How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen:

Ryder sat up and looked around the room. As soon as she caught sight of the room she was in, she immediately got to her feet. Where the hell was she? She was in a room she didn't recognize.

"Sam?" she called out. "Dean? Jenna?" Nothing. Not that she was expecting anyone to respond back to her.

Ryder walked around the room, and examined everything that was in it. For some reason, she may not have recognized where she was, but it in some odd way it felt...familiar. She walked around the bed she woke up in, and went to the side table. It had one drawer, and as soon as she opened she gasped. Ryder slowly reached in, and picked up a picture frame. She dropped it, and the glass shattered. This wasn't happening again. This was supposed to be over! She was supposed to be out!

She dropped to her knees clutching her head. How could this be happening? She got out. Was it all just a dream? If it was all just a dream, her mind had a sick sense of humor. Tears fell down her face, and she froze when she heard the bedroom door open. She didn't have to look to know who it was, because if she was where she thought she was then there was no point in looking up. She was back and it was worse than any nightmare that her mind could ever conjure up.

"What the hell are you doing on the ground?!" Her head was yanked up by her hair. She cried out in pain. "I asked you a question!" He said when she didn't respond.

Hearing his voice was one thing, for she could've always imagined it. It was another thing when she looked up to his face, and her fears were confirmed. It was him. It was Jeff. Her ex.

"I'm sorry." She felt so ashamed of herself. She fought against so many people, against a Hellhound, against demons, and she went to Hell and back, but she couldn't stand up to her ex boyfriend. How pathetic is that?

He slapped her numerous times, and pushed her to the ground and beat her. Jeff could see that she wasn't getting up, and that's what he wanted. He wanted his whore where she belonged: on the ground. He kicked her in the stomach and left the room slamming the door behind him.

Ryder laid there in pain, and she cried. " me."

"So what can we do to get her to wake up?" asked Sam. He was starting to panic. His wife was practically in a coma, and he couldn't do anything to help her.

Castiel didn't answer at first. He had an idea of what they could do, but would it really work? What he saw when he touched her, made him feel so concerned. He had grown close to her in the time that the girls had been there. He had no choice.

"There is a way."

"Great! What is it?" This was so great. Sam would do anything to get her back.

Castiel shook his head. "Unfortunately, only one of you would be able to bring her back."

Dean looked at him confused. "Bring her back from what?" Jenna walked up to him still holding onto Lilith.

"Ryder is trapped in her own worst memories."

Jenna gasped. "Oh shit!"

All eyes turned to her. "What?" They all together.

"I don't know everything that ever happened to her, because she doesn't like to talk about a lot of things." She sighed. "What I do know is that some of her worst memories: is her ex boyfriend. He was really abusive; liked to control her. There's also her parents, nothing more than that."

Sam thought for a moment. The way Jenna put it, it didn't sound too terrible. He sighed. "What do we need to do?"

Castiel touched her forehead again, and they all watched him concentrate on whatever it was that he was doing. After a few moments, Castiel pulled away. "There's only one of you that's close enough to her to bring her back."

Dean scoffed. "Well, obviously that would be Sam."

Castiel shook his head. "No, it isn't."

"What do you mean? Who else could be close to her? I'm her husband."

"You're not listening." Castiel sighed. "It has nothing to do with intimacy or anything romantic wise. If it were, then of course it would be you. In this case, it has more to do with being with being close in experiences, and what's going on emotionally." He waited for them to understand what he was talking about. By the looks of it, it seemed Sam was getting it.

'Being close in experiences?' "If you're saying what I believe you're saying, then the one that's close to her," Sam looked at his brother, "is you, Dean."

Wow, Dean thought, was not expecting that.

Ryder picked herself up, and went to the bathroom very carefully. Her ribs didn't feel broken, but it did hurt like a bitch. She didn't want to look in the mirror, and see the damage Jeff did. Her face hurt, so she had no choice. As soon as she looked in the mirror, she cringed. Her lip was busted up, her eye was swollen, her cheek was cut up, her nose looked broken. She cleaned her face, and when she finished she went back into the room and laid down.

Where was Sam? Being with the brothers couldn't have been a dream; it was just too real. Even if it wasn't real, where was Jenna? She wasn't part of the show, so where was she? What she really didn't understand was, if she was back with her ex, then why did this feel like deja vu?

"Um...okay, so what do I do?" asked Dean sitting on his own bed.

"I can send you wherever she is, and once you are with her you need to get her out.''

"Wow, you make it sound so easy." Dean said rolling his eyes. "How? How do I get her out?"

Castiel had to think about that. "You have to find out the reason she's even there." He walked up to him, "Lay down and I'll send you in."

He was all for saving his sister in law, but he needed to gather himself. "Give me a minute." He laid down, and took a deep breath. He looked at his brother, "Don't worry, I'll bring her back."

Sam couldn't bring himself to speak in fear he would break, so he simply nodded. He took his daughter from Jenna, so she could have a moment with Dean.

Jenna sat down next to him and took his hand. "Please, be careful. I need you to come back." She leaned to kiss him, and when she broke the kiss she hovered over him. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Jenna backed away and stood by Sam. Dean gave the okay to Castiel. He stood next to Dean and touched his forehead. They all watched as his eyes shut, and the only thing they could do was wait.

Sam watched as his brother slept, and prayed that he could bring his wife back. Turning to look at her, he was so sad. He never realized how much Ryder truly meant to him, until she was no longer here. He held her hand and kissed it. Please come back. I need you.

Jenna watched as her husband slept, and she hoped that he was alright. He needed to come back. She couldn't go on without him. Why couldn't anything ever go right with the boys? Was their luck really that terrible?

As the time went on, Sam became restless. He couldn't just sit there, and watch as two of most important people in his life lay there while he did nothing. He was already on his third cup of coffee. He needed to get his mind off this whole thing. Sam shook his head. Suddenly he felt like a bad father. Caught up in the whole thing with Ryder, he neglected his own daughter!

Picking her up, and holding her in his arms felt so good. Lily may not have come from him, but she was his in all other aspects. Family doesn't start with blood, just as it doesn't end there either. He could feel his worries wash away. Sam let his thoughts on his wife and brother go for now, and focus on his daughter.

"Jenna?" She looked up from Sam's computer. She too felt that she needed to get her mind off the whole situation, so she thought playing with his computer would be fun. It wasn't.

"I'm going to take Lily to the park. Do you want to come?" This may not be the perfect time to go to the park, but he couldn't just sit here and drive himself crazy with worry. Besides, Lily needed her father.

Jenna smiled at that. She hadn't been to the park since she was a kid. Now that there was a child in their life that they could take sounded like fun. She nodded and went to get her jacket. Sam went to get Lily's jacket.

As her daddy was putting on her jacket, she felt happy. Lilith didn't like seeing her daddy and the nice lady sad. Being sad made her sad, and that wasn't fun. She giggled when her daddy kissed her cheek. She was very excited to be going somewhere with her daddy and the lady. Her daddy carried her out the door, and before he closed it, she grew sad that her mommy wasn't coming. Did her mommy not love her anymore? She didn't like thinking that her mommy didn't love her, but why else would she be sleeping and not going with them?

Dean suddenly found himself in a house, and by the looks of it whoever owned it was seriously loaded. Hearing the TV on, he glanced inside the living room, and saw a young guy sitting on the couch. He was going to walk in and make himself known, when he heard him yell, "RYDER! MAKE ME SOMETHING TO EAT YOU BITCH!"

Hearing those words being said about someone he cared about pissed him off, and he was fighting every urge he had to not go in there. He had other things he had to do. He looked up the stairwell, and determined that Ryder had to be up there; otherwise he wouldn't have yelled so loud.

Ryder could hear footsteps heading toward her room. Her heart picked up speed, fearing that it was Jeff. Part of her was terrified of him and wanted to cower in the corner, but another part of her was angry. Not angry at him, but at herself. She was a bad ass fighter, and here she was cowering in the face of a man she believed she loved. Realizing what she was going to do, she forced herself off the bed, and prepared for what was to come.

Watching as the door opened, she had the small urge to run, but she pushed that away. She wasn't going to run, not now. She had put up with him longer than she would ever let anyone. Ryder felt herself on the verge on fainting when she saw who it was. It wasn't Jeff, but Dean! She fought every ounce of her not to jump in the air confirming that she wasn't crazy.

Ignoring all the pain in her body, she ran into his arms and held onto him for dear life. She was so happy that he was there. "You're real," she whispered. "I didn't dream it."

Dean rubbed her back and held her. He wasn't good with words, but he knew he could do this.

"Wait," she pulled back. "What are you doing here?"

"Cas sent me here to bring you back." Hearing those words felt so good to hear, because she didn't know what she would do if the whole thing wasn't real. She was so happy to be with the brothers and her daughter, and there wasn't anything that would change that.

"How are you going to do that?" she asked still holding onto him. She felt that if she let go he would disappear.

"Well, Cas said that we need to find out the reason you were sent here, and that should do the trick."

Ryder stared at him, and although she was happy that he was here, the way he said that made it seem like he wasn't sure. At the moment, she didn't care. As long as he was there she would be alright.

"So what's the plan?" she asked.

Before going to the park, Sam and Jenna decided to go to the thrift store to buy a stroller. Carrying her in their arms, or in the carrier wouldn't always help. They figured that putting her in a stroller would be easier on them and her.

Walking into the store, they quickly went to find the baby stuff. There were a few decent strollers, but only two caught their attention. They examined both, and it came down to the one that looked nice and big, or the nice and cheap one. They looked at each other, and it was decided. They may have fake credit cards, but it wasn't like they could splurge. The cheap one it was.

Jenna went to the restroom, while Sam went to stand in line.

"How adorable." A voice said behind him. He turned to look and saw a middle aged couple. "How old is she?"

Sam had to think about that. Ryder never did say how old she was. He looked at her, and figured she looked to be around seven months. "She's seven months."

"Well, she's adorable."

He was next in line. "Thank you."

Jenna had rejoined him, and they walked out together. Sam saw the couple walking to their car, and as they were walking away, the woman said, "You have a beautiful child miss."

Jenna furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. She looked at Sam for clarification. He shrugged his shoulders. Twenty minutes later, they settled in at the park. They had bought food to eat for lunch time on their way. Jenna set their food on the table. Having done that, they went to the playground.

Sam put Lilith in the swing, and right when she was pushed she immediately started to giggle. Seeing her happy made Sam and Jenna all that much better. Sam just wished Ryder was here to enjoy this. It didn't seem right to be here without the mother of his child.

"Do you like that baby girl?" Sam asked earning a giggle in return.

Jenna went to sit on the swing next to them. She watched as Sam pushed Lilith, and she couldn't help but be happy. How can you not when a child was having so much fun for simply being pushed on the swing?

Lilith liked this very much. She didn't know what she was in, but she liked it. She liked it more when she saw that her daddy was happy. If he liked it so much, why wasn't he doing it too? Her daddy should really do this, because it was so much fun. Lilith really wanted her mommy with her and her daddy and the lady. Maybe her mommy really didn't love her. Did she not want to be her mommy anymore? She didn't like that.

Listening to Dean talk about what the whole thing made Ryder a little better. Just a little. She didn't really like the idea that she was trapped in her own nightmares. Whoever was behind this whole thing had one sick sense of humor. All she wanted to do was get back to her husband and daughter. She really missed Lilith, and she needed to there. What if something happened, and Sam found out? Would he kill her? She shook her head, no, he would never do that. Maybe Soulless Sam would, after all he was a dick.

"So, then none of this real." Dean shook his head. Having realized that this was all in her head, her injuries faded.

"What I don't get is, if you're supposed to be this amazing fighter, why were you all beaten up? Why didn't you fight back?"

Ryder sighed. This was never something she liked to think about. "When I was with him, I never fought back because after my parents kicked me out, he was all that I had. He said that he loved me, and I believed him." She looked away. "It didn't matter that he hit me, as long as he said he loved me, I didn't care."

"That's stupid! No man should ever put their hands on a woman!" Dean would never do that. He may be a hard ass at times, but there were some things he wouldn't even do.

"You're right, but I didn't think of it that way." She wanted to put this whole thing behind her, and move on. Her ex was the past, and Sam was her future. She went to open the door, and before she did, "Every girl wants to be loved by someone. It doesn't matter if the guy is an asshole, or prince charming. When he says those words, all common sense goes out the window." With that she walked through the door with Dean behind her.

Stepping through the door, Ryder and Dean were in a whole new setting. They were in a kitchen, and it wasn't Jeff's.

''Where-" Dean was cut off.

"RAIN!'' Ryder could recognize that voice anywhere. Both Dean and Ryder watched as an older woman came into the kitchen. "What the hell are you doing here?" She asked looking behind them. They turned to see a younger looking Ryder.


"Wait until your father sees this.'' She spat out and walked back out of the kitchen.

Dean looked around the kitchen, and figured her parents must be seriously rich to afford a house like this. Was everyone in Ryder's life rich? "So why would this be considered a worse memory?"

Ryder never turned away from her double. She hated this more than her ex, and that's saying something. "You'll see."

More yelling could be heard, and her mother was back along with a man Dean assumed was Ryder's father.

"What are you still doing here?" Her father asked the other Ryder. "We thought we told you to leave. You're a killer! Get out of my house, now!"

"Dad, please! She attacked me first." Her father wasn't listening to her. He grabbed her hair, and she cried out in pain. "Dad, I was only protecting myself."

"You're a murderer, and you're not welcome here." He threw her out of the house, and slammed the door in her face. It took all of Dean's strength to not kill her father. He rolled his eyes. Another father was just added to his list of people to kill.

Dean and Ryder watch as the scene unfolds. Ryder hated this because the people that were supposed to love her unconditionally didn't want anything to do with her. How sad is that? It was one thing for her ex to hate her, but it was a whole new ball game when it was her parents that were the ones that hated her.

They watch as Ryder pounded on the door in tears. "Dad! Mom! Please open the door!"

"How old were you?" Dean asked never taking his eyes off the other Ryder.


How could this possibly get worse? Wait for it. The other Ryder looked up at the night sky when she felt a rain drop on her face. Rain. It quickly pours down, and they watch as the other Ryder ran off.

"Where are you going?" Dean asked very sad.

"She's the rain...with nowhere to go. Where do you think she's going?" When he didn't answer, "She's looking for a place to sleep tonight."

"Did you?" He looked at her.


Sam took Lilith out of the swing, and went to the slide. Jenna felt bad that Ryder wasn't here to enjoy this, because it should be her here with her husband and daughter, not her. While Sam was playing with Lilith, she had ran to nearest store and bought a disposable camera.

Coming back to the park, Jenna could see that Sam didn't even know that she was gone. Immediately she took a few pictures of Sam going down the slide with Lilith. Lilith smiling, and holding onto Sam. All in all they looked so cute together.

It came time for both of them to rest. Sam was getting a little tired, but he was nowhere near ready to go back to the motel. He didn't want to go back to worrying, so staying out and getting their minds off his wife and brother was the best thing for him to do.

He saw that Lilith was still jittery from the playground and wanted to go back, and Sam was all the more willing to do just that.

A woman came up to Jenna with her son walking along side her. "Is she yours?"

Jenna shook her head. "No, she's my niece."

The woman smiled. "Well, she's very beautiful." She said goodbye and walked out of the park.

Jenna continued to take pictures for Ryder and Dean. Sam played with Lily for a few more hours never thinking he could just spend the day having fun. He didn't want this to ever end.

As the scenery faded, they heard music behind them as soon as they turned around the music blasted. Dean was stunned to think they were outside in the pouring rain one minute and in a club the next. What the hell were they doing in a club? Dean looks and sees people dancing and drinking. Some were so caught up in the music, they didn't notice they were grinding on each other. Dean was going to ask why they were there when he saw it.

Ryder never thought she would have to see this again. It was bad enough that it even happened, it was worse to go through it again. She was getting really pissed off! What the hell was the point in all of this? To break her? It won't work. She scanned through the crowd, and her eyes stopped when she spotted the other Ryder. She felt so disgusted with herself.

"Is that you?" asked Dean pointing to her other self.


"Wow." Dean watched as the other Ryder danced with another man. Her arm wrapped around his neck, his hands on her waist, and they swayed to the music. Their bodies moved as one to the beat. Dean didn't like what he was seeing. He figured that now that she was married to his brother, seeing her with another man angered him. He had to remember this already happened. Putting his anger to the side he watched as she danced, and he had to admit that she was a very good dancer.

Ryder felt even more disgusted with herself. They may have seemed like they knew each other from the way they moved, but she didn't know him. She had shown up at the club with a few of her friends, and the man asked her to dance. She rolled her eyes when the other Ryder kissed the guy.

"How is this considered a nightmare?" Dean asked. If anything, he would count this a nice experience. He didn't get an answer, instead he watched as the other Ryder made her way to the exit. Why was she leaving? She looked like she was having fun.

Ryder moved to follow her other self, so Dean followed as well. The other Ryder staggered clearly drunk, and before they could move any further, Ryder stopped him.

"What's wrong?"

"Don't judge me." Not saying anymore, Ryder continued walking.

"What do you mean?" She didn't answer instead pointing in front of her.

Dean looked as the same man the other Ryder had danced with in the club followed her. Dean didn't know what to expect, so he watched.

Ryder was controlling herself as she watched herself give herself to the man. She was clearly not thinking, but Ryder could remember that this didn't end well. Not for her.

Dean watched as the other Ryder and the man went at it. He wasn't very interested in seeing her have sex with some random guy. He was suddenly relieved that his brother wasn't there to see that.

"I don't understand how this could be a nightmare." He shrugged his shoulders. "You seem pretty into it." Then out of nowhere another man comes up and behind them, and at first it looked like he was going to join in, but he pulled something out his jacket pocket. A video camera. Dean groaned. He could see where this was going, and he knew it was only going to get worse.

Ryder looked away not wanting to see someone record her having sex with some guy she just met. She felt so ashamed of herself.

When it was over, both men left her laying there in the alley. It looked like she had passed out.

Dean didn't know what to say. He looked at Ryder, and held his arms out inviting her in. She looked him in the eyes, and all she saw was pure sadness. Although she wasn't one for taking pity, she needed some comfort. She wrapped her arms around him, and he held her until she stopped crying.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered in her ear. He wondered how much she was going to be put through before she could wake up.

Lilith was having so much being with her daddy and the nice lady.

Sam and Jenna left the park, decided to go walk around town. Sam put Lilith in her stroller and they walked. Although they had money, they went window shopping. They walked around town for a couple hours, and stopped when they saw an animal shelter.

Jenna always had a soft spot for animals, so she was more than willing to go in. Making their way into see the animals, Lilith pointed at the small kittens.

"You like the kitty, Lily?'' asked Jenna.

Sam picked her out of the stroller so she would have a better view of the animals. Sam leaned her in closer, and Lilith stuck her small hand in the cage; she pulled it back quickly when she touched the fur.

The kitten meowed, and leaned into her touch when she stuck her hand in again. Lilith giggled. She really liked the small kitty. The kitty was very soft.

They saw more of the animals, but it was the cats that Lilith liked to see more. The shelter was closing soon, and before they made their way out, Sam took Lilith back to the same kitten she liked.

"Dadda." Lilith said pointing to the kitten.

Sam never thought he would ever hear such a wonderful word from his daughter. Sam hugged her and kissed her cheek. Lilith didn't know why her daddy kissed her, but if he liked being called daddy then she would say it again. She liked making her daddy happy.

"I love you sweetheart."

They broke apart, and when they looked up the setting changed once more. Ryder didn't know if she could take anymore. What next? Her heart picked up when she realized where she was. School. Wow, someone must really hate me, she thought.

Dean looked around the campus, and tried to see if he could spot the other Ryder. He couldn't see her anywhere. His attention was on the people around him. At first glance one would see that the students were just laughing and talking with each other, but something wasn't right. He walked up to a few people to hear what they were talking about.

"Did you see it?" a boy asked the rest of the group.

"Yeah, she looked so wasted." She laughed, and soon the others joined in and they walked off. He had no idea what that was about. So he walked up to two guys talking.

''Andrew I downloaded it on my phone." One guy said. The guy Andrew looked at the other's phone. From Dean's angle they were watching a video. He leaned over and watched it as well. He watched a lot of porn in his time, so he thought they were just watching porno. That was until he saw the female. It was Ryder! Those bastards put it on the internet.

Ryder didn't want to see this. This was not one of her best days. She looked around and she could tell that almost all the guys were watching the video, and the girls were calling her names. Normally she didn't care what other people said, but when a majority of your school has seen a video of you drunk off your ass having sex, you tend to pay some attention to what they say.

Dean was walking back to Ryder when he spotted the other Ryder walking onto the campus. He could only imagine how this was going to go down.

When the students had their eyes on her, they started pointing and laughing. The other Ryder looked confused.

"Hey, did you have fun last night?" one girl asked walking off.

"Ryder, did you enjoy it?"

"Would you let me record you too?"




One guy walked up to her, and "Do you normally let guys fuck you? Because I want to tell my friends what street you work on." He shoved her and joined his friends. Dean not realizing that this had already happened, began to march up to the guy wanting to knock his ass out. Ryder pulled him back.

"It doesn't matter now.'' Dean yanked his arm back but stood there and watched as the other Ryder listened as everyone said hurtful things.

Dean had thought it was over when the name calling ended. He was wrong. In the middle of the school, a projector played a video. He groaned, and watched in horror as the video of Ryder was played to everyone there.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He yelled. He saw the other Ryder watch in tears as everyone saw the video. "What kind of fucking school is this?!"

The other Ryder ran off back never looking back.

"Did you ever go back?"

Ryder didn't take her eyes off the other Ryder running back to the bus stop. She shook her head, "No. I dropped out."

Sam and Jenna made their way back to the motel. Unlocking the door, they were praying that their spouse was awake, but when they saw they were still out, they frowned in disappointment.

It had been a long day, and after feeding, bathing and changing Lilith, Sam had put her to sleep. He laid her down to sleep next to Ryder. She was out like a light in minutes. He kissed her goodnight.

"What if they don't wake up?" asked Jenna sitting at the table.

Sam shook his head. "They'll wake up. They have to."

"And if they don't?"

"There's no if, it's only when." He had so much determination in his voice that it masked his worry.

They each took their turn in the shower, and when they were both clean, they settled on watching a movie on Sam's computer.

Watching the movie with Jenna reminded Sam of something he had been wanting to know but forgot. "Jenna?"

"What?" She looked away from the screen and turned to him.

"How did you lose your voice?"

Jenna was stunned. She wasn't prepared for that, but nevertheless she answered. "Awhile back I was making breakfast for my dad and for some reason he came into the kitchen very mad. My dad was the only one that could eat first, so I waited until he was done before I could eat."

Sam could hear the struggle in her voice. "You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

Jenna ignored him and, "He didn't like the food, so grabbed the bacon grease and poured it down my throat." She touched her throat in remembrance. Talking about made her remember the pain from the grease. "There wasn't much, and I didn't swallow it. I spit out, and he called 911 saying that I did it. The doctors said that the grease damaged my vocal cords and that it was unlikely that I would talk again."

Sam didn't know what to say. What could you say? "Did they ever suspect your dad?"

"No. I obviously couldn't talk, and even if I could I wouldn't have said anything."

"Why not?" He asked softly.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I wanted my dad to love me. How could he if he's in jail?" Sam could see that she was crying so he held her.

"Please tell me this is it?" said Dean. He didn't think he could take anymore of this. He was so pissed off, he just wanted to go find a hunt and take all his anger out on it.

The setting changed once again. But this was different. This wasn't anything that Ryder recognized. They were in a hallway. There were no doors or windows. Just an empty hallway. Dean was about to speak when out of nowhere a door at the far end opened. Guess they have to go through there.

They both made their way, and Dean let her in first. As soon as she stepped in, the door closed behind her. She turned back trying to open it.

"Dean!" She pounded on the door.

When the door closed in front of him, Dean panicked. Not good. "Ryder!" He threw himself at the door trying to get it open. "Son of a bitch. Ryder!" Nothing. He then kicked the door wanting nothing more than to get in. He promised Sam he would bring her back, and he was going to do that. He didn't come all this way just stop now.

The door wasn't going to open anytime soon, no matter how much Ryder pulled on the door knob. She took in a few deep breaths to calm her racing heart.

"You won't be leaving." A voice said behind her.

Ryder slowly turned around, and she came face to face with her doppelganger. She had the same clothes, hairstyle and facial expression. She wasn't like the other Ryders.

"Who are you?"

The doppelganger rolled her eyes. "Well that's a stupid question." She had this angry aura that surrounded her and it was intense. "I'm you dumb ass, but I guess you can call me Rain."

"What do you want?" Ryder didn't like this at all.

"I want to talk.''


"Well, if you stop talking then I'll tell you."

"If you're really me, then you know I'm not one for doing as I'm told."

Rain scoffed. "Always trying to be the bad ass." She stepped closer to Ryder until they were only inches apart. "You're really pissing me off." Ryder went to open her mouth when the other held up her hand, "I'm talking, you listen." Ryder clenched her jaw. "You can pretend all you want that you have me under control, but sooner or later you will lose that control. You're going to need me if you want to win. You can't lock me in here forever, because I will be free and you're the one that's going to do it."

Ryder pushed Rain back, "No! I'm in control, not you! I don't need you!'' She went to throw in a punch, but Rain deflected it.

"You can't fight me, because I know all your moves." Rain could see that Ryder wasn't going to listen. "I'll tell you what, if you beat me I'll let you go."

Ryder narrowed her eyes. "And if I don't?"

Rain smirked. "I walk free."

That wasn't something Ryder was going to do anytime soon. It would be dangerous for everyone if she were to lose. Ryder stepped back and took her stance, and that was taken as her answer. Rain smiled evilly and took her stance as well.

Ryder knew this was going to be hard. She had come face to face with her worst nightmare, and she knew better than to underestimate her. The only one that could ever beat her, was herself, but she wasn't going to let that happen. She was going to win. Maybe the other Ryders would lose, but not her. For she had something worth fighting for.

(AN: Rain and Ryder fight each other. Because Rain knows everything about Ryder, she could easily overpower her, so Ryder finds it really difficult to end the fight quickly).

"Fight all you want, you will release me," Rain said when she pinned Ryder down. Ryder growled, and moved her body to where Rain was pinned. She didn't know where it came from, but she pulled a knife out her waistband and drove it through Rain's heart.

She brought her face down where they were nose to nose. "I win." She pushed it further in.

"For now." She slumped to the ground, and as soon as she died, her body shimmered away.

The door burst open, and Dean came in ready to fight if he had to. He looked around for any possible danger, but he relaxed when he saw it was only Ryder. He went to her side, and helped her up.

"Are you okay?" She nodded. "What was in here?" He asked.

"Nothing I couldn't handle." She would never tell him or anyone what had just happened. A door that she knew wasn't there a moment ago opened. "Let's go home." Nothing more to say they walked through the door neither looking back.

Sam and Jenna waited for their spouse to wake up. Ever since they came back, all their worried settled back in. What if they didn't wake up? What if Dean would wake up, but not Ryder?

Their thoughts were interrupted when they heard moaning from both Dean and Ryder. Jenna immediately went to Dean's side, while Sam went to Ryder's.

Sam smiled big when he saw Ryder's eyes open. "Ryder? Baby, are you okay?"

Ryder looked around and her eyes landed on Sam. She was back! She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down. He picked her up so he could hold her too. He was so glad she was back. He never wanted to let her go. He looked to Dean awake and holding onto his wife. When their eyes met, they shared a few silent words that only they would understand. After all they share a bond where words weren't needed.

Thank you.

Anytime brother.

Ryder broke the hug, and looked around the room. There was missing one other person she needed to see. Sam having known who she was looking for pointed next to her. She looked and smiled. Lilith! She missed her so much. She hated to wake her up, but she missed her too much to care.

"Lily?" She gently shook her tummy. "Sweetheart, wake up." Lilith opened her eyes, and as soon as she saw who woke her, her eyes quickly brightened.

"Momma!" Her mommy wasn't sleeping anymore. She missed her mommy so much.

Hearing that brought so much happiness to Ryder, and she picked her up. "I missed you so much." She kissed her cheek. "I love you baby."

Lilith never thought her mommy would say that to her again. She thought her mommy didn't love her anymore. Lilith was very happy that she was wrong. Her mommy still loved her!

That night, Ryder woke up having to go to the bathroom. She slipped out of bed, and made her way to the restroom. Finished with her business, she washed her hands and went to turn off the lights. If she had looked up, she would've seen Rain watching her with a smug smile and black eyes.

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