The Outcasts


Leo’s POV

“Thank the Gods! Sleeping beauty’s awake!” Piper looked at me and the last thing I expected her to do happened. She walked forward and gave me a kiss on the was a totally brotherly kiss but hey she’s a girl after all. After she had a little ambrosia, we set off looking for the four. Suddenly, we saw a crack in the ground. It wasn’t deep, but it was long. I looked at Jason who raised an eyebrow. It was probably a stupid thing but I followed it. We arrived by the edge of a small pool. I was about to get a drink when the water exploded. A five feet tall wave stood in front of us.“I stumbled backwards and saw Hazel mouth “What have you done?” I couldn’t reply for standing in front of us were four figures. The middle one had his arms raised and immediately, we concluded him to be the controller of the waters. There were two girls beside him and a guy behind. The guy with his hands raised had sea green eyes and jet black hair. The girl towards his right had sparkling grey eyes and blonde hair. The guy behind him had sparkling blue eyes which struck Leo as strikingly familiar and the last girl had dark hair an eyes that spoke of death. I managed to say “wow!” before the guy with sea green eyes stepped forward.

Hazel’s POV

I watched as the guy with the sea green eyes stepped forward.“Begone! You have no business here!“He stated. Jason stepped forward”We are looking for Perseus Jackson step back or we WILL FIGHT!“To emphasize his point, he flipped a coin and was holding a gladiator in his hands.“Uh oh not good,“I turned and realized it was Sammy-Leo. Then I heard a drawing of weapons. The guy with the sea green eyes said”Herc son of Perseus and Annabeth Jackson.“before drawing out a sword made of pure water. The girl with sparkling grey eyes said the same and that her name was Zoe before she drew out two knives. The remaining boy and girl said respectively”Thunder and Bianca children of Thalia and Nico Di Angelo”before drawing out a spear and a stygian sword.I heard a collective gasp as we heard their parents. Then with a cry, the four demigods charged at us, weapons drawn...

Hazel’s POV

Then with a cry, the four demigods charged at us, weapons drawn.I watched as Jason and Piper took on Herc. I decided to take on Zoe. I watched as Frank headed for Bianca and Leo met Thunder head on.I brought out my calvary. I swung it one round over my head to gain momentum before striking it down upon Zoe. To my surprise, it bounced off upon contacting Zoe’s knives. I looked into her stormy grey eyes and knew that this girl was not one anyone would mess with. She lounged a series of quick blows. I blocked, sidestepped but was disarmed. I watched in horror as she pointed a knife at my throat and signalled for me to watch the others fight. Then it dawned upon me. These four fought with honor. Unlike us, they fought their battles alone and when they were done, they waited, they watched, but they did not fight another’s battles.

Frank’s POV

I watched as the girl called Bianca raised her Stygian blade. I had seen the weapon only once-on Nico. I charged, meeting her head on with my tested each other out for awhile. Then suddenly, I was surrounded-by an army of skeletons. Bianca stood still as her army charged towards me. I prepared my bow and arrows and let loose a volley of them, each hit their mark, except one. With a flick of her wrist the arrow which was aimed at her snapped into half. I watched as she lit her flames on fire and spun it towards me. I blocked but the blade pushed me back quite some distance before spinning back towards its charging owner. . I was caught unawares as Bianca caught the sword midair and slammed it down towards me. I blocked but failed and got a cut on my left palm. Running towards her, I turned into an eagle before diving straight at her. I could only see her smile as I felt something hit me from behind. I reverted to my normal self, catching sight of her as I turned around. “shadow-travel “she mouthed. I was defeated. We joined Hazel and Herc and watched the remaining 3 of 5

Leo’s POV

Man this guy was something. I made a hellof of robots- some of which had even survived the Giant’s war but he blasted them as if they were just scrap metal. Then, he struck a bolt of lightning which hit me squarely in the chest. I could have sworn I saw him really pissed me off. I opened my hands palm faced upwards and lit them on fire. I thought I heard a gasp but well when you’re in the middle of the war, you gotta concentrate. I threw flame after flame at him but he just kept dodging like it was a game. My anger was rising by the minute. I didn’t know how but very soon, my whole body was on fire. I was about to panic when I realized that my body didn’t register any pain.I grinned stupidly as I slammed a fiery fist at him. His body started glowing electric and very soon, lightning and fire were at war. We charged. As the explosion cleared, I realized that we were both on the tried standing but realized that we had exhausted our fuel. It was a draw. I sat back with Frank and Hazel and watched as the final battle took place.

Hercule’s POV

Well two on one huh. I thought. That’s not quite fair but then again...I lifted my blade as I saw the duo approach lightning crackled overhead. Son of Zeus. I thought. I charged. As my sword met the guy called Jason’s, I heard a calm, soothing voice telling me to give up. I wanted so much to listen to that meladious voice. That was before I realized.I turned to the girl and said”A daughter of Aphodite blessed with the ability to charmspeak. A pity it won’t work once i have figured it out. She seemed shock but soon enough, the three of us were locked in a dance while our weapons boomed and as the lightning came towards me, I made a shield of water, absorbing the electricity before throwing it at the girl.“Piper!“I heard Jason scream.One down,one to go. I smirked. He charged at me with his gladiator and I surrounded him with water. For a moment, he smiled as he cut my line of water into half. I removed his smile as I covered him with water and froze it, leaving just his head unscathed. His temper was rising and suddenly, volts of electricity exploded the ice. He swung his sword and brought it down. I blocked, sidestepped and hit him in the was too easy.I decided to use a trick my father had taught me. I concentrated on the pool of water behind me.Small waves I thought. The power of the current was overwhelming. As he charged, I jumped and rode upon the 10metre wave towards him. He was pushed back and as I descended, I caught sight of him coughing out water, his blade swept away. I walked towards him and pointed my sword at his neck.“I believe I win.“I told him

Jason’s POV

I was shocked. No one had managed to defeat me that fast before except a single person-Perseus Jackson. I turned around to see the guy called Herc grinning. The other three pushed my four defeated friends over beside me.“Now will you get lost?“Herc said.I glared at , I saw a flash of light and all of were blown back by a sudden the light had dimmed, three wicked looking grandmothers stood before us. The Fates I thought. Then, the four new demigods knelt and to my surprise, Herc said “Mistresses.“The Fates muttered something into their ears and they literally sank into the I heard a voice in my mind. I turned and the others seemed to wear the same shocked expression as myself. Those four are nothing other than the conscience of the four Gods you protect the slumbering Gods whom I have granted full immortality beware, for when the four Gods are awaken, they may help you or destroy trail of fire will lead you to them, and there you will do what you must. I wanted to yell at them, were they toying with us when we fought them. But I knew better and decided to keep my trap shut on receiving the string.

Fates POV

Clotho(the spinner, who spins the thread of life)I watched as my sister Atropos handed Jason the string. The boy seemed shocked and I could tell that he was also annoyed that we had not come earlier. But I guess he did have the tiniest sense to keep his mouth was surprising counting on the fact that this was the son of Jupiter who had caused Perseus Jackson to become an outcast. The thought of that young hero somehow cause me to smile. He was no ordinary hero, this Clotho knew. That was why she had made the four outcasts Gods. What they didn’t know was that they would revert back to what they were before their Godsmanship. They would be more immortal than any demigod but less than a I was sure these four heroes would live long for I had seen my sister Lachesis hold their threads of life and it was long, in fact too long...

Lachesis POV(the measurer, who chooses the lot in life one will have and measures off how long it is to be)

I watched a I saw my sister pondering something. I knew of her plans to remove the four’s Godsmenship but not their skills. I sighed, knowing that I couldn’t allow all, I was the one who control their threads of life. They would not be Gods, that was true, but they could never die too...

Hazel’s POV

I watched as Jason received the string before the Fates started fading.“So anyone know how to operate this thing?“I heard him ask. I watched as Sammy-Leo argh I’ll just call him Leo stepped forward.“I think I do.“He took the string and lit it with fire from his bare hands. I thought I felt Frank flinch but decided to ignore it.

Suddenly, it was as if the string was a live object as it jumped out of Leo’s palm and began moving on the ground, melting some of the ice. The five of us ran after it, not wanting to lose sight of it after all our efforts. I was beginning to tire out when the string stopped. It pointed upwards.

All of us turned up and I gasped in horror at what I were outside a cave which was made up of clear that was not the astonishing part for in the middle of the room there were four statues, each facing a respective side-North, South, East and West.I gasped as i recognized the first was Percy. The other three were Thalia-East, Nico-West and Annabeth-South.

I heard a collective gasp and saw the others reading some words on a plate in front of Percy. It was inscribed in Greek and read-Here lies the Gods and Goddesses of the four directions-the four outcasts. A tear trickled down my cheek as i read it and I realised how horrible they had felt to be wrongly outcasted.“So how do we awake them?“Leo asked.“I think that my charmspeak would be put into use here.“Piper said.

Soon enough,I heard Piper’s soothing voice at ,I felt an adrelin rush through me as I tried to wake myself up-although I was already was then that I realised how powerful charmspeak could an hour,we were about to give up when suddenly, the outcasts’ eyes glowed golden and the ice around them started to melt. We ran as the cave collasped, causing the air to turn the mist finally died down, we saw four figures standing in front of aura was so strong that, against my will, I started to others subconsciously did the same.

Then, the figure whom I recognized as Percy’s walked forward...

Hazel’s POV

Then, the figure whom I recognized as Percy’s walked was as if someone took his face and enhanced his features for he looked perfect, not a single flaw nor blemish could be found.“Rise.“He said simply and it was as if my knees weren’t mine to control as they stood up on his command. Then, the other three walked forward and stood beside him. For an instance, the golden glow remained in their , it dimmed and they had the same eye colour as before. I couldn’t help it, Percy was like a brother to me- a long lost brother. I ran forward and hugged him. I heard him laugh as he hugged me back. It was a hearty one that could have warmed anyone’s heart. Then he let go and the other three greeted me. Jason was about to step forward.” You shall stay there Jason Grace!“I was shocked and so were the rest at the huge transition in his continued”You were the one who drove us into exile, who made us into outcasts. The rest I can forgive easily but you? I don’t think so.” I saw as he signalled Leo, Frank and Piper to his said. He flicked his wrist downwards and Jason was slammed other’s save for Annabeth, Thalia and Nico gasped.

Percy’s POV

I was relishing every second getting revenge on the little scumbag. I watched as he writhed in pain. “Percy..“I turned. It was Annabeth. She shook her head and I understood immediately. I had done enough. I looked towards Nico and Thalia who did the same. I stopped, letting him take a breather.” Fortunately, “my friends here saved your filthy skin”, I placed emphasis on the word friends. “But if you want to be forgiven and earn our help, we shall give you a little test.” I saw his mouth open but he shut it almost immediately. I smirked.

I made a moment to design a task that he could complete but not do it fully. I led him to a place where I had made a tree- one with golden apples, the exact replica of the one by Hercules. “There are four Neaman lions guardian the tree. Should you defeat all four and get an apple, I shall forgive you and help the Gods.“I stated simply.

Hazel’s POV

I stood with my mouth agape. One Neaman lion was hard enough to kill but four?I looked at Percy who just smiled back at me as if this was all a game. Jason had the same face of disbelief himself.

You see, a Neaman lion’s pelt is immune to celestial bronze and imperial much every other part is the , the only way is to hit it’s mouth or it’s eyes which is a hard target even for an arrow, unless of course you are a hunter with a decade or more of a sword?

I was so engrossed that I did not realise the task had started.I watched as Jason slashed and hacked at the lions but his sword just bounced the time he even got to the tree, he had numerous grave wounds.

He summoned lightning, making a circle around looking at his current state, he couldn’t last long. I watched in shock as he cut down the golden apples but evryone of them just faded as if they were mere illusions.

Then, just as he got the right one down, a Neaman lion pounced and caught it in it’s other three leaped at Jason who managed to dodge and summon lightning just in time.

There was only one way he could get it and it was risky he succeeded, he would lose his weapon. If not, it may be his weapon and his life. I watched as he conducted electricity to his gladiater and throw it at the Neaman lion which was stupid enough to let out a roar at that disintegrated and with a wild look in his eyes, Jason got the apple and weapon and charged towards had succeeded.

“Now will you help us?” he smirked.“Oh but you were suppossed to defeat the four of them AND get the apple but you only did the a result, here is your punishment before I give my help.”

I watched in shock as Percy summoned water and froze it into a 5 metre long glacier and threw it at Jason who had the deceny to try running hit him full in the back.”Now we go to Olympus.”

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