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Carl Exposed

By Matthew Galezowski

Romance / Other

Carl Exposed

Carl Crashman was at home sitting at his computer in his bedroom and speaking to his bloggers through his headset. "What's up, blog-dogs? It's summer vacation and let me tell you something, I think it's time to do the right thing."

C2, Carl's clone, looks on in curiosity and listened to his conversation.

"This all has to do with my parents and myself. Therefore, I'm going to put my front foot forward by coming clean. Later, dogs."

He removed his headset and lets out a deep sigh.

"What's wrong, Carl? Usually you play your games and slack off, but not like this" told C2.

"C2, I've been thinking. Aside from letting Skye of how I like her, perhaps I should reveal my clone to them."

C2's mouth dropped and his eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe that Carl is willing to show his secret towards his parents. "But, Carl. Why would you do this?"

Carl pressed on and described his situation. "C2, I know that you and I are best friends including Jaime. Yet, only a few people have seen us together. Such as Lenny Jay, Lorna and now Skye; along with Jaime. Not to mention, that your appearance is different than mine."

"Such as?" says a confused C2.

"You having 5% dog DNA from Rex by accident and to top it off, you nearly got put away by the cloning facilities. As painful for me to say this C2, I have to do this."

C2 hung his head in shame. "Aw, man, Carl. That's not fair."

"Sometimes I don't play fair, either. But before I make my move, I'll have to tell Jaime about it. Right after that, some business with Skye."

Later that evening, right after Carl had dinner with his parents; he speaks with Jaime through the video camera on his computer and clarified about his plan.

Much like C2, he was also perplexed about Carl's confession to his parents. "I don't know, if that's such a good idea, bro. Your parents might expose him to the public and then, they might send clone-boy back to the cloning facility for who knows long."

"But I have to, Jaime. I can't hide C2 from them, forever."

"Well, let's hope nobody else notices both you and clone-boy at the same time" told Jaime.

"That's for sure. It's true that my relationship with Skye has been rekindled, but she hasn't chosen which me she likes best" replied Carl.

"She's probably taking her time to think about. Besides, things will work out for both you and her" told Jaime.

Carl nodded his head. "I hope so. Once I spill the beans on them, it might not end well."

"Relax, Carl. I'm certain that they'll understand" he said.

He looks at the clock. It was getting late. "Listen, I'm going to take care of things with my parents. You take it easy."

"Same to you, Carl and good luck." With that, Jaime was logged off.

As for C2, he was heavily concerned. "Carl, what's going to happen once they see you and me, together?"

"It's tough to call, C2. Because the last time that I've remembered, both Skye and my parents saw us during our magic act from Shane. Along with me showing you to Mr. Agar, regarding the time machine and our encounter with Lenny Jay" says Carl.

"Yeah but, what's going to happen to me?" cried C2.

Carl grunted. "Will you get a hold of yourself, C2? I'm trying to think!"

C2 frowned. "Oh, okay." He went back inside his closet and shut the door behind him.

When Carl saw of how down-sided C2 was, he felt sorry. He approached to C2's room and knocked on his door. "C2, listen. About what I said…"

C2 interrupted. "Leave me alone, Carl! I thought we were friends."

"But, we still are. Besides, my parents are still unaware that I have a clone. Other than my sister, of course" says Carl.

"How are they going to react, once you confess to them about me?" wondered C2.

After he sighed, he answered. "I'm not sure about that. But right now, I'm going to e-mail Skye about me and you. And then, my parents" He went back to his computer and begins to write a message to Skye about his feelings towards her including the differences between himself and his clone. Once he was finished, he went straight to bed.

The next morning, right after Carl finished his breakfast, he headed back to his room and informed C2 regarding his important meeting with my parents. "Get up, C2. It's time."

"Oh, alright. Yet, I still feel nervous about this."

"Don't worry about it. It will be fine…eventually" replied Carl.

In the living room, Janet and Barney Crashman are sitting on the sofa and are anxiously awaiting Carl's presence. A few minutes later, Carl appeared. However, he didn't come alone. Beside him was a person dressed with sunglasses and a black baseball cap.

Janet raised her eyebrow in question. "Carl, who did you bring? You told me that it was just you and us."

He scratched his head and explained. "I did. You see the thing is…" He paused and made a deep sigh. "There's something that I really need to tell the both of you."

"What is it?" Barney asked.

"Remember that anti-cloning movement? I so happen to have…a clone" told Carl.

Janet gasped. "Carl…Is this true?"

With a slight nod, he continued. "He resembles me, but he's friendly and has 5% dog DNA from Rex."

"Really? And the man that beside you, is it…" thought Barney.

After a deep breath, he slowly removed the sunglasses and cap to unveil C2 right in-front of his parents.


The moment that they saw two Carls, they've both fainted.

Carl shook his head in disbelief. "Oh, brother. This could take a while."

"Uh, Carl. They're not playing dead, are they?" says C2 with a silly joke.

"Oh, knock it off!" yelled Carl.

He sat down next to his Mom and shook her a little. "C'mon, Dr. Mom. Wake up."

She started to murmur and slowly opened her eyes. When she came to her senses, she sees two Carls. From there, she became very shocked with this sudden revelation. "But, how…how could this be? Why are there two of you?"

"Maybe, my eyeglasses need more adjustment" says Barney.

Carl rolled his eyes and told them the truth. "It goes like this: My clone, C2 is a lot like me but he's friendlier and has 5% dog DNA from Rex and has two webbed feet. In fact, he was the one that dated Lorna on Valentine's Day and dressed up as the school mascot; along with competing in the talent show. Apparently, without C2, my life would be a nauseating, never-ending cycle and I would be totally lost without him. So, do your worst."

Now that Mr. and Ms. Crashman see Carl revealing his clone to them, they've responded. But instead of reacting negatively, they've both smiled.

"Well, Carl. I'm…glad that you told us."

"I agree."

"Huh?" says a confused Carl.

"Run by me, again?" added C2.

She continued. "To see that you've finally come forward and show us your own self, I'm quite surprised."

Carl tried to explain. "B-But, Dr. Mom, I…"

"It's okay, Carl. At first, I've felt upset. But when I realize that you had your own clone to help you all along, I'm humbled. However, on one condition…" She raised her finger and makes a startling announcement.

Both Carl and C2 gulped their throats down and allowed Janet to finish her sentence.

"Make sure that your clone stays here, while you go about your own ways."

Uncertain of what her idea meant, Carl asked her. "Meaning what?"

Barney answered. "It means that while you have your fun, your clone gets to help around the house. But only inside. As long as he doesn't eat too much dog food."

"And, that's how you're going to keep my secret?" C2 wondered.

They both nodded their heads in agreement.

With that said and done, Carl and C2 breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad that's over with."

Just then, the doorbell rang and Janet opened the door to see who came at their porch. It was Skye.

"Hi, Ms. Crashman. I'm wondering, if Carl is around. I have something important to tell him."

"Of course. Carl had just finished our conversation with him about C2."

Skye gasped. "What? You don't mean…"

Janet interjected and explained to her. "No, we're not sending him away or exposing him to the public. After Carl confessed to us, we've proposed that C2 would stay at home and so that Carl would enjoy his time."

"Thank goodness." Skye walked inside and greeted not only Carl, but also C2.

"Hi, Carl and to you too, C2."

"Hey, Skye. What brings you out here?"

She replied. "I was hoping, if you and me can get together at the park and…spend some quality time."

Carl didn't know what to say. He almost forgot about the e-mail that he sent to her, in regards to his feelings. But then, he quickly recalled last night. "Sure."

Right after his initial meeting with his parents, he and Skye are now at the park together.

They both smiled to each other, while holding hands.

"So, Skye. What is it that you want to tell me?"

"Well, Carl. It took me a lot of time for me to think about the times that I've had with you and especially, C2. And so, in-spite of the mishaps that you've had with yourself and your clone, I just want to say that I…"

There was a brief silence, where their eyes were locked together until Skye spat out these words to him. "I love you, Carl Crashman."

Carl became awfully surprised. "What? Y-You do, Skye?"

As she nodded, he countered and smiled back. "You know what? I love you too, Skye."

And with that, their lips have met in a romantic bliss.

Back home once again, Carl was all smiles and spoke to his fellow bloggers. "Hello there, blog-dogs. My connection with Skye has never been better. Basically, she had feelings for me all along and I couldn't be any happier. And because of that, Lorna won't be bothering me, anymore. Also, my parents are more than thrilled to have C2 as their cleaning maid. So, as long as he's inside the house, I'll be totally fine." He felt a slight tap on his shoulder and it was Skye smiling at him. "Later, dogs."

He leapt from out of his chair and embraced Skye. Before long, Carl spoke to her. "I'm so glad that things have worked out for us."

"I'm really glad, Carl. As far as your clone goes, my lips are sealed." After she concluded her sentence, she pressed her lips against Carl's. Much like from before at the park, the kiss lasted longer.

C2 peeked through his door and enjoyed the scenario from his closet. "Aw, what a wonderful way to end the weekend."

As a result, Carl and Skye have become a couple. Whereas C2, he remains inside safely at home after Carl revealed his clone to them. Moreover, Carl's connection with Skye has now grown stronger than before.

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