Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Key Seventeen: Battlefield:

He used to be a soldier. One of the strongest, in fact. That was the reason why they sent him out on the battlefield. Even looking back then, it didn’t make any sense. The whole set-up on the days leading up to the Great Crash felt off. Allen couldn’t put his finger on it.

The sky looked so empty on those days. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was coming. But Allen didn’t say anything at first. Everyone was too focused on this endless war. What was the point anymore? They were all dying anyway.

Allen didn’t voice this thought out loud, however.

When did he get so jaded? This wasn’t like him at all. He used to have faith. His smiles weren’t so forced. There looked like there could be hope once upon a time. Where did it go? When did it die?

Sure, it died. But it would always come back. He’s seen it happen too many times. This year alone was the worst. Yet, the soldier inside of him wouldn’t let him lay down and give up. That wasn’t going to be so easy this time.

Aizen had been getting hungrier lately. He’s made it to the brain stem. He could feel it last night. That damned parasite was still there. How was the angel supposed to remove Aizen from his body now? Before it was impossible. Now, it was too risky.

His lips curved into a disturbed clown-like smile.

He was a soldier. He’s seen the ugliness of war. He’s seen the ugliness of akuma. He’s seen cruelty. He’s seen death. He was used to blood and guts. He was numb to all of it. But Aizen was none of those. He was inside of his body. He was taking over his mind. The soldier couldn’t stop it.

He remembered seeing flashes in the sky. Why did anyone attack their location? No other station was attacked. That’s what he heard through the grapevine at least. It didn’t make sense. What was going on?

He felt it again. Aizen was still hungry. Please make it stop. Please make it stop! Allen shivered in bed. He would’ve preferred to hear gunfire whizzing overhead. That he could at least deal with. Bang. Bang. Bang. He knew what that was. He could counter it. But not this. This was beyond his control.

Wait… What was that smell? Was that… blood? Allen chuckled to himself. When was the last time he smelt that? There was his own blood but somehow that wasn’t what he thought about. He couldn’t really feel pain in his body anymore. What did it matter anymore?

The angel shook his head. He couldn’t be thinking about that. He needed to escape. He had to get out of here. He didn’t belong here. He had to get out of here. He had to get back to Heaven. Where was the rest of his crew? How were they doing? Did they give up? Were they still fighting? What about the girls in the tower? Have they given up? He couldn’t reach out to them. Aizen might have played a part in this. Or was it earlier than that? Allen started to shudder. He didn’t want to think the worst. But it looked like it was turning that way by the minute.

If this kept up…

Allen turned his head when he heard the door open. Uh-oh. She’s back. Footsteps walked up to her bed. He knew what was coming next. What was she going to do now? A whipping? Sexual humiliation? Forced chastity? Cock and ball torture? Maybe something with his ass? Or would she get creative? He didn’t know. But the worst part was that he actually started to… enjoy this. Right now, his heart pounded as he began to picture what she would do next to him. His pupils dilated when more lustful thoughts filled his head. Another realization washed over him enough to make his stomach turn.

A soldier reduced down to a sex slave. Allen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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