How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty One:

"Answer me!" Ryder yelled when Castiel stayed quiet. Sam went next to her holding her back. He knew how she was when she got mad.

"Yes." Castiel knew there was no point in lying now. He had already messed it all up; he could only face the consequences.

"How long?" asked Jenna. She stood next to Dean feeling so horrible that she couldn't do anything for him. This was something he was going to have to work out with Sam on his own. The only thing she could do is be there for him.


Ryder made sure Lilith wouldn't fall off the bed if she were to roll over. She crept out of the room, and prayed for Castiel. Minutes went by and she was about to give up and go back into the room, when she heard wings behind her.

Castiel saw that Rain had made it to Ryder safely. He just hoped that their plan would work. He didn't want to see her get hurt if this went bad. Castiel knew that Ryder wasn't ready to see Rain, so she just hung back behind Ryder. They shared a look, which told him she was alright.

"What do you want Ms. Ryder?" Castiel asked.


Sam opened up the door to reveal not only the girls, but two men. He freaked out and pulled out his gun pointing them at the men. "Who are you?"

Dean rushed in after hearing his brother yell. Once he saw Castiel, he told his brother who he was. Sam was smiling that he was in the company of angels. He was always a believer, but to be in the same room as an angel was amazing.

Castiel watched as Rain stood in the far corner watching the confrontation between them all. Ever since he agreed to help Rain, he always feared that his brothers and sisters would be able to see passed the illusion he gave her. It took a lot out of him when he did it, but he never regretted his choice.

Ryder could see the way Sam looked when he saw the angels...


Jenna stood up holding Lilith. Castiel seemed to stiffen as she did that. Jenna didn't notice, but Ryder did. She turned to face him, and saw him glaring at Jenna. Please God, don't let him notice, Ryder prayed.

Castiel stiffened as soon as he came into the room. He could feel that Rain was slowly getting taken over. He ignored the demonic child, Joshua told him what God's plans were for the child. Who was he to say otherwise? He wished that he could tell Ryder and the others; maybe they could help her. He looked at Rain in the background. He told her with his eyes that they should tell them, but Rain shook her head. He sighed. Now wasn't the time.

"Ryder and I are marrying Sam and Dean tomorrow, and I was wondering if you would like to come?" Jenna really wanted him to come...


Dean moves to stand in front of Anna, "Hold on. I know she was tapping into your angel radio, but that's not enough to kill her."

Castiel stays silent through it all, instead he looks around the room as if he's trying to locate something. He felt it again. That disturbance in the room. He knew it was here, but he couldn't locate it. He turned his attention to Rain thinking that it was her, but she looked the same. Rain stared at him, and mouthed, "I'm okay." He nodded not quite believing her.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle."


Moving on to a new motel, a flutter of wings were heard by the door. They all turned their attention to their visitor. Or in this case visitors. Castiel and Uriel. By the look on their faces, whatever they were going to say wouldn't be good.

"What do you want?" asked Dean very tired.

Castiel saw that Rain wasn't getting any better, and his suspicions were only confirmed when he saw her eyes kept flickering. He had to do something, and he had to do it soon. Ryder and the others needed to know.

"We have captured Alastair." answered Castiel...


"But? But what?" asked Sam.

"It seems Ryder just went to sleep and didn't wake up." Castiel hoped that Ryder would accept her. He didn't want to send her in there and have her go through all those bad experiences, but he felt that it was the only way. She needed to accept her otherwise all of this was for nothing. Ryder was going to need her just as much as Rain needed Ryder.


Castiel tilt his head in confusion. "Why do you wish to know that?" He looked around the house. Why would she need to know that? He thought Rain told her. He looked at Rain in confusion, but she looked away. What was she doing? "Where are the others?"

Ryder ignored that. "Do you know who this is?" She asked.


That night, Rain looked at the others sleep. Castiel had appeared, and stood next to Rain. "Are you going to tell them?"

Rain shook her head. "No. It's best they don't know. Ryder's going to complete the trials, so what's the point?"

Castiel watched as Rain vanished into Ryder's body. He respected her choice, but that didn't mean he had to like it. What was the point in helping her if she was just going to do this?

(End Flashback)

Ryder couldn't believe this. This whole time, from the moment she met Castiel, he knew she was there. She dropped the angel blade afraid of what she was going to do with it.

"Explain. Now." She said to Rain. Sam could feel her body shaking, and desperately tried to calm her down.

Before Rain would say anything, she looked at Castiel. He understood right away what she wanted. He took down the illusion that he put up almost a year ago. It was the same ones that the angels would put on themselves.

Everyone other than Ryder and Castiel gasped. Rain sighed.

Dean flipped out at what he saw. Out of nowhere, Rain appeared next to Castiel. But that wasn't the part that freaked him out, it was the fact that Rain looked exactly like Ryder. If he didn't know any better, he would've thought they were twins.

Sam on the other hand was intrigued. Yeah they looked the same, but he could just feel which was Ryder. Jenna was just shocked beyond belief.

"Chuck told you that I was your anger in human form, right?" Rain never took her eyes off Ryder. This needed to be said no matter how hard it was going to be. Ryder nodded. "Yes, you do have anger issues beyond the normal person, but what he told you wasn't entirely true."

Ryder felt betrayed. She really liked Chuck from the show, and to know that he lied to her about something this important really hurt her. She couldn't deny that she was becoming very fond of Rain, and to know that what she had believed to be true wasn't really stung.

"What are you talking about?" asked Sam standing next to Ryder. He could feel the betrayal and loneliness around her, and he wanted to make that go away.

"My name is Rain and I'm a demon." She breathed out.

Regardless if they all wanted Ryder to be possessed by a demon, it didn't make it easier when they realize that she was actually possessed by a demon. Dean pulled out Ruby's knife and walked up to her. He was stopped when Castiel stepped in front of her. He looked at the angel feeling betrayal. Castiel felt sad that his friend felt betrayed but sadly he couldn't focus on that. There were more important things to worry about.

"You guys already know that alternate universes are real, but do any of you know the theories behind them?" She felt this was the only way to make them understand.

Sam learned about those in school, "Yeah. Any action that has more than one possible result produces a split in the universe. Therefore there are an infinite number of universe and number of copies of each person."

Rain smiled, "Yes." Yup, Sam really is a nerd, she thought.

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" asked Dean. That sounded interesting and all, but what the hell did it have to do with their situation?

"The copies of each person would look the same in everything physical, but they won't have the same personalities, because they have different experiences." Rain explained. She didn't want to come out and say it; she wanted them to figure it out for themselves.

Ryder was trying to wrap her mind around the situation, but her head was hurting and so was her body. Castiel could see that everyone was tired and transported them back to Bobby's house. Bobby was still asleep so they all sat in the library. Castiel still stood next to Rain protectively.

After some time with no talking, Jenna spoke up. "Are you saying that you're Ryder from this universe?"

Rain sighed. "Yes."

"What the hell?" mumbled Sam.

"How are you a demon?"

"How are you her?"

Question after question was spoken not letting Rain get a word in. Castiel told them to be quiet after so many questions were thrown at her.

"Maybe it would be better to start from the beginning." She took a deep breath. "Before I went to Hell, I was a hunter." No one spoke. "I had a partner." She smiled sadly. "She was my best friend and my wife. Her name was Jennifer. While I was in Hell being tortured into a demon, I heard from the upper level demons that God was bringing a Rain Ryder from another universe to this one.''

"Wait," interrupted Dean. "Why would the demons know what God was doing?"

Before Rain could tell them she didn't know, Castiel spoke up, "God wanted them to know so they could spread it around so it could eventually get to Rain." They all looked at him stunned. "They're demons. It's not like they would believe it. He just needed it to be spread."

"I escaped Hell thinking that you could help me." Rain wasn't ready to ask her yet or at all. "I wasn't there long enough to be a full demon, so I still have some of my humanity left."

"Which is why you cared so much for Lilith when she was taken," assumed Sam. Why else would she have cared? No full demon would care about the life a child. Rain nodded.

"Why did you go to Hell?" asked Jenna.

This part of the story was hard because of why. "Me and Jennifer were hunting a werewolf, and I was distracted by the victim that we were saving. The werewolf was going to attack me, but Jennifer got in the way and was bitten. After killing the werewolf, we had a new problem. Neither of us wanted it, so I had to kill her." Rain let a few tears escape. "I know Ryder and Jenna know this, but just in case you don't,'' she said looking at the brothers, "every monster that is killed doesn't go to Heaven or Hell. They go to Purgatory." She took a moment to collect herself. "I made a deal for her to go to Heaven, and I went to Hell."

"Why not just bring her back to life?" asked Dean thinking about the deal he made for Sam. He didn't think he could've continued if Sam wasn't brought back to him.

Rain shook her head. "If I did that, we would just continue hunting and get killed another way. This way, she's in Heaven. Besides, I would've died anyway whether or not I made the deal." At their confused looks Ryder added, "We're soulmates. We wouldn't be able to live without each other.''

Rain turned her attention to Ryder who had been quiet this whole time throughout her story.

Ryder could feel her eyes on her. She wanted Ryder to say something, but she needed a moment to gather her thoughts. After awhile, "What do you need from me?"

And that was the question Rain had both been dreading and hoping for. What would she say when she asked? Should she ask? After all, Ryder hasn't told brothers the third trial or what would happen afterwards.

So the question is, should she ask or keep quiet?

Rain took a deep breath...

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