How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Four:

Chapter Four:

As they both walked out, neither knew what to say so no one did. Dean didn't know what the hell that was, and it wasn't something he was worried about at the moment.

Dean went straight to the payphone. Jenna knew he was going to call Bobby, so she went to stand by Ryder who was smiling at her new baby. Jenna liked seeing that look. It was hardly ever something that she got to see, so when she did she cherished the moment.

She knew Ryder had a hard life on the streets, but she never let that taint their friendship. She was worried that Ryder would never get out of that life. She reminded Jenna of Dean in a way: always putting on mask in front of others to protect herself, and to make sure those weaker would be protected. Always putting herself in danger to protect those who couldn't do it themselves. Although, Ryder never thought Jenna as weak, she still protected her when she could, and Jenna loved it. She believed that Ryder knew she would do the same for her.

"Should we tell Dean who we really are and where we came from? He's bound to know, and you know how he is. Maybe him knowing the truth could be helpful; I mean we are six years ahead of them?" Jenna didn't want to risk being left behind. She really wanted to be with Dean, especially since she knew what he was going through.

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. We should do it before going to Bobby's."

Dean approached the girls after getting off the phone with Bobby. He didn't know why he wanted them to come, but he just didn't want to risk their innocence. He couldn't bring someone into the hunter's life when they had another choice. He really liked Jenna, but he felt it would be better to not have matter how badly he wanted it.

"Okay, I have to go see a friend of mine. So, is there anywhere I can drop you off?"

Jenna nodded to Ryder. She wanted to say it herself, but due to Dean's lack of knowledge of sign language she let Ryder take the lead. "Yeah, we're going with you." She said in a forceful tone.

Dean shook his head, "No. I can't have you guys tagging along. What I do is very dangerous."

Ryder scoffed. Dangerous? Please, if anything this was too easy. "We can help."

Dean stepped back a little. "How can you help?" He looked the girls up and down, and he couldn't understand how they could help. They were just two fragile looking girls and a baby.

"We don't know how it happened, but we come from an alternate universe where you and your brother Sam's lives are a TV show." Ryder wasn't known to beat around the bush. If she needed to say something, she'd say it. Jenna didn't like that about her, because it tended to get her into trouble.

"Seriously? You expect me to believe that?" Dean didn't know what else to say. A TV show?! Who would watch their lives? If that were true, then the show must really suck.

"Yes. The show is called Supernatural and it started in 2005 with you going to pick up Sam from Stanford needing help looking for John. You come across a hunt of a Woman in White. Then when Sam goes back to Stanford, Jessica dies the same way your mother did, " Dean's jaw clenches. Ryder notices but continues, "The rest of the season is you guys looking for your father. Season two starts off with your father dying, and the rest you guys are looking for the YED. You then make a deal to save Sam...thank you for that by the way. Season three is where Sam tries to break your contract, obviously in the end, you still condolences."

Dean didn't know what to make of the girls who stood before him. What the hell was going on? He goes to Hell for forty years and the world has gone nuts! He rubs his forehead in frustration. He didn't have time for this; he really needed to get to Bobby's and find Sam.

Before Dean could respond to that, Ryder spoke up, "And we can be helpful because according to the timelines, right now we're in the beginning of season four where you come back from Hell. Where we come from we're at the start of season ten." At the look of confusion on Dean's face, she sighs and begins to explain. "Every season is in the time frame of one year. So if this is season four and we're in the beginning of season ten, then-"

Dean realizes where she was going, "Then you know what'll happen."

Ryder nods in relief, "Yes, so let's go to Bobby's. You should have been on your way already." They all pile in the car and set off.

Arriving at Bobby's house was exciting and entertaining. The confrontation was exactly like it was in the episode. After proving they weren't demons or any other creature, they sat in the library discussing on theories about what brought Dean out of Hell. Ryder was going to tell them, but Dean and Bobby wanted to do things on their own. They all agreed that Ryder only tell them when it's deem necessary, and she was more than willing to oblige.

When Dean and Bobby found the location of Sam, and much arguments from Ryder(concerning the baby and their safety which snickered at), they all drove in a car and set out to see Sam Winchester.

Coming to the motel room, Ryder had forgotten that a certain black eyed bitch was in there with the love of her life. She held the baby in her arms(she left the carrier at Bobby's) so she wouldn't attack. Jenna could see the restraint Ryder was trying to maintain, since they knew what would happen if Sam were to continue seeing her. And if she knew Ryder as well she thought she did, she knew she would do anything she could to prevent both Ruby manipulating Sam, and the damage it would cause his and Dean's relationship.

While Bobby was trying to restrain Sam from killing Dean, Ryder couldn't stop glaring at Ruby. At the moment, Ryder didn't care if Sam got upset, because he'd eventually get over it. Ryder wasn't going to just stand around waiting for the events she and Jenna saw happen when they knew what it'll bring. As Ruby was leaving, Ryder couldn't let her go without her knowing that someone knew what she's up to.

Bobby Dean and Sam talked about Sam making a deal to bring Dean back, and Ryder held Lily trying to control her anger. Jenna could tell by the look on her best friend's face and could see that it was literally causing her pain by just sitting there doing nothing. Where they came from, Sam may have been a fictional character, but to Ryder he was real. He basically saved her from turning down the wrong path. It may seem strange to some people, but the way she was, Supernatural did more than entertain her. So to see Ruby act like no one knew what she was really up to hurt Ryder more than she'll ever admit.

Jenna sighed. As much as she hated what Ryder was going to do, she knew this had to be done. She looked at Ryder and gave her the look that said, "Do what you have to do, but be careful." Ryder nodded her thanks and gave her Lily.

Dean Sam Bobby and Jenna saw Ryder walk out the room without so much as a goodbye.

"Is everything okay Jen?" asked Dean. Her heart skipped a beat at the name for her.

Jenna simply nodded her head. It wasn't a complete lie. Everything will be okay, she just didn't know when. Jenna knew exactly what was going to happen when Ryder caught up with Ruby, she just hoped there wasn't too much damage...for Ruby; otherwise it'll be suspicious.

Ryder walked down the hall, and at first she thought Ruby already left, but in the end she caught up with her. What was the name that she used? Kathy? Kristen! Christie! "Christie?" She didn't want to give herself away too soon.

Ruby turns around and when she sees it's the girl that came to see Sam, she played nice. "Yes?"

Oh, that's how it's going to be. Well, I can play too. "I was just wondering how you know Sam? I went to college with him, and I had a little crush on him, so I was wondering if you two were..." she trailed off.

Ruby tensed at that. She didn't need some college whore distracting Sam. "Oh, well we met at a bar, and we kinda hit it off. We're together though, sorry."

Ryder could easily see through that lie, and smiled sadly. "Oh, what a shame." Ryder really wanted to punch her, and it took all her willpower to remain calm.

Ruby tried to shrug innocently, and if it wasn't for the fact that Ryder knew her, she would've believed it. "Well, I have to go, but it was nice meeting you." She turned to leave, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

Fun's over. "I don't think so, Ruby." Ryder spoke in a cold voice.

Ruby tensed. She turned around and looked at the girl in confusion. How did she know who she was? "Who are you?" she said in an equally cold voice, but it had little to no effect.

Ryder smirked, "Your worst fucking nightmare!" And with that Ryder punched her hard in the face knocking her to the ground.

Ruby caught off guard just stared back at the girl. She looked at her up and down, and didn't take her for a fighter. The girl had no muscle, so therefore wouldn't last long...especially against a demon. That punch was a lucky shot. She stood up and dropped her jacket on the ground taking her stance. "What the hell is your problem?" She didn't wait for an answer, and threw her own punch which hit its target. She smirked. Not so tough.

When in a fight, Ryder was a whole new person. Jenna was the only known person to draw her out of her element once she was in, and since she wasn't here Ryder could be herself. She tended to have her opponent think they could get the upper hand, it made it all the more fun. (Insert fight here).

Ruby laid on the ground in more pain than she'll ever admit to anyone. "I know what you're doing to Sam, and if you don't back off I will not hesitate to kill you. In fact, I'm looking forward to it."

Ruby scoffed, "What? You think you can kill me? Sam would never give you the knife to kill me." Who did this whore think she was? There was no other weapon on earth that can kill a demon unless it was her knife, and she knew that Sam would never give it to her. Sam was hooked, and that was the way Ruby wanted it to stay. She slowly got to her feet and leaned against the wall in pain.

Ryder smiled wickedly, "Do you honestly believe that your pathetic excuse for a knife is the only weapon that can kill demons, bitch?" I'm from season ten, I know my shit!

Ruby looked at her wide eyed. What the hell was she talking about?

"I'll give you this one warning, stay away from Sam." She stood up closer almost nose to nose, and all Ruby could see was murder in her eyes, "If you come anywhere near him Dean or Bobby, the least of your problems is what brought Dean back, because you'll have me to deal with!"

With one last shove to the ground and a heavy kick to the face, Ryder walked off like nothing ever happened.

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