Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Key Twenty-Two: Demented:

Nobody’s home. Allen’s eyes were so empty. Still had that crooked smile on his face. But his mind was in a different place.

The washed-out colors seemed to float above him in the sky. A low hum danced in his ears. Is someone calling me? Why was he here? Where was here? Somehow, that didn’t matter. Allen lazily reached up for the sky. Everything felt so warm. Lights danced across his face.


Allen! Allen, can you hear me? Allen? Allen?

He lazily turned his head. Who was that? No matter. It felt so warm in his chest. He closed his eyes and breathed in. He let his toes rest in coarse material. Was that sand? Fine by him. So peaceful. Brightly colored waves passed over the sky.

Allen! Allen!

He’s laying back now. Water ran through his short white hair. Felt like floating in a bathtub. The angel slowly closed his eyes.


Who was that? They kept calling his name. So annoying. Allen peaked out of one eye.

Who’s there?

Allen, it’s me!

Who was this “me”? There was no one out here. Just him and the sea. The sky began to swirl. Suddenly, the humming turned into chanting. He couldn’t make out what it was saying. Somehow, it didn’t matter. This was his time.

But yet, something wasn’t right.

Allen! Allen!



Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

Little bubbles started to form in the sky. So soapy looking. Allen mouthed with the pops.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

He wanted to grab one. Was he laughing? Sounded like it. His laughter chased after the chanting. The salt stung at his back, making him shiver. The pain made him feel warmer inside.


The popping started going faster. Popping turned into cracking. Even this didn’t stir him. Allen looked just as dazed as he did on the outside.


Rainbow lighting started to spill everywhere. Allen stared at it and started to chuckle. The water looked ready to swallow him whole. It didn’t matter. In fact, his body started to sink in already. The warmth washed over his skin. His body sank in first. Allen’s face remained above the surface. He reached up towards the sky in a lazy way.

Allen, are you still there? Allen? Allen?

His face started to sink into the water. Chin, hair, forehead, lips, eyes, and nose. The water ran over his face. The chanting became muzzled around his ears.

Allen! Come back! Allen! Allen!

He was already gone. But that didn’t matter. So warm. Everything was so calm here. No one was around either. It didn’t matter. Allen slowly closed his eyes.

The whispers and chanting all disappeared. What did it matter anymore?

By morning, Road pounced on top of Allen’s sore body. He woke up, whimpering. When he drew open his eyes, his mistress grinned.

“Good morning,” she said. The slave angel couldn’t help but smile. Road gave him a quick kiss. She gave him a devilish smile. The monster leaned in close to his ear.

“You’re mine,” she whispered. “You will always be mine.” Allen had that damned crooked smile on his face. Somehow, that didn’t matter. He liked the sound of that. Meanwhile, Road already had more plans for the day.

It didn’t matter. This was fine. Just the way Allen liked this new normal. He loved his mistress.

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