The Outcasts


Jason’s POV

As I looked at the Griffins approach, I felt pissed off by my kind of leader am I if I can’t even save my friends. Then suddenly, a wave rose up to the front of our warship and froze. The lead griffin knocked into the huge glacier at full force and it was no more. As I watched, lightning struck the second griffin and the third was plunged into the ocean by a dark ball. As I watched, I noticed chinking sounds coming from the Argo II. I looked around and realized that the cracks were no more. Instead, the warship looked completely new. I looked through a glass and could have sworn I saw four figures slowly fading. The others saw them too as they gasped except for Leo who was screaming his head off with his eyes close “WE ARE SO DEAD !”

Leo’s POV

He was thoroughly embarrassed. First he forgot about the cannons and next he screamed like a girl. To make matters worse, Piper was now using the mentioned two incidents to tease him. GIRLS he they travelled, he noticed the temperature dropping. He looked out and saw a huge mass of Iceland. “Welcome to Alaska guys, we’re beyond the help of the Gods”. He couldn’t help saying through his “awesome” microphone as he liked to call it. That got all of the other four up on their feet. He didn’t realize he had chosen the middle of the Alaska for the warship’s landing are. The five had also not sensed a presence or a few presence of an energy stronger than the Gods which seemed to be in they landed, they heard a sound from behind and what they saw shocked them. Standing behind them were the three Fates. Clotho, the spinner, who spins the thread of life. Lachesis, the measurer, who chooses the lot in life one will have and measures off how long it is to be. Atropos, she who cannot be turned, who at death with her shears cuts the thread of one they spoke. “You shall find the four half- bloods but they aren’t the one you seek. For the four Gods are asleep waken only by charmspeak.” Then they vanished.” Did they say 4 Gods b-but I thought.“Leo stammered.“Only one way to find out .” The girl called Hazel said. She hit a button and descended down the descending stairs.

Piper’s POV

I watched the others descending down the stairs but I stood rooted to my spot. ” woken only by charmspeak” I pondered over these lines given by the Three Fates.“Piper! You coming?” I was pulled out of my thoughts on hearing someone calling. I looked up and saw that it had been Jason.“Sure!“was all that I could reply before he gave me a brief kiss, full on the lips and dragged me down the stairs. What I saw shocked me beyond belief. The entire are was white, a never-ending stretch of white. It seemed so pure, so right that I felt it impossible why the Gods could not survive here. Then, I felt a few presence. I looked at the others who were grabbing on to their was strong but something-something wasn’t right. When I realized stumped me. The source or sources of the strong presence were asleep and yet, yet their aura was overpowering, more overpowering than the Gods. The others were shocked too at this discovery.

Piper’s POV

“So where do we start?“I looked up and realized that it was Frank Zhang who had spoken. He looked towards Jason expectantly. I realized that the others too had turned towards Jason. I gazed around the surroundings and caught sight of a weird yet familiar was a hole through the snow. “N-No it can’t be...“I felt my knees crumble as a flashback hit me. I was flying, okay it wasn’t really flying but I was standing in the air and the worse thing? - I could not move. As I looked down, I saw myself exploring an area which looked strikingly familiar-the I was falling into-myself? I look through my eyes but they weren’t really mine to control. Then I remembered. I had thought it to be a dream-no more than that. I was wrong. I had dreamt that I was controlled by another being. I struggled to get a hold of my conscious but it couldn’t work.I was pulled out of my body and I watched as I charmspoke Gaia into waking up. The last thing I saw was Gaia’s half open eyes before I woke up and saw Jason’s face. His eyebrows were scrunched together but I could see him smile as I awoke. I sat up with a start. A reality had dawned upon me. I had used my abilities to speed up Gaia’s waking process and now I had to set things right- to awake the Gods who would stop her.

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