A boy finds himself in the middle of nowhere. He was in a car crash and had woken up from a 60 year coma. It’s a world record! If somehow he had the chance to escape, would he?

Action / Adventure
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The real me

He heard voices. Unfamiliar voices that sounded panicked and stressed. The boy felt sleepy and tired as if he was coming out of a very deep sleep. As he came back into conciousnes his vision focused, he was staring at a pale white ceiling.

“Where am I?!” The boy yelled, salty tears danced down his face like an elegant ballerina on the stage. He tried to remember but it was like a brick wall stood in his way.

“Who am I?” The worried little child muttered to himself.

HELP!!” He screeched over and over. It took him several minutes to calm down and collect himself, he only just realised his surroundings.There was a monitor beeping repeatedly on his left hand side right beside the bed he was on. It was a hospital bed. One that you would lie on for operations. He had a finger pulse attached to his index finger on his right hand . He immediately wondered why his left arm felt weird and tingely, he looked down at it. His arm was not an ordinary arm it looked robotic and he felt as though it didn’t belong.It felt light and flowed like a normal limb, the metal was so shiny he could see his face in the reflection.He fainted at the shock shortly after...

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