How Do You Love Someone

Chapter Seven:

Chapter Seven:

Dean was getting stir crazy with being cooped up in the house, so they all agreed to go find a hunt. He didn't like the idea of a baby coming with them, he had argued his concerns. He was outnumbered when everyone agreed that she would be fine. Ryder wasn't going to stay put, and there was no way she was going to leave Lilith with anyone.

They had finally let the girls go shopping for more clothes, and things for Lilith. After being in the same clothes for the passed few days, they were more than happy to go. Sam and Dean had to go along with them, because there was no way Dean was going to let either of them drive his baby. And he wasn't going to be by himself while the girls went shopping. He needed someone to rant to.

Jenna found it funny that Dean had so much love for his car, and found it even more funny that she felt a little jealous. Wow, aren't I just messed up.

Stopping at a motel for the night, Sam went out to get food.

Once their shopping was done(Dean and Sam being thrilled), they came back to their motel room. Sam wanting to be cozy with his new girlfriend, but had to accept that Lilith was also apart of the package. He didn't have a problem with it, and even found himself enjoying it. It hurt him, because although he was in a relationship with Ryder, he couldn't help but think about Ruby. Would it be wrong to keep things going with Ruby when he was dating Ryder? Would that be considered cheating? After all, she was helping him with his powers, and he was saving people. That's what he wanted, and with his powers improving, he could finally get stronger to kill Lilith. That was the most important thing he wanted to do; kill Lilith for what she did to his brother.

Dean was pissed off. He was angry that the bitch that held his contract wasn't able to be found. Where the hell was she? And why couldn't the angels find her? If she was gone, then who was breaking the seals? He had so many questions, and there was no one around to answer them. He took a deep breath, he didn't want his anger to get the better of him. He hated this. Not only does he have to deal with knowing what happened in Hell, but now he has to worry about finding Lilith and stopping the seals from breaking. Why couldn't things be simple?!

Jenna couldn't stop thinking about the kiss she shared with Dean. She wasn't going to get her hopes up that they were now a couple. The brothers had other things to worry about. But could she really be at fault for wanting something more to happen? She looked at Dean, and could tell that he was in deep thought. No doubt he's thinking about the seals and Lilith. She knew from watching the show, he wouldn't be able to handle a relationship right now. He would think he didn't deserve her, and if she was honest with herself, she thought the very same thing.

Ryder could feel the tension in the room, and she didn't like it. She put on a smile and played with Lilith. After hearing about what Castiel said, she had this strange feeling. She looked at her daughter, and frowned. She hoped she was wrong, but the thought wouldn't leave her. She didn't want to think about the possibility, but it was too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Ryder hoped that none of the others came to the same conclusion, because that would mean trouble for her.

She loved that her and Jenna were brought here, but there had to be a reason why other than what Castiel said, right?

Eventually all five went to sleep, with Sam Ryder and Lilith sleeping in one bed, and Jenna and Dean in the other. Dean was a little hesitant, but he was happy nonetheless. Normally he would go for it, but he didn't for two reasons. One was because he liked her too much for a quickie, and two because his brother, Ryder and a baby were in the bed next to them. So that put a damper on the mood.

He fell asleep holding Jenna both with a smile on their faces.

The door opened and closed quietly, and all she could feel was anger and sadness. She sighed, "Oh Sam."

Ryder couldn't go back to sleep for she had too much on her mind. One was the information Castiel gave her and the rest was Sam. All she could think about was telling him about Ruby. Would it be so wrong? All she wanted to do was beat her ass then kill her, but would it be right to do that without telling Sam the truth?

Ryder jumped slightly at the sudden movement and saw that Jenna was awake. "Can't sleep either?" Ryder shook her head. Jenna looked to the bed and saw that Sam was gone. She sighed.

"He's gone."

"Do you want to tell him?" Jenna could see her friend hurting and she didn't like it.

"Yeah, I do, but what if it does more bad than good?" She loved Sam, and didn't want to see the brothers' relationship to go down like how they saw. She loved the brothers too much.

"If your not sure, call Cas. Maybe he can help."

"That's a good idea, but he's not how he was in season ten. Season four Castiel was just a soldier, nothing else."

"But you know he has questions, doubts. We know a lot, maybe what we know can not only help the brothers, but him too."

"Did anyone ever tell you ladies that it's strange to hear a one sided conversation between two people?" asked a voice next to Jenna.

They both jumped then chuckled.

"No more strange than to see two brothers have a silent conversation," Ryder countered.

"Where's Sam?" Dean asked sleepily.

Both women shared a look, then Ryder cleared her throat, "He went to the store. I was craving something, and he offered to go for me."

Dean didn't say anything else but went back to sleep. Jenna gave Ryder a look that she interpreted as Do what you feel is best. Ryder smirked. Sam and Dean aren't the only ones that can have a silent conversation, but nodded anyway.

Ryder made sure Lilith wouldn't fall off the bed if she were to roll over. She crept out of the room, and prayed for Castiel. Minutes went by and she was about to give up and go back into the room, when she heard wings behind her.

"What do you want Ryder?" Castiel asked.

Wow, she thought, he is more sexy in person. She cleared her throat. "I need a favor." She figured being blunt would be better.

Castiel tilt his head in confusion. "What favor would that be?"

"Well, I need two things from you, and I'll give you important information regarding the apocalypse in return."

Castiel stepped closer to her, "What information?"

"Information regarding two angels by the names of Uriel, and Zachariah." Getting them out of the way would help the brothers out very much. They were two angels they didn't need around.

"What about them?" Castiel didn't understand what they had to do with anything. He knew that the girls were from the future in another universe, but he didn't understand where she was going with this.

"Both angels want the apocalypse to happen. Uriel kills angels that don't want Lucifer freed. He'll try to kill you too. Zachariah is just a plain dick who will stop at nothing for Sam and Dean to play their roles if the apocalypse happens. He'll go so far as to hurt them, both physically and emotionally." She thought about when Zachariah showed them his mother when they died and went to Heaven. "They get killed anyway, so get rid of them and it'll save us a whole lot of trouble."

Castiel thought over what he's been told. He looked her in the eyes and knew she was telling the truth. He couldn't help but feel angry with his brothers. He nodded. "What do you want?"

"I need you to help Jenna. Her vocal cords were damaged a few years ago, I need you to heal her. She's been through a lot. You want our help, fine, because there isn't anything we wouldn't do for you. All she wants to do is to be able to talk to the man she loves."

"Fine. What's the other thing you need?"

Ryder smirked.

The next morning, Dean and Jenna woke to Lilith crying. They groaned. Neither wanted to get up, but when the crying continued, they had no choice.

"Jenna you can get the next shower. I just took mine, " Ryder said changing Lilith. She smiled waiting for it to happen, and she didn't have to wait long.

Jenna not even knowing until it happened, "Okay, thanks." Both Jenna and Dean were too stunned to even move. Dean staring at Jenna and Jenna staring at Ryder, both in disbelief. All Ryder could do at that point was chuckle picking up Lilith.

"What's wrong?" she asked innocently.

Jenna opened her mouth, not to sure she actually spoke. "How?" She hadn't heard her voice in so many years, it was a strange sound.

"You can talk! That's fantastic, " Dean said hugging her.

"Cas healed you. So thank him." She smiled big seeing her friend talk nonstop to Dean. Unfortunately it left her face when the door opened to reveal Sam. She loved Sam, but was hurt that he acted like nothing was out of the ordinary.

"Sam! I can talk!" Jenna yelled and then running to hug Sam. She was so happy she got her voice back. Thank you Cas! she prayed.

Sam hugged her back, "That's great. How?"

"Castiel did it."

"I don't mean to interrupt, but Jenna can you feed Lilith? I need to speak with Sam." She said the last part glaring at Sam. She didn't care if Sam got upset, all she cared about was him and Dean's relationship. It wouldn't do them any good if season five played out.

Jenna could tell by the look on her face that it wasn't going to be good. She held out her hands for Lilith and watched Sam and Ryder walk out the door.

Dean wrapped his arms around Jenna and smiled. He loved the sound of her voice, and was happy to finally hear it. Thank you, Castiel. He kissed her cheek and smiled at the baby.

"Morning Lily." He stroked her cheek, and she latched onto his finger giggling.

Sam closed the door to their motel room. He was a little nervous what Ryder wanted to talk about. He could see she was pissed off, he just didn't need know why. By the look on her face, he didn't think he wanted to know. But he decided to man up, and face what she had to say. It couldn't be that bad, right?

"What's wrong?"

Ryder stayed quiet for a minute, and looked at him dead in the eye. "We need to talk?"

Sam gulped. Isn't that what someone says when they want to break up? He didn't want to break up. They just got together, and he really liked her. "About what?"

She could see the fear in his eyes, and even though she loved him that's what she wanted to see. "About Ruby."

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