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Transformers heroes


this is the story of misfit girl and her friends and the transformers. They look for the minicons and they two factions teamup to face a new enemy the conquerdriods. (My creation.

Adventure / Other
Hannah McCoy
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Chapter 1

Thousands of years ago deep in the farthest reaches of space there was life. These digital mechanical beings have come to be known as transformers. There were three races of these robots. Unlike most robots they had feelings and could speak any langue and did not have operators. They had brains and their heart is known as the spark. The first race of these robots were the decepticons they wanted to rule the universe. Next were the autobots they strived for peace and harmony. Finally there was the minicons used in battle with the larger transformers they boosted power. There was a huge war between the decepticons and the autobots. Battle after battle resolved nothing. After many losses on both sides the autobots and the decepticons were in a big old dead lock. They realized that victory would come at too high a price. They built a ship for the minicons to flee in. The minicons knew it was for the best because to them this was way too familiar. Finally after drifting for 4,000 years the ship collided with the moon which was circling planet earth. The ship broke apart and part of it was flung to earth. And that sent minicons all over the planet. Some were buried while others went into the waters. Who knows when the minicons will be found again but is there something else waiting to be discovered as well? This is where our story begins.

Hi my name is Hannah I live here in Crosslake Maine. "Oh yeah! Hiya!" Maddie said with energy. This is my friend Maddie I've Know her since 1st grade she really knows how to shred with a scooter It is rad cool! That is Crosslake High school. I am in 9th grade. "Man Hannah you bet me again you are such a speed demon!" Maddie said pretty thrilled. "Well thank you very much." I said happily. "Morning Trevor." Maddie said feeling wonderful. "Morning Hannah and Maddie" He said in a good voice. "Hey do you want to hang out after school? Because Maddie and I want to check out this really cool mine shaft we found." I said hoping he'd say yes. "Sorry girls I'm going to rain check because my parents told me to come straight home. Why don't you ask the twins Alex and Derik?" Trevor said sounding disappointed. "They are out of town now remember!" Maddie said feeling upset. "Oh yeah." Trevor said unboldly. "Hey look it is the clown patrol!" Diantha said laughing. "Diantha you are such a poisonous cane toad!" I said angrily. Riiiinng! Well that is pretty much the start of an average day for me. "Alright let's go Hannah I can't wait!" Maddie said in a thrilled voice. "I have to get Marcy first." I said in hurry. Marcy is my dog she is a German short haired pointer. "Look there it is!" I said with excitement. "Don't worry about I thing Hannah, I have a rope right here so we can find our way out." Maddie said feeling good. "Good thinking Maddie!" I said with pleasure. "Now which way to go?" I said feeling worried. "I say back because we just ran out of rope." Maddie said sounding very upset. "I have an idea let's mark our path trail marks like we learn in wildlife girl scouts." I said feeling pretty smart. "Why didn't I think of that?! Hannah you are a genius!" Maddie said feeling stupid. "Thanks." I said with pleasure. "Now where are we?" Maddie sounding worried. "I don't know Maddie." I said feeling confused. "Ruff grrrr ruff." Marcy bark. "Hush Marcy." I told my dog. "Let's watch where we step." Maddie said feeling cautious. "Huh?" I said feeling confused. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Oof!" We both said during that crazy ride. "Looks like that wild ride took us to this underground chamber." Maddie said picking herself up.

"I'd say so!" I said dusting myself off. "Hey look at that thing. What is it Hannah?" Maddie asked as if I knew! "I don't know!" I shrieked. "Be careful Hannah it looks radioactive!" Maddie said feeling pretty worried. "If it was radioactive we would be dead." I said sounding upset. "Your right." Maddie said feeling mad. I grabbed the strange object. "Whooooooooaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Ooooooooh!" I said with amazement. Then three beams of towards the sky. While the other two went into deep space. Weo wedo! Sirens blare. "Come on Hannah let's get out of here!" Maddie said feeling scared. "Yeah let's go!" I shrieked. "Who knows the place might blow!" Maddie cried. "Hey look it's the rope" Maddie said with glee. "Now let's get out of here!" I said hastily. "I wonder what's happening over there. I Hope they're alright." Trevor said worrying about his friends. "Hey what's going on now?" I asked. "Man things are getting weird again!" Maddie shrieked. "Whoa!" Both of us said amazed. "Grrrr!" growled the robot. "Whoa! Is that a robot?" I said feeling awed. "Hannah! Maddie! Don't move!" Trevor called. "Trevor! We've got to go!" I screamed. "Hannah stay put that thing might come after you!" Trevor yelled. "Grrrr! Ruff Bark!" Marcy barked. "Hush Marcy you might make it angry!" I told my dog. "Whoops!" I cried when I dropped the panel. "Hannah leave it behind!" Maddie cried. Then the panel released little robot. "Beep boop beep boop beep boop? Beep boop!" Said the little robot. "Hmmmm, Ahh!" Said the giant robot with surprise. "Wow! Look she is a bike!" said Maddie. "Beep boop beep boop beep." said the little robot. "She is trying to tell us something." Maddie said feeling confused. "She is telling us to get on." I said feeling pretty sure of myself. "Really Hannah! Like you can understand her!" Trevor said getting annoyed. "I know this sounds crazy I believe I do." I said feeling sure of it. "Never mind that you two let's just get out of here!" Maddie shouted. "Woohoo! This fun! Let's hope our hope our new friend can stay far away from robofreak!" I shouted feeling thrilled. "I don't think so girls. He's probably heading home now!" Trevor said feeling sure of himself. "You were saying Trevor!" Maddie screamed when we saw the robot following us. Zoom! Bam! Crash! He flung rock at us. "Oh great!" Trevor shouted. "You have something that belongs to me." The robot told us. "What do you mean?" I asked feeling confused. "You've had your chance earthlings!" the robot said with toughness. "Stand down Megatron!" a voice shouted. "Wow!" All shouted at once. "Optimus prime!" the robot named Megatron shouted. "Optimus prime?!" We all shouted. "Let's get of here!" Maddie screamed. "Whoa! Eek!" Maddie shrieked. "There's more of them?" I shouted. "Wow look at these creatures Starscream!" Said one the robots. "Just grab the minicon Demolisher!" Shouted the one called Starscream. "Maybe I'll grab both." Said the called Demolisher. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" we screamed. "Oh no you don't!" Called a voice. Then four more robots came out of nowhere. "Come on bro let's go!" called one of the robots. "Yeah let's do it!" answered the yellow and red one. We headed for the cave. "We should be safe here." I said started calm down. "Don't you think it's obvious? They're after her!" Trevor shouted. "Are you crazy they can't be after Marcy!" Maddie said laughing. "No not that her! The little robot! Tell me are those other robots after you?" Trevor said with concern. "Beep boop beep boop." Said the little robot. "Know what she's saying" I asked him. "Not a clue girls." Trevor told me. Then she leads a little deeper in the cave. "Why did she lead us in here? Whoa a spaceship so she came from outer space!" I shrieked with glee. "Beep boop beep boop beep." the little robot said to me. "She says press this button." I explained. I pressed the button. "Hey that's the robot that attacked us!" Maddie stated. "It says his name is Megatron and he is the leader of the decepticons. And his goal is to rule the universe." I told my friends. "Look there is another button." Trevor pointed out. I pressed the other button. "Hey that is Optimus prime. He is the leader of the autobots and his goal is for peace and harmony in the universe." I explained to my friends. "Yeah and he saved us!" Maddie added. "Beeep! Beep boop beep!" called Zoomzoom. "She is going wild!" Trevor shouted. "Beep boop beep." Zoomzoom said. Then the wall opened and revealed two more minicons. "Whoa are there more of them out there?" I asked. Whoosh! The two minicons were released. "Wow!" all of us gasped. 'Worboep!" said the other girl one. "Beepsozphop!" Said the boy one. "That one says she is Shocker and that on says his name is Grease spot." I explained. "Hey I think they understand us!" Trevor stated. "Whoa! She is a moped or a motorized scooter!" Maddie said with delight after Shocker scanned her scooter. "Awesome look at mine he is skateboard!" Trevor said feeling proud of Grease spot choosing his skateboard to scan. "Let's take for a spin!" I shouted. "Yahoo!" We shouted with delight. "Man Maddie look at Hannah go!" Trevor yelled. To the decepticon base. "Shacksonebem. Huh?" Muttered the recently sleeping decepticon. "Megatron I'm sure you've had a success?" ask the other. "I guess not" Said the sleepy one. "Wheeljack and Cyclonus shut up! What am I going to do with these fools?" Megatron said feeling embarrassed. He walked out of the base exploring the moon. "Huh? A minicon. Like it is my old minicon Leader-1. Ha hee ha! I've got plans for you." He returns to the base. "You bolt brains! There was a minicon here along and you didn't know!" Megatron yelled. "Sorry sir! Don't hurt us." Cyclonus begged. "Hee ha hee ha! Why shouldn't he?" Starscream asked. "Starscream mind your own business!" Megatron shouted. Demolisher walked in with some news. "Sir!" He said to Megatron. "What is it Demolisher?" Megatron asked. "Two more minicons woke up on earth." Demolisher answered. "Good." Megatron said with pleasure. "What are those things?" Cyclonus asked. "New disguises you numbskull!" Megatron yelled out of annoyance. Back to earth. "No sign of the decepticons but I better scan a new form just in case." Optimus said and he scanned a semi-truck. Then we got into a sticky situation. "Oh no! Not these guys again!" I shouted. "Let's make a break for it!" Trevor yelled. "There is no use in running children." Megatron told us. Just then a truck appeared out of nowhere. It turns out it was an autobot. "Wow! It's the autobots! And they're saving us!" I said feeling pleased. Then other autobots appeared and transformed right before our eyes! Just the Optimus prime shouted "Megatron leave these kids out of our battle or face my wrath!" Then Megatron told him: "I very much welcome wrath!" So we ran and hid. "Look he has minicon!" I said with surprise when Megatron revealed it. "And it looks like it belongs to him!" I added. "Transform and combine!" he shouted and the minicon attached to him and he opened fire and it seemed more powerful than it should have been. "Whoa I can't believe how much it jacked up his power!" I said in disbelieve. "That is why they want them!" Trevor shouted. POW! POW! Just then a land slide started. "Oh no it's a land slide! Help me bro!" Yelled the greenish blue one. "You've got Side swipe!" Answered the yellow and red one. And they protected us from the land slide. "Hey Hot shot! Side swipe are you two alright?" asked Optimus prime. "Yes sir, we are just fine." Answered the young ones. "And they are nice and clean." They added. "I'm glad you're okay." Optimus said feeling relieved. "Bark woof ruff bark!" Marcy barked. "Marcy are you okay? My furry baby!" I said feeling relieved that my wonderful pet was alright. "Hee ha hee ha hee ha! That tickles!" I shrieked when Marcy began licking my face. "Hey girls and you guys look over there!" Trevor shouted. "Attack Megatron shouted. "Transform and combine yelled both of the autobots and they combined with two different minicons. "I'll get you next time Optimus!" Megatron yelled and retreated with his men. "They've retreated sir said three men and the one girl. "Good." Optimus said feeling relaxed. "I've almost got it!" Maddie said while she was standing on my back. "I'll take that! I love surprises! Well gotta run!" Cyclonus said laughing. "Man what a jerk!" I yelled. "Grrrr! This is going to take too long!" Megatron said getting frustrated. "Megatron I have a couple of minicons." Cyclonus reported. "Good work Cyclonus!" Megatron said feeling pleased. Outside the base two of the men started an argument. "I am his right hand bot." Claimed Demolisher. "No I am you stupid head Demolisher!" Starscream yelled. "Take that!" yelled Demolisher going on the attack. "Can you take what you dish out scrap for brains?" Starscream asked "That is enough you two! We should be fighting the enemy not each other!" Megatron yelled. They went back in the base and called Demolisher's name. "Sir!" he replied. "Demolisher this minicon is for you! Starscream must find your own to prove yourself." Megatron told his men. Back to earth. Cyclonus must have reported you kids' little find." Optimus said knowing the decepticons will return. "Hi I'm Trevor and these are my friends Hannah and Maddie." Trevor said introducing us. "But who is that? The thing on all fours with tail?" Asked the young one. "That's Marcy Hannah's dog." Maddie told him. "Yeah and we will be glad to help you." I told them. "But this is ours fight not yours." Optimus said feeling strong. "Actually we started this whole mess and it would only be fair if we helped." I explained "Thank you." Optimus said feeling grateful. "We could be a big help besides Hannah can understand what the mini cons say." Trevor said feeling good about our new friends. "Will you tell us your names?" I asked. "I am Optimus prime." Optimus told us. "My name is Red alert." The one with one hand said. "Call me Hot shot because that's what I am!" said the red and yellow one. "The name is Side swipe." Said the one who calls Hot shot bro. "The name is Ambula but you can call me Amby." Said the only girl one. "Besides Trevor I was only guessing what they were saying." I told him. "Yeah like she was born with it!" Maddie said laughing. "Hey that's not funny! You girls are! Hmm." Trevor was starting to yell but stopped when we showed him we wanted a fist bump. "Come on we were just yanking your chain!" I told him. "Yeah we're like the dream team boy!" Maddie said full glee. "BFFs forever and all for one and one for all." Trevor said feeling better. And we began bumping fists and Hot shot and Side swipe looked confused. "Hey you guys look confused." Trevor pointed out. "Yeah we are you hit each other with your fists and yet found humor in it." Hot shot said to us. "It is what we do on earth we also do this." Maddie explained as she gave me and Trevor high fives. "Yeah it is a sign of friendship!" Trevor told them feeling good. "Then count us in." Hot shot shouted. "Oh!" We said freaking out. "Sorry I just wanted to do those things with you." Hot shot explained. "Bro!" Side swipe called have his fist ready and they began to fist pound. "Man let's hope they don't hurt each other." Maddie said feeling worried. "Men and Amby all for one and one for all forever." Optimus said laughing. "We have something for you kids." Optimus told us just then two little robots flew off of Red alert's and Amby's fingers. "What are those things?" I asked. "Their names' are Laserbeak and Shockbat." Optimus explained. "Aaaaawwww! They're so cute!" Maddie exclaimed. WEO! WEDO! the alarmed sounded. "Sounds like a minicon just came online!" I told everyone. "Cool!" Trevor shouted. "Wow! Minicons are waking up all over the place!" I shouted. "So where is the minicon?" Maddie asked. "I don't know kids." Optimus told us. 'Let me see, looks like it is somewhere in that area." Red alert informed Optimus. "Let me see! Looks like the grand canyon it's really big." I stated. "Hey let's go!" Hot shot shouted. "We want to come to." Maddie called. "Okay suit up then." Red alert told us. "Whoa! What? Huh?" All of us said. "Hey wait for me!" I called as I grab Marcy's leash. "How are going to get there?" I asked. "What do you mean?" Trevor asked. "Beep boop beep." Zoomzoom said to me. "Yeah like Zoomzoom said the Grand Canyon is in Arizona." I explained. "Can't believe Hannah is right because it is over a thousand miles away." Maddie said. "Get in." Optimus told us. "Okay." Maddie said. "Listen I like road trips as much as the next person. But how are we going to get there?" I told them "Let's warp!" Optimus commanded. "Warp?!" We shrieked. "Launch!" Optimus shouted. "Let's do it!" Hot shot shouted. "Here we go!" Side swipe called. Then in a few seconds we were in the Grand Canyon. "Blech! I think I might puke!" Trevor said weakly. "Ew! Trevor!" Maddie exclaimed. "You'll get used to it" Optimus told us. "So where is that minicon?" I asked. "Let's hurry and find it!" Red alert told us. "I'm with you Red alert." Trevor called. "Okay get in." Red alert told him. "Amby go with Red alert." Optimus told her. "Yes sir." She said. "Maddie and Hannah go with Hot shot and Side swipe." He told us. "Okay." we told him. "Now let's get in." Maddie said. "Come on Marcy!" I called. "Bark! Bark!" She answered. We climbed into Hot shot. Marcy began to paw at Hot shot's window. "What does she want?" Hot shot asked. "She wants to stick her head out the window dogs like to do that." I explained. "Okay there you go." He said rolling down his window and Marcy stuck her head out. "Why do they like doing that?" Side swipe asked. "They like all the smells going up their noses." I told him. "Oh," Side swipe answered. Then Hot shot and Side swipe got going. "Whoa! Hot shot be careful not at full speed! I think my teeth are going to fall out of my mouth!" Maddie yelled. "Maddie shut your mouth or you'll bite your tongue!" I told her. "Ouch! I just did!" She shrieked. "Hey I'm not at full speed yet." Hot shot told us. "Hot shot try a smoother path!" We cried. "Bro! I don't know how much longer my shockers can hold out!" Side swipe yelled. "Side swipe?" I asked. "Yes?" He said. "Why do you call Hot shot bro?" I asked. "He is like brother to me." He told us. "AW! That is so sweet!" Maddie squealed. "Go Laserbeak and Shockbat!" I called as I released the two little seeker bots. "It will be easier to find the minicon like this." I explained. "Look Shockbat found flat roads! Pick which ever one you want Hot shot." I said to him. And we got going again. "Look at what at what Laserbeak spotted! That does not look natural!" Maddie pointed out. "Yeah your right." I said to her. "Let's tell the others Maddie!" I added. "Optimus." Side swipe called. "Yes go ahead Side swipe." Optimus answered. "We think we've found the minicon." He told his commander. "Then let's move." Optimus told him. Blaaaare! "What's that?" I asked. "Decepticons!" Hot shot yelled. "I'm going to get you weirdo autobots!" Cyclonus shouted. He began shooting at us. "He is a nut case!" Maddie shouted. "You're right Maddie he needs a checkup from the neck up!" I yelled. "What does that mean?" Side swipe asked. "It means he needs his head checked out!" I shrieked. "Got ya now!" Cyclonus said laughing like a maniac. Then rocks fell all over the place. "Oh no! I'm trapped!" Hot shot screamed. "Side swipe." I told his bro. "What Hannah?" He asked. "I think it is best for you to stay with Hot shot. While we get help" I told him. "No Side swipe go with the kids." Hot shot told Side swipe. "No way am I going to leave you bro." Side swipe told him. "Thanks." He said apparently touched by what Side swipe said. We left to find help. Then we saw that Optimus prime was being attacked. "Oh no, Optimus! He's in trouble!" Maddie shrieked. "You are mine autobots!" Starscream yelled. "Starscream let me handle this!" Megatron told his soldier. "Zoomzoom do something!" I screamed. "Beep boop!" Zoomzoom called and she and shocker and Grease spot combined. "Whoa! They combined!" Trevor yelled. "They said when they are combined they are Speedster." I told my friends. "Optimus the panel!" We called. "Huh? It activated! Why it's my old minicon partner Sparkplug. Well old friend let's do it!" He told his minicon. "Maximum power blast." He yelled. "Ahhh!" Starscream screamed. "Starscream next time you deny my orders you'll be severely punished!" Megatron told him "But sir!" Starscream stammered. "Shut up!" Megatron yelled. "Whew! Thanks old friend ready to join us?" He told Sparkplug. "Beep" Sparkplug answered. "Hey guys we have to help Hot shot and Side swipe they are kind of stuck." I told them. Then we left to help our friends. That was one of the scariest experiences ever.

A couple of fights later we lost two of the minicons. "Man too bad we lost the last two minicons." Trevor stated. "Yes but they're hundreds more to go!" Maddie pointed out. "Hmmmm." I said deep in thought. "What is Hannah?" Trevor asked. "OH I was just thinking about that decepticon." I told him coming out of deep thought. "Which one?" Maddie asked me. 'Starscream." I explained. "What he is weird!" Side swipe yelled. "And he cannot be trusted!" Hot shot screamed. "Yeah bro is right!" Side swipe agreed. 'But Marcy doesn't think so she likes him snapped or snarled at him once!" I told them. "So what!" Hot shot shouted. "You know guys dogs are good judges of character." I explained. "Hannah is correct." Maddie stated. It was time for us to go. "See you guys tomorrow." We told them. "See you kids." Optimus told us.

My parents left for the summer like they usually do and left my older cousin Abigail in charge of me. I got ready for bed. "Hannah?" Abigail asked. "Yes Abigail." I said. "Where do you go every day?" She asked. "I can't tell you." I told her "Hannah if I'm going to take care of you for the summer I should know." She explained. "Okay promise not tell anybody?" I told her. "I promise." She said. We headed up there the next day. "Remember don't tell anyone." I remind her. We walk in. "Hannah!" Maddie exclaimed. "Yes Maddie." I answered. "Why did you bring Abigail?!" Maddie shrieked. "She made me bring her." I explained. "But I made her promise not to tell." I added. Just the hot shot enter in as a car and transformed right front of Abigail. "Kids mind introducing us to your friend?" He asked. "Whoa that robot sentient!" She gasped. "Don't be afraid Abigail. They are my friends." I told her. "Nice to meet you!" she said. "That's Red alert, Amby, Hot shot, Side swipe and Optimus prime their leader." I explained. "Hi I like the way you can transform!" She squealed. "And these are the minicons." I added. Weo! Wedo! The alarm sounded. "A new minicon!" Trevor yelled. "Let's get there before the deceptiwierdos!" Maddie shrieked. "They are the decepticons!" I yelled. "I know that." Maddie stated. We warped to the spot. "Whoa! Look at all the cliffs and caves!" I gasped. Then the decepticons appeared. "Oh no decepticons!" Side swipe shouted. And Amby and I got separated from the others. We were stuck in a cave. "Oh great! Now we are lost!" I cried. Then the cave started to rumble. "Cave in!" Amby yelled as she shielded me. "Great now we are trapped." I said freaking out. "Ouch!" a voice cried. "Who said that?" Amby asked. "I did." Starscream answered. "Starscream?!" I shrieked. Marcy went up to him wagging her tail. "Keep this creature away from me!" He yelled. "She likes you." I explained. "If Megatron abandoned me he is in for it!" Starscream yelled with anger. I decided to talk to him. "Starscream ask yourself big questions who are you? Who do you want to be? Who should you be? Who are you meant to be?" I told him. I could tell Starscream was thinking hard and getting tense. Finally through with the pressure he did something. "Grrrr! Aaaaahhh!" He screamed. No wonder why his name is Starscream I thought to myself. Klang! He threw down his wing sword. Then Amby took my side and talked to him. "You are a good transformer. It is time to see your destiny." She explained. "Yeah I'm in agreement. Make your decision." I told him. Then he thought it over and he turned to us and said "Let's get out of here you two and I'll help." Well that felt well when he said that "Thanks." We told him. "Your welcome." He said to us. To the fight. "Ha, ha, ha! You will be turned to scrap Optimus." Megatron laughed. Back to our problem. "Null laser cannons!" Starscream yelled when he and Swindle combined. 'We're out! Thanks Starscream!" I told him. "Your welcome." He told me but he sounded happy when he spoke to me. "Now let's find the others." Amby told us. We run out of the cave. "There they are!" Side swipe called and was surprised to see us with Starscream. "Get him Starscream that's an order!" Megatron yelled at Starscream to attack Optimus. "Huh? Hmmm." He said. I wondered what he was thinking. I've got to help Optimus. I must! Starscream thought to himself. Then he turned to Megatron and did something surprising. "Null laser cannons!" and he fired on Megatron. "Aaaaahhh!" Megatron screamed. "Huh?" everyone gasped. "Traitor!" Megatron yelled picking himself up. "I don't take orders from you any longer Megatron! Hannah and Amby made me realize who I truly am! I am an autobot!" He yelled ripping the decepticon insignias off his body. "Yeah alright!" I said with glee. "Hannah was right about Starscream." Trevor cried. "Decepticons retreat! Starscream you'll pay!" Megatron shouted. The autobots celebrated in their victory and a brand new member. "Let's take our new member to the base." Optimus told his men. Then Starscream seemed pretty happy. "Let's go with them Swindle." He told his minicon. "Beep boop." Swindle answered. We were back at the base in no time. By the time we got to the base Starscream didn't feel so good. "Starscream we are so happy for you." I told him to make him feel welcome at his new home. "Thanks, OH!" He moaned. "Are you alright?" Red alert asked feeling worried. Starscream gripped on to a table. "What's happening to me? OH!" He groaned. Crash! He fell to the ground. "Starscream!" I cried and all of us rushed to his aid.

"Oh, wh-what happened?" He asked when he came to. "You're going to be fine now Starscream." Amby told him. "What's wrong with me?" He asked us and then began to cough and then groaned. "You're sick. This isn't brought on by a virus or disease, your brain and spark are at war." Red alert explained. "Yes your spark is saying fighting to do what's right while your brain is saying go with your programing." Amby added. "So it is like a transformation that is mental." I said full of worry for Starscream. "You hit the nail right on the head." Red alert told me. "But his sleep will be full of terrible nightmares." Amby added. "That sounds terrible!" Maddie cried. Trevor and I agreed. Weo! Wedo! The alarm sounded. "Sounds like another minicon has been spotted." Optimus said and he was still aware of Starscream's condition. "Red alert stay with Starscream." Optimus told him. "Yes sir." Red alert said. My friends began to head out with the others. "I'll stay with you Red alert." I told him. "I appreciate it." He told me. Optimus agreed with my idea. "Let's hurry!" Optimus shouted. Starscream fell asleep and Red alert used sponge to wipe Starscream's forehead. "Shokeleshem." Starscream snored and Swindle stayed by his partner's side. And Starscream began to dream. To Starscream's dream. "Sleep Starscream." Said the purple and green robotic lion that represented Megatron. "No don't listen him Starscream!" Said the red and blue robotic lion that represented Optimus prime. Who was warning him of the purple and green robotic lion's true motives. "That's right sleep just like that!" The evil one said and attacked. "Aaaaahhh!" Starscream screamed and woke up looking panicked. "It's okay it was only a nightmare." I told him and put my hand on his which was shaking. "Yes, you're safe here." Red alert told him. Then I saw him pick up a large ladle and filled it with a glowing reddish purple liquid. And he poured it into Starscream's mouth as he began to support him. "Now try to get some rest now okay." Red alert told him after he finished with giving Starscream that strange liquid. And Starscream went back to sleep and Red alert wiped his forehead again. To the fight. "Where is that traitor Starscream?" Megatron said wanting to beat the living daylights out of him. "Leave him out of this!" Optimus demanded. "Look Optimus I've found the minicon!" Side swipe called. "Good work Side swipe." Optimus called. "Got it! It's activating!" "Beeeeep, boop beep boop." Said the new mini con. "Trigger is your name? So let's transform and combine." Side swipe told Trigger. And he fires a blast at the decepticons. "Look out!" Wheeljack yelled. "AK!" Megatron yelled. "Decepticons retreat!" He yelled and you could tell he was very upset. "Back to the base autobots." Optimus said after their victory. Back at the base. "He is sound asleep." Red alert said relieved that Starscream was finally sleeping pretty well for once. "Yep, the more he sleeps the better." I said remembering what my mom said whenever I was sick. Then Optimus and the other autobots walked in with the new minicon. "Red alert?" Optimus asked. "Yes sir." Red alert answered. "How is Starscream?" Optimus asked with concern. "Much better." Red alert said feeling pleased with Starscream's improved condition. "Good." Optimus said feeling relieved.

The next day. Today is the start of a big adventure. Now that Starscream is on our side and all better we can do it. Weo! Wedo! The alarm sounds. "Sounds like a new minicon have been spotted." Starscream said he was now up and around and full recovered from his illness. "Your right Starscream." Optimus said. "Let's move!" Hot shot called. So we headed out with autobots to a Canadian forest. They began to fight as soon as the decepticons appeared. We humans hid nearby while. "Aw man! Look at them fight!" Maddie cried. Then Megatron moved towards Starscream. "Take that you traitor!" He yelled about to attack Starscream. Then something was moving through the forest. To me it looked like another transformer. Then we heard a voice. "Hmmm, some transformers don't know what's what." The voice said. "Ha! Take this!" The voice added attacking Megatron. "What, who's that?" Maddie asked. The robot was red. "Whoa, Cliffjumper!" Side swipe exclaimed. The bot's name was Cliffjumper. "Come Hoist!" Cliffjumper called. "Hoist?" We asked. There was another one his name was Hoist. And they joined the fight. "Good to see you guys again and thanks for coming to help." Optimus told the new allies. "Why is Starscream on our team?" Cliffjumper asked in disbelief. "Yeah he is a decepticon!" Hoist called outraged. "Cliffjumper and Hoist give it a rest! He is on our side now." Optimus explained to them. "Really? Sorry Starscream." Cliffjumper said to him. "Oh, that's okay." Starscream said graciously. And the decepticons retreated after we got the minicon. Then we returned to the base. "Nice to meet you kids." The two them said together. "Nice to meet guys too!" all of us said at the same time. The next day we came back to feeling pretty pumped. "Man you kids are excited." Optimus said in a good voice. "Tomorrow is the last day school!" Maddie squealed. "What is school?" Hoist asked. "It is where human children go to learn things." Trevor explained. "Things like weapons?" Cliffjumper asked us. "No stuff like chemistry and math, and other things." Abigail explained due being a college student. "Oh." They said. "Can't wait!" Maddie shrieked. "Shichftsssscftle!" I mumble with anger. "What is she saying?" Starscream asked. "She is muttering angrily." Abigail told them. "What's Hannah got to be angry about?" Starscream asked. "She is angry about Diantha." Trevor explained. "Who is Diantha?" They asked. "Just one the mean kids at our school." Trevor told them. "She is a two faced poisonous cane toad!" I yelled. "That's rude." Abigail told me. "Hannah just a bully." Maddie told me. "I'm going to fine." I said cheer up. It was time to go home. "See you guys tomorrow." We called. And we headed home.

The next day. "Man we will hang out with you guy s all summer!" We told them. "Alright." Hot shot shouted. "Yeah I and my bro like that." Side swipe said getting excited. I came in with a book. "Hi I brought a book for you guys to hear." I told them. "Awesome!" Side swipe called out. "Do you think a new minicon will be spotted today?" Trevor asked. "I don't know." Maddie told him. Wed! Wedo! The alarm sounded. "Does that answer your question?" I asked Trevor. "Yes it does." He told me. "Now let's head out." Optimus called. "Hey wait for us!" We yelled. "Hey I'm coming too!" Abigail shouted. "Then suit up with the others." Red alert told her. "Come on stand on that panel." Amby told her. She stood on "Ohh. Aaaah." She said with amazement. "Yeah!" Called Trevor. "Alright!" Maddie and I said together. "Now let's go!" Hot shot said feeling eager. "Look do you know where it is?" Abigail asked. "It is in Alaska." Red alert told her. "Alaska! That's across the country!" Maddie shrieked with disbelief. Then we headed for warp gate and climbed into the bots. "Let's warp!" Optimus said. "Warp?!" Abigail cried. "That sounds dangerous!" Abigail added. "Actually it is quite safe." Red alert explained. "Yeah." I agreed. "Launch!" Optimus shouted. "Let's do it!" Hot shot called. "Let's go!" Side swipe shouted. "Ready or not!" Cliffjumper hollered. "Let's take off." Starscream called out. "Here we are." Trevor said. "I feel sick!" Abigail said. "Don't worry you'll get used to it." Optimus said to her. "Yeah we're used to it even Marcy is." Trevor stated. "Starscream." Optimus called. "Yes sir." He said with his attention towards Optimus. "Check from the air with Jolt." He commanded. "Yes sir! I'd be glad to." He said feeling good. He transformed and flew up and looked with Hot shot's minicon Jolt. "Do you see anything?" Cliffjumper ask Starscream. "Not yet." He answered. "Beeep." Jolt said. "What?" I said. "What is it Hannah?" Trevor asked. "Jolt says he has spotted something. "Yeah I see to it's the minicon." He said to us. "Head this way." He added. "Look there it is." Hoist pointed out. "I'll get it." Cliffjumper called. He headed to the spot. "Careful Cliffjumper." Red alert told him. He reached it. He grabbed it. "I got it!" He shouted. It activated and released a minicon. "Derowop!" Rockclimb said. "Nice to meet you Rockclimb. Want to be my minicon?" Cliffjumper said the minicon. "Boshop!" Rockclimb answered. The decepticons appeared. "We'll take that!" Cyclonus said laughing like a maniac. "Oh no you don't! Transform and combine!" Cliffjumper shouted and was ready to fight back. "Retreat men and let's move out." Megatron screamed. Back at the decepticon base. "Man I have never been so embarrassed!" Megatron hollered with rage. "Ha, ha you have a bunch of idiots working for you." Then Megatron turned and saw his new soldiers who he called from Cybertron. "Ah, Thundercracker and Sawblade we've been waiting for you." Megatron said feeling pleased about having extra men on hand. Back at the autobot's base. "Man three minicons for us autobots." Cliffjumper said feeling pumped. "Yeah we will do more with Starscream." Trevor said because that Starscream knew all about the decepticon's tactics and operations. "Aw, shucks!" Starscream said with a smile. I saw Starscream was happier here than he was when he was a decepticon. "I think we embarrassed him." I said when I saw Starscream. Then Optimus prime walk in. "Well don't get used to it guys. Because who knows when Megatron will get the next minicon." Optimus told everyone. And the next day there was a big fight for the autobots.

Weo! Weo! When the alarm sounds that means there is a new minicon that has been spotted. "Let's go!" Hot shot getting pumped. And we warped to Mexico. "Here we are Mexico." Trevor said due to vacationing there once. "Now let's find that minicon." Optimus ordered. We drove through the streets and Starscream flew overhead. "Man if all these people knew that our friends are transformers and not vehicles they'd wig out!" I told my friends. "Yeah who would guess that our friends are robotic beings from outer space?" Trevor said. "I don't believe it either." Maddie said. "Got any signals yet?" Optimus asked. "Not yet Optimus." Side swipe said. "I got the signal and I know where it is." Starscream said with kindness. "Then lead the way Starscream." Optimus commanded. On the way there it was getting pretty bumpy. "Whoa! Things are getting rough!" Side swipe exclaimed. Then I saw something amazing. "Look it is some Aztec ruins." I said pointing. "Az-what-tic?" Cliffjumper said sounding confused. "No, Aztec." I told him. "Aztecs were natives of Mexico a long time ago and they are the ancestors of many Mexicans." I explained. "It's coming from the ruins." Hoist stated. Then we saw many things in the ruins. "Wow! Look at this place it is full of plants and it's in ruins." Cliffjumper said pointing out what we could see. "Look, animals!" Hot shot said amazed. "Yep, ruins make good homes for animals." I explained. Then the decepticons appeared. "Look out it's the decepticons!" Side swipe shouted. "So Starscream you're an autobot now?" Thundercracker said in disbelief. "Yes I am Thundercracker and proud of it." Starscream like he meant it. Thundercracker was mad and he challenged Starscream to a fight. "Let's do this!" Both of them hollered at the same time. Then the fight was about to start. "You kids find a place to hide." Optimus shouted. We found a place to hide in the ruins. "Go Laserbeak and Shockbat!" I sent them out. "Man look at them fight!" Maddie cried. Then we saw Starscream and Thundercracker fight. "Starscream is not holding back!" Abigail said feeling pumped. Then Thundercracker started a conversation during the fight. "Why did you stop being a decepticon?" He asked Starscream. "I tell you why they set my spark free! And they are true friends! Unlike you guys!" Starscream said giving Thundercracker a piece of his mind. "You tell him Starscream!" Side swipe called. Then Side swipe was about to be attacked and Hot shot was busy fighting Cyclonus and was trying to get to him. Starscream stop his fight with Thundercracker and attacked Sawblade and saved Side swipe Hot shot thanked Starscream and told Starscream he owed him big time. But that gave Thundercracker a chance to grab the minicon. "Look the minicon! Scan my image!" Thundercracker said. "Beep, beep." Oil slick said. "I'll call you Oil slick." He said and prepared to fire on Starscream. "Good job Thundercracker decepticons return to base." Megatron commanded and was victorious this time. Starscream felt bad he felt he let everyone down. But he was just glad that Side swipe was alright. "Rats we lost the minicon!" Cliffjumper yelled. Then I decided to point something out. "Well the most important thing is everyone is safe and sound and so are the ruins, plants, and animals." I said trying to sound upbeat. "Hannah is right, if everything was destroyed all the animals would have to find a new home." Now I knew the autobots cared about one another and life on the planet as we do.

The twins had returned on the last week of school and we haven't told them about our robotic friends. "I wonder where they head out to every day." Alex the older identical twin said. "Don't worry about it Alex." Derik the younger smarter identical twin said. Then we passed by them as we were heading for the autobots' base. "Look there they are let's follow them Derik." He said starting off on his skateboard. "Okay I'm coming." Derik called. "Hey wait for us!" Alex yelled. "Did you invite the twins Maddie?" Trevor asked. "No I didn't." Maddie answered. They stopped after we started to go faster. "Let's take a break I'm thirsty." Derik whined. Then Cyclonus appeared. "Hee, hee, ha, ha Hiya!" He said laughing like a maniac. "Let's make a break for it! And scatter!" I cried. We all went different directions but Cyclonus followed me. "Hey kid make a move I dare you!" He said like a crazy man. I turned around. 'Uh-oh wrong way." He said like a wise guy. I turned around again. "Oh wow! I bet you're getting tired." He said laughing like crazy. I hid behind a tree. "Oh boy you want to play hide-and-go-seek." He said firing shots. POW! POW! POW! "Huh?" I grabbed Laserbeak from my pocket. "Come on I don't bite." Cyclonus said laughing like a lunatic. "Ha!" I said zapping him with Laserbeak. "Ouch! Why you little priss I'll show you!" He said feeling outraged. I peddled through the trees and lost him. "Hey! Where did she go? Ah!" Cyclonus cried when he saw the twins. "Look a helicopter." Derik said. "Cool." Alex said amazed by seeing how close it was. Then Derik noticed something. "Hey there is no pilot in there." Derik said with surprise. "Help!" Derik said when Cyclonus grabbed him and Alex. "Let go of me!" Alex demanded. "No not the Twins! They are my friends!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Hey! Tell the autobots I'll trade these look alike boys for the minicons." He told us as he left. Then we sent Laserbeak and Shockbat on the trail. And headed to the autbots' base and told them what happened. "What?! They took your twin friends hostage?" Optimus said in shock. "Yeah if I know Cyclonus and that he'd be crazy to pull this off." Starscream said because he knew the decepticon soldiers well. We checked Maddie's palm pilot. "Hey! Laserbeak and Shockbat are still on the trail." I shouted. "Sir I locked on to the coordinates." Red alert said with a strict voice. "Now let's go!" Hot shot feeling eager. To the ghost town where the twins were being held captive. "They'll come." Cyclonus said laughing like a lunatic. "I should hope so Cyclonus or Megatron will blow a circuit." Sawblade said with frustration. "I know they'll come." Cyclonus said like a smart Alek. "Man am I scared." Derik said. "They will suck our brains out to get info and eat them." Alex said freaking out. "I doubt that that they're robots." Derik explained. "Here they come." Cyclonus said feeling clever. We climbed out of the autobots and then they began to fight. "Hey Laserbeak and Shockbat show us where Alex and Derik are." I said. Then the twins saw leader-1 above them. "What is that little robot doing up there?" Alex asked. "Aaaaaaaaah! Stay away from us!" Derik yelled. Ten we saw that leader-1 was on to them. "Oh no they need help!" Trevor cried. "Beep, beep, beep, boo." Said Zoomzoom said. "Bosopblop borop." Shocker said. "Wozoh wozoom." Grease spot said. "Beep, beep, dee, deep." Leader-1 said. And the minicons continued to talk. "What are they doing Derik?" Alex asked his brother. "Looks like they're talking." Derik said. "Hey are you two alright?" Maddie asked. "Yes we are." Derik said with relief. "Now let's get out of here!" Trevor yelled. "Transform!" Megatron hollered. He captured us. "Aaaaaahhh!" We screamed. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Now I have the minicons and hostages." Megatron laughed. Then he joined the fight. "Give me those minicons or the kids will get it." Megatron threatened. "Okay!" Optimus said. "No don't do it!" I screamed. "You are more important." Red alert told us. Then I had an idea. "I have an idea." I told my friends in a whisper. "Let's hear it." Trevor said also in a whisper. I told them. "Good plan." Derik said. "Now let's do it!" Alex said quietly. I found a weak spot. "There is weak spot go for it Shockbat!" I told the little transformer. And Shockbat opened the force field holding us. "Ha alright!" Alex said feeling like the man. "Hey! Where did my hostages go?" Megatron asked. "We escaped thanks to Shockbat." Trevor laughed. "You little sneaks!" Megatron shouted. Then Hot shot went on the attack. "Alright bring it on!" Hot shot hollered. Wham! He hit Megatron. "AK!" Megatron grunted. Then Sawblade ran to Megatron's side. "Megatron are you injured?" Sawblade asked. "No I'm not. Cyclonus!" Megatron shouted. "Yes? Gulp!" Cyclonus said looking scared. "I knew should not of let you do the plan this time!" Megatron said with fury. "But sir!" Cyclonus stammered. "We'll talk about this back on the base." Megatron said and retreated. "Are all you kids alright?" Red alert asked. "Yes we are." I told them. "We are glad to hear that." Starscream said feeling relieved. "Oh yeah! We haven't introduced you guys to each other." I said. "That is Hoist, Cliffjumper, Hot shot, Side swipe, Red alert, Amby, Starscream, and Optimus prim their leader. "Nice to meet you I'm Alex." Alex said. "And I'm Derik." Derik said. "But who's who?" Hoist asked. "Just look at what we wear." Derik explained. "Nice to meet you two as well." Optimus said in a friendly voice. Well the twins met the autobots and saw they were good robots.

Today there is not much going on. Weo! Weo! The alarm sounded. I stand corrected. Because when the alarm sounds that means a minicon has been spotted. "Awesome let's get this show on the road." Alex shouted. "Time to warp!" Optimus said. "Launch!" Optimus called. And the warp gate activated. "Wow! That was fun!" Alex said feeling thrilled. "Easy for you to say." Derik said looking green. "Why is his face turning green?" Side swipe asked. "I think he is going to be sick." I answered. "I thought they had stronger stomachs." Maddie said grossing out when Derik puked behind a rock. "Gross! Why did he do that?" Side swipe said looking grossed out. "Humans and some animals do when they are sick to their stomachs." I explained "Oh," Side swipe said. "Now that's out of the way. Let's find the minicon." Optimus said. "Good thinking." Derik said as we watched the color of his face return to flesh. "Ready or not here we come autobots!" Cyclonus said with shrill laughter. "Oh man not you guys again!" Alex shouted. "Kids run for cover." Optimus told us and that's what we did. The search for the minicons took us and the autobots to Easter Island. Due to the minicon signal they were receiving. "Take that!" Sawblade yelled. "Ah ha! The minicon!" Hoist shouted and headed up for it. "No way are you getting the minicon autobot!" Sawblade screamed. "Oh no you don't!" yelled Starscream and attacked Sawblade. "Get the minicon Hoist!" Starscream hollered as he and Sawblade brawled. "I gotcha!" Hoist exclaimed and the minicon woke up. "Look Hoist has the minicon!" Cliffjumper pointed out. "Come on Liftor let's combine." Hoist said and with that he combined with Liftor. And helped Starscream fight Sawblade. Then realizing they lost the decepticons retreated. "Good work everybody." Optimus told his troops. Seeing that Starscream was damaged and needed repairs. "Starscream you've gotten decently damaged, allow me to fix you up." Red alert told his comrade. "Thank you." Starscream said with appreciation. We did pretty well that day but who knows when the decepticons will win the next time.

"I want you to take good care of her." Aunt Lizzy told me and Abigail. The reason why she is putting us in charge of our three week old cousin Nancy is she thinks we can handle it. Aunt Lizzy is my mom's and Abigail's mom's sister. So we said "yes ma'am." Good." She said. "See you in a few hours." She added and left. We had to meet the others at the autobots' base. "Well it wouldn't hurt to take her to the base with us. Because we can't leave her alone." I explained to Trevor and Maddie and the twins who were with us. So all seven of us headed up to the base. "She is a what?!" Starscream asked. "My baby cousin Nancy. I'm I mean we are going to watch her all day." I explained. Starscream groaned. "Hey we've learned a lot about you guys and you can learn about us humans! We all start little like this completely helpless. Needing protection." I told them. "It might help us get a better understanding about our human friends." Optimus stated. "Yeah and she is really kind of cute." Side swipe said feeling amazed. Nancy laughed and smiled. "Aw! She smiled at me! I think she likes me." Hoist said in a baby voice. "I say she does." Cliffjumper agreed. Nancy started crying. "Uh-oh I think she is hungry." I said to my friends. "There might be some pizza in the fridge." Side swipe offered. "No thanks Side swipe babies at this age need milk.' I explained. "I know where to find that." Hoist said as he left to get it. "Make sure to warm it up." I called. "How do you know so much about taking care of these things?" Starscream asked. "My cousin Abigail and my family." I explained. Hoist came in with milk. "Warm." He stated. Heated up with his welding blowtorch and the milk boiled over and exploded and made a mess. "Maybe too warm." He said. "You think so?" Starscream said sarcastically. "We have to clean up this mess. Side swipe watch Nancy." I told him. "Watch her do what?" He asked. Nancy stopped crying after a while. "Finally it's quiet." Starscream. "That is not always a good thing." I said. "Side swipe what did you do?" I asked. Then I saw Side swipe giving Nancy a bottle. "Look at that." Maddie said. "I got out of the bag." Trevor told us. "I guess we should have checked the bag." I said feeling dumb. "Is that good? Have as much as you like." Side swipe said in a baby voice. Then Nancy spat up on him. "She wants to share with me." Side swipe said. "Uh, Side swipe you should go wash that off." I told him. He passed Nancy off to Starscream so he can get cleaned up. "No spuing on me alright!" Starscream told her and began to be sweet with her. "She's the calmest I've seen. She must like you Starscream." Hot shot pointed out. "I don't know." Starscream said and he passed Nancy off to me. And Nancy started to cry. "Now what's wrong?" Hoist asked. "She was just fed and diaper doesn't need changing." I said. "Maybe she wants to play." Maddie suggested. "See if there is a toy in the bag." I called. Hoist rummaged through the bag. "Is this a toy?" He asked holding up a rubber ducky. "Yes it is!" Maddie said. He hand it to me. "Hey baby, who wants a rubber ducky?" I said in a baby voice. I handed it to her and she threw it and it hit Cliffjumper. "Doesn't look like Nancy does." Side swipe said after he finished wiping himself off. "Ha hee ha!" Hot shot laughed. "Do we access to a swing here?" Maddie asked. "Hey Hot shot try entertaining her." Trevor suggested. So Hot shot began to spin a wrench. And Nancy stopped when she saw it spinning. "What she stopped?" Cliffjumper said in disbelief. "But I haven't done my big finish yet." Hot shot stated. "I got it! When you spin it to her it looks like a mobile. You know spinney things above baby beds." I explained. He stopped. "So my spinning trick is the only thing that will make the Nancy happy?" He asked. And Nancy started crying again. "Yes and keep spinning it." I told him. "Okay, okay." He said and began spinning the wrench again. Then Nancy fell asleep. "My tricks that's what did it." Hot shot bragged. "Say it again and you'll put me asleep." Starscream said feeling annoyed. "If we are very quiet Nancy will sleep for the rest of the rest of the afternoon." I said sitting down on the couch. "Hannah, Aunt Lizzie is going to be back home in a few hours so after her nap we have to take her home." Abigail told me. "Aw does she have to go?" Starscream whined surprising everyone. "I think you like Nancy." Trevor said. "Yeah she's a sweet girl." Starscream said. "Softie." Cliffjumper laughed. Then Nancy woke up and it was time to go home. But the autobots wanted to say good- bye to her. After he said their good- byes we went home. "Wow she looks well taken care of Thank you. Wave bye-bye." Aunty Lizzie said and then left. That was a pretty amazing day. At the decepticon base. "That's a good plan Sawblade. Thundercracker would be perfect to close the portal. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Megatron said with pleasure. "Wow sacrificing one of your own soldiers. You are so cold." Sawblade said with an evil laugh. "Thank you, it is a good way to keep the others in line." Megatron with pleasure. Both unware that Thundercracker was listening and left for his quarters to think about what he just heard. So back at the base we watched them do there training exercises. And Cliffjumper and Starscream have become the best of friends. But none of us were aware of what was going to happen really soon.

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