Jelosy and Jokes

Chapter 2

(A/N: now a multi shot. I guess no-one got Sokkas joke. Oh well. I'm putting Bumis age at 9 in here because i had to make a W.A.G.)

Chapter 2 Strong

Bumi was nervous as hell.

Today was his first lesson in the 'manly skills of manliness' with his uncle Sokka.

It had taken him, his Uncle's (Sokka and Zuko) and his father over a month to convince his Mum that these lessons were a good idea. And she still wasn't happy about them. Apparently it had somthing to do with his Uncle's 'rude and crass' joke. Bumi didn't get how it was rude or crass (Uncle Zuko said to wait a few years, then he'ed get it.)

And that was how Bumi came to be standing on his Auntie Toph's doorstet at eight a.m. on a saturday morning.

'Bumi!' The door was yanked open by Toph before Bumi could knock. 'Sokka, Bumi's here! Lin don't touch that!'

'But Mama it's so pretty!' Six year old Lin whined.

'I know that, Badgermole.' Toph grabbed Lin's hand from were it hovered dangerously close to a wicked looking dagger. Toph beconed Bumi to come into the house, and he followed Toph into the kitchen. Toph turned in the general direction of the hallway then yelled, 'Snoozles get down here! And how many times do i have to tell you, if your going to stay at mine the sharp, pointy things must be stored above Lin's reach!'

'To many to count Toph-ee Pop. I think your feet need checked, because im right here.' Sokka smiled from beside the sink. 'Hey, kiddo, ready to learn sword- bending?'

Bumi smiled 'Yup! When can we start? Can we start now? Can i have my own sword? Are you gona teach me one sword or two?'

'Slow down kid.' Sokka smiled, energy like that the kid was gona be a better warrior than he was some day. 'The awnsers are son, not yet, eventually and both but i prefer one.'

'Yay!' exclaimed Bumi.

' What I don't nderstand is why you have to train him here?' asked Toph. 'And insert-weapon-here bending is not bending!'

'Is too!' Sokka argued, 'And your yard's considorably larger than mine, mi'dear.' Sokka kissed Toph on the cheek.

Lin and Bumi glanced at each other 'Ooggies.' They both wispered and grinned.

'Airbender Island?'

'Katara.' Sokka said as though it explained everything. Apparently it did because Toph had no more questions. 'So Bumi, let's get started!'

Bumi sat down so fast he jarred his teeth.

'What You doing sittng down Soldier?' His Uncle practically yelled at him.

'I'm tired!' Bumi yelled back. 'We've been doing exercises for an hour! It's not fair! Or fun! When do I get to do sword stuff?'

Sokka passed the kid a canteen of water. 'Look at me soldier, you have to do the boring stuff to get to the fun stuff.' Sokka pulled Bumi to his feet.

'But it's so stupid!' Declared Bumi. Then he had an i dea, big eyes worked on his Dad so. 'Please Uncle Sokka can we do the fun stuff?'

'I'm not Aang, Bumi so don't bother with the eyes.' Sokka put his hand on his hip 'You have to do the boring stuff, in order to be strong enough for the fun stuff.'

'I'm strong!' Bumi held up one thin arm to prove his point.

'Not strong enough, kiddo.' Sokka said, 'But your getting there.'

'How strong do I have to be?' Bumi asked.

'Stronger than the smell of Sokka's socks!' Toph yelled from across the yard.

'Spirits thats strong!' Bumi exclaimed as he dropped down into a push up position.

Sokka glared at toph. Then he remembered that she couldn't see it.

Sokka balanced the phone between his ear and shoulder, 'Hello...'

'SOKKA, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON?!' Sokka grimaced as his eardrums nearly burst.

'Hey, Sis. You know if you yelled a little louder, we wouldn't need the phone.' Sokka smiled at his own joke.

Katara ignored him. 'Bumi came home and at his tea, did his chores, didn't annoy Kya or Tenzin once then he went straight to bed. He didn't complain or prank anyone or argue.' Katara realised what she was saying. 'Thank you, Sokka.'

(A/N: This is gonna be oneshots showing how Sokka helped Bumi become well, Bumi. Are gona be mostly set when Bumi's in his teens.


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