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Heart of Metal, Beats Like Gold


Is there a Kuno Ichi in town? Ehh, maybe? Randy and Howard aren't sure whether to trust this "girl" or not. Behind Kuno's blank expression lies many secrets.

Drama / Other
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The Kuno Ichi

It was just another day of school. Randy Cunningham and Howard Weinerman were walking their way to Norrisville High as usual. That morning, they seemed especially excited and pumped up as they talked about one certain thing.

"Come on, Cunningham!" Howard protested at his best friend. "I'm telling you, this new concert move will be the honking cheese!"

"And for the last time, Howard," Randy sighed. "It's not a concert move if all you're doing is taking your shirt off in the middle of a drum solo."

"But all the rock stars do it!"

"We're not rock stars! Yet! Besides, how will you be able to do that while drumming?"

"I have my ways, Cunningham. Don't question the Weinerman ways." Randy decided to stay silent at that. "I still can't believe you got Principal Slimotvitz to let us perform our very own concert For the whole school!"

The purple-haired teen grinned. "Better believe it, Big H! 30 Seconds to Math is so gonna rock the school! And it won't be like last time either! No more interruptions. Can't believe I just had to do one thing for this to happen."


"Ninja slice!"

Randy, as the Ninja, attempted to slice through McFist's latest robot with his katana. But the giant toy-like bot was completely indestructible. It just continued to run rampage through the school, smashing through the building, having everyone run around screaming.

But the Ninja didn't give up. He saw a good advantage when the robot started to fire rockets. Some of the rockets were heading straight for the parking lot. In the background, Principal Slimovitz shrieked in fear.

"Nanja Scarf Grab!" The Ninja used his scarf to take the rocket heading for the Principal's car. Flinging it, he directed it back to the robot, and aimed for its chest.

The bot exploded in just seconds.

Everyone cheered, for the Ninja had saved them all once again. Randy grinned behind his mask proudly as he made his way back to the ground. "Thank you, thank you, just doing my job!"

"Ninja!" Principal Slimovitz made his way through the crowd and excitedly went up to the hero.

"Oh, hey, what's up, P-Slims?"

"You saved my car! For the first time! Ever!"

"I did? Oh, yeah yeah, I did! It's no big deal." Technically, he had no idea he was trying.

"Is there anything I could do for you, Ninja? Anything at all?"

Randy's eyes lit up at that. "Weeelll…I have these two friends that are working on this concert—"

"Done and done!"

"Too bad it's in three months though."

"Who cares? This will definitely be our best first concert ever!" Howard pumped his fist in the air.

"Finally! Our band will get the respect it deserves."

"Just one thing, Cunningham. This better not be just like the Battle of the Bands. You better not 'ninja out' and go NNS at the brucest time of our lives!"

Randy let out a laugh as he patted Howard's shoulder. "Chill out, man! It's still in three months. What could happen?"

"Last time you said that, something did happen."

"You can't blame the Ninja for having to fight monsters and McFist robots everyday!"

"Oh yes I can! Especially when the Ninja is my best friend. You sure you really gonna have this conversation?"

"Howard, I promise. Absolutely no distractions during our concert."

"Good. Because I'm thinking on the likes of a trio. What do you think about a third band member?"

At those words, Randy stopped walked and widened his eyes. "Whaaaa?! Are you kidding me?"

"What's your deal?"

"Another addition to 30 Seconds to Math? Are you actually serious for once?"

"Wow, that hurt."

"Have you forgotten about what happened with Levander?!"

"I know! But wouldn't it be cool to get some awesome free stuff?"

"We don't roll like that anymore! The music is what counts, not the equipment."

"You're losing me right there, Cunningham. Still, a third member would be the cheese! Just as long as he doesn't dump us like Levander did…"

"Howard, please. There is no one that can be a third member of our band. Besides, who would be good enough anyway?"

Just as soon as he said that, the boys heard music. They looked up to see a crowd had gathered at the corner of the school, and they all looked pretty excited. It appeared someone was performing a little guitar solo before classes.

"Whoa," Howard said. "That's some gathering. Isn't that against the rules?"

"Maybe, maybe…"

"Shouldn't we tell P-Slims?"

The two boys stared at each other for a while before bursting out into fits of laughter. "Oh, I thought you were serious there for a sec!"

"I know, me too! Man, I sounded so stupid."

"Come on, let's just check it out."

They walked closer to the crowd and had a closer look at who was performing. Everyone was cheering as the person was strumming hardcore notes on a light-blue electric guitar. When Randy and Howard had a closer look, they gasped.

They were looking at the figure of the Ninja.

"What the juice?!"

"But you're here—And the Ninja's—What's going on?!"

It appeared that the crowd knew. Because the fake-Ninja "onstage" took his mask off and revealed his face. The boys then realized it wasn't even a boy.

It was a girl. A girl with short, navy-blue hair. Unlike with what happens to Randy, the Ninja suit was still on her, so they had proof she didn't just steal the mask or anything. But the fact that she was just a copy made Randy feel pretty angry. Especially when the crowd continued to clap in praise.

"Thank you, everyone," the fake said politely. "You have been wonderful listeners. This last song goes to all of you. It is one of my favorites, and I hope you all like." The crowd cheered once more in response.

"I am the Kunoichi."

(A/N: I forgot to mention one thing, guys! Throughout the story, since this is mostly about a music, I'm going to be posting lyrics to songs :) The first one in this chapter is called "A Female Ninja, But I Want to Love". Originally sung by Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin. To listen to the English version, look for JubyPhonic and rachie's version! I got the lyrics from their cover ^^)

1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 8, 10

Dojo class, I'll skip another, bye bye
15 years yet a newbie at this girl ninja thing
Master, not a single thing makes sense in all of this

Yes yes! Mother always said this to me
"Being a ninja girl means you can't be girly"
With that said, my younger days were never ever really much fun...

Then Then Then a night's festivity
Never had I seen a boy as cool as he
Red Red Red and deep inside of me
It beat, you see, and started to break free

(Here we go, hey!)

I love and want to love but, no, it's not allowed
It's not fair! I don't care! Just let me do what I want
"Stop this!" and "Quit that!" You're making me freak out
You know what isn't cool? All these stupid rules!

What to do with me and you to set this feeling free?
This I think as I watch you from a hole secretly
Can I really hide inside and under lock and key?
Ninja girl I am though, fall in love with me!

1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 8, 10

Peakin'? What, me? What 'cha saying?
15 years yet an obvious ninja girl
If I keep this up I won't get any jobs anymore

"Hey hey, Gatekeeper have you been working out?"
"Maybe open that big door there for little ol' me.."
"God, why isn't it working!?" I can't even use this face for my own good...

A merchant's daughter, seeing me denied
With a "my my my" came running to my side
Quietly, she whispered with a smile
Oh, so that's why! We're rivals now, you and I!

(1, 2, 3, 4!)

I love and I want to love, but the foes are ever near!
Wanna dice through them all with a cut cut I'll be done
"Stop this!" and "Quit that!" You're making me freak out
You know what isn't cool? All these stupid rules!

What should I do, I can't be excused for feeling how I feel!
Bonsai tree I will be in just to watch you breathe
Can I really hide inside and under lock and key?
Ninja girl I am though, fall in love with me!

Fall in love with me!

(insert epic guitar solo here xP)

Suddenly came a secret message written for me
Wi-Widening i-in surprise, my eyes couldn't believe what it read
Seek out and kill, he was my target like any other
How could it be!? Why was it he? My mind was running wild with panic
What do I do? I never knew I'd ever have to pick or choose
But if I faltered on the job, I knew that'd be my end

Father, Mother, Finally know now
What I really have to do
Made up my mind

I love and want to love but, no, it's not allowed
That's the fate that my life is destined to pursue
"Stop this!" and "Quit that!" You're making me freak out
You know what isn't cool? All these stupid rules!

Underneath the harvest moon, I know the time is soon
Flipping walls, I appear and I'm here before you now
O happy daggers I have hidden, set me free!
Ninja girl I am though

Fall in love with me!
Fall in love with me!
Fall in love with me!
Ninja girl, time to love in the ninja way!

1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 8, 10

Once the song ended, the "Kunoichi" finished her guitar solo and everyone cheered loudly again. It appeared the "ninja girl" was a good singer. She gave a light bow and a sweet smile.

"Arigatou gozaimasu."

Everyone clapped once more, ready to leave as Kuno packed her stuff. As they all departed, in the background, only two boys had their jaws dropped open in disbelief and slight anger.

After a few moments, Howard snapped out of it first and glared. "Oh no, she didn't."

"OK," Randy said. "Now we can tell P-Slims."

The two dashed to the Principal's office, and the said person they were looking for was just there, reading the rulebook as usual. "Oh, hello, boys! Shouldn't you be getting to your rooms? Class will start soon."

"Principal Slimotvitz," Randy started. "There is a girl outside the school who is selling guitar solo performances for money!"

"Oh, Randy, don't be silly! She's giving them for free."

"But performances are still against the rules!"

"Since when did you two care about rules?"

"Believe me, I'm having a hard time believing it," Howard cut in.

"Just leave her be, boys. She means no harm! That new kid is nothing to worry about. She's just a ninja and music lover! Getting to class on time is something you should look forward to."

With that said, the boys dashed out of the room.

But Randy was still fuming as they jogged to class. "Just a ninja lover, my cheese…" he muttered. "I bet she's just trying to steal the Ninja's spotlight!"

"And be another distraction to our concert!" Howard added. "We've got to make sure that never happens."

"Don't worry! Our concert's for Norrisville High students only anyway! She's probably just a foreigner, we've only seen her today.

They really thought they had nothing to fear. But once they got to class just as the bell rang, Mrs. Driscoll had a big announcement.

"We have a new student coming in today!" she said cheerfully. "She just applied yesterday, and I'm sure most of you met her this morning!"

"Wait, her?"

As if on cue, the door opened and a girl walked into the classroom. Randy recognized the short, navy blue hair. The girl had changed out of her ninja costume and was now wearing a light-blue zip-up hoodie, black bell-bottom jeans and purple McKicks. She also had a necklace with a ninja-star pendant hung around her neck and a plain red bangle on her left wrist. Strapped across her back was her black guitar case and slung over shoulder was her purple sling bag. She was dressed just like any normal, everyday girl.

But the feature everyone noticed first was her eyes. Everyone had seen them before, but not from up close. They were deep, dark-brown, and blank. They weren't like the eyes that were stringing a guitar solo just a few minutes ago. It was hard to identify what she was thinking, for her expression was completely emotionless. And that's when Randy realized something.

"Dude!" he whispered over at Howard. "That's the girl from this morning! She's a—"

"Norrisville High Student." Howard could only gasp and glare.

"Ohayou gozaimasu," the girl greeted. Even her voice was just as blank.

"Welcome to Norrisville High!" Mr. Driscoll "said". "Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?"

The new girl didn't get bothered by this at all. She just stood straight in front of the class, who patiently waited for her to speak again. "Hajimemashite.My name is Kuno Ichi. I am fourteen years old. Because of my name, I have been called 'The Female Ninja' numerous times. My place of residence must remain unknown, but I can inform I have come here to Norrisville from Japan. Please treat me well." She bowed slightly. "Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

"Thank you, Kuno," Mrs. Driscoll said, smiling politely. "That was…um…"

"Suspicious, that's what!"

"Jerry! Shh, not in front of the students!" It was true though. Kuno had introduced herself so blankly, you would think she'd rehearsed it.

"All right, Ms. Ichi!"

"I prefer to be called Kuno."

"OK…Kuno. Yes, sit behind Cunningham and Weinerman's table!"

Kuno gave a light bow of her head and went to take her seat. "Here she comes, Howard," Randy whispered. "Act natural."

"I will do my best to not rip her guitar in half."

As the new girl placed her stuff down, she went to listen to today's lesson. Randy gave a fake polite smile as he turned to Kuno. "Hello! I am Randy Cunningham. This is my best friend, Howard Weinerman. You are…"

The blue-haired girl blinked at him. "I have just introduced myself in front of the class, if I recall. Did you not pay attention?"

"Yeah, but…what should we call you?"


"…That's it? Don't you have a shorter name, or a nickname—"

"My name is Kuno Ichi."


"Call me Kuno."

Randy looked at Howard, who gave a confused shrug. "Um, OK…so, you must like music, huh?"

"It is my, what you may call, a 'hobby'."

"So, you don't plan on, I don't know…ever throwing a concert or anything?"

"I only sing and play my songs. I do not know how to compose. I have an incapability of—"

"Good!" Howard interrupted. "Because you're not taking out concert away from us, new girl!"

"Mr. Weinerman!" Mrs. Driscoll scolded. "Is there something you would like to share with the class?"

All eyes were on the two boys as they froze. "Um…nope, nothing."

The teacher squinted. "You have one warning, Mr. Weinerman."

"Hm," Kuno mused. "It appears that talking to you in the middle of classes will put a fifty-fifty chance of me getting in trouble. Therefore, I will no longer speak to you two."

"Wait, we just wanted to make it clear—"

Too late. She stopped looking at the boys and her attention was directed straight forward. "I'm starting to hate her," Howard said.

Randy didn't say or do anything for the rest of the period.

English class was next, and it appeared that Kuno had it for the next period as well. She was at her new locker, fixing her things, as Randy and Howard glared at her from a few lockers away.

"She's big trouble, Cunningham," Howard murmured, a little angrily. "I'm sure of it. She's going to get in the way of everything."

"Howard, relax! She hasn't done anything to get in our way yet. She's new, give her a break. She can 'get out of our way' if we just ignore her. Who said we had to be friends?"

Apparently, it was an option. Second period was just starting and the boys were up for a thriller.

"Well, students," Mr. Bannister announced. "It has been two weeks since the day I gave you your big English essay homework. With me being the considerate person I am—" There were some eye rolls at that. "—I decided to give you an extension to that as well! I have reminded you all countless times, so all of you had better finished it!"

"Honking cheese, what English homework?!" Howard shrieked.

"Aw, juice, we forgot about he English essay!" Randy exclaimed. "What could we have been possibly doing in the past two weeks?!"

They decided not to answer that.

"We are so souped!"

They were. Mr. Bannister could not have been more furious at what he didn't see. "And where are your essays, boys?"

Randy and Howard could only stutter. "Well, uh—You see—There was a—And then the—Um—"

"No homework, no grade! One month's detention for both of you!" The duo groaned at the news.

"Detention? I do not understand." They suddenly turned to the neighboring table where Kuno sat. "They merely did not submit their homework. Why must they deserve punishment?"

Mr. Bannister squinted his eyes. "I have told, repeated, and reminded that it was important to give this essay today!"

"But you must understand, Mr. Bannister. 90—No, 91% of students most likely do not return their homework on time, or at all. This is usually the cause of stress, distraction, and blah blah blah…" (Please excuse the technical difficulty, for even the narrator has gotten bored of what the girl was saying)

Once she was done, Randy snapped awake from his little nap. "Huh? What?" He quickly nudged Howard, who also grunted and bolted upright.

"Yeesh, kid," Mr. Bannister yawned. "Didn't need all that. Fine, they get a week of detention and a second chance." That lifted the boy's spirits. "Now, all of you, pay attention now!"

As the lesson started, Howard sighed in relief. "That was close! Hey, thanks there, new kid."

"You must remember to do your essays now. I can only save people at a limited basis." Yeesh, kid.

"But that still doesn't mean you're off the hook with us!" Randy reminded.

Kuno didn't care either way. She proceeded in giving them the silent treatment.

"That girl's wonk."

"But she has an excellent technique of how to put one to sleep."

When lunch came around, Randy seemed to be ranting a bit. "You know what, maybe she's really not out to steal our thunder. She's just being completely weird for no reason at all."

"Why are we still talking about this?"

"Because I feel like there's more to her than just her stage name! I mean, Kuno Ichi? That is not a name."

"Hey, at least if she's trying to steal the Ninja's job, you can spend more time at 30 Seconds to Math."

"Not helping, Howard!"

Just at the moment when Randy wasn't paying attention, he bumped his tray into someone else's. He looked up and his eyes widened slightly at the sight of Theresa Fowler. "Oh, sorry, Randy," she said apologetically. And sweetly.

Randy found himself blushing a little. "Theresa! Oh, yeah, sure! No prob, yeah."

The girl suddenly giggled as she walked away. Randy restrained himself from sighing but failed miserably.

"Dude, just kiss already," Howard joked.

The purple-haired teen glared. "What the juice, man."

Howard smirked as they went and took their seats at Shangri-Lunch.

They were just about to eat when they saw someone enter the cafeteria. "It's the new girl again," Howard warned.

"Why are you telling me?"

"Just wanted to see you fume again."

Randy scoffed. "We're not gonna get anywhere worrying about her."

As Kuno lined up for food, someone else had entered the cafeteria. It was Bash and his gang. And they looked especially mean today.

"Out of my way!" he shouted, shoving through the line. Because no one wanted to deal with him, they all backed up for the bully.

When Bash saw Kuno, he shoved her away. "Excuse you!"

"Sumimasen. That was my place."

Bash turned to her, smirking. "Yeah? Well it's my place now! Cuz I took it from ya!" With that said, Bash had gotten the last plates of "good food", which was supposedly for Kuno. Yet, she still stared blankly.

"Cutting in is rude. I request you give me my food back."

By now, everyone was watching as Bash gritted his teeth. "What if I don't? You're a girl! What, yous gonna cry about it? Cuz you're a girl!" He laughed at his own joke.

The sound of the crowd's "oooh"s filled the air.

Kuno still did not get intimidated. "No. I would do this."

Before Bash could notice, she reached under his tray and flipped it. The food landed on his head with a splat. The entire thing was dripping down on him. Everyone gasped at the new girl's blunt actions.

Bash let out a shout of rage, wiping the food goo off. "Yous gonna pay for this! After lunch! You're gonna get it, new kid!"

"I do not understand what I would 'be getting'. We are in different grades, therefore in different classes." The crowd "ooooh"ed at Bash this time.

The bully couldn't retort at that. "Nnnghhh! Your words confuse me! You're still gonna get it!" He stomped out of the cafeteria, still fuming.

Kuno didn't appear to be threatened. She didn't appear to be hungry anymore either, as she started to walk out of the cafeteria as well. After seeing the entire scene, Randy and Howard bolted up from their seats and stared at the girl in shock.

"Are you completely out of your mind?!"

"You just got Bash mad!" Howard exclaimed. "He is so going to get after you!"

Kuno only blinked. "I do not see the problem in coming after me."

"What are you—ever heard of bullies in your old school, new girl?!"

"Perhaps not." Kuno paused. "I do not see why you suddenly care about my safety. I thought I was not 'off the hook'." The boys had no response to that. "If you'll excuse me. I'm skipping lunch. There are chemicals in the food that are not good for my system."

As she walked away, Howard didn't seem to be minded by her use of words and sniffed his bowl of chili. "Yeesh. No wonder it was bubbling." He paused, shrugged, and took a spoonful while Randy tried not to barf.

When lunch ended, it was now time for Gym. It was another period Kuno had, and so did the boys. She was supposedly in the Girls class, and they tried not to think about it too much. She was right, after all. She should not be a part of their problems. But their problems did increase when they heard yet another horrible set of information.

"Good news, class!" the psycho-coach cheered. "Due to some incidents with the 11th Grade Gym teacher, I had to fill in! But, because I had a class withyou 9th graders as well, we're gonna have combined classes!" The entire Grade 9 Gym class groaned. "For today's competition, we're having dodgeball!" Everyone groaned louder.

Across the room, Bash was with his gang, grinning rather evilly as they held red rubber balls, threatening to throw them. Randy turned to Howard, eyes slightly widened.

"We're so gonna get juiced!"

"I know! We know nothing about dodgeball! Or any sport for that matter!"

It didn't seem to matter either way. Once the coach blew on the whistle, it was war.

Being older, bigger, and stronger, the 11th Graders obviously had the greater advantage. They took the 9th Graders out one by one, left and right, in practically no time at all. The best Howard and Randy could do was duck and dodge.

"They're killing us!" Howard yelled, ducking again. "I barely had time to see them coming!"

"Well, goodbye to dignity."

But maybe all hope was not lost. A red dodgeball suddenly hit an 11th Grader straight in the face. They all looked but two more balls came in. Randy and Howard turned and gasped.

Kuno was expertly dodging the balls by performing back and front flips. She was jumping, kicking, punching the balls like it was some sort of routine pattern to her. The blank expression on her face never changed.

"Uh, why are you here?!" Randy practically shouted. "This is boys' Gym class!"

"I was given the decision to choose what side of Gym I would take on the first day," Kuno responded, still in her zone. "And yes, I chose the Boys. Now, let me focus."

"I so want to crush yous right now!" Bash yelled, throwing more balls and failing to have them hit.

Randy and Howard now seemed to be the only 9th Grade boys on the court now. And that was a bad thing. "Ah!" They shielded themselves, bracing for another ball that was directed at them.

But it never came in contact. Kuno came right in and blocked the balls with her fists. She glanced at them, ever-so-slightly, before returning to the battle.

"…Something about that second-glance death glare tells me that she wants us to help her."

Howard burst out into laughter, but stopped almost immediately. "Oh, you're serious."

Randy picked up another ball and threw it. He was thrilled to see it hit an 11th Grader and gained more confidence at that. He ducked another ball and grinned. "Ha!" Howard had no choice now but to join in now.

By then, it was now a Randy, Howard, and Kuno battle against Bash. And he was more than furious to know the fact. "Yous all are going down!"

Before anyone could react, he threw the ball at super-fast speed. Everyone watched it zoom towards Kuno and gasped. The girl didn't flinch and just stood straight,

Then she held her hand out. As if one cue, the ball landed straight into her hand It tried pushing forward, but Kuno had a strong grip. The ball finally stopped spinning and everyone stared in shock. The girl finally looked up, a tiny glint being noticed from her eye.

"You're out."

It took even Coach Green a while to snap out of it. "What? Oh, um…9th Grade wins?"

All the freshmen cheered from the bench and started high-fiving each other. The 11th Graders groaned in defeat. "This ain't fair!" Bash shouted. "Let's do a rematch!" His buddies had to drag him away kicking and screaming.

"All right!" Rand and Howard laughed as they performed their bro slap. "That was wicked close."

"Totally bruce-tastic!"

Randy grinned, but it slowly faded when he turned and saw Kuno. Some of the freshmen were congratulating her, but she wasn't celebrating at all. In fact, she looked a little sad. Then again, he expression never changed.

"Yo, Cunnigham, what's up?"

The boy ignored his friend, walking up to the new girl, leaving Howard no choice but to follow him again. "Hey, Kuno," he called. "Great job back there."

She turned to look at the boy, the slightest hint of surprise on her face. It quickly faded. "It is only natural for me to accomplish all I do with success and perfection."

"Well then, Little Miss Perfect," Howard said, rolling his eyes. "I guess we forgive you for trying to take our spotlight. We believe now you mean no harm."

"…I do not know how to respond to that."

Randy chuckled. "It's gonna take a while to get used to Howard speak."

"Just like with your Japanese, which we still can't understand," Howard put in.

"Sou desu…" Kuno mused. She then realized she spoke Japanese again and gave a slight bow of her head. "I look forward to that then. Pardon me, my next class will start in thirteen minutes." With these words, she walked away.

"…Still think she's suspicious?"

"Oh, yeah," The purple-haired teen rubbed the back of his head. "Guess we have to keep an eye out for her then."

"And by we, I hope you mean 'you',"

"No, us. That girl is too full of herself for her own good."

"How can you tell?"

"…You know what, let's just get to class."

"Yeah. Apparently, it starts in thirteen minutes. Hey, did that Kuno kid have a watch on her?"

Randy shrugged, having no clue.

School finally ended and night fell upon Norrisville. Kuno Ichi was just casually walking under at night, under the streetlight, heading towards a certain building. One that was labeled "McFist Industries"

She entered through the back entrance, where a secret door to a tunnel through the brick wall was waiting for her to open. She crawled inside, as it shortly lead to a certain someone's evil lab.

Immediately, a certain robot named Otto came out of hiding and flew to her, making a few noises. He was practically flying around Kuno, acting all excited. The girl patted its little head and handed over what looked like a can of oil. The bot chirped happily, thanking her.

"Sit down, Otto," a sassy voice called out from within the darkness. "Give her some space."

"I have returned," Kuno announced. "Master."

"Hello, Kuno."

Kuno's "Master" finally emerged, and revealed a grinning Viceroy. He was smiling rather smugly. "Just in time for your rounds."

"I was programmed by you to always be on time."

"Mm-hmm. You know the drill, sweetie. On the table you go."

Kuno did as commanded. She laid herself out on one of Viceroy's experiment tables and her wrists and ankles were restrained. The table slowly lifted up, and the platform was placed against the wall. Mechanical arms reached out and started checking for any signs of damage.

"How was school?" Viceroy called, typing on a computer. He started downloading Kuno's memories of the day. "I see you played dodgeball with the boys?"

"It was an obvious victory," Kuno said simply, a mechanical hand massaging her dodgeball hand. "I won for my team without any faults."

"Good, good. Keep it up, my child. Now, for our normal routine." Viceroy turned to his creation.

"Yes, Master."

"What is your name?"

"My name is Kuno Ichi. I am known as the Female Ninja."

"Who created you?"

"Viceroy is my creator, and I must respect and obey him."

"What is your purpose?"

"I am to serve the Sorcerer, and spy on the Ninja."

"What is your goal?"

"I will be the one to assassinate him."

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Deleted User: The fact that the book ends before she even goes on the date/dinner is so frustrating. But Even though...I love your story and the rollercoasters it takes me on. 💚🖤🖤⚔☠😁☠⚔🖤🖤💚

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