The Outcasts


Chapter 9.
Percy's POV.

We arrived at Olympus-earlier than I must be thinking"The lord of time making an error on time?" well my only reply would be that I don't get it as I was saying, we had arrived at Olympus.I was looking forward to seeing my dad all, I couldnt blame anyone for us being outcast, everyone had been distraught upon Chiron's death and the little butt kicking of Jason's-that could brighten up anyone's day. The first thing we got in the presence of the Gods, we heard a"PERSEUS JACKSON, YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO."That was welcome back or hi your not dead yet. I sighed. I looked at Posiedon who was smiling when he saw me. To my surprise I smiled back. I stepped forward and explained everything to Zeus. The other Olympians seemed shocked that we had become Gods but soon got over it. Before I knew it, we were carrying out plans to take down Gaia.

Annabeth's POV

I looked at Percy and realized that all the others- Thalia, Nico and the other five were doing the same. I had gotten use to the harsh person Percy had become. But seeing him now made me realized something. That I had missed the old Percy. For now, I knew only one thing, the old Percy Jackson was back.

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