Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Key One: Aizen:

Hours later, Road untied Allen. He slumped on the floor. For now, Aizen was resting. No crawling around against his bones. No bites to the veins. It was just quiet. That was the worst part.

Allen tried to focus on what was more important. Escaping. He had to get out of the Tower. Then get out of the City. With the Escape Party. While keeping his sanity together. Allen took another breath.

It hurts.

He glanced over at his back. The wounds looked so nasty. They never seemed to close. The blood in them looked fresh. Sometimes, he could smell it. The thought made him vomit. Allen shook his head. Don’t think about that. Focus here. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Right. Allen rolled over onto his back.

Aizen blinked his little beady eyes. He couldn’t see but he could smell, taste, and hear.

Smelling blood excited him. He could only follow the scent for his next meal. He would move as fast as he could. There were plenty of places for him to go too. The heart was his favorite place. The copper scent flirted with his nose holes. It was like an aphrodisiac. More. He had to have more.

The lungs were another place to feed. Small veins and arteries ran through there. Lungs had a lighter cooper smell to them. Not as strong at the heart though. Sadly, lungs can be so frail. The host couldn’t really die. But the host had to be active and moving. Too much damage to the lungs would make it too difficult for the host to heal.

The veins were the usual spot for food. Same with the arteries. The copper scent made him dizzy with hunger. Though the mild poison from the candy gave the blood here another weird smell. Almost like beets and dirt in a way. Aizen didn’t mind it. There was blood to be had and he wanted it. All of the veins and arteries always led back to the best organs for more blood anyway.

But there was one spot he hadn’t fed on yet. Aizen had almost been to every organ in the body. He had only made it up to the skull once. That was this morning. That skull was too thick for him right now. He couldn’t figure out what that scent was. It didn’t smell like the heart, lungs, or brain. Aizen couldn’t ignore it either. He just had to have it.

The taste was how Aizen survived. He needed to eat after all. This latest host gave him enough to feast for years. It was a good thing this host couldn’t die. It looked like this wouldn’t give up that easily. Well, there was still time.

The favorite taste? Aizen would have to go with the heart. So much blood and fleshy muscle. So rich. So much blood. He could eat it for a year. What else was there to feed on?

The liver was just as juicy as the heart. Not as much blood but still delicious. If Aizen had lips, he would lick them. How could something so starved stay so big in this body? The same could be said for the heart. Between those two organs, Aizen could feast for months. But why stop there? There were organs in the body after all.

The stomach was rather interesting to eat. Tough to eat from the outside, but he managed. (It was going to heal up in hours. They all did.) That acid was the worst part. He tries to avoid when he can. Then there is the lining. Sweet than the rest of the blood in the body. He could eat this all day. But why stop there? There were still more organs to feast on.

The lungs were not the best place to feast. The flavor was not as strong as he wanted. Plus, he could not try and feed too much. Too much damage would nearly kill the host. If Allen ended up in one of those tanks, Aizen would practically starve but not die. Because of this, he doesn’t try to feed on the lungs as much.

But then, there was that one organ he hadn’t tasted. It was the same one that gave off that faint scent that teased his nose holes. He had no idea what it tasted like. Aizen just had to know. But how could he get there? Bones were different from organs. So hard. But that didn’t stop him from clawing at the surface. He had to have that organ he hadn’t tried before. It would only be a matter of time.

He could hear everything around him. The blood flowing excited Aizen at every turn. It sounded like pounding music in rave to him. Any direction he went, there it was. That and the smell drew him to the places that he needed to feed. The heart made the most noise, of course. In fact, it was Aizen’s favorite sound. Reminded him of home in a way. Oh wait, he was home.

The other sounds in the body pleased him too. The breathing varied at every chance. The organs pumping made him roll around in the bloody walls. His own sounds added a fresh blend to the music around him. He could get lost in himself for days after eating.

But again, there is another place that he couldn’t reach. It made no sound. Well, there was a sound. Aizen couldn’t put a claw on it. But he just had to figure out what it was.

All of that was going to be different really soon.

Meanwhile, Allen lay on his back, staring at the ceiling. He couldn’t figure out how to get Aizen out of his body. First, the creature moved too fast. Amazingly so for his size. Then how deep would the cut have to be? Where could anyone cut? Who even had the skills?

There was one someone.

Allen grimaced at the thought. That doctor wasn’t going to do it. Looked like the angel was alone on this. He didn’t like his options. Plus, he needed supplies like a scalpel, alcohol, and maybe pliers. Aizen would probably starve to death after that. The supplies could be found in Tykki’s office. But Allen would need to do the dirty work. He doubted Ophelia had the stomach for it. Neither did Alma. Leda was no help in her condition. Maybe Marion could do it. She seemed tough enough. She’s do it without blinking. But then there were the supplies. They would all be in Tykki’s office. How could he get those without being noticed?

Suddenly, the door opened.

Allen turned his head. That humming filled him with dread. That damned humming. There she stood. Road smirked and licked her lips in the doorway. And what was that in her hand?

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