Smoke on the Horizon

XXX. Jason


They all agreed they needed to get off that island quick when they woke up, or rather, were woken up.

The churning of water resonated quite clearly through the early morning air, a strange, all-encompassing ocean haze wrapping itself around them and distorting their judgement.

Jason couldn’t see anything lingering just off shore, but he could certainly hear it. Whatever Something Leo and Calypso had seen had apparently moved in the night.

“What is that,” Piper said, covering her ears as the sound grew and she emerged from the tent behind him. Annabeth, Nico, Hazel, and Frank appeared behind her, all grimacing as the awful noise reached their ears. Jason tried quite unsuccessfully not to think about what it sounded like.

The crunching of bones.

The pegasi paced back and forth along the beach, nervous hooves stamping the ground and wild, impatient eyes glinting in the red sun of the morning.

They knew something was happening, or going to happen, and Jason wished he could understand them like Percy could. He got the feeling they wished he could too.

“Let’s load up,” he heard Annabeth say, not quite paying attention but rather staring at the geyser that had erupted from the edge of the massive whirlpool, just visible through the fog.

He was about to say something when he noticed the others staring at the sight too. It was massive, and definitely threatening.

Getting out of there suddenly seemed a lot more important than it had a few minutes ago.

They raced to fold the tents away and stuffed them not so neatly into the bags, making sure to secure their packs tightly to the pegasi before they could be ready to take off.

Jason mounted up, the horse bobbing his head excitedly beneath him, more than ready to go.

He watched as Leo hopped onto Festus, punching buttons rapidly on the console so the dragon (hopefully) knew where they were headed, and waited for the okay. Gods, he hadn’t realized how much he just wanted to leave.

Leo gave a thumbs up to Annabeth once he’d finished and took off at once, Festus moving down the beach a ways to get a good running start.

The pegasi didn’t hesitate, following close behind. Apparently their eagerness to get off the island had gotten the better of them or they’d gotten over their dislike of the dragon. Either way, Jason didn’t complain as the winged horses, somewhat clumsily in their haste, bolted up into the sky.

The ascended quickly, wings hitting the cool air with all their force, and Jason looked back over the island.

One little black spot was left trotting in the sand, and Jason realized Blackjack wasn’t with them. “Annabeth!” he yelled, but over the wind no one could hear him.

The pegasus whinnied and watched as the others flew away, watching and straining his neck towards the choppy sea as if he could see something in the distance.

Finally, however, he pawed the ground one last time and took to the air.

Jason looked down towards the sea for Calypso’s Something and was startled to see just how large it really was. The whirlpool was massive, and, as he watched it, was growing in size.

Something shot out underwater from the center. From so high up it was difficult to make out the shape, but Jason could’ve sworn it was a person.

The geyser had tilted as if something had knocked it off balance and now swayed dangerously through the air.

The pegasi stayed far away from it, angling their bodies to shield themselves from the spray before continuing forever upward.

Blackjack suddenly came rambling up beside Jason and glanced over like he was trying to tell him something and knew he wouldn’t understand. He huffed instead and flew past.

They raced into the distance, Cetus Outpost No. 1 soon overcome with fog as they rose, the whirlpool and geyser out of sight.

And they flew on to Delos.

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