Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Key Eleven: Demonstration:

Road got invited out to a demonstration to the top floor. The letter carried a small keycard inside. Intrigue caught her attention. Road looked over at her small orb calendar on her desk. Had it been three days already? Didn’t feel like it. She looked over at her cage in the middle of the room. Allen was sound asleep right now. He hung there in his chains. Road smiled to herself. This demonstration might be worth it to curve the Leda problem. Everything would be fine by three p.m. Road got dressed, had her invination ready and headed out the door.

Riding in the elevator alone felt so calming. Road looked up at the ceiling. He artificial lighting wasn’t as rough as it usually was. Somebody changed the lights, huh? That’s a shock there. Road leaned against the wall. Tyki promised something good with this. This better be good. The monster started to take slower breaths as the cab climbed higher. She forgot how the air gets thin the higher up they go. Lucky she wasn’t an angel.

The elevator stopped at the top floor. The doors slid wide open. No arrows flying towards her. Road stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall. She came up to two huge white doors. The monster flashed the card at the lock. The light turned green. Road smiled as the door slid open.

Darkness greeted her again. Only source of light came from the ceiling. Three monsters stood, waiting in the room. One turned to greet her.

“Ms. Road,” they said. “You made it. We’re so glad you’re here. Please, take a seat.” Road bowed her head.

“Thank you for having me,” she said. The monster took seat on the booth. A speaker crackled on in the air.

“Okay,” a muzzled voice said. “We are all here now. Let us begin the demonstration.” Lights turned on in front of them. Six angels sat in chairs chained up. Road could see them through the two-way mirror in front of her. Tyki walked in on the other side.

“Begin,” the voice said over the speaker.

“Thank you,” the doctor said. He turned to the angels. All but one of them looked afraid. Who would be his first victim? The doctor walked up to an angel with short dark hair. He licked his lips at the fear in his eyes.

“You will be first,” Tyki whispered. The angel couldn’t speak through the gag. Tyki smirked with the ice pick in his hand. He angled it near the right eye. The doctor counted down in his head.

Four… Three… Two…

Tyki smirked. “One.”


The ice pick went into the angel’s right eye. Blood ran down the tear duct. Tyki pulled out the pick. He turned back to his audience.

“Test one complete,” the doctor said. He moved to the second angel. Tyki set down the giant ice pick and traded it for a medium-sized one. This angel looked as afraid as the first one did. Tyki smirked.

“You’re next,” he said. He positioned the ice pick where it needed to go.

Four… Three… Two…



The ice pick went into the angel’s right eye. Blood ran down the tear duct. Tyki pulled out the pick. He turned back to his audience.

“Test two complete,” the doctor said. This went the same way with the remaining four angels. The ice pick grew smaller along the way. He finally came to the last one. This angel gave him a look of quiet rage. Tyki raised his eyebrow.

“Oh? What is this?” he asked. His victim wanted to scream at him.

“Heh,” he said. “I have something special for you.” The doctor picked a tiny needle. He positioned the ice pick where it needed to go. She still looked angry. Tyki couldn’t wait to see how this one turned out.

Four… Three… Two…



The needle went deep into the angel’s right eye. Blood ran down the tear duct. Tyki took his time with taking out the needle. When the needle was gone, the angel had no emotion on her face. Tyki smiled at his work. He turned back to his audience.

“Finally test is complete,” the doctor said. His audience applauded. Road sat, frowning.

“Now what?” she asked. Tyki walked over to the mic on the table of bloody tools.

“You will have to wait,” he said. “I am keeping them here for overnight observation. You will get the test results in three days.”

“Three days?” Road asked.

“It will be worth it,” Tyki said.

“This concludes the demonstration,” the voice said over the speaker. The lights went up in the room. The monsters all walked out of the room. Road was the last one to leave. She took one last look at the test subjects. They all had empty looks on their faces. Her eyes stayed on that last angel tied up in her chair. Something told her to keep a close eye on that one. Road took one more look before heading out the door.

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