His vision sharpened. It felt like déjà vu. Except from this time, he remembered what had happened. His head throbbed like a drum the pain was unbearable.

“Hello! Doctor Smith! Help me! Let me go now!” He screeched.

A young man entered the room. He wore a navy suit with a red tie and brown pointed shoes. The skinny man layed down a brief case and removed several documents. The young boy just waited patiently and silently. Both because he was scared and curious. The man cleared his throat.

“My name is Gabriel Jones. You can call me Gabe if you like.” He smiled warmly, “I work for H.R.P my job is too help you recover. In my spare time I enjoy questioning people and well.... doing this.”

He straightened his documents and sat up straight on the chair that was randomly placed at the end of the bed.

“I will now make a few points clear and hopefully answer most of your questions;H.R.P stands for Human Research Project. You were in a coma for 62 years. All your family was killed in a car crash, you were the only survivor!” He continued to read from the list. “You were taken to a special medical center here in Atlanta, America where we operated on your arm. We have modelled and designed this arm and could be classed as a nuclear weapon!” Gabe read from the paper like a robot. “Any questions?”

The boy nodded.

“What is my name?”

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