How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Five

Chapter Five:

Back in the motel room, Jenna bounced Lily on her knee. She was very worried, not about Ryder's well being, but if she killed Ruby before telling Sam the truth, it'll be pointless. Minutes later, all four adults looked to the door opening revealing Ryder. Jenna could see she had a busted lip and her holding her side. If she were anyone else, she wouldn't have noticed her doing it. Oh good, Ruby didn't hurt her that bad. She sighed in relief. She knew Ryder was an excellent fighter, but she was a little worried about her going up against a demon.

"What happened to you?" asked Dean seeing her lip.

Ryder waved him off, "Nothing, just got into a little scuffle."

She turned to look at Sam drinking his beer. She instantly felt butterflies, and couldn't fight the smile on her face. She tried not to make it too obvious, but she tried to fix her hair, and clothes. Have to make a good first impression. Dean noticed and smirked.

"Hello, Sam." She tried to keep her cool, but was failing miserably. She may be tough on the outside, but nevertheless she was still a woman standing in front of a man she loved.

Sam looked up to the face the voice belonged to, and he sat there staring. She was beautiful. He examined her, and liked what he saw. She was thin yet toned. Her black wavy hair reached her lower back with a red bandana, wore a white wife beater, black skinny jeans and combat boots. He could see she had a tattoo on her wrist covered by bracelets. She had sparkling green eyes, that somewhat reminded him of Dean.

"You know me?" Sam asked.

Ryder smirked. Oh baby, you have no idea. She looked at Dean and Bobby for their opinion on if she should tell him. When they nodded, she began the story leaving out the results passed the first episode of season four.

Sam was beyond confused, and a little weirded out at the fact that people all over the world knew about their lives. A small part of him was a little flattered that people actually watch the show. He also agreed that Ryder only tell them when she really needed to. He understood that if they knew too much, it could change things and not for the better.

"I know a psychic. She's a few hours out, so maybe she's heard something on the other side," Bobby said getting to his feet.

"Yeah, let's go see her." Dean agreed taking a swig from his beer. He looked at Jenna playing with Ryder's baby, and smiled. She was a very beautiful woman. If he wasn't so messed up with what happened to him in Hell, he would totally want to get to know her. He wasn't usually one to go for relationships, but with her it seemed he could make an exception.

Jenna was playing with the baby, when Lily began to cry. Jenna was a little worried, but then relaxed when she smelled that she needed a change so gave her to Ryder. At her look of confusion, she motioned to her diaper. Ryder nodded and went to the bathroom to change her. When she left the room, something registered to her what Bobby said. 'I know a psychic.' Pamela!

As Ryder was changing Lilith's diaper, she couldn't help but be a little worried. If they knew the outcome to the situations the boys would be in, should they change those outcomes? Would it damage their future? If it was up to her, she wouldn't hesitate to stop it. If they tried to change the results, would the apocalypse still happen? Maybe if it doesn't happen, then Lucifer won't break free, and Sam won't go to Hell! She really didn't want him to go, because she really didn't like Soulless Sam. He was kind of a dick.

Ryder went back out to the rest of the group and saw that everyone was already packed, save her and Jenna. Now that she thought about it, they really needed clothes and the works. Lilith would need more things, but she would be fine for the time being. As they were leaving, she could see that Dean was wearing the Samulet. She smiled. It was back where it belonged.

As they left the motel, Ryder and Jenna gawked at the Metallicar sitting in the parking lot. She was more beautiful in person. They went so far as to start caressing the car.

Dean smirked. He knew there was a reason he liked the girls. "We don't have a car seat for the kid." Dean informed the girls. He didn't mind so much for the baby to ride in his car, he just couldn't help worry for her safety.

Ryder frowned at the realization. Damn! Well, they'll just have to make do. "It's okay. She'll be fine." She hoped.

Arriving at Pamela's house, Jenna couldn't help but be a little nervous. She knew what was going to happen to her, and she didn't want it to. Maybe they could stop her from doing the seance all together? She shook her head. The people in this universe were too damn stubborn to listen.

"Dean Winchester," Pamela said smiling at Dean(which Jenna didn't like), "out of the fire and back in the frying pan. Makes you a rare individual."

"If you say so." Dean really didn't want to think too much of his trip downstairs. It was bad enough he remembered everything that was both done to him and by him. The last thing he needed was for someone else to remind him, but he doubted that would happen anytime soon.

They all walked in and while Pamela was setting everything up, Sam watched Ryder mumble to a quiet Lily. He found it quite odd that the baby hardly made any noise. He would've guessed that a baby her age would be too loud and irritating, but she was too quiet. He turned his attention to Ryder. In the short time that he knew her, he really liked her. He blushed a little when Ryder caught him staring, and when she smiled back his heart skipped a beat.

"What are you staring at?'' she asked flirtatiously. Ryder really wanted to get to know him, not just the Sam that she had known for the past ten years, but the real Sam Winchester. Now was her chance, and she was all the more thrilled to take it.

Before he could think about it, "You." It was Ryder's turn to blush, and Sam loved it. He felt daring at the moment, and he didn't know where it came from, nor was he going to worry about it. He stepped closer to her. "So when you were watching the show, who'd you like better?"

Ryder could tell what Sam was doing, and she loved every moment of it. The show sure didn't make it seem that Sam could be bold. "Hmm, I don't know. I mean Dean is a very good looking man, and he has a nice body but, "she stepped closer to him, "I'm all for Sam." Just as their lips were about to touch, someone decided to clear their throat and ruin the moment. And who else would do that, but Dean Winchester.

Both Sam and Ryder glared at Dean, and he smiled innocently, "We're ready to start."

Ryder was the only one that sat out of the seance, because she had to hold onto Lilith. She wasn't the seance type, so she didn't complain. She was worried for Pamela, but when they suggested not to do it to her, she dismissed them. Ryder growled, Damn stubborn people!

As the seance progressed, and Pamela finally made contact with Castiel. She was warned to back off, but knowing Pamela she ignored it.

"Pamela, I really think you should listen to him." Ryder warned. She held onto Lilith a little tighter, but not enough to hurt her. Lilith began to cry at the loud noises, which made Ryder all the more protective even though she knew nothing would happen.

Jenna's heart picked up speed the closer they got to the climax. She really didn't want it to happen, and when she looked at Ryder trying to comfort Lilith she knew she was on her own. She had to think of something quick. She looked at the everyone's joined hands and figured the seance only worked when everyone joined hands to keep the connection going. So acting in desperation, she broke her hands off from the Dean's and Pamela's hands, everything settled. She sighed in relief. Pamela wasn't blind, but was a little pissed at her. Right now she didn't care.

"What the hell was that? Why did you break off the connection? I almost had him!" Pamela yelled at Jenna.

Jenna wasn't for being yelled at, but do to her disability all she could do was take it. Ryder on the other hand wasn't the type, especially when it came to her friend. Ryder knew that Jenna could handle her own, but when she's being yelled at all Jenna could see was her father.

Ryder was just about to help her, but was beaten by Dean. She was normally the one to save her, but she was willing to let Dean do it. Jenna needed that, and Ryder was going to give it to her.

"Pamela, don't yell at her. She did what she had to, because you weren't listening when this Castiel person told you to turn back. For all we know something bad could've happened if she didn't." He grabbed Jenna's hand, and steered her outside to his baby.

Ryder smiled. She would've done more, but nevertheless she was satisfied. Jenna on the other hand was going to burst with happiness. She loved that Dean stuck up for her, and was thinking getting yelled was almost worth it. She was glad Ryder didn't step in, even though she really wanted to.

Bobby said his goodbyes, and went to his car. After telling them to head to his house, he drove off. He felt very uncomfortable in the house during the confrontation. He was a little disappointed at the way Pamela dealt with the situation, but was a little proud that Dean stuck up for the girl. He may be old, but he ain't stupid. He could see the way they looked at each other. Same with Sam and Ryder. He didn't know what it was, but he had this very strange feeling that something was up with Sam. Him being a hunter for some time now, he knew it wasn't good. He could tell the girls would do the boys some good. All he had to do was wait for them to get together, and the way things are going it won't be long.

On the drive back to Bobby's, Dean and Jenna sat up front listening to his music. Jenna enjoyed it, because regardless if Dean didn't have the greatest voice in the world, she loved it all the same. In her opinion, he had the most beautiful voice.

"So," Sam said breaking the silence between the two, "is she yours?" He wanted to hit himself. Stupid question, of course she's hers.

Ryder smiled, "She is now." Ryder may not have been to thrilled that someone gave her a child at first, but she was happy. She never thought she would be in the position she was in, but now that she was she couldn't picture herself without Lilith. It didn't matter if it was only two days since she got her, Ryder wasn't ever going to give her up.

Sam tilt his head in confusion, "What do you mean?"

Ryder took in a deep breath and told him about the events leading up to their arrival. "And that's when we came to Dean's gravesite."

"Wait, so someone you don't know leaves a baby for you to take care of, and then something else brings you to a world you thought was fictional?" Sam asked wanting to clarify what he was just told.

Ryder turned her attention back to Lilith. When he says it like that, it does sound strange. Oh well. She shrugged her shoulders. "Yup, that's about it." She knew something was strange about the whole situation, but she got over it. Lilith was hers, and no one was going to take her from her. Not even the child's parents, or whoever brought her Lilith.

"So your Team Sam, huh?" Sam said wanting to change the topic. He really liked her, and wanted to do something about it.

Ryder couldn't fight the smile, "Go Team."

Sam turned his body to face hers, and he reached out to touch her cheek turning it to face him. She looked into his eyes, and Sam could see her eyes glisten with happiness...all because of him. He liked that she looked at him like that. Ignoring the fact that his brother and her friend were in the front seat or the fact that Ryder was holding a baby, he leaned in. He didn't notice Dean had stopped singing and looking at them through the rear view mirror.

Ryder noticed what he was doing, and changed Lilith's position so she could lean into kiss Sam without hurting her. They were mere inches from each other when Lilith began to cry. Both Ryder and Sam groaned. So close.

Ryder smiled, "Baby, I thought you were on mommy's side." The only response she got were giggles from the once crying child in her arms. "Sneaky Lily."

Well Lilith may have ruined the moment for them, but they were determined to get it back, and they were looking forward to it.

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