Heavy Beat Down


Although Kid Muscle won the Chojin Crown belt, Roxanne dumps him after his hideous fart. Along the way, he is challenged by a legendary masked wrestler. Can Kid Muscle maintain his focus and win?

Drama / Romance
Matthew Galezowski
Age Rating:

Outcome & Challenge

After winning the Chojin Crown Championship belt from Kevin Mask, Kid Muscle sits alone in the empty bunkroom at the playground where he's residing. He gazes at the title belt that he won, since he invented a new finisher called 'Muscle Gravity'.

However, since it's already been a year, Kid Muscle was anything but pleased when he did the unthinkable back at the Chojin Crown Tournament Finals. He ripped out the biggest and by far, the smelliest fart he ever did and right onto everybody including a young woman that he once had an interest for: Roxanne.

He recalled the number of times he wanted to ask her to be his finance, in which, she gets into an argument with him. With a deep sigh, he thought to himself.

"Oh, man. Everything's become so boring lately, since I won this belt." He stares at some recent photos of himself and several of his friends such as Terry Kanyon, Dik Dik Van Dik, Wally Tusket, Checkmate, Meat and even El Nino. Sadly, none of them has Roxanne on it due to the constant fighting that they've been struggling with. "Still, what was I thinking? Having a full bowl of cow and rice before I've defeated Kevin Mask and then, cutting the biggest cheese of all in-front of everyone?" He sighed. "I guess, I'm not much of a..."

He was later interrupted by a couple of loud knocks on the door and Kid made a reply. "Come in."

As the door swung open, there stood Meat with concern on his face, when he walked in. "Hey, Kid. What's up? Aren't you satisfied with your victory?"

"Hardly. It's all because of one thing."

Meat folded his arms. "Let me guess, it's because of your big fart at the Coliseum during the Chojin Finals, right?"

Kid frowned. "No. It's about Roxanne."

"What happened?"

He responded. "She...dumped me."

At that very moment, Meat's jaw dropped and his eyes were enlarged in shock. "Eh? She did what?"

"It's the truth, okay? And, I begin to understand as to why my fart at the Chojin Finals had severed our relationship" says Kid.

"What would that be? That you have stinker farts than your dad?" asked Meat.

Kid started to yell. "Are you kidding? I didn't even submit my feelings to her."

"So, is that why you're feeling so bummed out?" wondered Meat, as he raised his eyebrow in question.

Kid shook his head. "More than that. I haven't even received my first title defense. That's far worse than not seeing Roxanne anymore."

"Hey, Kid. Maybe, you should take a walk outside. You know, a breath of fresh air wouldn't hurt" he suggested.

"Yeah, I guess so" thought Kid, as he takes his coveted belt with him and heads out the door with Meat for a brief walk.

After walking for nearly a few hours, night had begun to fell. Then, as Kid and Meat were walking back to Beverly Park, they've spotted a very surprising sight: Sitting inside a restaurant was Roxanne and Jaeger, smiling and laughing together. What's more is that Jaeger is clasping Roxanne's hand with his while her eyes were sparkling.

"R-Roxanne..." Kid couldn't believe his eyes. His former love interest is now with the man, he's rivaled with: Jaeger. But his fear became even worse, when he watches her taking a bite from his dessert. "Oh, no! What else is she gonna do with him?"

As Kid looked on from the outside with anxiety and fear on his face, the unthinkable has happened. Roxanne had locked her lips with Jaeger's in a romantic feeling. He couldn't bear witness to see more of it and so, with his head hung down and his hands on his hips, he responds to Meat in a low tone.

"C'mon, Meat. Let's go."

After viewing Roxanne's time with Jaeger, he catches up with Kid Muscle. "Hey, Kid! Wait for me!"

Now immediately back inside his small bunk at a local playground, he once again stares at his fabled Chojin Crown Championship belt with a look of shame on his complexion.

"I suppose that Roxanne deserves better to be with Jaeger than me. Even if I'm the current Chojin Crown champion, it won't make any difference."

Meat tries his best to console him, by patting him on the back. "Take it easy, Kid. It's not the end of the world."

Kid sighed. "Yeah, I guess so. Even though that my dad knows her mom pretty well, Roxanne and I can't seem to get along well."

Meat started to twitch his eyebrow and tapped his foot. "Uh, Kid. You kept yapping at her as your finance and I have a very good answer, as to why she's dumped you."

"And, what might that be?" he asked.

Meat started yelling. "You keep running away from a fight, you moron!"

Kid rolled his eyes. "Great. I can already hear the wedding bells from those two lovebirds, right about now."

"But, Kid. You can't just throw in the towel. It's too early for that."

"For my Chojin Crown title belt, no. But for Roxanne, yes." As Kid Muscle looks out the window, it was becoming dark and the full moon had appeared. "Anyways, we'd better hit the sack."

While Meat watches him getting some much needed sleep, he contemplated about the scene that both he and Kid had saw earlier. "Poor Kid. Rather than celebrating in the bask of glory, he's suffering bitter defeat after seeing Roxanne making out with Jaeger. There has to be a way for them to be together, again. The question is, how?"

The next day, Kid was still asleep and was snoring loudly like a horse. Meat was already awake and became irritated of his noisy sounds.

So, he walked up to him, kneeled down on one knee and starts shouting in his ear for a wake-up call. "GET UP, KID!"

It resulted of him freaking out and responded back at Meat with frustration in his eyes. "What did you do that for?"

"Hello! It's morning! Don't you think it will be alright to take a breathier of two and do some training?" Meat told him.

This gave Kid some time to think it over and sure enough, he answered. "Well...okay." Before he left, he took his Chojin Crown belt and held it on his shoulder.

As they're walking along the sidewalk, his old friends, Terry Kanyon, Wally Tusket, Dik Dik Van Dik, El Nino and Checkmate had come up to them while catching their breath.

"What's up, guys?" asked Kid.

"Yeah. What's your hurry?" added Meat.

"Haven't you heard, Kid? You're being challenged!"

"And it's not even Kevin Mask."

"So...who is it, then?" Kid looked puzzled.

"We can tell you, one thing. It's a legendary masked wrestler that hasn't been in the ring for a couple of decades."

"Plus, his mask is unlike anything that I've ever seen before."

Checkmate nodded. "Do you know what this means? It's your first title defense!"

"What? But, I don't even know the name of my opponent!" cried Kid.

Terry placed his hand on Kid Muscle's shoulder. "Just relax, Kid." Then, he spots someone missing. "Hey, wait. Shouldn't you be with Roxanne?"

"No, because she's not here."

"What's the matter, Kid? Did you pick up another girl, besides her?" says Wally, popping up a silly joke.

This had angered Dik Dik and El Nino greatly and they both pounded him on the head with their fists.

"Don't be stupid!"

"You've got more blubber than talk."

Dik Dik turned to Kid. "Seriously, Kid. What seems to be problem?"

"Allow me to answer that for him." Meat continued. "There are two reasons. One, Roxanne has dumped him due to his ridiculous fart at the Chojin Crown Finals where he won and two; he saw her dating with Jaeger last night."

"What?" they all shouted in unison.

"No way! Kid Muscle got dumped?" says Terry.

"And saw Roxanne with Jaeger? Talk about a heartbreaker" told Wally.

"A lot worse than losing my beloved mother" added El Nino.

"That's because of his cow and rice meal that tore up their relationship." Dik Dik folded his arms. "In-spite that he's the Chojin Crown champion, he may not be able to reclaim her."

"Speaking of which, look up at the sky." Checkmate points to everyone to see a huge airplane that had an animal's face on it and some writing on it as it flew by with a loud engine sound, where it lands at a local airport.

Later on, numerous cars were racing across the road and headed over to the same place that the plane had landed.

"I say was that the media?" asked El Nino.

"Hmm, could be" answered Wally.

"Not to mention that the plane we saw had a face of a yellow tiger" Terry mentioned.

"It also said 'Tiger Express' as well. So, does this mean..." As Meat and everybody slowly stared at Kid with a surprising look, Kid trembled with fear and panic.

"Argh! Don't tell me that I have to fight a live tiger!"

Meat frowned, while he made a suggestion. "Uh, Kid. Maybe, you're misunderstanding. I'd say, we head over there and find out who he is and what he's up to."

Terry agreed. "Sounds good to me."

"Let's hope that he doesn't play dirty like the DMP" Dik Dik notified.

With curiosity about the mysterious stranger on their minds, they hurried down to the airport.

Meanwhile, while inside the plane, there stood two people. One, there was a tall young woman with brown short hair, black eyes, wearing a dark purple suit with a white dress shirt, purple skirt and white low-heels. The second was a tall man with brown spiked hair, black eyes, donning a light-blue business suit with a black tie, light blue pants and black dress shoes. He was carrying an animal mask in his hands, as the young woman spoke.

"Tatsuo, are you sure that you're up for this?"

"Trust me, Midori." As he puts on the mask, he persisted. "It would be an honor of facing him in the ring for that belt. Even if I lose, I'll always love you."

Her eyes sparkled with joy. "Tatsuo..."

He nodded, as he got up from his seat. "Come. My challenge awaits."

As they both headed out of the plane and then into the transportation walkway, they made their entrance from the 'Arrival' ramp and are being greeted by several photographers and reporters while numerous flashes of photography shined on them. A few of the reporters have asked some questions.

"Mr. Tiger, could you give us your response as to why you're here?"

"Your thoughts, sir?"

"What is your agenda?"

The man spoke, as he halted the media. "I've been hearing a new champion lately from a wrestling organization called the Intergalactic Wrestling Federation. If he's in the building, I would like to challenge him for the title."

His message has sent a small shockwave to the media, as they continue to pour in more questions and flashing photography.

"You mean, Kid Muscle?"

"And, what will you be fighting for?"

"Any ideas besides the belt?"

Before he was about to reply back, he sees a trio of wrestlers running down the hall. As luck would have it, he detects one of them holding a championship belt on his shoulder. His eyes grew with interest and as he moves from out of the media by excusing himself, he walked towards their path with the media following him.

As Kid and company kept on running, they were quickly stopped when they receive a shocking surprise: A tall man wearing a light-blue business suit with a black tie and donning a mask of a yellow tiger is heading in his tracks. He didn't move. With his mouth opened dry, along with his forehead sweating bullets, the masked man approached to him.

There was a brief silence, as they're glaring at each other in the eyes. That is, until Kid popped up a question. During their stare down, the media appeared.

"Uh...W-Who are you, a-anyways?"

The masked man introduced himself. "I am Tiger Mask..." He later points at Kid's belt. "...and I challenge you for your title belt!"

Kid's comrades gasped in awestruck.

"Say, what?" Terry stated.

"That's the Kid's challenger?" asked Wally.

"It's like a trainer trapped inside a cage, while trying to tame a lion" said El Nino.

"That seems to be the case. I've once heard that he used to be a feared villain in the ring, when he was nicknamed The Yellow Devil" told Meat.

Tiger Mask retorted. "You're right. However, the individual that you're referring to is the original. I'm his successor."

"What do you mean?" thought Checkmate.

He pressed forward. "A long time ago, he was a former member of a group called 'Tiger's Cave'. An organization that trains youngsters into cold-hearted monsters and after they win every bout, they give half of their earnings to them. That all changed for him, when a young boy came and wanted to be like him. Much to his surprise, he grew up from the same orphanage back in his childhood days. He was later declared as a hero to the fans and a traitor to its leader of the group, Black Tiger. Sadly, by the time he defeated him, he passed on peacefully after saving a child."

"Whoa. That's some serious stuff and I take it that you're the one who was saved. Right?" says Meat.

He nodded. "Correct. From that point on, I'd be carrying on his legacy. Of course, after I won the title, in which I've retired, I began a new life with Midori." He shows to him and everybody, his girlfriend, where she nods her head at them. "But, when I saw you on television one day with that belt you so rightfully own, I've decided to get back in the ring for one last time."

"So, you're challenging me for the Chojin Crown belt for only one night? Pah! You don't look so tough to me" Kid replied in a rude way, where all of his friends fainted.

It angered Tiger Mask as he grabs his uniform and glared at him, squarely in the eye. "Don't be a fool! Once we head into the ring in about a month, I'll be holding nothing back. Do you accept or are you just a plain coward?" He offers Kid Muscle his handshake after releasing his hold on him.

After Kid brushed himself off, he narrowed his eyes. "I...I accept." When he shook his hand, hundreds of flashing photography were spread everywhere. One of which was from the newspapers and it became published, where it was available on newsstands from all over the world.

The headline on the front cover of the newspaper had said 'Challenge Made! Kid Muscle prepares his 1st title defense!' and it had a photo of Kid Muscle and his challenger, Tiger Mask shaking hands with his friends at the background.

A few weeks have come by, since Kid was greeted and later challenged by Tiger Mask for the Chojin Crown Championship. By now, Meat, Terry and the rest of his comrades are helping him with his training in order to prepare his big match-up against a fierce competitor.

It was vigorous and tough for Kid Muscle to handle. Despite of the pain and problems that he's endured, he's managed to keep himself at full capacity.

With his training complete, all that remains is his title bout between him and his challenger, Tiger Mask. As he doses himself off with a drink from the water fountain nearby, he spots Roxanne holding hands with Jaeger and they're smiling and laughing together, once again. He recalled the scene from before and instead of saying 'hello', he walked away from them. "Why do I even bother? She's with Jaeger, now. So, I suppose, it's good for the best."

Unknown to Kid Muscle, however, both Roxanne and Jaeger were glancing at a promotional poster of a special Chojin Crown Title Fight match, between the champion, Kid Muscle on the left and the challenger, Tiger Mask on the right.

"Wow! I can't believe that Kid Muscle is going to have his first title defense."

"Indeed. He's in for the fight of his life. Speaking of the Kid, I wonder what he's been up to, as of late."

She pouted. "It's anybody's guess, I believe." As she turned her head, she spots Kid Muscle and the rest of his fellow Muscle League members doing some physical training. "Is this the new Kid Muscle or is he the same jerk? Well, it wouldn't hurt just to see of how well he's been doing." She then ran towards the field.

"Hey, wait up!" called Jaeger.

By the time she reached the playground, she is confronted by Checkmate, Dik Dik Van Dik, Wally Tusket and El Nino as they blocked her path.

"Sorry, my lady but that's as far as you can go."

"Kid Muscle is preparing his title match against Tiger Mask, by facing Terry in a warm-up fight. The Kid doesn't want to get distracted from you."

"We mean no disrespect and all but, he's in no mood for a chit-chat."

"That's right. So, make like a tree and leave!"

Roxanne was reeling with regret. "Huh? What are you saying? Is he...ignoring me?"

Later, Meat stepped in and unveiled the truth. "Uh, Roxanne. You see, when the Kid and I were walking down the streets for some fresh air, we saw you and Jaeger making out. Right after you dumped him from his Chojin Crown Finals victory, where he farted."

Jaeger became upset after Meat told her, in regards to the outcome from the Chojin Crown Tournament Finals and her date with him. "Roxanne, how could you?"

"But, Jaeger. He's rude, crude and above all, I'm not his finance!" she shouted.

He was silent for a brief moment until he replied. "Have you ever asked him out, besides me?"

She answered. "Well, only once. Why?"

"If I was you, you should go speak to him" El Nino informed him.

With Wally, Dik Dik, El Nino and Checkmate stepping aside, she heads to the ring with Meat and Jaeger tagging along behind her.

In the meantime, Terry was keeping Kid Muscle at bay with his quick speed and sheer determination until he sees Meat, being accompanied with Jaeger and Roxanne.

"Heads up, Kid. We've got company."

"I'd better hope that it's not Tiger Mask or even Kevin for that matter." When Kid checks over to see who was attending, there was Meat, his current manager/friend. Then, he spots a disturbing presence of not only Jaeger but also his former love interest that discarded him from his Chojin Crown Finals victory: Roxanne. "Oh, great! Anyone but those two!" After he was done talking to himself in his mind, he responded. "So, what brings you out here?"

"We came here to wish you good luck in your first title defense, Kid Muscle" says Jaeger. He then elbows Roxanne in the arm lightly and whispered. "Go on. Try and talk to him."

She sighed and walked right into the ring, by going underneath the ropes and confront Kid Muscle.

Terry was fortunate enough to move away and watch him have a conversation with his former love, Roxanne. "I hope the Kid doesn't do anything stupid other than farting."

There was a silent stare-down between them, as the calm wind blew by. It was immediately broken, when Kid turned away from her with his arms folded.

"Why are you even here, Roxanne?"

"Huh?" she looked completely puzzled.

"Shouldn't you be with Jaeger? He's the type of guy for you to be with."

Her eyes were filled with disbelief and replied back. "What are you talking about, Kid? This isn't like you."

"It's simple. I saw you with Jaeger a couple of weeks ago at a restaurant and you made love with him. It's no wonder that you dumped me after I won the Chojin Crown Championship, when I farted. I guess, I wasn't your type after all."

Roxanne could feel her heart being broken into small pieces, one-by-one, while some tears were formed in her eyes. "Kid, that's not true! I would never replace you for Jaeger! The truth is, I..."

But, Kid Muscle interjected and shouted right back at her face. "Shut up, Roxanne!"

Everybody became stunned including Terry and Roxanne. They have never seen Kid Muscle acting like this before.

"Oh, man! I can't believe from what I'm hearing! The Kid's gone nuts!" thought Terry.

Roxanne pleads him to forgive her, but to no avail. "Kid, please! I didn't mean it! It's just that I needed some time-off from you. Please, don't ignore me."

He then retaliated. "Oh, yeah? Then, do me a favor! Get out of my face!" After he finished his sentence, he shoves her back first into the turnbuckle and falls down to the ground.

The whole group gasped in horror and were lost beyond belief from Kid Muscle's sudden actions on Roxanne.

"Holy blubber-nuggets! The Kid has assaulted Roxanne!" cried Wally.

"That's even far worse, when she was abducted from the Poison Six-Pack that resembled a lot like him but different. Somehow, the Kid has turned a new leaf" Dik Dik mentioned.

"Oh, you think?" wondered El Nino.

"Kid, what has come over you? Why did you do that?" called Meat from ringside.

"Newsflash! She dumped me and I returned the favor!" he yelled.

Terry became discouraged of the way, Kid has done to his former love interest. "Kid...you're almost acting like of how I've felt with my father."

As she rolls underneath the ropes and out of the ring, there were tears of pain that trickled down from her brown eyes and onto her cheeks, while her expression was a mixture of sadness and despair. "Kid, you're...you're...you're not the man that I love, anymore!"

"What?" Kid Muscle had no idea that she still cared about him after she ended her relationship.

After that, she ran off with tears in her eyes and not looking back.

Jaeger asked Checkmate, regarding this. "Should I go after her?"

"No, let her be. She needs some time alone. We've got our own problems to deal with."

As everybody stared at Kid Muscle with disgust on their faces, the current Chojin Crown champion became not only slightly surprised but also embarrassed.

"I can't believe that I did that! That's about as worse than seeing her with Jaeger on a date!"

Terry tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, Kid. I hate to bust your chop but, your title defense against Tiger Mask is a just couple of days away. So, you'll have to settle your differences with her, later."

He sighed. "Aw, man! Already? Can't I at least have something to eat?"

Meat grunted. "Kid, you need to focus. We're talking about your first challenger for your Chojin Crown Championship belt. If you don't put your A-game on, than what chance do you have against someone that hasn't been in the ring for a long while? And furthermore, how will you re-kindle your connection with Roxanne?"

Kid started to freak out. "I don't know! How can I deal with two things at the same time?"

Dik Dik smacked his face in shame. "Oh, great. The Kid's a chump, not a champ."

Wally sighed. "Yeah. Even if Kid Muscle shows up in his important match, he'll still runaway like a chicken."

But for Meat, he didn't take kindly to their words relating to Kid Muscle being a coward instead of a man. Therefore, he approached to them and replied. "Now, look here. He may be a scaredy-cat, but there's one thing he has whenever danger is upon him and that's the heart of a champion. Sure, he's been bitten off more than he can chew, but that doesn't mean he's a failure. He's been through thick and thin over the course of his career and now, he must not only retain his coveted title but that includes repossessing Roxanne."

"And, how will he be able to do so?" thought Jaeger.

He pushed forward. "Well, I suppose the Kid needs to dig deep and conjure up enough strength to submit his feelings to her. To do that, he'll have to defeat Tiger Mask."

"Hmm. Man versus Animal. That sounds kind of catchy" says El Nino.

A little while later, both Kid and Terry have left the ring when they overheard the conversation.

"Is that how I'll bring Roxanne back?"

"Don't sweat it, Kid. Just remember, he won't go easy on you."

By listening and glaring at Terry's expression, along with the rest of his colleagues, he nodded his head. "OK! Let's do it!"

"Yeah!" they all cheered.

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