The Outcasts


Chapter 6
Annabeth’s POV

I watched in pity as Jason Grace was blasted backwards. I knew that Percy wasn’t really evil. He just wanted him to pay for our sufferings and what was more, he had sworn on the River Styx that he would get revenge on the one who drove us out of our being the host of the goddess Styx only meant that he should all the more honor his oath. I gazed at him and for a moment, I still couldn’t bring myself to believe that he was hosting two goddesses and he was a God himself. But then again, even the Olympians would find it hard to believe the fact that Percy had grown stronger than any of them.
I watched as Leo led all of us back to the Argo II and before we knew it, we were on the way to Olympus.“Did you think I overdid it?“I turned, it was Percy.“You had to honor your oath and Jason had to be taught a lesson or two anyway.“He nodded, seemingly pleased with my answer and he held my hand as we boarded the warship. During the trip, we were snowball with questions like for example-how did we become Gods and so on and forth. But overall, that was the only one which the others wanted an answer to-how did we become Gods?“We found the remains of Thanatos’s energy in Alaska and absorbed , having enough accomplishments in his life immediately used the energy to effect and become a God the fastest, having the abilities of some Titans he defeated for example, a God of Thalia, Nico and myself, we found it harder and did it nevertheless. The Fate found us and trained us, before announcing us as full fledged Gods. Then, as the Olympians could not know about us yet, we had to enter deep slumber and you guys should know the rest.“I summarized. I could not resist my laughter at the look of awe on their faces. Then it was our turn to ask about the situation at Camp Half Blood. For that time, we were like friends again, it was as if the four of us had never left Camp Half Blood at all. I cherished very second of it and before I knew it, night had fallen upon us...

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