How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen:

Ryder was feeling more and more awful, but there was no way she was going to say anything. She didn't the need the boys to be worrying about her on top of the seals. She kept up appearances, but she could only hold out for so long until someone caught wind.

Why couldn't life work out for the boys? Why couldn't this just be a TV show? At least if it was a show, then Dean and Sam wouldn't have to actually be going through all this, only Jared and Jensen. And if Jared and Jensen were doing this, then it wasn't real. She sighed. She thought about the trials, and the fact that her life was going to end soon. Why couldn't they have come during season one? At least then she would've had more time with Sam, and a lot of this wouldn't have happened.

Jenna sat at the table, and watched as the boys looked for another hunt. She loved coming here, even though she didn't like season four all too much, mostly because of Ruby. She hated that the bitch damaged the boys' relationship in more ways than one. She wasn't going to let that happen. Dean loved his brother, and Jenna didn't want to see him hurt if this all went south.

Dean went through newspapers in search of anything that looked like a hunt, until he came across one. He read it through and came to the conclusion that it was a hunt.

"Alright, I think I found us a hunt." Dean said giving Sam the newspaper.

Sam looked it over. "Guy beat his wife's brains out with a meat tenderizer?" People these days. Sam looked at Ryder playing with Lily, and he couldn't picture doing that to her.

"Yeah, so start packing and let's go." Dean said packing his duffel.

Sam followed suit, and soon enough they were all ready and piling into the car.

Pulling into the motel, Dean and Sam head to the office to check in. Watching the boys go in, Jenna unbuckled Lilith and went to wake up Ryder.

Jenna opened the passenger door, and when she looks at Ryder she could tell that the trials are taking its toll on her more faster than it did to Sam. She frowns. She doesn't want this to happen, because she knows what it'll do to Sam. Not to mention, what would happen when Lilith gets older. She'll want to know about her mother. Even though Ryder said for her to take care of her, she knew she wouldn't be able to do that. For one, now that she married Sam, he would have to take care of her. And two, she would never be able to take the role as mother. If she did have to take in Lilith it would mostly be as an aunt, nothing more.

Jenna shakes her awake, and for just a quick moment you could see the sadness in her eyes. Ryder covered it with the usual mask she wore. As soon as she saw Lilith, she smiled.

Ryder gets out and takes Lilith from Jenna, and kisses her. "Hi baby." Lilith doesn't say anything only putting her head on her mommy's chest. Ryder may not have shown it, but she was sad that this wouldn't last forever.

Sam and Dean walked back to the girls, and immediately Lilith puts her arms out for her daddy. She loves her daddy very much, and she's very happy that he makes her mommy happy.

Sam is surprised by that. He looks at Dean and they both smile. Dean couldn't help but feel a little jealous. His brother not only got a wonderful woman, but also a daughter. He looked at Jenna and smiled, and pictured having a child of their own. He doesn't show it to anyone, but he would really wanted a family of his own. He doesn't want the Winchester blood to end with him and Sam. Looking at his beautiful wife, maybe it won't end with them.

Sam carries Lilith in the room, and she falls asleep on his chest. He never wanted this moment to end.

They all settled into their room, With Ryder taking care of Lilith, Jenna and Dean taking a shower, and Sam putting on his suit. Him and Dean were going down to the prison to interview the husband that did the latest murder.

Dean comes out of the shower and finishes getting dressed. Both brothers head for the door after kissing their wife and daughter/niece.

Interviewing Bensen was telling them that he wasn't possessed at all. The sad part was he knew exactly what he was doing.

"We just want to know the truth." Sam said using his puppy dog eyes. Works every time, no matter who he was using them on. His secret weapon.

"Her name was Jasmine." Bensen finally gave in.

"She was a stripper?" asked Sam.

"Her name was Jasmine, what do you think?" remarks Dean.

"I didn't mean for it to happen. I don't even like going to strip bars." Bensen looked away thinking back to the night. "She came right up to me, and...I don't know, she was just perfect. Everything that I wanted." He said looking back at the boys.

"Well if you pay enough, anybody will be anything." Dean clarifies. Sam couldn't help but agree. Money talks.

"Did your wife find out?" Sam asked.

Bensen shakes his head. "No, she never found out."

Okay, both brothers were confused at this point. If she didn't know about the stripper, then why kill her? What's the point in doing it? "Then why did you kill her?"

"Me and Jasmine were supposed to meet after it was done, but she never showed." He was such an idiot.

"You didn't mention any of this to the cops?"

Bensen looked at them like they were stupid. "What would that do? She didn't do it, I did."

This whole thing was confusing them, and they were getting nowhere. They were getting tired of running around trying to figure it all out. So they both decided to go back to the room and think it over.

Ryder was taking a nap, and Jenna was watching Lilith. Sam kissed Ryder, but all she did was turnover with a smile on her face.

As the boys went over the case, they still came up empty. Jenna chuckled. The show sure does make it seem like it's easy to figure out what the monster is. After awhile she was getting annoyed that they still weren't close to the truth. She was wondering when Sam was going to say it, and since she was getting very impatient, "You know, it's almost like they were under some kind of love spell." She said watching TV.

Once she says that, both Sam and Dean stop talking and looked at her. She ignored their looks and fights very hard not to burst out laughing.

Dean snaps his fingers at Sam and smirks. "I was just about to say that."

Sam rolls his eyes, and thought it over. It did make sense. "Which caused them to become totally psychotic."

Dean couldn't help but feel really happy. Not that he would do anything about it, but he's been waiting for this moment. He's a guy and not to mention Dean Winchester.

"You seem pretty cheery Dean." Sam says noticing Jenna glaring at Dean.

"Strippers, Sammy. Strippers. We're on an actual case involving strippers. Finally."

Jenna clears her throat. Sam laughs at the look on Dean's face when he realized that he just said that out loud. He looked at Jenna.

"I love you honey." Dean tries to act innocent, but fails.

Driving up to the bar, Jenna got out. She would've stayed at the motel room with Ryder and Lilith, but she wanted to see the boys at work. Or it's because she wanted to see Dean squirm with her being there with him. He told her that he didn't mind her coming, but deep down he was a little nervous. No one could deny that Dean Winchester was a lady's man, not even Jenna. He loved her and wouldn't ever betray her, and she knew that, but he was still a guy.

Dean and Sam showed their badges to the bouncer and walked in. Jenna didn't need to show off any identification, because one look at her, and the bouncer just let her in. She was that gorgeous, and Dean felt proud that his wife was all his and no one else could ever have her.

She watched as Dean walked up to the manager and started questioning him. Jenna could tell that Dean was trying not to look, but he did. He felt guilty about it, but he figured that Jenna wouldn't be angry with him, or at least not too angry.

Jenna looked at the women dancing around on stage or with the men, and she couldn't help but feel disgusted. Not only just at the men, but at the women as well. She felt embarrassed for them. Sure these women had nice bodies, but damn didn't they at least have some dignity?

After he was done talking to the manager, they both saw Sam and caught up with him. Jenna remembered that this was the part where they finally figured out what was behind all this.

"Anything?" Dean asked making it clear that he came up with nothing.

"I think so. Bobby and I came up with a theory." Sam said shrugging his shoulders.



"Like Greek myth siren, the Odyssey?" Sam gives Dean a surprised look. "Hey, I read!"

Jenna smiles and pats his back. "Of course you do sweetheart."

"Yeah, but the siren's not actually a myth, it's more of a beautiful creature that preys on men, enticing them with their siren song. You see, sirens can read minds. They see what you want most and then they can cloak themselves. You know, like an illusion."

"So it could all be the same chick? Morphing into different dream girls?" Sam nodded.

"How do we kill it?"

Jenna walked with the boys back to the car listening to their conversation. She wanted to tell them who to look out for since it wouldn't be a woman they'll meet, but she held her tongue. They were told not to say anything unless it was important for them to know. Although she wanted to tell them, she didn't. For some reason, she couldn't remember the ending to the episode. She knew that she wouldn't like the ending, but she couldn't place her finger on what it was. She sighed. She'd have to ask Ryder later when the boys weren't around.

"Bobby's working on it. Even if we figure that out..."

"How the hell are we going to find it? It could be anybody." This case just got more interesting, and frustrating. Why couldn't the monster just for once, wear a sign that said, 'I'm the monster, come kill me.'? At least then it would save them a whole bunch of running around.

After returning to the motel, Ryder went to take a shower now that Dean and Jenna were there to watch Lilith. Sam went to the diner a few blocks away. Jenna was on the bed watching TV and Lilith playing with her toys on the bed. She still couldn't place what was going to happen at the end of all this, and it bugged her to no end.

Dean wasn't as blind like Sam thought he was. He could tell that something was up with his brother, and he was going to find out. He looked at the table and saw a phone. It took him a moment to realize that the phone was Sam's. Jenna had hers, Dean's was in his pocket, and Ryder always kept hers with her. He got up and went to pick up the phone. Calculating the distance between the diner and the motel, he wouldn't have that much time.

Flipping the phone open, he checked the call log, and came to an unknown number. He looked at Jenna and she was watching him. She walked up to him, just as he pushed call. They both listened to it ring, and just when they thought no one would answer, someone did. And it wasn't someone they were expecting. Not after all Sam and Ryder went through.

"Hey, Sam...Sam?...You there...?" Ruby said.

Dean hung up looking very upset. He couldn't believe that Sam was still talking to her! After he promised Ryder that he would listen to her when she said to stay away from her. By the way Ruby talked, he knew that Sam and her never stopped talking. How could he do this to her?! He suddenly felt so sorry for Ryder.

Jenna frowned when she heard Ruby's voice. I thought he was done with her, she thought. She felt so sad for her best friend. She heard the door open, and she went back to Lilith. She looked at her husband and by the look they shared, they came to the conclusion that they wouldn't say anything to Ryder. After all, she had enough on her plate.

The next day, Sam and Dean took off to the hospital leaving the girls alone. Ryder was stessing out so much, so she asked Jenna if she could watch Lilith while she took a nap. Or at least tried to. He mind was thinking nonstop about the trials. The timing wasn't in her favors. If she was right, the season would be over soon, and that meant that she didn't have a lot of time left.

Remembering the episode, it didn't take long for the brothers to figure out who they were going to save. She didn't have that luxury. Bobby was still alive, and hopefully it would stay that way, but she had no idea who she was going to have to save in order to complete the trial. It's not like she could go to Hell and figure out who to save, and she didn't know who was innocent. What if she saved the wrong person, and the trial couldn't be completed?! What if she failed? She couldn't afford to fail.

Jenna looked at the bed that Ryder occupied and she frowned. Ryder wasn't asleep, and by the looks of it she wouldn't be going to sleep anytime soon. All her instincts told her to go comfort her friend, but her heart told her that Ryder needed time to herself to deal with everything. As much as she loved Ryder and wanted to be there for her like she did for her all those times her dad came home drunk, there were some things you couldn't do. Some things you had to let the person deal with, even though you wanted to help.

Ryder felt awful, and she was only getting worse. She wasn't sick anymore, but her body was getting weak. She wouldn't be able to keep this up forever. She had to hurry up and deal with the trials. She only had two more, and then it'll all be over, and she could finally rest. She felt a little guilty thinking that, because while she's resting in Heaven, her family would be down here fighting monsters. She was happy that Sam was finally listening to her about Ruby. It took so much time to keep him away from her, and talking to her, but it was worth it. Now when the time came, Sam wouldn't be upset. She was happy that Sam meant it when he said he would listen. It's not like he's still talking to her, right?

Jenna suddenly remembered the ending to the episode! She had to get to Sam and Dean! She phone Bobby asking him if he was on his way, and he said he would be there in about an hour. There wouldn't be enough time. She grabbed her shoes and jacket and went for the door.

"Where are you going?" asked Ryder sleepily. Dammit! She forgot about them.

"Sam and Dean are going up against the siren. I need to go." She opened the door.

It took a moment for the words to sink in, and when they did Ryder bolted out of bed. She put on her boots, put her hair up, and grabbed Lilith. She had no choice but to bring her, even though she knew it would be dangerous.

Jenna saw what she was doing. She shook her head. "No. Stay here, and let me deal with it."

Ryder looked at her in disbelief. "And what then? By now, Sam and Dean should be under the siren's spell, and how are you going to deal with him then?" She put the baby carrier on her back with Lilith inside. She turned to look at Jenna. "No offense, but you can't fight, so how are you going to deal with this? Besides you're not the only one's whose husband is there!" She walked off leaving Jenna behind.

Ryder hot wired a car, and they drove off to motel the boys would be in. She had made it clear in the beginning not to go to the motel they would've been in hoping that this whole thing could be avoided. Obviously not.

The girls ran into the motel remembering the room, and just as they came up to the door, they heard yelling.

"You won't feel that way in a minute."


Ryder threw open the door feeling so much anger. She hated this part of the episode, not wanting to see the brothers hurt each other both physically and emotionally.

Sam and Dean were facing each other not even noticing the girls. All they were thinking about was getting rid of the other so they could be with Monroe forever. That's all they wanted.

"Who are you?" asked Monroe looking at their new visitors.

Ryder ignored him and got in between the brothers and faced her husband. She grabs his face, "Sam? Sam, look at me. You have to fight this!"

Sam doesn't pay any attention to her, and instead of listening to her he shoves her out of the way. Ryder loses her balance, but quickly regains it, when she remembered that her daughter was with her. Jenna had no luck getting through to Dean either. Ryder looked around, and saw a corner that was far from the fight and the siren. She ran over and took the carrier off gently putting Lilith on the floor and out of sight.

''Baby, I need you to stay here. Don't move." Lilith nodded her head showing that she understood to stay. Lilith didn't understand everything she was told, all she understood was that her mommy wanted her stay here. She looked at her mommy and could tell that she was upset. She turned and saw that her daddy was talking very loud at the other man. She didn't like the way her daddy was acting. Why was he mad?

Ryder turned around and saw the boys fighting. She groaned. Jenna didn't know what to do, so all she could do was yell at them to stop fighting. Ryder didn't see it working, so she tried to get them to stop by putting herself in the middle. It wasn't smart, but she didn't know what to do. She didn't have the weapon to kill the siren, so she focused on the boys.

Jenna didn't want to feel useless, so while Ryder tried to break up the boys, she went for the siren. Ryder was right back at the other motel that she couldn't fight, but that wasn't going to stop her from trying.

Monroe was enjoying the fight, but hated it when the blonde tried to get at him. Stupid woman. She wasn't that much of a fighter, so it would be easy to subdue her. He thought about that for a moment, what would be the fun in that? Before he would knock her out, he sprayed the toxin her face. He smiled, and whispered something in her ear.

Ryder was pushed to the side by Dean, and although he didn't know what he was doing, it still hurt. Getting into a fight with someone was a lot easier than trying to break up one. She got to her feet, and when she went back to the brothers, Jenna got in front of her. She furrowed her eyebrows.

"Jenna?" The way she looked at her made it clear that Jenna wasn't all there anymore.

"You know, you were always pathetic." Jenna spat out. She took her stance in front of Ryder.

Ryder didn't like this one bit. "Jenna stop it! This isn't you. This is the siren's spell talking, not you."

"Keep telling yourself that." Jenna went to swing at Ryder, but it was easily deflected. Jenna growled. "Every time you came to my house you complained and whined about your boyfriend beating you, and you could never see how pathetic and pitiful you looked."

Ryder wanted to cry hearing that, but now wasn't the time. Jenna kept insulting her, and trying to hit her. They didn't notice that Bobby had showed up.

Bobby showed up, and as soon as he killed the siren Sam and Dean stopped fighting. The problem was Jenna and Ryder's fight was still going.

"Shouldn't they have stopped?" asked Dean looking worried.

"The thing with Sirens is when they put the spell on a man it stops when it dies or when it takes it off themselves."

"We know that."

Bobby shook his head, he hated this part about the lore. "That's the thing, they usually put it on men, but with women the spell would only end when it plays out."

Sam didn't like hearing the things Jenna was saying to his wife. Hearing it all reminded him of what he said to his brother. He remembered everything he said, and the worse part of it all was belittling his trauma. He felt so ashamed, and he didn't mean any of what he said, but it didn't make it go away. He still said it.

Dean tried to stop Jenna from trying to hurt Ryder, but it didn't stop her from saying what she said.

"You were so pathetic, and every time I looked at you it made me want to vomit. Complaining about how much your ex treated you, boo hoo, get over it. I would've rather been beaten by my father than listen to another word from you!" Jenna tried to break free from Dean, but he held on. He wished that she would just stop talking.

Ryder went to grab her daughter from the corner. She handed the carrier to Sam, and tried very hard to ignore her best friend. It's just the spell. It's just the spell, she kept telling herself.

"Jenna stop it!" Dean yelled.

Sam held onto his wife and daughter; all he wanted to do was comfort her. Sam could see that Ryder was breaking. He just wanted the spell to end. Ryder stared at her friend listening to it all, and even though on the outside it seemed she wasn't fazed by it, inside her heart was breaking.

"All you ever do is look at me and think I'm weak and can't take care of myself. I was fine before you came along, and I'll be fine without you. I DON'T NEED YOU!'' Jenna screamed. Almost immediately she stopped fighting Dean, and she had a blank expression of her face. Sam and Dean sighed, knowing that the spell wore off.

Jenna looked at Ryder just staring at her. Everything she said came back to her full force, and she sank to her knees; Dean still holding her. Ryder didn't know what to do with what she heard, and all she wanted right at that moment was to go back to the motel room and sleep. Jenna watched as Ryder and Sam walked out, and all she did was cry. She remembered what she said, and she hated herself for it. She didn't mean anything she said. Dean shushing her, and holding her. He hoped that Ryder would forgive her, and remember that she didn't mean any of it.

Bobby didn't want to stick around any longer than he needed to. He just wanted to go home. There was a part of the lore he didn't mention, and hoped that the others would never know, especially the girls.

Ryder couldn't sleep, so she gave up. She carefully went to the kitchenette, and picked at the leftovers from dinner. She sat at the table, and looked at the others sleeping. She went back to her food, and didn't notice someone walking up to her. She thought it was Sam like last time, and she wasn't in the mood to talk to Jenna, so when she looked up she was stunned.

"Are you okay?" asked Dean. He pulled the chair around the table and sat next to her.

Ryder didn't answer for a few minutes. She shook her head.

"What's wrong?"

Sam and Dean had worked things out, and although Dean was still bothered by what his brother said, he let it go. Jenna and Ryder did the same, and after a lot of crying and begging for forgiveness, Ryder gave in. She told Jenna she forgave her from the beginning. She convinced Jenna that it was just the spell talking, and in the end Jenna believed her. There was no possible way that Jenna would ever mean those things.

Looking away from him, she sighed. "Lore goes that the siren would appear any way the man desired. The man would do everything he was told to be with her, even kill. He would say things he didn't really mean if the siren wanted him to. The siren would only put a woman under its spell if she got in its way. The spell would end when the woman said what she truly felt." A tear fell down her face. Dean could hear it in her voice that she sounded so broken. "So that means...Jenna didn't say anything she didn't already feel."

Ryder couldn't hold it in any longer, and she finally broke down. Dean held her as she cried, and wished that this didn't happen.

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