How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Six

Chapter Six:

Back at Bobby's, Sam and Dean were reading the books Bobby had. Dean was getting hungry and asked Sam if he could go get something to eat(including the pie!). Ryder was too busy playing with Lilith to have heard Dean's request for food, and Jenna wasn't about to say anything. She wasn't in the mood for Ryder to get angry.

Jenna hated the fact that she couldn't talk to Dean. She was very frustrated with this whole thing. Why is it every time something remotely good happens, something bad has to come with it? This was her dream, to finally talk with the man she fell in love with all those years ago. Now that she was here, he couldn't understand her. She wanted to go up to Dean and talk, but do to her incapability and his lack of sign language she couldn't. She thought about writing down what she wanted to say, but that would take way too long.

She admitted defeat and went to keep Ryder company. Ryder could see that something was bothering Jenna, and even though she hid her feelings very well, Ryder could see right through it. She wasn't her best friend for nothing. She didn't want Bobby to hear their conversation so she whispered,

"What's wrong?" Before Jenna could deny anything, Ryder continued, "And don't say nothing. I know you."

Jenna sighed. "I just hate that I can't talk to Dean. I mean, here he is, and he can't understand me. I don't want to have to just write what I need to say to him."

Ryder frowned. She had a feeling that that was the problem. Jenna always was insecure about her lack of speech, and it hurt her that her friend's love couldn't understand her. Hmm, she thought. She smirked to herself, Perfect!

She cleared her facial expression, "I know it's hard, but we'll think of something."

Lilith sat up and started pulling on Ryder's necklace. Jenna smiled. She felt a little jealous of her friend, because not only does she get to talk to the man she fell in love with, but she also gets a baby. When does she get something out of this whole situation?

"So, are you going to tell me what happened with Ruby?" Jenna was curious ever since they were all back at the motel room.

Ryder smiled innocently, "Nothing. I just told her to stay away from Sam." She put Lilith on the floor so she can crawl around, not before making sure there wasn't anything around that could harm her.

"Yeah right. From the cut on your lip, I say there was more to it than that." Jenna laughed silently. "How bad?"

Ryder may get into fights more than the average person, but she wasn't for bragging even though she always won her fights. She learned a long time ago, if she couldn't stop fighting at least talk about it. And so she did, she explained everything that happened, and when she was done Jenna was stunned. She knew Ryder could fight, and she's even seen a few fights, but the way she explained it she could tell Ryder was pissed off. Sam better consider himself lucky, Jenna thought.

As they sat there watching Lilith crawl around, the front door opened to Sam walking in. Him walking in, Ryder remembered that Sam went to the gas station and caught up with Ruby. Both Ryder and Jenna knew that Ruby wouldn't give up too easily even with getting her ass kicked by a human, and Ryder couldn't help but be happy with that. Because if Ruby ignored her warning, than Ryder can get her chance to finally killing the black eyed bitch!

Dean closed his book in frustration. He couldn't find anything that was helpful. He decided that now was the time to summon the damn thing. Whatever brought him back he was finally going to confront it. He was done waiting for it to come looking for him. Dean hated being in the dark, and even more when it was about him. Don't get him wrong, he was grateful he was out of the pit, but he still would like to know who brought him back and why. He didn't like thinking of Hell and what happened, but it wasn't something you could forget. The pain that he felt wouldn't go away no matter how hard he tried. He shook his head clearing his thoughts and called,


Bobby and Dean left the yard with Jenna, even though Dean didn't want her to come. But after much convincing from Ryder, he agreed. As much as Ryder wanted to go meet Castiel, she had to decided to stay at Bobby's. She didn't want to give Sam the opportunity to go meet Ruby, and also the fact that it was getting late for Lilith.

Sitting around the empty barn waiting for Castiel to show up, Jenna examined the symbols drawn around. The show didn't really allow her to get a good look at most of the symbols. Some of them she knew, most she didn't.

"Are you sure you did the spell right?" asked an impatient Dean playing with his knife. Bobby just glared at him, which Jenna smiled at. It was one thing to watch it on TV, it was another thing watching it in person.

Then right on time, the barn doors opened up. Jenna's heart began to beat fast as Castiel walked in looking like a total bad ass. She tilt her head, Damn, he's fine.

Dean moved in front of Jenna pointing his gun at Castiel along with Bobby. She wanted to tell him not to, but knew it wouldn't do anything even if she could talk. Winchesters were too damn stubborn.

Bobby and Dean opened fired, and when that didn't do anything Dean went for Ruby's knife.

"Who are you?" asked Dean readying his knife.

"I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition," Castiel said in a monotone voice.

"Thanks for that." Dean stabbed him in the heart, and Jenna cringed at that. Poor Jimmy.

Castiel knocked out Bobby when he went to hit him with a crowbar. Castiel looked at Jenna and smiled. Jenna couldn't help but blush. He turned his attention to Dean. "We need to talk Dean; you as well Jenna."

Wow, she thought, didn't see that coming.

Ryder played with Lilith after feeding and changing her. She never thought she would love being a mother. She didn't think it mattered at this point she wasn't hers. In fact, she didn't even acknowledge it. Lilith was hers.

"Momma." Ryder gasped. She said her first word! And it was momma.

"You said your first word!" Ryder kissed Lilith on the cheek and tickled her, earning giggles. After the tickle attack, Lilith yawned. "Someone's tired." She looked around, and heard the shower still on with Sam in it. She wasn't the type to sing, let alone lullabies. She did remember a song that she liked to listen to back in her own reality. "Don't laugh at mommy, I don't have the greatest voice."

As she was singing the melody, Lilith's eyes drooped and eventually closed. Ryder didn't know it would work, but she was proud of herself. She didn't notice Sam standing in the doorway to her and Jenna's room. He smiled and couldn't help but be happy. He was going to go see Ruby, but when Ryder said that she would stay he couldn't help but stay as well.

Ryder walked out the room quietly closing the door. She had almost forgotten to grab the baby monitor Bobby had found for her. She turned to go downstairs when she ran into Sam. She looked up and smiled.

"Is Lily asleep?" Sam asked edging closer. He liked the baby, but was glad that he finally got a moment alone with Ryder. She nodded. "Good." He leaned in, and was almost worried that she changed her mind about kissing him. The worry went right out the window when she kissed him back. At that moment, they both thought the same thing, Finally!

They kissed for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes. Both broke apart, and both had huge grins on their faces. The kiss wasn't what they were expecting, it was more.

"That was amazing!" Ryder gleamed. "I know you've only known me for a short period, so please don't freak out. I've been in love with you for ten years, and I want nothing more than to get to know the real you." She looked away afraid that she would see him get weirded out. She was never able to open up to anyone other than Jenna.

Sam didn't know what to say. He really liked her, maybe one day even love her. He felt happy that someone could feel so strongly for him, and a little sad. He didn't want anyone to love him, because of what he did in the past, and what he's doing now; he didn't deserve it. He looked at Ryder and could see that she meant every word, so maybe he can try.

He grabbed her chin so she could look at him, "Thank you. I feel like I could love you one day, so how about we start off with me really liking you?" She smiled, and they went back to making out.

It wasn't like she expected him to fall in love with her right away, because if he did she would call bullshit. She was just thrilled that he liked her at all.

"How do you know her? Who are you?" demanded Dean putting himself in between Castiel and Jenna and even holding her hand. He didn't realize he did it, but Jenna did. Just holding her hand, she felt like she would burst with happiness. She felt the warmth of his hand, and she never wanted to let go.

"My name is Castiel." Castiel said looking around at the tools they had brought.

"I figured that much. What are you?"

Castiel turned to look at Dean, "I'm an angel of the Lord." He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"There's no such thing, so who are you really?"

"This is your problem Dean, you have no faith." Lightning struck showing the shadows of Castiel's wings.

Seeing his wings was an incredible experience for Jenna. She never thought seeing its shadows would ever make her feel happy. She knew very well that God and the angels in this world weren't at all like how she believed them to be, but nevertheless it was still an amazing feeling to see an angel.

Dean on the other hand was scared. He remembered what his dad told him; never let your enemy know you were afraid. He was never one to believe in angels, and he wasn't about to believe this one just because it said was an angel. He wasn't stupid. If he took every creature he ever came across' word, he would've failed as a hunter long ago.

"Why would an angel rescue me from Hell?" Dean didn't understand why an angel would rescue him of all the souls in Hell. There were thousands of others that deserved to be saved more than him, so why?

"Good things do happen," Castiel said. He didn't know why Dean would question him, shouldn't he be happy to be out of Hell?

"Not in my experience." Dean spit out.

Jenna didn't like where this was going. She knew Dean didn't feel like he should be saved, and it was hard to watch it happening in front of her. She wanted Dean to know he deserved to be saved as much as the next person. It was bad enough when Castiel asked him only to have Dean confirm it when he didn't respond.

"God has work for you. As for Sam, Jenna, and Ryder."

"What work?"

"You have already learned that the apocalypse is coming. The seals that are keeping Lucifer imprisoned are being broken by Lilith."

"Lilith? As in the Lilith that held my contract?" asked Dean. He really wanted that bitch killed for what happened to him, and for her wanting to kill Sam.

"Yes. Up until recently we were keeping tabs on her, trying to protect as many seals as we could."

"What do you mean 'until recently?'"

"A little over a week ago, Lilith dropped off the radar. We were unable to locate her, yet the seals are still being broken. God commanded you to be saved not only to help stop the seals, but to find Lilith. It is important that she be found." With that Castiel vanished.

After Castiel left, Jenna watched as Dean sat on the table looking at nothing as she went to wake Bobby. Bobby went to pack up the car. He could tell that Dean needed a moment after whatever happened. Jenna went to go help him, but he shook his head saying he had it.

Jenna went to stand in front of Dean wanting to say something, but couldn't. She did the only thing she could think of. Since she could speak to where he'd understand, she'd use another sense. She reached out to touch his cheek, and when he looked her in the eyes, she moved closer. They went into to each other, and felt the touch of the other's lips. And it was beyond any words either could come up with.

Bobby walked back in, and stopped at the sight before him. He walked back out shaking his head. Idjits.

Somewhere in a diner, a certain demon was growing angry that Sam wasn't there to meet her. Where the hell is he? She was still in some pain from her fight with that bitch that has her sight on her possession. Sam was hers, and she wasn't going to let anyone take him away. After all she needed him for her end goals.

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