The Outcasts


Chapter 40
Percy’s POV

As one, both sides charged after a wild war cry. A scene replayed in my head, one from a specific dream. I shook it off. I swung riptide a round beside my shoulder and weapons met.

The air hummed from the clash of blades. Winds blowed, strong that some trees were uprooted and sent as presents to a few houses. I charged, heading for Kronos. But he was occupied and the sea of monsters separating us was too big. Dracanae hissed, warning of impending doom. I just chopped their hands off, sending them to the pits of Tartarus. A hellhound leaped towards me. I sidestepped, but I made the same mistake, comparing it to MrsO’Leary. For this, I earned a claw to my wrist. Immediately, I swung riptide down, chopping it cleanly into half. Wave after wave lapsed onto the monsters, but it was futile. They just kept coming.

One down, then two, five, ten, a hundred, but they just kept coming. If this went on, both camps would be led to war like a lamb for slaughter.

I summoned a wave, carrying me up and rocketing me into the sky. I saw my target. Kronos and Athena were battling their heads off. I raised my sword and aimed it downwards, giving Kronos a swipe to the chest, pushing him back. Athena looked at me, but surprisingly, she mouthed a single word-thanks before helping the other Gods. Kronos’s scythe fell downwards. I blocked, my wrist tremble. With a yell,I pushed the dark weapon backwards.

Time slowed down, literally, of course with the Tian Lord of Time here. But I was ready. A wave erupted in the distance, dousing almost everyone in sight, breaking the spell. I threw riptide like a javelin an it threw ichor, the golden blood of the Immortals.

Flanking myself with waves, I leaped towards the Lord of Time and with a clap of hands, froze him in a glacier of ice. Golden dust filled the interior, before the ice melted, leaving just puddles of water behind.

Riptide was in my palm bedew I knew it, aching for more. A line of telkhines disintegrated as I entered the wave of monsters.

A trident met my sword. I looked up. Polybotes was hacking blindly. When his eyes met mine, he swore. I smirked and struck, the sound vibrating through our weapons. Somehow, he had me cornered. His mouth widened into a grin. He raised his trident, preparing for the final blow, when a silvers arrows sprouted out of his body. I looked up. The hunters were in the game. With renewed force, riptide became an arc of pure destruction. I slashed, hacked and sliced, gradually breaking his net.

Soon enough, his trident split into half and I lunged at the Giant’s heart, sending him to Tartarus’s collection again.

I caught sight of Clarisse jamming her spear through the eye of a drakon, instantly killing it. Her 10th spear broke into half as electricity sparkled out, killing around five monsters nearby. She grabbed a sword from the ground and resumed her killing spree.

But we were outnumbered.

And the enemy was tired.

As I charged back in, I saw Travis pulling his brother to safety. An arrow sprouted from his knee as he hobbled. I headed towards them, covering their backs as they hobbled to safety.

Suddeny, I felt a glow on my palm. It was a faint blue. Coldness spread through my fingers.

The final blessing of Alaska.

It was time.

Both sides had separated into their respective teams. The Titans’/Giants’ were weared out but large in numbers.

Out side were outnumbered, but we had the strength.

Annabeth stood to my right, Thalia to my left and Nico beside her. The faint light in their palms were also glowing.

They knew.

“ALL CAMPERS! FALLBACK!“I yelled. A murmur passed through them, but they listened.

“What exa-“Zeus started.

His eyes met the light of my palm.

He understood.

Soon, the four of us were the only ones in between both sides. Titans yelled, followed by the Giants and then the whole of the other side picked up the cheer, thinking they had won.

As one, the four of us stepped forward.

The blessing of Alaska surrounded us, wrapping us in a cold mist.

All noise stopped.

I raised my palm and focused whatever energy I had at the center, the other three following suit.

Yells erupted as the four released our energy.

The last thing I remembered was becoming pure energy, before my mind blanked out.

Chapter 41
Percy’s POV

Yells erupted as the four released our energy.

The last thing I remembered was becoming pure energy, before my mind blanked out.

I was in a room.

A man stood behind a counter. As he raised his head, I gasped. It was Charon. I looked down at myself and saw a transparent outline shimmering in the dark.

I was dead?

Then, I felt something pulling me backwards. I remembered the smell of sea-breeze before I was unconscious again.

The next time I awoke, a sharp pain hit my head. My eyes barely adjusted to the glaring lights of the infirmary. Thalia, Nico and Annabeth were by my bed, fast asleep. I shifted slowly, careful not to awake Annabeth, whose head lay on my chest. I caught a glimpse of the ambrosia by my table beside the bed.

I propped myself upright, waking Annabeth up.

Her eyes were puffy-she had been crying.

“Hey.“I muttered.
She gasped and enveloped me in a hug, waking Thalia and Nico up.

“Your awake kelp-head. We woke up two days ago and Annabeth has been crying since.“Thalia muttered.

I looked at Annabeth who seemed to be resisting the urge to cry all over again. I planted a kiss on her forehead.

That’s when I realized that the camp was empty, except the four of us.

“Where’s ...“I began.

“We practically blew up the whole monster force and somehow, no campers joined their ranks. But Gaia and some Earthborns are on their way here. All of them plus the Gods have gone to meet them head on.” Nico cut in.

“Then what are we doing here, let’s go help them.” I practically screamed.

“Percy you shouldn’t.“Annabeth began.

But I was already planting both feet on the floor. The moment I stood up, my head felt light. I swayed on the spot and land back on the bed.

“We took two days to recover. And you released way more energy than us, you need to rest.” Nico said.

I was about to retort back that we didn’t have time when I noticed that the three of them were also thoroughly exhausted.

"Merman healing, Percy, use it." Styx said in my mind.

I was about to ask what in Hades that was when I remembered a song my father had sung to me when I was young. The lyrics soon rushed back to my mind as if they wanted to be released.

With a flick of my hand, a rush of water came towards our direction.

“Percy, wh-“Thalia began. But I covered her mouth, preventing her from talking. I sang the song, or rather, the language of the merman. The water enveloped us, swaying back and forth as if in a dance. With every word, the the water turned whiter, until, finally, it became a bright light and entered us.

I felt revitalized, my mind cleared. I stood up without any form of obstruction. The three others widened as the pure energy entered them.

“Cool!“Nico exclaimed.

“Now can we go?” I asked.

They nodded in response.

We headed out onto the fields.
Nico shadow traveled.
Thalia summoned a bolt of lightning and shot downwards and went after Nico.
I wrapped both arms around Annabeth and concentrated on the surrounding vapors. Our bodies turned to mist as we followed the two others.

Help was on it’s way.

Chapter 42
Annabeth’s POV

Percy enveloped me in a hug and I felt the both of us turning into mist, heading after Thalia and Nico.

Help was on it’s way.

A minute passed and the mist gathered together, materializing Percy and I. Thalia and Nico had already arrived. I watched in horror as both campers fought the Earthborns. There were hundreds, if not thousands of them.

And behind the whole army was Gaia herself. Her eyelids were only half open, but she radiated immense power. And she was stationed right at the belly of the largest Earthborn.

But the battle was not in out favor.

Everytime an Earthborn went down, the Earth would heal it almost immediately.

The campers were already outnumbered and to top or off, were fighting immortals.

The Gods blasted energy after energy at Gaia, but an Earthborn would just take the hit.

“Well, this can’t get any better so we better go now.“Percy said.

We nodded.
Nico summoned a few undeads, topped off with World War II helmets and joined the campers.
Thalia charge in with a spear and shield while electricity enveloped her.
Percy surrounded the himself with water and charged in.
I took out my cap. Knife armed, I went to the battlefield to play.

Chapter 43
Percy’s POV

Water engulfed me as I charge in, riptide in my hand, ready to join the fun.

A slash of riptide downed an Earthborn. The Earth healed him almost instantly.

Damn. I had thought to wash the dust away.

Gaia was fast.

Three more Earthborns surrounded me. The one on the North seemed weaker. I stabbed riptide through, willing the waters to engulf me in a huge figurine of myself.

But it was no use.

Their numbers were unlimited.

And they couldn’t die.

Pure cheating, I called it.

"How about pure ownage?" Styx whispered in my head.

"Shut it." I retorted as riptide stabbed through mud. Before I knew it, two hands grabbed my shoulders and threw me backwards.

My head hit a rock-a big one and my vision blurred.

A small tube slipped out of my pocket. Black liquid swirled. Then, the Key of Hades slipped out.

My arms were weak. But I doubt the Key would work on the soul-less Earthborns. But the black liquid...

An explosion occurred. The next minute, Annabeth landed beside me. The campers had all been blown back by Gaia’s giant fist.

The Earthborn she was in moved forward. It was at least eight storey’s tall. Gaia was right smack on it’s belly. It would have appeared a bit funny if we won’t about to get killed.

The figure raised a gigantic fist and swung it downwards. I closed my eyes in preparation of my fate.

Chapter 44

The figure raised a gigantic fist and swung it downwards. I closed my eyes in preparation of my fate.

But the blow never came.

I opened my eyes and saw Herc, Zoe, Thunder and Bianca struggling to push the fist upwards.

“Hey Percy, nice scene huh?“Herc said as a sweat trickled down his forehead.

“What the-“I muttered.

Just as I thought things were going under control, the four of them were swept back with a strike.

“NO!“I shouted as they rushed back.

The other hand of Gaia’s Earthborn came crashing down. Then, as I watched both hands crashed repeatedly.

My spine tingled.

“No.“I heard Annabeth whispered.

I tried getting up, but was immediately blasted back to the wall by four balls of light.

“No.“I gasped.

An arc of electricity passed through my body as the four who were born from our conscience came back into us. A tear trickled down Thalia’s and Annabeth’s cheeks as the four, who had been like real children to us dissolved into nothingness.

I got up, together with Nico. Pure anger vibrated through my soul. I slammed the Key of Hades into riptide. I uncorked the black liquid and poured it over riptide. The campers and Gods gasped as riptide steam erupted and riptide turned black.

In one wave of our swords, Nico and I yelled a wild war cry and charged.

Don’t ask me how I got my strength. Th only thought that rang in my head was that Dirt Lady had killed a part of me and my friends.


Whenever riptide came into contact with and Earthborn, it immediately fell and never came back up. Nico was doing a good job keeping them occupied.

I headed towards the largest.

With a yell, water drifted, swirling around me. I encased myself in a ball of water before freezing the outerlayer.

I focused and as the “ice-ball”-cool name I know ( insert sarcasm )- spun, shards of ice shot out and tackled killer Earth.

But Gaia was ready.

A swipe of her hand and sunlight was blocked off as the Giant hand surrounded me. I let the water drop. I ran up the Earth’s hand and stabbed riptide. The thing disintegrated and I thought I saw a flash of fear in Gaia’s half-opened eyes as she tried to reform the hand.

But it was a futile attempt.

Chaos liquid was like an instant killer.

Soon enough, Gaia was alone. I charged forth, water surrounding me as I stabbed riptide through her.

Earth spilled out.

In one last desperate attempt, she screamed.

A bright light.

I couldn’t avert my eyes in time.

A flash of light appeared in my mind before I felt myself falling...

Chapter 45

It had been months since Perseus Jackson was gone.
Nico who had been nearest to him had avoided his eyes as Gaia resumed her true form in a last attempt. She had returned to slumber. But Percy... He was just gone.

Vanished off the face of the Earth as if he had never existed. Hades was sure he wasn’t in the Underworld and no Gods knew where he was.

I walked out off Cabin three. I had slept in Percy’s cabin ever since his disappearance. No one seemed to mind.

I walked absentmindedly and found that my legs had brought me to the beach. The sea breeze caused one or two strands of hair to fall over my eyes, but I pushed them back.

A tear trickled down my eye as I remembered the times we had here. Or even the times in Alaska.

I sat down and the sand entered my slippers.

I couldn’t help it.

I had lost him more than once.

But this time, the blow seemed to be harder.

I tugged my legs in and hugged them.

A tear trickled down my cheek a I cried my heart out. The waves lapsing over each other seemed to be comforting me. Ever since I met him, the sea had started to become my confidante.

The campers had awoke.

As usual, the satyrs and nymphs would set off to try and locate Percy.

I went to the training grounds.

MrsO’leary and Leroy were huddled in a corner.

When I entered, they growled, but settle down as I came into view.

“You guys miss him too huh?” I asked.

MrsO’leary let out a whine while Leroy let out a small drakon howl.

“Hey Annabeth. We’ll find him. I promise.” I turned. Thalia and Nico were walking over.

They were the only ones beside myself who had managed to avoid getting sent to Hades by Percy’s two pets.

I nodded in response.

And just like that, I spent the whole day with them. Seeking comfort and having the confirmation that Percy was not a dream and that my past few searches for him would not be in vain.

I would find him.

And he would be back.

One day.

Chapter 46

I couldn’t avert my eyes in time.

A flash of light appeared in my mind before I felt myself falling.

I opened my eyes.

They were groggy an once and then, spots of colored light seemed to dance in front of me.

I got up and dimly became aware of my surroundings.

A scene replayed in my mind.
I had stabbed Gaia with riptide. A flash of light. My hand loosened over the hilt of my sword. Pain seared through my skin as I stabbed my leg.

I looked down. A cut was just beginning to heal.
“Oh shit.” I cursed. Zeus knows how long ihv been asleep. I uncapped riptide. The blade had a tinge of blackness in it’s middle. The Key of Hades had somehow been permanently stuck inside.

A faint glow of light provided me with a glimpse of my surroundings. Soil. Mud. And Earthworms.

Gaia had trapped me in a last attempt and succeeded, by the looks of it. Anger replaced the hope I had felt. I clenched my fists.

Then, the Earth shook.

Gaia was asleep.
Then who?

I felt a tug in my gut. It was different than when I was controlling water.

I was controlling the Earth.

As I raised my hands, enlarged versions of them shot from my sides and reared the upper layer of the Earth, revealing sunlight.

I concentrated and a small platform rose from underneath my knees, shooting me upwards.

“Cool.” I thought.

But that was before the platform shot a little too high and I flew upwards.

The slightest bit of Thunder rumbled.

And I fell onto the ground, face first.

I got up and mist-travelled to camp. At a few metres, I saw around five Earthborns and an army of hellhounds approaching the campers, who were in a defensive position.

They were outnumbered.

I had to help.

With a roar, the Earth shook, the soil seeped a few hellhounds in. I concentrated and more fell.

The Earthborns were left.

Blade by my side, I ran forwards.

Chapter 47

The Earthborns were left.

Blade by my side, I ran forwards.

I was tired. Or actually, I felt drained of my energy. Who knew that making holes in the Earth could be so hard.
Riptide felt heavy in my hands.
But I knew that I couldn’t count on any help. The camp was still quite far away and the Earthborns were already heading for me.

As I ran, the Earth seemed to help me. It moved with whatever direction I wanted, speeding up my pace. I slowed down a bit, not too much, just a little faster than my enemies.

Dirt number 1 came. He raised an ugly looking fist and came crashing down. I dodged. Riptide went on auto as it made contact with the Earthborn’s hand, severing it.
The thing didnt even reform. With a quick slice, four were left.

Dirt number 2 and 3 came towards me. With a small tug in my gut, a wall of hundred percent pure dirt raised in front of me.

An earthworm fell out, wriggling.

Okay back to the point.

Both Earthborns slammed into the wall. But I guessed a dirt wall didn’t hurt much. They roared and attacked it furiously-fun to watch.

I raised my arm and clenched my fist, pulling it back in preparation of a punch.

Wait for it..

The two unsuspecting Earthborns were still rushing towards the wall.

Just a little more...

They were a few centimeters away from the wall when a punched forward.

It worked.

A larger fist appeared in front of the wall and the Earthborns were sent spiraling in the air into the distance.

Three down, two to go.

The wall dropped.

I met the remaining two head-on.

We exchanged a few blows and well, let’s just say the phrase “save the best for the last” was right.

These two were bigger in size.
Definitely uglier.
And even worse, they had some control over the Earth.
I mean I kind of liked the show Avater with the Earth-benders and all that, but this was just way off.

They were experienced, almost as if they had done this to me before. I was pounded as random fists appeared from the ground and punched me, with one narrowly missing my you-know-what.

I jumped to and fro, but they just kept coming. I couldn’t over use my newfound abilities as they were energy-draining.

Within seconds, we were surrounded in a makeshift dirt wall and I was cornered.

As they advanced towards me, my anger flared.

I had defeated worst than these and now, just because I was tired and drained, I was going to be finished by dirt?

I mean come on! Killed by dirt?

My fist clenched, turning my knuckles white. My anger management problems didn’t help relieving my anger.

The sea does not like to be restrained.
A voice reminded.

I focused, my anger giving me newfound strength.

The Earth began to shake lightly at first.
I heard a small crash of waves.
Then, the Earth rumbled.
Cracks started appearing.
The makeshift dirt walls crumbled.
A wave roared in the distance.
Maybe it was my imagination, but water was starting to surround us.
The tug in my gut increased.
I let it loose.
A twenty feet tall wave crashed upon the Earthborns.
A chasm opened on the ground under them and sucked them in.
I stood up.

Slowly, the waves receded into the distance. The chasm closed and cracks on the ground sealed.

Everything was normal. I turned and was greeted by numerous looks of astonishment.

I inhaled deeply.

“So... Anyone hungry?” I asked.
My stomach grumbled, emphasizing the point.

Chapter 48

“So... Anyone hungry?” I asked.
My stomach rumbled, emphasizing the point.

And of course, they had to stand rooted to the spot, with their mouths wide open.

“WHAT THE HADES MAN!” Leo shouted as he ran forward.

“THAT WAS SO-“He started.

“COOL!” Travis and Connor shouted.

As if on cue, shouts coursed through the ranks of the campers. I recieved a few pats on the back and a few hugs. After that, everyone was at the Great Hall, with only me, and Annabeth.

A tear trickle down her eyes and for the first time, I realized that they were a puffy red.
My mind drifted back to the time I got “kidnapped” by Hera.

I walled forward and embraced her.

“Gods Annabeth, I’m here. Everything’s alright.” I whispered and drew circles on her back to soothe her.

“I know but-” She began.

“Shh.“I cut her off. And before I knew it, our lips met. Joy, relieve and hope radiated from her lips. It was just an ordinary kiss, nothing much, but it seemed to be the best thing that had ever happened in my life. A grin formed on my face as a small chuckle came out of her.

She intertwined her fingers with mine and together, we headed to the Great Hall.

For once, we were allowed to sit together on Poseidon’s table.
Just as the feast started however, a familiar sound travelled from the floor into the air. I turned and gasped in surprise.

Chapter 49

She intertwined her fingers with mine and together, we headed to the Great Hall.

For once, we were allowed to sit together on Poseidon’s table.
Just as the feast started however, a familiar sound travelled from the floor into the air. I turned and gasped in surprise.

It was the familiar clopping sound of hooves that I had heard numerous times.
I turned and choked on my blue cookie.
After downing a cup of blue coké, I whispered”Chiron?”

And there he was. His archers bow hung on his back and his stallion form was as majestic as ever. Even more surprising was the smile on Mr D’s face as he ran forward.

“Old friend! So Zeus kept his word?” He asked.

Chiron nodded.

Suddenly, the whole of the Great Hall was filled with cheers. It was good, except for the occasional downpour of food that some people wasted.

“Well campers, its been a long time. And I’m sure that many of you are surprised indeed.“He said looking at me.

I closed my mouth.

“You see, Zeus has decided to revive me as well he feels that there are still heroes for me to teach. So here I am!“He shouted with a grin.

Another round of cheers filled the air and that was about the happiest moment ever.

Even Mr D was chuckling.

Dinner was over soon enough. Some people started a campfire. Me however, I was content to just walk along the beach. I sat down.

Footsteps came beside me.

A person I knew far too well sat down beside me.
“Hey Annabeth.” She smiled.
Then, Nico and Thalia came along.

“Been a long time huh?” Thalia asked.
A decision bugged me. One that I had been pondering on for quite some time now.

“Listen guys, I was just wondering, you know, about the outcasts. I’m gonna continue wandering about but I may return here once in a while. If you guys want to stay here...I will understand though.” I muttered.
My eyes felt warm as tears welled up. It had been a hard decision.
But Nyx had told me once before. I was too strong. And that would put Camp into a precarious position. I had to walk alone. It was the only way out.

The others remained quiet.

And we just sat down, watching the waves, for possibly the last time together.

Chapter 50

The next day came soon enough. Lights filtered through the windows of my cabin, opening my eyes.

I dreaded this day.

With a sigh, I shoved a few necessities in my backpack and slung it over my shoulders.
I looked back at my cabin. Who knows, maybe it wouldn’t be just mine anymore the next time I was back.

"It will always be yours my son”. A voice whispered, followed by a slight breeze. I smiled, whispered a thanks and set off, my backpack slung over my shoulders.

I trudged reluctantly up the hill and was about to walk out off the Camp boundaries when I stopped.

“Hey Kelp-head.”

I turned around.

Thalia and Annabeth were running up, with Nico and Chiron following behind.

“Well?” Annabeth asked.

I closed my gaping mouth and fingered t the bags they were carrying.

Nico raised an eyebrow.

“Oh come on. You think after what we’ve been through, we would just let you go?” He said in the -obviously- tone.

Being who I am, my mouth just opened and closed and I swear I was blushing in an all time new record of redness.

“Well, Percy, you going without at least telling your mentor?“Chiron started.

I still found it difficult to form words.

“Well, go on, and bring more demigods back will ya?” He said with a chuckle.

I managed to mutter a thanks as he returned back to his office.

I swallowed.

“Well, let’s go guys.” I muttered as we set off.

And with that, we set off out into the real world...

Chapter 51
Third Person’s

Weeks or maybe months had past since the last war.
Winter had arrived.
For mortals, it was just another ordinary winter day.

But in a certain special location, with certain special people, it signified weeks of joy, peace and celebration.

These people were Demigods.

They were half-human, half-God.

Dyslexia and ADHD were a weakness, but also their best strength.
They learnt too, but not like us. They learned in Greek.

And on a certain day, Malcolm, a son of Athena was conducting a lesson with some new Demigods and seniors.

Why the seniors?

Well, a new piece of information had been added to Greek Mythology.
And not just in Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter. ( yes, the Greek and Roman demigods are together and the Gods have allowed it as there are no killings yet) but also in mortal Greek history.

“It was said that after a war with the rising mother Earth, Gaia, a new band of heroes were formed. They started off as four but have been constantly recruiting members since. Unlike the hunters, both genders are allowed. Like the hunters of Artermis, however, anyone can join but there had to be no romance and they had immortality. They have been working very close to the Hunters ever since. Rumor even has it that one of the four leaders of the group was once a hunter. The senior campers since the Titan’s war were granted immortality, but they could still die in battle.
It was also rumored that the leaders, Percy and Annabeth were in a relationship, followed by Thalia and Nico. Zeus knows if this was true.

-cue Thunder rumbles-

Heck, even Zeus doesn’t know.
To mortals, they were a mystery. To demigods, they were part of Greek history.
But one things for sure.”

They were known as the outcasts...


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