How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Two

Chapter Two:

Jenna opened her eyes and saw herself, Ryder and the baby in the middle of the woods. How the hell did they get there? Where was her dad? Even though she was happy that she was finally away from her father and that fact that they're were still alive, she was still on alert at the change of setting.

She couldn't fight the feeling of familiarity of the scene before her; trees were no longer standing up, it was as if a bomb went off. She saw from the expression from her best friend that Ryder was thinking the same thing.

"Why does this look familiar?'' Jenna signs looking a little worried.

Ryder shook her head, and was about to speak when her jaw dropped looking at something behind Jenna. Jenna looked to what caught her friend's attention, and couldn't fight the gasp. What they saw shocked yet excited them: a wooden cross sticking out the ground. It was the marker of someone's grave.

They both could recognize that marker anywhere and knew who it belonged to, but they tried to think rationally about what they were seeing. Jenna would not let her dreams of meeting the man she always longed for cloud her logic, when a part of her brain was telling her that what she was seeing in front of her was very real.

''Isn't that-'' Jenna was cut off when a hand shot out of the ground. She would have screamed if she could. Jenna, over the sudden shock, grabbed hold of the hand and started to pull. She already knew whose hand it belonged to, and there was no way she was just going to stand there and watch him get out on his own.

Ryder couldn't do much with the baby in her arms, and there was no way she was going to set her on the ground. She knew Jenna had everything under control, and if this was all real then she knew there wouldn't any danger coming to them anytime soon. Then again last time she checked, her and Jenna weren't in the episode to begin with. All she could do was watch her friend help someone they knew couldn't possibly exist, yet was crawling out of the ground before their eyes.

Both Jenna and Ryder watches as the man breathes in fresh air. Jenna tried her hardest not to smile, for one because she didn't want to be seen as a creep, and second because if this was who they thought he was this man just got out of Hell and it didn't seem like it was the best time to fangirl over the man of your dreams.

As the man got to his feet and looked around, he finally turned his attention to the woman standing before him. "Who are you?" he asked bluntly.

Jenna just stared wide eyed at the man, who she had been in love with for the passed ten years standing before her. She did the only thing she could think of: she closed the gap between them and kissed him. It didn't register to her what she doing until he started kissing her back. She never thought she would ever be able to do this, not because where they came from Dean wasn't a real person, but because she never thought she was up his alley. When she watching Dean on TV, she always felt that he was too good for her. And here she was, kissing him and he was kissing her back!

Ryder just stood there watching her friend making out with the love of her life. She felt like she should be looking away to give them a little privacy, but this was the first time in three years that she had seen her friend genuinely happy, and she wanted to see that. She was thrilled that Dean didn't pull away, because if he did not only would Jenna fall apart from rejection but also depression. It's one thing to fall in love with someone and wish you could be with that person more than anything else in the world, and then get rejected by that very same person are two completely different things.

When they broke apart, Ryder loved the goofy look Dean had(it was times like this she wished she had a camera), and smiled when Jenna blushed. Looking around once more, when a realization hit her, if Dean just got out of Hell then that meant this was season four. And if this was season four and they were in the beginning of season ten then-

''If that's the welcome I get every time I climb out of a hole, I'll start doing that more often,'' Dean smirked. Jenna blushed even more. "What's your name?''

Jenna lowered her head in shame. She hated moments like this, and she wished she could answer him to where he could understand her. Ryder sees her reaction at the question, and decided right then would be the best time to join in. "This is Jenna, I'm Ryder, and this,'' Ryder motions to the sleeping Lilith, "is Lily."

''I'm Dean,'' he says still looking at Jenna. "We should probably look for a rest stop somewhere." He starts to walk away when both girls agreed.

Jenna picked up the baby bag, while Ryder put the carrier in the front and gently put Lilith in. She was surprised that the baby hadn't made too much of a fuss since they got there. She made a note to feed her when they got to the gas station they would inevitably come to.

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