Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Key Thirteen: Debut:

Road walked into the glass elevator again. Tyki set her another invitation. The results from the experiment were in. He insisted that she had to see them. At first, Road wasn’t impressed.

Probably another dud, she thought. The monster pressed the button for the top floor. She had no emotion on her face as the doors closed. This better be worth her while. Allen was calm today. Aizen probably wasn’t hungry right now. No bother. Road would get to enjoy him later. Even more so if this worked up.

She looked up at the ceiling. This had to go just right. Otherwise, she would have to get “creative”. That would not be good. Road wanted to still have a little bit of Allen left. The elevator stopped at the top floor. Good thing the pass was still valid. Road made her way down the hall. She ignored the cameras overhead. The silence didn’t bother her. She made it up to the big metal doors and flashed the pass. The light turned green and the doors opened.

“Welcome,” Tyki greeted her. “So glad that you could make it.” Road narrowed her eyes.

“Is this going to be worth my while?” she asked.

“Of course,” he said. Road didn’t speak as she walked past him. The doctor followed behind. This time, they came to a small stage. Only about thirteen chairs sat in the audience. Road sat never the back. Everyone else sat in darkness. Tyki made his way to the stage. The audience softly clapped. The doctor smiled and bowed. He had a special guest tonight.

Leda stood in her chains in the back. Two monsters held her still. As predicted, she had that permanent glare on her face. The doctor smirked. She wouldn’t look so tough after this.

Tyki cleared his throat.

“Good morning,” he said. “Thank you all for coming out here. Weeks ago, we performed an experiment.” He paused with the room. Road had her eyes narrowed. Leda could see fire.

“We had some failures,” Tyki went on. “But my fellow monsters, we are not here for that today. You came for the success.” He clapped his hands together.

“And we are here to give it to you,” the doctor said. “Behold!” He stepped aside as the black curtains rose. Road suddenly grew interested. An angel stood in the middle of the stage. Her white dress came down to her ankles. She had a calm expression on her face. Her long red hair came down to her waist. Road now became intrigued. Leda froze with horror written on her face.

No. Don’t tell me…

“Meet Claudia,” Tyki said. “Weeks ago, she came in like a wild rebellious animal. But we have fixed her. Cured her. Made her better.” The small audience started to clap. Leda, meanwhile, started to panic. Claudia had nothing in her eyes. Nothing could reach her. The other tried to speak with her.

Hello? Can you hear me? Claudia? Claudia?

Nothing. Claudia was lost to her. Meanwhile, Tyki smirked at her. He patted the subdued angel on the shoulder.

“Here we have the perfect doll,” the doctor said. “She will follow all and every command. Say hi to the crowd, Claudia.”

“Hello,” she said.

“Bow,” Tyki said. The angel bowed with no thought.

“Very good,” he said. “Touch your toes.” Claudia bent down and touched her toes. The crowd watched in silence. Road had a curious look on her face. Maybe this could work for her…

Tyki held out his hand.

“Kiss my hand,” he said. There was a pause at first. Road watched and waited. Leda silently prayed for Claudia to resist. The angel on stage knelt down and kissed the doctor on the hand. The audience broke down into cheers and hoots. Road sat back with a smile on her face. Claudia stood up.

“Thank you,” Tyki said. He turned back to the audience.

“We used a hair thin needle for the procedure,” he explained. “As far as we have seen, this is more effective tool to use. The idea was to severe certain connections in the angel’s brain without causing too much to the brain itself. We used different needles in size and width until found the right to use.” The audience clapped. Tyki smiled as he held up his hand.

“This procedure will be available sometime in the future,” he added. “That is all.” He turned to demo angel on stage.

“Return to your master,” he commanded her. The angel turned and walked off stage. Tyki followed behind as the curtain closed. While Road made up her mind, a new fear washed over Leda. Right away, she knew what she needed to do before it was too late.

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