat. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Ryder could hear it in her voice that something was up, but she didn't go in. She had a feeling that whatever was going on wasn't serious, and that Jenna had to deal with it on her own.

Five minutes later, Jenna came out with her dress in her arms happy. She found the dress for her. Ryder had found hers as well. They had to get shoes to go with it. Neither girl was into heels all too much, so they just stuck with flats.

Ryder and Jenna made their way to the register. Everything was going to plan until luck had to step in. Guess that since they're about to marry the Winchesters, they had to get their luck as well.

A few women behind them, were snickering at the girls. Jenna put her hand on Ryder's arm to calm her down, and it wasn't working too much. Ryder didn't want to let her day be ruined by a bunch of bitches. She felt herself relax, and waited for their turn in line.

Ryder could make out a few words the bitches were saying. Something like-ugly dresses and-ugly blonde and they just so happened to say-whoever they're marrying has be the ugliest men on the planet. That part pissed her off. She would've ignored them calling Jenna and their dresses ugly, because they weren't. Jenna wasn't by any means ugly, because she was very gorgeous and anyone could see that. Their dresses were beautiful. But calling Sam and Dean ugly was so uncalled for!

Jenna could hear what they were saying too, and could see that Ryder was going to let it go. Until they were dumb enough to say that Sam and Dean were ugly. When it came to saying shit about the brothers, Ryder could sort of lose it.

"Ryder, let it go." Jenna warned her.

Ryder calmed herself down, or at least it looked like it. She smiled at Jenna and went to pay for their dresses, shoes and Lilith's clothes. Jenna wasn't stupid, she knew that look. She knew Ryder was going to do something; she just hoped no one would call the cops.

Both girls waited by their car, or at least one they happened to find in the parking lot of a bar Ryder just so happened to hotwire. Jenna, putting Lilith in her carseat, found this whole situation hilarious. She had thought Ryder was going to fight them, but this was so much better. She just couldn't wait for the women's reaction.

The women that were talking shit came out and were walking to their car when all of a sudden they stopped. One woman, who they assumed was the owner, jaw dropped eyes wide. All over the white clean car in black spray paint said, 'Ugly Bitches!' All three women looked around as if the person would jump out and admit to it.

The girls burst out laughing opening their doors, and the women looked at them.

Ryder wasn't really trying to hide her smile. "I saw the person that did that, and I think they went that way." Ryder said pointing at a direction beyond the women. Ryder got in her car, and rolled down her window. "They did want me to leave you a message, 'Be careful what you say about another woman's man.''' They laughed again as Ryder backed up. Just as they drove off, both Ryder and Jenna flipped them off.

The girls made it back before the brothers, and that's what they wanted. Jenna and Ryder put their dresses in the small closet making sure the boys wouldn't see them if they were to look in.

Jenna changed Lilith into her new clothes. It was the day before they were going to get married, and she was so happy. It was just only a week ago that the boys proposed to them. She had been wanting to ask Ryder something since it wasn't just her wedding.

"Ryder?" Ryder looked at her through the mirror from the kitchenette. She was brushing her hair. "I want Castiel to come."

Ryder hadn't seen Castiel in awhile, and she was still a little angry at him. She thought about the Castiel from her time and former world. She couldn't stay mad at him.

"Okay, well call him." Jenna did.

A few moments passed, when they heard a flutter of wings near the door. "Yes?"

Jenna stood up holding Lilith. Castiel seemed to stiffen as she did that. Jenna didn't notice, but Ryder did. She turned to face him, and saw him glaring at Jenna. Please God, don't let him notice, Ryder prayed.

"Ryder and I are marrying Sam and Dean tomorrow, and I was wondering if you would like to come?" Jenna really wanted him to come. After all he was going to be close friends to the Winchesters.

"Why?" He tilt his in confusion.

"Because, you're important to us and to Sam and Dean. I would really love it if you came to our wedding."

Castiel thought it about for a moment, then he nodded. "I'll be there. Just pray to me when it starts." After that he left.

Bobby had come down to their motel a few days ago, and he was told that the girls needed a favor. He had put together Ryder's request, and was wondering what else they needed.

By nightfall, he came to their room, and saw that the boys were going to get dinner.

When they left, Bobby sat at the table waiting for them to start talking.

"Bobby, we were wondering, since we have no family here, if you could give us away?" Jenna spoke out.

That wasn't at all what he was expecting to hear. He had never got the chance to have kids of his own, so he thought he would never get a chance like this. He blushed a little at their request, and couldn't help but feel happy.

"Uh...sure. I'd love to," Bobby said rubbing his neck.

The girls giggled.

As they slept, Ryder became restless. She just couldn't sleep. She didn't know if it was wedding jitters, cold feet or what? She got up carefully trying not to wake up Sam and Lilith, and went to the kitchenette. There were still some left overs from the Chinese food they had for dinner. She was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't notice someone sit at the table. She thought it was Jenna, but when the person spoke she jumped.

"Can't sleep?" asked Sam.

Ryder shook her head. "Rice?" she offered. Sam took a spoon and a bite. They picked at the food until Ryder thought it was time to ask Sam what's been bugging her. "Sam, what if you realize you made a mistake marrying me?"

Sam didn't know what she was talking about. How could marrying her be a mistake? He loved her. "What do you mean?"

Ryder sighed. "I mean you don't know anything about me, yet you want to marry me. You've only known me for what, six months?"

Sam chuckled. "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that what I do know is enough to know that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. But if it'll make you feel better, why don't you tell me about your life before you came here, and let me decide if I still want to marry you or not."

Ryder didn't want Sam to ever know about her old life, because of this very reason. She knew it would happen eventually if they were to stay here. It was only fair that Sam knew what he was getting himself into.

"I grew up in a very shitty part of town. It was the only part my parents could afford. There were prostitutes on most corners, and junkies on a lot of the streets. When I was about fifteen, I was mugged. Some guy I would see everywhere trying to get his next fix, came up and pulled a gun on me, and demanded my wallet. I didn't want to give it to him, because I worked hard for it. He assaulted me, and ran off with it. I told my parents and they told me to stop crying and get over it." She chuckled sadly. Sam wanted to stop her, and just hold her, but he felt that she needed this. So he kept still. "I told my older brothers and they were angry with my parents. They loved the different types of fighting and they mastered many forms, so they taught me. I practiced very hard, and I got so good I would be considered dangerous. That's the sad part of it. The bad part is that I abused what they taught me. Anyone who messed with me, or looked at me wrong, or sometimes didn't even do anything, I would fight. I got arrested countless times for fighting, but it never stopped me. It got so bad that someone whose sister I fought pulled a gun on me, and almost pulled the trigger. I disarmed her and the fighting got out of hand; I was on the verge of losing. She grabbed the gun, and we struggled for it until it went off." Sam gasped. "I thought it was me, but the girl fell over and I realized it was her. The police were called and I was going to get locked up for a long time, until it was decided that it was self defense because someone saw the fight." She cried at this point. "I was always a fan of Supernatural, but not big until I went to the convention and met Jenna. We became friends always talking about you and Dean. I found out about her home life, and stayed with her during the nights."

"Why weren't you with your parents?" Sam asked.

"After the trial, they didn't want a murderer living in their home. So they kicked me out. I never fought as much when I was with Jenna; only when I was defending her, or for other reasons. She helped me out with my ex who got a little rough. Her and you guys gave me the courage to leave him. So, do you still want to marry me? A murderer?" She looked away fighting against her tears.

Sam smiled sadly. He got up, and pulled her to her feet. He wrapped her in a loving embrace, and said, "I want to marry you even more now. You are a strong woman, and I can't help but feel like I'm the luckiest man in the world." He kissed her head, "You're not a murderer. You defended yourself against someone who was trying to kill you. I love you Ryder, and I'm so glad you're here with me."

Sam pulled her to the bed and held Ryder as they went to sleep, not knowing that Jenna and Dean were awake the whole time.

The next day, everyone was getting ready. Dean and Sam went ahead to the church not wanting to see their brides until it was time. Bobby had agreed to drive the girls to the church. Getting in the car was difficult, because their dresses were kinda big and they still had to put Lilith in her car seat.

Arriving at the church, Jenna called out for Castiel. Jenna told him where to go. She was glad that Castiel came, what better person to attend their wedding, than their future good friend and an angel of the Lord.

Bobby held out his arms and each girl grabbed one, and they walk down the aisle. It seemed as if it took forever to reach their soon-to-be husbands. Bobby had grown to like the girls, believing they changed the boys for the better. So he was all the more willing to walk them done the aisle.

The pianist plays the traditional wedding music, and both girls can see the brothers were happy.

Even though Jenna wanted Ryder to have the day of her wedding to be all about her, she was happy with the turnout. Ryder had told her that she would rather have her wedding day to be shared with her best friend. That and the fact that if they did the wedding together it would save them money.

When they reached the altar, both Sam and Dean held out their hand for their bride. They took it, and stood in front of the man they loved. The pastor stood in front of the couples and smiled. He loved it when young people got married.

"We are gathered here today on this beautiful day in the sight of God, to share with Sam and Ryder and Dean and Jenna as they exchange the vows of their everlasting love. Marriage is not to be entered into lightly, as marriage is a sincere and mutual commitment to love each other. Who gives these women to these men?"

Bobby stood up, and cleared his throat. "I do."

The pastor nodded and continued. "Dean, you may begin." Sam and Ryder turned to look at Dean and Jenna make their vows.

Dean took a deep breath. He was a little nervous to spill his guts out in front of other people. He looked in Jenna's eyes, and everything else faded away. It was just him and the woman of his dreams.

"Jenna, when I first met you I loved you. I didn't know what love was, but I knew I always loved you. You came into my life as a stranger, and now I couldn't picture my life without you. These past several months have been rocky, but I am so happy you stuck by us. I never thought I would find happiness, or someone to love me. Sam loved me, but it wasn't the kind of love I needed." He looked at Sam, "No offense." Sam smiled and waved it off. He knew what he meant. Dean went back to Jenna. "You knew me, and everything about what I do and what I did, and you're still here. You helped me in more ways than you'll ever know, and I promise to always take care of you. I promise to love you and be there for you during the good times as well as the bad. When I first met you, I thought I didn't deserve you. For you were too good. Now after all that we've been through I know I don't deserve you, but I'm happy you're here. I love you with all my heart."

By the time Dean finished, everyone was in tears. Ryder and Jenna didn't want to tear up too much, because they didn't want to mess up their makeup. Sam was tearing up, because he was incredibly happy his brother found someone that made him happy. Bobby teared up for the same reason.

The pastor nodded. "Jenna?"

Jenna was nervous. How could she beat that? She had been waiting for this day for as long as she could remember, now that it was here, she was scared. She looked up at Dean, and let go of all her worries and let her feelings come out.

"Dean, you've loved me for the past six months, but I've loved you for the past ten years. I would watch you on TV, and see an amazing man. A man who would put his family before himself. A man who would put strangers before himself. I came here as a fangirl in love with a fictional character. I was obsessed with a man who played that amazing character. Once I got here, I completely forgot about the character. Because I fell in love with the man that character represented. For as long as I can remember, I've been wanting my father to love me. To show some kind of affection to prove that I mattered to him. Seeing you in person and getting to know you, I realized it wasn't my father's love I needed, it was yours. You think I don't deserve you for the things you've done and the work you do, but those things only made you into the man you are today. A good man with a big heart, and I wouldn't want you any other way. I love you with all my heart and soul."

Dean was amazed that someone could love him so much. He thanked whoever it was that brought the girls to them.

The pastor looked at Ryder and Sam. "Sam?" Ryder stood in front of Sam. It was Dean and Jenna's turn to look at the other couple.

Sam wasn't nervous whatsoever, he was just happy. "Ryder, I'm incredibly happy you said yes. These past six months have been very difficult for us. I felt at times that the universe didn't want us to be together, but I wasn't going to have that. You were brought to me for a reason, and I'm not going to give you up for anything, or anyone. You know more about me than I do, and what I know I'm so happy and shocked that you're still by my side. What I am, what I've done makes me realize your too good for me. I had believed at one point that it wouldn't be right for you to be with someone like me, but picturing you with someone else would break my heart." He chuckled. "I can't go on unless you're by my side, and I promise I'll always be by yours. I promise to love you and always listen to what you have to say. Thank you for loving me."

Ryder was given her cue to speak her vows.

"I never thought I would be in this position. In a beautiful dress, standing before the man I love and getting ready to say 'I do.' When I first saw you ten years ago, I thought you were the most wonderful man. As the years went by, I was only proven right. You went through so much, and you came back every time that much stronger. Being with you these past six months was the best time of my life. Yeah, we did have a lot of struggles, but yet here we are. If Jared Padalecki were here, I would want to thank him. Thank him for letting me fall in love with you. I came here thinking I knew everything about you because of the show, but you still surprise me. Seeing you made me want to get to know the real you; not the Sam Winchester Eric Kripke created, but the Sam Winchester son of Mary and John Winchester. I promise to always be by your side no matter what. Through thick and thin, I'm there. I love you so much, and nothing will ever change that." She smiled.

Sam didn't think this was real. Who could love him that much?

The pastor turned back to Dean and Jenna. "Dean, take Jenna's left hand." He did. Bobby gave him the ring. "Do you take Jenna to be your wife?"

Dean slipped the ring on, and looked her in the eyes. "I do." He grinned and so did she.

"Jenna take Dean's left hand." She did, and got the ring from Bobby. "Do you take Dean to be your husband?"

Jenna put the ring on his finger, and said, "I do." She was fighting so hard against the tears.

The pastor repeated the same for Sam and Ryder. When they were all done, the pastor looked at everyone. "By the power vested in me, I know pronounce you four husband and wife. Gentlemen, you may kiss your brides."

As soon as he spoke those words, both Dean and Sam took their wives, dipped them and kissed them with so much love.

After the wedding, Bobby put in a CD for the brides and grooms. The brothers allowed the girls to pick the music. The brothers danced with their wives, and after awhile the women wanted to dance with Bobby and Castiel. Ryder wanted to dance with Bobby, while Jenna danced with Castiel. Ryder wanted to thank Bobby for all that he did for her and the boys. Castiel was a little stiff when he danced with Jenna, but after a short time he got the steps. Sam and Dean took turns dancing with Lilith. Dean then wanted to dance with his new sister-in-law, as did Sam.

"You better take care of my brother."

"I will. You better take care of Jenna, or I'll kick your ass." Dean chuckled, and continued their dance.

Sam and Jenna shared similar words, but in a more respectful way.

When it came time for the last dance, the grooms collected their wives and waited for the song to play.

The wedding came to an end, and Castiel took his leave after he congratulated the newlyweds. Bobby agreed to tag along so he could watch Lilith so the couples could have one night to themselves.

All four were thinking of one thing at this point: their honeymoon. They wouldn't have the time nor money for a normal honeymoon, but they did want at least one night with their new spouse.

As they slept, everyone's mind was reverting back to the problems at hand. No one wanted the next day to come, because they knew what it would bring.

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