How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Three:

Chapter Three:

Coming to a gas station, Jenna couldn't help but be a little nervous of what was to come. She wasn't looking forward to hearing Castiel try and talk to Dean. When she first watched the episode two years ago, she could see how much it hurt Dean. Because of her love for Dean, she put aside her fear and kept following him.

Watching Dean take up the lead, Jenna turned to back to Ryder. "Maybe you should get the car started, so we can get to Bobby's. You know Castiel will be coming to 'talk,' and it might hurt the baby." Jenna signed pointing to the baby currently sleeping.

Ryder nodded. She remembered only special people would be able to hear or see an angel's true form and she doubted she was one of those people. She didn't care whether or not it was just Castiel, she wasn't going to risk Lilith's well being. She may be a terrible person to most people, like when she beat up a group of girls when they were just simply talking shit to her, or when a guy was harassing a girl on her way home, or when a guy touched her ass. Okay, maybe those times she had a reason, but she couldn't deny there were times where she had to do things she wasn't fond of. So she may be cruel to most people, but she wasn't like that to kids or in this case babies whether or not Lilith was hers or not.

Watching Dean break into the closed gas station, she decided to speak up their decision.

"Dean?" He turned to look at her. "I'm going to see if I could get that car over there started." She didn't wait for an answer, but just turned to walk to the car.

Dean didn't ask how she was going to do it, nor was he going to bother asking, after all it wasn't on the top of his to do list. He walked in and immediately went to get a bottle of water and drank half without stopping. He didn't worry so much at the fact that his companions could be demons or monsters, he just needed to start his way to Bobby's and Sam's. Sam. He frowned when his thoughts traveled to his brother. It's been forty years since he last seen his brother, and he really missed him and couldn't wait to see him. He wondered what his brother was doing at the moment. Was he hunting? Was he with Bobby? Was he living 'normal' whatever that was? He just hoped that his brother was alright and alive.

Dean walked over to a sink and washed his face, and when he looked up into the mirror, he couldn't help but stare at his torso. He lifted up his shirt and remembered the Hellhounds clawing him apart when they dragged him to Hell. He remembered his chest was torn to shreds, but looking in the mirror, his chest was the way it was before he died. Putting his shirt down, he felt something in his shoulder. He hesitantly pulled up his sleeve and hissed at the hand print that covered his shoulder. What the hell?! When the hell did that happen?

Jenna filled a bag with snacks for Dean to eat, then put a few bottles of water for him. She saw him staring at himself and when she saw him lift his shirt that bared his entire torso, she couldn't look away. At that very moment, all she wanted to do was touch and caress his skin. She shook her head and went back to getting Dean something to eat since he hadn't eaten in forty years(or four months depending on whose point of view).

Dean saw a newspaper, and when he checked the date his heart skipped a beat. It was only September? It felt so much longer than that. How could it only be four months since he went to Hell? He didn't look any different than he did before his death. His head was beginning to hurt trying to figure out what happened. He threw the newspaper back with the others.

Dean couldn't help but smile at Jenna as she put different types of snacks in a bag. He didn't know why, but he liked her; which was crazy, because not only did he just meet her but he should be thinking about getting to Bobby and Sam. Dean never was one for long term relationships or any relationship for that matter, but he couldn't deny that he wanted someone to call his own. A woman to love him and be loved by him. Even though he's always with some woman or another when he and Sam would go to bars, he really wanted someone just for him. For some unknown reason when he looked at Jenna, he saw that for himself, but he couldn't help but feel that he couldn't ever have nor did he deserve it; especially after what he did. Wanting to divert his thoughts to something else, he spoke up.

"So.. um.. what were you guys doing out there?" He almost regretted ever opening his mouth when he saw the look of embarrassment on her face. She didn't answer him, but just shrugged her shoulders. "What's wrong? Can't you talk?"

Jenna was embarrassed and a little angry. Embarrassed that she couldn't respond to him, even though she wanted nothing more than to talk to the man that captured her heart all those years ago. Angry that a once in a little time chance to speak to her love, she can't respond! She shakes her head slowly, and looks away in shame.

"Oh... well that's okay." But it wasn't, and Dean knew that. He felt a little disappointed that a girl he felt he could like couldn't speak. He went to the register, and opened it to get the money and quarters. It wasn't much, but at least it was something. As he was getting the money out the TV turned on. Jenna began to look around for salt and started to salt the windows and door. She knew it wouldn't do anything, but she didn't want Dean to waste his time for nothing.

Dean was a little suspicious that Jenna was doing the very thing he was going to do himself. His attention brought him to a radio that turned on on its own. Dean was just about to help Jenna salt all the exits, when all of the sudden they heard a pitched noise, which made Dean work even faster.

What the hell was going on? He tried to look out the window and see if he could see the other girl, but he couldn't. Regardless if he only met them, he didn't want them to get hurt. They looked like they could break, and the last thing he needed was for their deaths to be hanging over his shoulders. He moved toward Jenna as much as he could, but when the noise became too unbearable they were both on the ground covering their ears from the painful sound.

When the noise subsided, Jenna got to her feet and thought one thing and one thing only, Castiel lower the volume next time!

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