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Sealed Angels


High-school!Verse. Dean and Castiel meet at class and are slowly falling for each other. But they don't know that everything they knew would soon be changed for the better or for the worse.

Action / Other
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Castiel was nervous.

It's a given, since it was his first day in a new school in a different state. They had recently moved from New York to Lawrence, Kansas and so he was enrolled into the school there. He seriously did not understand why his father had decided to move precisely to Lawrence, but he couldn't argue much with him, as his mother's death was still fresh in his mind although it really has been ten years since that incident. Chuck Shurley, his father, couldn't stay in their house anymore, every place reminding him of his late wife, Becky Shurley.

His father had friends in Kansas that they would stay with while waiting for their new house to be finished. Chuck had been going on about visiting them for a while anyway. The Singers were welcoming even though it took him a while to comprehend it since Robert Singer, or Bobby, as he asked to be called, was grumpy and called him an 'idjit' under his breath. In the end, Castiel understood it was his way of showing that he cared because he wasn't so good with letting his feelings out.

His father was finally moving on rather well and resumed his job as a writer, continuing his original book now that he had some new inspiration to write for.

Castiel was glad for his father, he really was, even if his face showed otherwise. But who could really blame him? He was standing before a day that would determine his future at the school – would he be popular? a middle-class? or a loser, being picked upon and hated, like what he had read in books. He sighed. He really wished he could stay at home, like he did up until now. It's not like he didn't want to be with people his age, but he didn't think it was the right time… he didn't know how to react with people and he will most likely end up as the weird kid no one talks to but too afraid to pick on.

"Relax, son. You'll do just fine," Chuck reassured his child before dropping him off on front of the gates of the school. Castiel smiled but still nibbled on his lower lip nervously.

Dean sighed as his brother pestered the hell out of him to get to the car.

"We are gonna be late and it's only the first day of school," Sammy whined.

"Fine, fine! Just shut your cake-hole, Sammy, or I swear to god I'm gonna punch ya in the face!" Dean took his bag and headed down, not forgetting to lock the door behind him.

"Class, we have a new student that came all the way from New York. He was home-schooled until this year, so please greet him warmly." Mrs. Milton placed a hand on Castiel's shoulder, "Would you like to greet the class, Mr. Shurley?" she smiled at him and he grimaced.

"U-um… my name is Castiel Shurley, it's very nice to meet you." The class echoed 'Nice to meet'cha' back at him.

"Very well, you can sit on the table next to Mr. Winchester there," she pointed at the back of the room, where an empty table stood beside a table occupied by a male who was looking outside the window, not paying attention to what was happening in the class.

He sat down and peered at the student next to him; he had short dark blond hair and a lightly tanned skin, but he couldn't see his face because he was looking away.

He cleared his throat. Why did people have to be so hard? "Um… hello?"

No answer. The boy kept looking out of the window. Castiel felt a bit annoyed by that and poked the boy in the shoulder.

The reaction he got was unexpected.

The boy jumped so high in his chair, Castiel thought that he flew for a moment. Then the boy tried to calm himself down and sent a glare at him, but Castiel was far from feeling threatened.

In fact, he was mesmerized.

He was looking into very green eyes and the fire in them just made them look more alive than anything he had ever seen in his life. The boy obviously thought he was ignoring him because he returned to looking outside the window.

Castiel huffed and decided to get the boy's attention in a different way with something he read about in one of his books. He took out a little note and scribbled something on it before slipping it onto the other's table.

The boy looked at it and then at him suspiciously when he stared back with pleading eyes, until he sighed and opened the note. He read it and then smiled amusingly. He wrote on it and gave it back to him. Castiel was thrilled and looked down at the note with a smile.

Dean was physically present in the class but mentally? He was absent. He was tired from his job at the Singer Salvage Yard and though he wouldn't admit it, he dreaded school. He knew he wasn't going to be anything better than a mechanic, unlike his genius-slash-geeky brother, but Bobby threatened to fire him if he failed high school. Unfortunately, he can't find another job fast enough, so he had to grudgingly agree and actually work (He hates the irony here so much...).

He was so deep in his musing that when someone touched his shoulder, he jumped and swore that his heart just went up to his throat. He turned his glare at the offender, finding himself looking into big blue eyes. After a few moments, when he noticed they were looking a bit glazed – was he being ignored? – He decided to look back outside the window, already annoyed by the boy next to him.

Now that he thought about it, he had never seen him before. Was he new? He felt a paper slide into his desk and he looked at the teen warily and saw him staring back with puppy eyes so similar to his brother's, so he sighed, knowing he can't win and opened the note.

'Hello, my name is Castiel Shurley. I am a new student and it appears that I am going to sit next to you for this class. What is your name? It is very nice to meet you.'

He amusingly smiled for a bit, chuckling inwardly at Castiel's proper writing, and wrote 'Right back at u, man. Name's Dean Winchester, like the gun. I lived here all my life, what bout u?' back and sled it back to Castiel, who looked happy and enthusiastically as he read Dean's response, grinning at the writing.

Castiel felt as if he already won a friend and wrote back 'I was home schooled until last year, then I moved here with my father and stayed for a few days with the Singers. They're very good people, and I found out I have quite an addiction to Mrs. Singer's pies.'

Dean chuckled to himself and wrote 'U know the old man? Now u're my kind of a guy, Karen's got the best pies I've ever eaten in a long time. Want 2 go after school and grab some? I need to get there anyway.'

Castiel's face lit up and he scribbled fast a 'Yes, I would love to' and saw Dean's face turn into a big smile. Dean gave him the thumbs up before turning to the teacher and scribbling down some notes. Castiel then noticed that he had missed half of the class with trying to talk and then talking to Dean and flushed in shame, returning to the teacher and writing notes quickly as well.

After school...

"Hey, Cas!" Dean slapped his back, making Castiel jump and turn to him in surprise.


"Yep, is that a problem?" Dean licked his lips nervously. Really? That's his first response? What the hell is wrong with him?

"Oh, no, no, no," Castiel shook his head and smiled at the taller teen. "I just wasn't called that way in a very long time."

"I see… I'm sorry," What is he apologizing for? Dean was getting confused at his own responses.

"No need to, Dean, I'm glad that you see me as a friend," He patted his shoulder and Dean smiled broadly, wrapping his arm around his shoulders, and pulling him close.

Oh, well, might as well go with it.

"Well, chick flicky as it is, I'm glad to have a friend as well. Are we going to grab some heaven-made pies?" He winked.

The shorter man nodded enthusiastically and Dean led him to the parking lot, then to a big, sleek, black car. Dean released him and patted the hood of the car affectionately, "Cas, meet my baby, the best car ever. Baby, this is Cas, my friend."

Castiel smiled warmly and let Dean open the passenger door for him. He sled into it, enjoying the new-looking car, although he doubted it was any younger than twenty years.

"This is a 67' Chevrolet Impala, and my pride," Dean switched on the gas and AC/DC blasted through the speakers. Castiel winced at the volume and Dean looked sheepish when he turned it down a bit. Castiel relaxed and leaned into the seat. He looked at his new friend, who looked content and his gaze softened.

They pulled by the Singer Salvage Yard and got out of the car with Dean looking excited, hopping to the entrance door. Castiel couldn't help but be pulled into his excitement as he followed his friend. Dean knocked twice and the door opened to reveal an old lady with kind eyes and graying hair. She was wearing a yellow sundress and a white apron.
"My, my, I never imagined you two knew each other. You could've told me so." She let them inside and led them to the table in the kitchen.

"Well, Cas and I just met, ma'am," Dean shyly answered when they sat down. Castiel peered at him and saw him shifting a bit uncomfortably in his seat.

Karen's eyes softened and she ruffled his hair before going to the oven and taking out a freshly baked apple-pie, "Well then, I'm glad you've met and became good friends, dears. Have some pie, I know how much you love pie, Dean."

Said boy blushed slightly and took a bite from the steaming pie. His eyes lit up and he happily moaned as he munched on it. Castiel felt his face go a bit red when he heard the sound and Karen noticed that. She chuckled and smacked the moaning teen with her spatula and scolded him for embarrassing his friend. Dean pouted and glared at him like he was to blame for his predicament. Which made Castiel feel guilty and look down, but then he felt Dean patting his head. "Dude, I'm not really blaming you for this woman's actions, I was just kidding. No need to feel guilty, Cas."

"It's okay, Dean, I should have known. I'm not… really good with 'people skills'."

Dean laughed, "Well, I can help you there, if you want to."

Castiel smiled and took a bite while nodding to the mischievous teen. The pie was heavenly good and he felt his mind relax into the warmth filling his body. He and Dean started chatting about everything and Castiel told him about things he studied at home and some interesting stuff he had found out. Dean listened and added some of his insight or knowledge, not once seeming to get bored or annoyed.

Karen left them alone and exited the room, happy that the two teens are friends. They were two tragedies coming together and she wanted them to be happy, so she was glad they could help each other. She saw her husband by their bedroom and went to him, hugging him.

"Are those idjits done killing each'other yet?" Despite his harsh tone, his eyes were warm and concern swam in them. Karen smiled and looked in the direction of the kitchen, "I'm sure that everything will be better. They deserve it."

"Give it back, Dean!" Castiel tried to pry the fork from Dean's fingers, pouting.

"No way! I want the last piece!" Said boy laughed. Castiel pleaded with his eyes, making them wider and sadder and Dean seemed to crumble under the gaze. At the end he sighed and gave him the fork back and his mouth turned into a smirk when the teen turned gleeful and smiled broadly at him. "Thank you, Dean."

"Shut up, Cas. Damn you, having the same puppy-eyes like my bro," Dean grumbled.

"You have a brother?"

Dean nodded, brimming with pride. "Younger brother. His name is Sammy and he's tiny like a bean. What 'bout ya?"

"I'm an only child, but my father loves me very much and is almost like my best friend."

"I see," Dean knew not to pry about his mother, knowing that they are things not to talk about. "Well, Sammy is like my best friend also, besides you."

"You consider me your best friend?" His eyes grew in awe and Dean nodded. "But we only know each other for a day."

"Really?" Dean said in a sarcastic tone and scowled. "Gotta problem with that?"

"No, of course not, but according to the books-"

"What books?" He quirked his eyebrow in confusion.

"Books about how to be a friend," Castiel said as if it was obvious.

Dean face-palmed. "Dude, you don't need those stupid books, you don't need to learn to be a friend."

"But I don't know how to act around people!" Castiel whined.

"Just be yourself, man. Are you telling me that everything you did today was according to the books?" Dean looked at him in disbelief, almost as if he was hurt by the thought, which was ridiculous.

Castiel quickly shook his head. "I didn't know what to do and I didn't have the books with me, so I just did what I did, I'm sorry if it wasn't good-"

"Would you shut it, Cas? Just be yourself and that's the only damn thing you need to know. I know that despite not being a great friend myself," Dean admitted sheepishly.

"Why would you say that? You are a great friend to me and you are nice and don't fake anything when you talk to me and you are kind and you're the best thing that has ever happened to me and… and I am honored to be your best friend," Castiel spluttered, flushing. He peered cautiously at the boy before him and was happy to see Dean with such an awed face, it was like no one had ever told him that. Then he got worried because tears dripped from the green eyes, "Dean? Did I say something wrong?"

Dean wiped his eyes and looked surprised to see tears on them. He wiped his cheeks, but more tears fell and he angrily rubbed on them. Castiel stood up and went to him, wrapping him in a hug, embracing him into his chest. Dean tried to struggle out of the embrace, but gave up and clutched his shirt.

Castiel was lost. What happened to him? "What's wrong, Dean?"

Dean shook his head, still clutching and muttering into his shirt, "Oh god, thank you."

"What did I say?"

"Th-that was the nicest thing I had ever heard, I-I never thought I would deserve such kind words from someone. It's my entire fault, I can't deserve that," He spluttered and mumbled unintelligible words. Castiel could only make out 'my fault' and 'don't deserve'.

"Dean, you deserve every good thing coming to you, how can you say that about yourself? Who could have made you think so low about yourself?" Castiel was shocked about the level of self-loathing the teen possessed.

"I'm not… I couldn't…" Dean stopped tearing up, and was left sniffling, currently trying to get his act together. He backed away from his friend and looked away, "Let's forget about what just happened, okay?"

"Why should I forget, Dean?" Castiel frowned.

"I think Karen had put something in my pie. I feel like I just grew a vagina," He ignored the question and tried to joke. To forget his slip. "It's nothing important."

"Don't worry, you need to let it out if you want to heal," Castiel reassured him.

"How would you know?" Dean didn't sound accusing but rather curious.

"I had that same predicament ten years ago, when my mother died," Castiel admitted and Dean patted his back.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"We've only known each other for a day, Dean. There was no way for you to know, it's not like you're a psychic or anything, right?"

Dean chuckled. "Can't believe it was only a day, huh? I feel like I've known you for ages."

Castiel replied chuckling as well, "That's true. Maybe we met in some other reincarnation before."

"That would be hilarious," Dean made a funny look and tried to mimic a British accent very poorly. "Hello, Mr. Shurley, I met you a century ago. You stole my girl and now I am back for revenge."

Castiel laughed, "And you stole my car fifty years ago, Mr. Winchester. I think you had your revenge."

"But now I have both my girl and car as the Impala, so I win," Dean winked, and Castiel rolled his eyes. "Whatever makes you sleep better at night," He smirked, making Dean pout at him.

"Are you boys hungry for dinner?" Karen's voice made them jump. Dean and Castiel looked at each other and fell down laughing, holding their sides, their eyes tearing up.

"Did I interrupt something?" Mrs. Singer tilted her head at them, only making them laugh harder. She shook her head, but inwardly smiled.

When Dean calmed down, he shook his head, "I'm sorry, Ma'am, but I have to go home and fix some dinner for Sammy."

"I see, just let me give you some pie for dessert," She went for the counter, and after a few minutes handed him a box. "Send my regards to your little brother."

"Consider that done," Dean saluted and turned to Castiel. "See you tomorrow at school?"

Castiel nodded, "I had fun today, Dean. Good night."

"I had fun as well, Cas. Bye bye," He exited the room and rushed to the car.

Castiel bowed his head to Karen, "Thank you for your hospitality, Mrs. Singer and good night."

"He is a good child," she smiled and at his confused face she continued, "You two are so polite to old people like me. Please promise me you'll look after him, Castiel. He's very lonely and even though he won't admit it, he needs someone like you."

"Don't worry, I will. He is my friend after all." Castiel bid her goodbye and went home, smiling to himself.

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