“Good morning.” A tall woman wearing black heels and a white science lab coat announced as she marched into the boys room.

“My name is doctor K. Smith. I am the head of H.R.P, I am here to help. The more you struggle the harder it is for me and you. Now, do you recall anything from before the incident?” She asked, looking down at a check board she held.

He hesitated, not sure to trust this woman or to tell her anything.

“What has happened to me?!” He asked with a break in his voice.

The woman checked her watch and then checked the monitor next to his bed. She sighed.

“Please, don’t ask questions . I understand you are confused but please we do not have time. I know what your going through I’m here to help. Now please may I ask you a series of questions?”She said it unsympatheticicly and didn’t seem to be asking the boy for permission. “I’m assuming you remember nothing?” She held her pen to her checkboard.

The boy shook his head.

“Do you feel any side eff..” she stopped mid word.

“I mean do you feel nauseous in any way?” She corrected herself.

The boy shook his head again.

“Okay thats good news, thank you for your compatibility.” She stood up walked to the far side of the room and pressed a button near the sink. She exited without a nother word. As soon as the door shut it was opened again. This time a doctor wearing protective overalls entered and had a huge needle in his hand. The boy squermed and shreaked trying to escape from this mans grasp, he was to strong and suddenly the boy went limp. He fell asleep again...

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