Transformers Robots in Disguise: Revolution


Galvatron has returned and is coming after Koji. But Optimus Prime and the Autobots are on the scene. With new friends, allies and enemies on the horizon, this is one epic adventure Koji can't miss!

Age Rating:

The New Era Begins!

It is the year, 2031. The Autobots have defeated both Unicron and Galvatron and have finally brought peace to Planet Cybertron, once again. Also, some of the Autobots have gone their separate ways. Everything was peaceful on Planet Cybertron, except for one individual…

There was one transformer on Planet Cybertron that wasn't living in peace as the Autobots were. That individual would happen to be Galvatron, the leader of the Decepticons. Although, this Galvatron was way different than the other one that Optimus Prime once fought off. Thus, this Galvatron has 9 modes in one form! He has an iron mammoth mode, jet mode, dragon mode, mega-bat mode, robot mode, griffin mode, boat mode, car mode and claw mode. Apparently, he's not acting the same Decepticon as before. He's planning on something so sadistic, cunning and yet, awful that he said the same few words from last time.

"This isn't over yet, Optimus Prime! I'll be back! I promise you!" yelled the angered Decepticon in his throne room of the Decepticon base.

He sat there alone thinking of a plan to take revenge on Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Then, it hit him. He remembered a human name that he tried to gain control of. That name was Koji Onishi. He wheeled his mechanical chair around in-front of the Decepticons and explained the plan of capturing him. They all agreed and hurried off towards Planet Earth. When he departed his men off to Earth, an evil smile moved across Galvatron's lips. Knowing that his sinister plan might work, when his men return with their captured civilian.

"Optimus Prime, I assure you. This time, victory will belong to me!" He continued laughing madly in his throne room, as it echoed the whole Decepticon base.

Somewhere down on Planet Earth, a young boy has now become a full-grown adult with the same brown hair and eyes. He held up a picture frame from inside his pocket and looked at it. It shows a picture of him and his late father, Dr. Kenneth Onishi. He remembers the best times of him and his father, before he sadly passed on. He wears a black jacket with white shirt, tight-fit blue jeans with a square belt buckle on his waist, gray sneakers with yellow stripes and also holding over his neck is his cell phone that he never forgets in case of something terrible has happened.

Later, his cell phone began to ring. He picked it up, flipped the cover open and pressed the 'send' button. The screen was turned on and a person was shown on-screen that he knew too familiar from a long time ago. "Hi, Koji. It's been a long time."

"T-Ai! It's good to see you, again! Is everything all right?" asked Koji with a huge smile appeared on his face with great joy.

"I'm alright, Koji. There haven't been any problems on Planet Cybertron, ever since Optimus had defeated both Unicron and Galvatron. I'm so relieved, at least for now" replied T-Ai with sadness in her eyes.

Koji looked confused for a moment. He wasn't certain that his best friend had become so miserable. "What's wrong, T-Ai? Is there something that you want to share with me?" he asked.

There was a brief silence. Then, she answered. "Since it's been many years when Unicron was defeated including Galvatron, will I ever so you again? I've missed you so much."

Koji felt very sorry for her. He couldn't believe it's been that long, since he hasn't spoken a single word to her. "Please forgive me, T-Ai. I've been so busy with my hard work and all that I didn't had any spare time to call you back on Planet Cybertron, when my dad passed away." That's when T-Ai had noticed Koji shed a few tears that came running down on his face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about that Koji. It must've been a very hard life for you without your father" said T-Ai sadly.

"It is, T-Ai." He wiped the tears off his face and replied. "You can't imagine of how important my dad was to me. My heart just killed me from the inside to see him go and I can't leave that memory behind me."

Later, T-Ai interrupted Koji. "Listen, I've got to let you go now, Koji. I have some business to take care of and I'll hope for your sake that I will see you again someday, Koji. Do you promise me?"

"I promise, T-Ai, with all my heart."

"Thank you, Koji for believing in me. Goodbye." And with that, Koji's cell phone went off as he closed the lid. He then continued to walk afterwards with his head hung down and misery on his face. Thus, a small tear fell upon his cheek.

Mo-Vor, the space shuttle Decepticon had contacted his comrades from outer space. "Scourge! This is Mo-Vor, reporting. I've located the boy's co-ordinates. Destination: Los Angeles, California."

"Excellent, Mo-Vor. Let's move in more closely."

They all landed firmly on the ground, transformed their robot forms into their vehicle modes and proceeded to accelerate their engines towards an unsuspected civilian: Koji.

As both Scourge and his Decepticons were continuing to their main course, Koji still continued to walk down the streets of Los Angeles for which he has no clue that he's walking into Galvatron's hands.

He heard a familiar sound and turned around to see a mysterious group of figures that's next close to him. He hears the sounds of screeching tires stopping right in front of him and therefore, blocking his path on both sides.

"What…What's going on?"

"We've been waiting a very long time to see you, again…Koji."

Those made his blood run cold like ice. "Scourge!"

"Very observant of you, human. Transform!"

"Mo-Vor, Transform!"

"Ro-Tor, Transform!"

"Mega-Octane, Transform!"

"Roll-Bar, Transform!"

"Armorhide, Transform!"

"Face it, human. You're trapped and there's no way out. Surrender or be annihilated."

"What do you want with me?" asked Koji, with frustration.

Scourge laughed and crossed his arms. "My, you're such an irritated one. You're as more stubborn then both your father and Optimus Prime!"

"Hey, listen here, you big pile of dirt! Don't you dare talk to my father and Optimus that way! They're not like that! Besides, my father isn't with me anymore, because he passed on."

"Such a pity. Unlike you, I don't reflect on it."

He clenched his fists hard and thought to himself about Scourge and the Decepticons. "What am I going to do? They have me surrounded in every corner! If only Optimus were here, he would teach Scourge a lesson!"

"You're just wondering why we're here, am I right? Well, than. Allow me to answer your question. We came here…for you!"

Koji stood in horror with fear in his eyes and his mouth completely open and dry.

"Let's proceed in taking our bait, Scourge."

"With pleasure, Mega-Octane."

Scourge was in-front of Koji, while the other Decepticons were right behind him. They chuckled with glee on both sides loudly as they move closer to Koji, hoping to capture and bring him to Galvatron.

"Aw, nuts! This can't be good!" He shut his eyes for now. His cell phone began to glow.

At the Autobot base on Cybertron, a distress signal was going off and appearing in a strong fashion was a tall, light browned haired woman with bright blue eyes, wearing a maroon uniform, yellow long sleeve with red tie, a pink hat with an Autobot insignia on it and an intercom that was next close to her mouth. She ran towards the computer monitor and answered. "I wonder, what's going on." After she was finishing typing into the computer, a screen appeared on the monitor with the map of Planet Earth.

"What in the name of the Matrix is happening down there?"

"Actually, I was going to ask myself that very same question, Rodimus." A new voice interjected.


"Yes, Rodimus. I'm here for an important reason. First off, I'm personally assigning you as my second-in-command."

Rodimus just stood there surprised. "I…I don't know what to say, Optimus. I'm much honored to be your second-in-command."

He chuckled. "Don't get too excited. This mission that I was about to inform you hasn't even started yet. Second of all, where are Kicker and Misha?"

"They have already departed without permission, Optimus. Please forgive me."

"There's no need for hard. We have an important mission to do." Optimus continued. "Now, then. Would all of you mind telling me what's going on?"

T-Ai moved forward to Optimus, who seemed to be distant and hurt. "Allow me to be the first to say this, Optimus. We've somehow received a distress signal from an unknown source and it seems to be coming from Planet Earth."

"The question is who's channeling the signal?"

"You may be on to something, Rodimus. T-Ai, find the exact co-ordinates of the distress signal that we've just received."

"Yes, sir!"

The computer shows an on-screen map of Planet Earth and pinpointed the location of the distress signal from earlier on. A pair of unfamiliar shadows was shown on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California. It also shows another small shadow on the middle hand corner of the screen. This had triggered Optimus's memory. "T-Ai, move to the center and on-screen, now."

"Consider it done, Optimus."

The cursor was clicked on the small shadow and it begins to magnify the image closer and closer until it reached its destination. The image was then darkened and later sharpened until it shows a very familiar face that T-Ai once knew. Her eyes were wide open with complete bewilderment.

"Oh my goodness! It can't be!"

"Is that who I think it is?"

"I'm afraid so, Rodimus. That's Koji. T-Ai, find every Autobot that you can find so we can rescue Koji from Galvatron and make it a Code Red Protocol. That's a direct order. Rodimus, you stay here with Skid-Z."

"No problem! I'm on it!" T-Ai laid out a warning in the Autobot base. "Attention all Autobots! Attention all Autobots! This is a Code Red Protocol! This is a Code Red Protocol! I repeat, this is a Code Red Protocol! This is not a drill! I repeat, this is not a drill!"

"Did you guys hear that? It's a Code Red Protocol! We haven't had those stress signals in a long time, when we were back on Planet Cybertron" explained X-Brawn.

"This is no time for some long history lessons, X-Brawn. We have a job to do and that's to protect both Planet Cybertron and Earth at all costs" said Prowl.

"Yeah, you can say that again. By the way, what did T-Ai meant by a Code Red Protocol anyways? Is it someone that we have to protect or something?" asked Sideburn.

"Of course it is, pretty boy. If my memory is correct, that person would happen to be…Koji!" yelled SnowCat, in discouragement.

"What?" all three of them shouted at the same time.

"Say what you will about SnowCat, boys. He's telling the truth and this time it's personal, because Galva-trash and his band of scrap-heads are up to no good" said Ultra Magnus.

"Aw, dang it. Him, again? Didn't we just put away that old dragonhead out for good?" protested X-Brawn.

"Wrong, X-Brawn. Galvatron and his minions have escaped from the Asteroid Prison Colony, which was a long time ago" answered Hauler.

"I'm not surprised at all." A new voice interjected.

"Optimus!" they all shouted.

"We must hurry before Scourge and the rest of the Decepticons grabs Koji. Let's roll out!" roared Optimus as he and the Autobots go straight through the Space Bridge.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Scourge and his Decepticons were blocking on both sides from Koji, who's still frozen in that very spot with his eyes still closed. Scourge gave out a command to his comrade.

"Mega-Octane, it's time to finish the job! Do it!"

"All right, then! Decepticons, Combine!"

"Roger!" they all shouted in unison.

After combining themselves, they introduced themselves. "Ruination awakens!"

Scourge readied his huge purple sword, raised it up high and shouted right at his small victim from below. "Open your eyes, you worthless human or I shall slice you up like butter!"

Koji had no choice. He opened his eyes and saw both Scourge and Ruination aiming their weapons straight at him on both sides. His forehead began to sweat and his fear begins to stir as Scourge laughed with pure punishment.

"You have two options, boy. Either, you come with us and become a part of the Decepticons or we shall blast you like the scared dog that you are!"

Koji thought to himself about the situation. He wasn't too sure of which choice that would be best suited for him. "How am I going to get out of this mess? I'm running out of time here and quite frankly, neither one of Scourge's choices works for me. This is totally hopeless!"

Scourge gripped up his sword tightly and was preparing to strike at Koji. "Not answering, human? Very well, then. Say goodbye! Sword of Fury!"

Ruination also charged up their weapon and pounced right at the same time with Scourge. "Nice knowing you, human! Twin Laser Cannons!"

Koji covered himself with his arms and closing his eyes, knowing that this might be the end of him. But just as he was about to be finished, a mysterious huge shadow was coming up at top speed and picked him up. Just as both Scourge and Ruination's attacks collided with a huge explosion. The Decepticons laughed gleefully with their solid victory. But just as the dust was cleared, they saw nothing but a huge pothole that they just fired. That made Scourge and the Decepticons very angry and displeased with their failure.

"What happened, Scourge? It's like, he's vanished into thin air!"

"That's impossible, Ruination. There's no way that a bumbling human like him would be able to escape our attack that easily. Unless…" Before he could even finish, the mysterious huge shadow had landed right between him and Ruination. Showing himself in his true form and thus making them very surprised and disappointed. "What? You again?"

The mysterious huge shadow was none other than…

"Optimus Prime!"

The leader of the Autobots was standing tall, while holding Koji on his massive shoulder. "You just don't know, when to quit. Don't you, Scourge?"

Koji was able to open his eyes and was thankfully relieved to see his old friend arrived in the nick of time. "Optimus! I'd thought that I would never see you again!"

"I'm not the only one, Koji. We all are."

"X-Brawn, Transform!"

"Sideburn, Transform!"

"SnowCat, Transform!"

"Prowl, Transform!"

"Hauler, Transform!"

"Ultra Magnus, Transform!"

Scourge pointed his sword at the Autobots with frustration. "You may have won this day, Optimus. But mark my words, I will show you no mercy! Decepticons, retreat!"

With the Decepticons gone, this leaves the Autobots and Koji all by themselves. Optimus lowers Koji from his huge shoulders and back onto the streets of Los Angeles.

"Thanks for saving me, Optimus. For a moment there, I would've been a goner" said Koji.

"All in a day's work, Koji."

"Wow! Look at you, Koji! You've sure have grown handsomely over the years" expressed Sideburn with his remark.

That made him blushed. "Well…thanks a lot, Sideburn. Besides, it was nothing." He thought, scratching his head.

"Nothing? You look much taller and different than the last time, when we first saw you" said X-Brawn in an agreement.

Optimus steeped in and kneeled down on one knee and asked. "Koji, it's nice to see that you're safe and sound from the Decepticons. By the way, where's your father, Dr. Onishi?"

Koji's expression turned from glad to sad. He hung his head down for a moment and responded. "Optimus, let's talk about this somewhere else."

"All right then, Koji. All Autobots, let's head back to base. Transform!" He changed into a red fire truck and opened the door for Koji, who feels very distraught from Optimus's question. "Come on, Koji. Hop in." He went inside as they both went through the Space Bridge, along with the rest of the Autobots following him.

"You have failed me for the last time, Scourge!" angered Galvatron. Seeing that his men came back with nothing.

"Our apologizes, Master Galvatron. The Autobots had us outnumbered and we weren't able to bring in the boy to you, then" explained Scourge.

"I don't want to hear any more excuses from you, Scourge! Besides, neither you nor Ruination won't even bother of going back there right now" says Galvatron, as he laughed.

"What do you mean by that, sir?" asked Scourge.

"What I mean Scourge is this: I'll take care of this problem, myself. However, if Optimus shows up with reinforcements, I'll give you the signal. Is that clear, Scourge?"

"Of course, Master Galvatron."

Back at the Autobot base, the Autobots were shocked from hearing Koji's depressing news about something very tragic that happened to him.

"What did you say, Koji? Your father is gone?"

"Yes, that's right, Rodimus. My father suddenly passed on from a heart attack. If I could've helped him in some way, he would've still been here." He buried his face with his hands; fell to his knees and cried very hard from his loss of his beloved father.


"Let him be, Skid-Z. He needs some time alone here."

"Yes sir, Optimus."

The Autobots leave Koji alone in the Autobot base crying. Then he heard someone's voice, while patting his shoulder softly. "Cheer up, Koji. Just let those harsh memories of your father go already. It's just too much for you."

As Koji removed his hands from his face and opened his eyes, he was surprised to see his best friend, T-Ai, looking right in-front of him. His eyes were filled with relief and a soft smile had appeared on his face.

"Trust me, Koji. You'll be fine."

"Thanks, T-Ai." Koji threw his arms across T-Ai's neck in a hug. But, he noticed something different from T-Ai: he didn't fall right through her! He then released the hug and moved a few steps back away from her. He looked at T-Ai in her new look and was very surprised to see her like this.

"T-Ai…you're…you're a…" He was so surprised that he allowed T-Ai to finish.

"Yes, that's right, Koji. I'm a human being now."

Koji leaned closer to T-Ai in a warm embrace. They looked into each other's eyes smiling for a few minutes and then, they pressed their lips to each other. The Autobots had noticed this from the back.

"Well, isn't that touching? Right, Sideburn?"

"I'll say, X-Brawn. This is too good to be true."

As they released the kiss, Koji asked her a simple question, while clasping his hands with hers.

"T-Ai, this is unbelievable! How did you become a human just like me?"

T-Ai answered. "Well, it almost took about a decade to complete it and it's all thanks to a new program called 'Cybertronian Surgery'."

This left Koji very confused. "Huh? What kind of surgery is that, T-Ai?"

When T-Ai tried to answer, the alarm went off and the Autobots were at the Main Computer System. Koji removed his hands from T-Ai's as she went back to her usual work. Even though Koji felt depressed, nevertheless he felt much better despite his father's passing.

"T-Ai, status report."

"Statistics show that the city of Los Angeles is in complete ruins."

"What? On-screen, now T-Ai!"

"Right away, Optimus."

The Autobot Main Computer System shows an on-screen image of Los Angeles almost completely destroyed. Cities were totaled, vehicles were up in flames and innocent people are running for their very lives. The Autobots looked on in complete shame. As if things were getting much worse, a mysterious figure had landed on the scrap heap of Los Angeles.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are, Koji! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Everyone in the Autobot base gasped in complete shock. But no one is more shocked than Koji with his body trembling in fear and his forehead began to sweat even more than the last time, when he encountered with Scourge and his mercenaries.

"It's Galvatron!" grunted Rodimus.

"All right, Autobots. This is our moment of opportunity to bring Galvatron and the Decepticons down, once and for all. Even if it means, putting our sparks at stake. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Autobots, transform and roll-out!" Optimus transformed into a red fire truck, along with the rest of the Autobots transforming and following Optimus through the Space Bridge. Everyone that is, except for Koji and one Autobot who caught his attention.

"Demolisher, wait! Just wait a minute, please!"

"Huh? What is it, Koji? What's the problem?"

"You've got to take me with you."

"I don't know if that's such a good idea to me, Koji. This could be dangerous for you."

"That doesn't matter, now."

"Hey, wait for me, Koji!" A new voice interjected.

Koji whirled around to see his best friend T-Ai, running towards him while catching her breath. He was in complete surprise that she would be going with him. "T-Ai? What do you think you're doing? You're not planning on going as well, are you? You could get hurt out there."

"I don't care! I don't want you to get hurt either, Koji. Don't you get it?" She clasped her hands with Koji's in a strong grip. "We're all in this together, no matter what the cost."

"But, T-Ai…"

She interrupted him. "And I don't want to hear any more excuses from you, Koji. Even if it's the only one, I'll refuse to accept it. Besides, all I want to know is what does Galvatron want with you, anyways?"

He hung his head down and sighed. "For some reason, I kind of ask myself the same question and I can't put my finger on it why."

During their conversation, Demolisher, who was almost standing there for almost five minutes, stepped in. "I hate to interrupt this small talk here but, can we go already? I'm completely bored, here!"

"Okay, Demolisher. We were just wrapping up. Just stay to close to me, T-Ai."

She looked deep into Koji's brown eyes and answered. "You got it."

They stepped inside Demolisher's vehicle, buckled their seat belts and both shouted these words: "Let's roll, Demolisher!"

"You got it!"

With that, they proceeded by going through the Space Bridge to catch up with the Autobots.

Elsewhere at the damaged city of Los Angeles, Galvatron continues to make waste to the city. While during his mass destruction, two mysterious figures appeared right in-front of him. One was a young woman with crystal blue eyes, long medium brown hair and a yellow jumpsuit with a white buckle around her waist. Second was a young man with deep brown eyes, light brown hair and wearing a full-armored battle suit with his Energon Sabre as his trusty weapon. They also have a familiar symbol on their chests that Galvatron had already noticed.

"Out of my way, human! This doesn't concern you!"

The young armored man countered. "Try and stop me, you wretched Decepticon!"

"Do you really think that you stand a chance? You're nothing compared to me!" yelled Galvatron.

Kicker's blood began to boil and his eyes were filled with complete rage and anger. "Enough talk! Let's get this over with!"

"We'll see about that! Cutter Beam!"

Both Kicker and Misha were able to dodge the attack with ease. "You wait right here, Misha. This could take a while."

"Be careful out there, Kicker."

He went back to the battlefield were Galvatron was, grinning with pure delight. "If you think that's funny, maybe this will shut you up!" He charged at Galvatron with his Energon Sabre, ready to make an impact. But he was prepared as he blocked Kicker's attack with full force and thrusting him back on the ground, but managed to land on his feet safely.

"Is that all you got? How pathetic! Dragon Mode!" he transformed into his two-headed dragon form.

"What the hell? What kind of a transformation is this?" startled Kicker with a surprise look on his face.

"Let's see if you can block this one, human! Dual Magma Stream!" Galvatron fired his red-hot attack right at Kicker. Though he tried with all of his might to block it with his Energon Sabre, Galvatron's power was way too much for him to handle. Thus, both his Energon Sabre and himself were nearly burned and was still able to stand up. The Decepticon leader grunted with displeasure as he flung him at the concrete wall hard with one arm; knocking him unconscious and falls onto the pavement.

"No! Kicker, please get up!" shrieked Misha in disbelief.

Galvatron starts mocking at Kicker. "What's wrong, human? Is this what you call strength? I'm so disappointed in you."

The arrogant Kicker, although badly bruised but barely alive is struggling to get back on his feet. "Ugh…Argh…don't…celebrate…just…yet. The victor…hasn't been…determined." He managed to regain his balance, once again. But because of the sustained damage he took from Galvatron's brutal attack, he collapsed on the ground and making him out cold.

"Kicker!" she screamed with complete despair, in her eyes.

"It's time to finish this! Striker…" But before Galvatron could even get the job done, he was interfered with a huge blast from the back. The Decepticon leader felt the heavy impact, as he whirled around to see his old nemesis glaring back at him. He had a huge interesting smile, on his face. "So, you've finally come, Optimus Prime!"

"That's right, Galvatron. I'm back and I'm feeling Prime!"

"You'll be feeling unprimed, when I will rip out that Matrix from out of your spark!" growled Galvatron with his fists clenched.

"I wouldn't count on that!"

They both locked horns for about two hours. Fists were flying, weapons were fired and both leaders were refusing to stay down. Both of them were completely exhausted, but somehow Galvatron was smiling for some strange reason and Optimus was left curious.

"What's so funny, Galvatron? Answer me!" fumed the Autobot leader.

"My, my, aren't you the peachy man. Now's the ultimate opportunity for me to put my next plan into action, just by taking out you, Optimus Prime!" shouted Galvatron.

"And you think that I'm letting you get away with this? Dream on!"

Optimus' troops arrived on the battlefield.

"Prowl, Transform!"

"Sideburn, Transform!"

"SnowCat, Transform!"

"Hauler, Transform!"

"X-Brawn, Transform!"

"Skid-Z, Transform!"

"Ultra Magnus, Transform!"

"Rodimus, Transform!"

For Galvatron, however, he wasn't intimidated. "Humph! Well, two can play at that game, Prime! Decepticons, move out!"

"Scourge, Transform!"

"Bludgeon, Transform!"

"Dreadwind, Transform!"

"Axer, Transform!"

"Sunstorm, Transform!"

"Decepticons, combine! Ruination, awakens!"

The Decepticon leader issued a command. "Now then, Decepticons! Obliterate them all!"

All of the Autobots and the Decepticons were in a heated battle for several hours, now. Magnus, Rodimus and Hauler were dealing with Scourge and Ruination, while X-Brawn, Sideburn, Prowl and Skid-Z were handling with Dreadwind, Axer, Sunstorm and Bludgeon with ease. Except for Optimus as he's having some difficulty dealing with Galvatron until SnowCat came in to help him.

The intense battle was extremely fierce until a familiar transformer came out from the Space Bridge and appeared on the other side of the city without any of the Decepticons noticing them.

"Whoa! Check it out! They've started without us."

"Yeah! No doubt about it, Demolisher."

"Listen, Koji. We don't want Galvatron or any of the Decepticons to suspect that you're here. Am I right?" questioned T-Ai.

"Of course, T-Ai, crystal clear. Don't you agree, Demolisher? Huh? What's the matter, Demolisher?" asked Koji with concern.

"I'll tell you what's wrong, Koji. It's them." He then pointed at the ruined wreckage, which lays an unconscious person on the ground with a young woman that's consoling next to him. "Well, I'll be! That's Kicker and Misha!"

Koji looked at T-Ai with a serious look on his face. "We'd better help them out." She nodded with his agreement and so did Demolisher as they proceeded to help out a fallen comrade.

"Kicker…" said Misha sadly at her beloved one. She hears some voices heading towards her.

"Misha! Are you all right?"

"I'm okay. But, Kicker isn't. He took a brutal beating from Galvatron and I'm not sure, if he'll ever make it!" She cried from here on out, until someone stood next to her.

"Don't even talk like that about him, Misha. He's only injured that's all and by the way, my name's Koji."

"And my name is T-Ai; it's nice to meet you, Misha."

She stood there in complete surprise. "How did you know my name?"

"Let's just say that an old friend of yours told us about this." Koji turned his head to Demolisher, who waved at her with a friendly gesture.


"Who were you expecting, Misha? Primus?" laughed Demolisher with somewhat of a funny, but yet, stupid joke.

"That's not even funny, Demolisher! We've got to bring Kicker back to base, right now!" shouted Misha.

"Nobody's going anywhere, my dear!" said a mysterious voice.

They all turned around to see an unsuspecting Decepticon, blocking their way. Their eyes were widened with fear and their expressions were completely frozen in horror.

"Face it, humans. You're trapped like a rat. Transform!"

"Who are you and what do you want with us?" asked a frightened, Misha.

"I'm Obsidian of the Decepticons and I came out here for a simple purpose" he explained to them.

"Oh, yeah! And what's that, you motor-head?"

"The correct answer is: By abducting your human friend, Koji, you big hunk of scrap!" With that, he blasted Demolisher with his twin cannons and thus, knocking him out cold.

"No, Demolisher!" yelled Koji.

"I believe you're next in line, human!" Obsidian chuckled with glee.


"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! It's time for you to become a part of us, the Decepticons!"

Misha wasn't going to stand for this. So, she took out her frustration at Obsidian and stood right in-front of Koji with her arms spread out. "I won't let you take him away from us! If you want him so bad, you'll have to go through me first!"

Koji was taken aback by surprise. "Misha, what do you think you're doing?"

"I know exactly what I'm doing, Koji. You'll just have to trust me on this one" replied Misha.

"Okay! Hurry, T-Ai! Take Kicker and Demolisher back to the base, as soon as possible!"

"But what about you, Koji?" asked T-Ai.

"How convenient. Two humans for the price of one! Double Paralyzing Ray!" shouted Obsidian as he fired his trusty weapon straight at Koji and Misha's direction.

"Don't worry about me, T-Ai. You worry about yourself and Kicker" complained Koji.

"I agree with Koji. You be careful out there and tell Optimus to Kicker that I'm sorry" added Misha.

After the discussion, Obsidian's attack had made a huge impact. The paralyzing rays were damaging Koji and Misha's internal bodies, making them scream loudly in pain as Obsidian gloated with delight. The attack took for at least three minutes until it finally wore off. Both Koji and Misha groaned weakly from the damage they took as they both fainted to the ground. The menacing Decepticon landed firmly on the ground in his robot mode as he scooped up the unconscious Koji and Misha and placed them inside his cockpit.

"See you later, squirt! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" He then whisked away into the sky with the two humans held captive inside.

T-Ai stood there in silence as she fell to her knees in complete shame knowing that she has lost her most important friend in her life. "No, Koji…" A river of tears fell upon her face as she cried softly from Koji's abduction.

Galvatron had noticed the familiar plane that just took off. He then realized that Obsidian had already finished the task as he alerted his troops."Well, well; it would seem that my loyal servant has just completed my task;""All Decepticons, back to base!"

The Decepticons continued to fire back at the Autobots as soon as they're retreating. The Autobots were left wondering as to why their enemies would fall back from the assault.

"Hold your fire, men! They're withdrawing" Optimus halted his men from firing.

"Yeah, alright! We must've whipped their tail big time!" cheered Sideburn.

"You can say that again, pretty boy (long yodel)" shouted SnowCat, giving him a high five.

Rodimus with his arms crossed wasn't very satisfied about this. "I don't agree at all, SnowCat."

"Huh? What do you mean by that, Rodimus?"

"Look over there." Rodimus pointed.

The Autobots were all looking at the out cold Demolisher, the injured Kicker and T-Ai weeping on the ground. They all gasped in bewilderment as they saw what had happened during their battle with Galvatron and the Decepticons.

"Well, this is just great. This whole battle with those creeps was a setup from the start" grumbled Ultra Magnus.

"I can see where you're going with that statement, Magnus."

"And what might that be, Optimus?"

The Autobot leader hung his head down in disbelief and gave out his answer. "It would seem that they've abducted both Koji and Misha away from us, while we were fighting Galvatron and the Decepticons."

"What? How is it possible? I thought that we had every Decepticon right in every corner" accused Prowl.

"That's what I thought too, brother. But somehow, they've created a diversion to keep us distracted from them. It's like an old saying, 'it just couldn't get anything worse than this' " explained X-Brawn.

The rest of the Autobots were standing next close to T-Ai, the injured Kicker and the unconscious Demolisher as they consoled them to their needs. Demolisher was able to get back on his feet, except for Kicker who was still suffering some major damage from the battle with Galvatron. Magnus and Optimus were able to cope with T-Ai as she was still reeling her loss of Koji's abduction. When it was all set and done, they all went back to the Autobot base through the Space Bridge.

Back at the Decepticon base, the Decepticons were celebrating their victory of their humans capture. The familiar tan Decepticon approached Galvatron in the throne room with his captured preys. "Mission accomplished, Master Galvatron. The human boy, Koji is now yours for the taking."

"Excellent work, Obsidian." That's when Galvatron has noticed another human right next close to Koji. "Hmm? Why have you brought another human, Obsidian? I want results and don't try to play coy with me!"

It took a few minutes for Obsidian to figure out the explanation about bringing in a second individual. "I'd figured that controlling two humans would be much better than one, Master Galvatron."

The menacing Decepticon leader greeted him with a sinister smile. "You have done very well, Obsidian. Our next task is almost at hand. Scourge, make preparations for my personal experiment with these humans. So they can become a part of the Decepticons with my new secret weapon."

"I will do as you please, Galvatron" nodded Scourge.

Back at the Autobot base, the Autobots were discussing about the situation that had taken place earlier with Galvatron and the Decepticons. The reason behind all of this is because it was a complete setup for them to capture Koji and Misha, all along.

"I can't believe this has happened, Optimus. Koji's been abducted by Galvatron."

"Yes, X-Brawn. I realize that. But, no one is more sorrow than T-Ai is, now."

"Not to mention that he's also abducted Misha as well. Kicker's going to be very upset about this" added Rodimus.

Then, they heard a familiar voice coming out from the medical room and already healed. "Hey! What's going on? Am I missing something?"

"More like, you're missing someone, Kicker. It's Misha and she's been abducted from the Decepticons, along with Koji."

Kicker's eyes widened with terror and his mouth was dry. "It's not true. Please tell me it's not true, Optimus."

"I'm sorry, Kicker. But, it's true" Optimus replied, in a low tone.

"No…No…NO!" He let out a scream of misery as he ran straight to his room with hot tears streaming down from his face. Later, he fell down to his knees, kept pounding his fists on the floor in agony so hard, that the picture frame of both him and Misha fell down onto the floor and cracked. Broken mirror pieces were scattered around the floor, but he didn't care at all. He picked up the broken picture frame, took a good look at it and cried out these loud words: "Misha, please come back! Misha!"

After he finished his sentence, more tears were streaming down on his face and onto the cracked picture frame of him and Misha. He continued to cry on uncontrollably and very loudly throughout the whole evening as the new war with the Decepticons has just begun.

End of Episode 1

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