Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Key Fifteen: Isolation:

The monster grabbed her pet by the hair. Allen’s eyes shifted towards her. Road’s teeth shined in the dim light. Uh-oh. What was she planning now?

Road pulled him to his feet. His toes barely touched the ground. Suddenly, the room grew dark. Allen started to panic at the sudden movement. Road had forced a box-like contraption over his head. Inside was a black felt-like material. There were only small holes for the nose and mouth. Allen tried to reach up to take off the box but Road grabbed his hands.

“No, no, no,” she said. Allen tried to turn his head. The box gave his neck limited movement. Road tied his hands behind his back in a tight knot.

“Walk!” she said. She gave him a kick to push him forward. Allen started walking forward. Road followed him to a closet and pushed him inside.

“You go in here,” she said. Allen could only here a door slamming shut. He stood alone in the darkness.

He couldn’t see anything. He couldn’t hear anything. The holes were small enough for him to breathe. Allen took in slow breaths to calm down. Why did she do this? The angel tried to turn his head. His neck began to hurt. He tried to sit down but found he didn’t have that much space to move around. Plus, Road tied his hands behind his back. Allen stood up straight with his hands tied and a heavy box over his head. Road probably locked the door too. Was she even out there?

Allen took in more heavy breaths. Come down. She’s just trying to break you by making you go mad. It’s not going to work. Just stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm.

How long was he going to stay in here? How long had it been? It couldn’t have been a few minutes, right? Right? Right? No… She wouldn’t. Would she?

Allen’s stomach dropped.


His heart started pounding. The angel’s breath quickened. Stay calm. Stay calm.

Did this room get smaller? Of course it didn’t. But it sure felt like it. How long had it been now? Hours? Days? Allen blinked in his box. Keep it together. This what she wants. Don’t let her win. Stay calm. Stay calm.

His bindings dug into his wrists. The rest of his body felt numb. It didn’t even feel cold. Meanwhile, Aizen wasn’t moving around inside his body. Did he go to sleep? It couldn’t be it. Maybe that damned creature was hiding somewhere. Allen didn’t want to hink about where. He tried to move his wrists but Road had them tied together really tight. What kind of knot did she tie with this rope? His heart started pounding again.

No, no! Don’t do this! This is what she wants. You are caving in by panicking. You can’t let her do more damage to your head than she already has. Don’t let her win. Don’t let her win!

His legs felt stiff and they began to cramp. The space was so small that he couldn’t sit down. Under normal circumstances, Allen would need to eat or use the bathroom. Sometimes being an angel had its ups and downs. Right now, he didn’t know how he felt. He needed to calm down and get out of his bindings. His confinement didn’t give him much to work with. He couldn’t move his neck or his arms.

It had been very quiet out there.

How long had it been? Was she still out there? If she was gone, was she going to come back. Surely she wouldn’t abandon him in here, would she? Of course she wouldn’t. She loved him too much for that. (Ha, love. That was a funny way of putting that.) Road wasn’t bored with him either. Where was she?

Come back. Come back. Don’t leave me here. Road! Mistress! Mistress!

Road causally walked back into her room. That was a nice day out. She turned and looked at Allen’s silent prison. Why hadn’t she thought of this before? The monster cocked her head at the door. He’d be fine in there for a couple of hours. Road walked over to dresser and grabbed her coin purse. After one more look at Allen’s closet prison, she headed towards her door. But not before knocking on the door.

“You okay in there?” she asked. Road smiled when she heard a small muffled noise. He was fine. The monster smiled and left the room again.

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