Brok Sena

‘Your name is Brok Seana’ the man said, ‘unusual yet unique’

This man seem nice, Brok seem to like him but it would take a while to earn his trust, after all he couldn’t remember anything. Gabe checked his 24 carrot gold watch and winced, he buttoned his suit smoothed back his hair and stood.

‘Nice meeting you Brok I will see you soon’ he offered a hand out for Brok to shake but he was paralysed still from the drugs, gabe awkwardly put his hand in his pocket and walked out, shoes tapping on the floor. Brok heavily sighed he thought about escaping but there was no point there were guards on patrol all around the clock switching shifts on the hour. He noticed there was at least a dozen and they all had masks and jet black, thick armour.

‘Why? Why is there so many guards I’m not that dangerous!’ He replayed current events in his head and it clicked! We have modelled and designed this arm and could be classed as a nuclear weapon! He could maybe escape if he knew how to use his new arm properly, he had no time to Practice as there was security cameras in his room looking at him 24/7.

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