Bullet with Butterfly Wings


Key Four: Sinner:

Aizen started haunting Allen’s dreams.

-Nightmare Begins-

His body felt like it was being sliced to pieces with a sword. Allen lay on his stomach, panting. He found himself surrounded by darkness. But, he’s not alone.

He never was really.

Aizen’s footsteps rang in his ears again. Allen should’ve been used to it by now. But that damned creature came up with new way to torture him. Another slicing sensation ripped through his body. From the middle of his back down. He wanted to scream but he could only manage a voiceless pant. The pain started to dig in deeper. The angel shut his eyes and panted.

The slashing moved upwards. Aizen crawled around in a frenzy. Allen gritted his teeth. His head started to swim. Bile teased the back of his throat. Another sensation ran down his back. Almost like a tickling. The fingertips ghosted along his spine.

The angel froze.

His breath quickened. What… is this? There was nothing there. But he could still feel it. Allen tightly shut his eyes. Small whimpering escaped his lips.

“Oh…” Allen murmured. A hot breath rested on his ear. The words pulled him back to his senses.

Are you enjoying this?

He wanted to say no but the word wouldn’t come out. The touch lingered on his lower back. Allen clenched his teeth. The muffled sound filled the empty air. The touch kept moving up and down his back. One finger started in the middle of the back.

What is this?

His body began to feel so warm. His heart pounded against his chest. Allen started panting heavily. Aizen happily fed at the angel’s heart.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

Allen’s eyes rolled back into his head. “Oh god!”

God cannot help you.

“Huh?” Allen’s eyes widened. Claws dug into his back. He let out a loud gasp. His body writhed in pain. Aizen still feasted. The blood flowed into its open mouth.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

Do you surrender?

“No!” The claws dug in deeper. Allen made a sound that he couldn’t recognize. His body went still. His eyes widened.

It’s not that hard. Just say the word.

The angel shook his head. “No! I won’t do it!”

Aw! Why do you keep fighting?

Allen froze. “Why… do I keep… fighting?”


“I… I… I…” Why did he do this? There was a reason. But what was it? There was a reason. What was it? What was it? The pain spread to his spine. His limbs grew numb.

Poor baby. Why don’t you just give up?

“No!” Allen said. “You will not get me!”

But I already have.

Allen’s body jolted. His mind wound up in a strange place. He could only see two colors—black and red. He could feel both running through his body. His heart pounded as the emotions and views swirled in his head.

Black. So cold. There was nothing around him. He could barely breathe. His eyes… Oh, they felt so dry. Allen could feel his throat closing up on him.

Help… Me…


Allen could feel the bile stuck to the back of his throat again. Five invisible claws stuck into his spine. His body jumped again. He let out a weak gasp. It felt like his body was going to be ripped to pieces.

The pain shot through his chest. Then his shoulders. Finally his throat. His body started to rattle.

You could all make this go away. It’s not that hard. You know what to do.

Never. I don’t do it!

Fine, suit yourself. The pain cut further into him as if to slice him in half. His world suddenly became darker.

Red. His body was burning. His eyes began to water. Sensations ran over his body. Allen tried to stay focused but to no avail. He started to breath heavily. Warm tingling began to run through his body. His heart pounded against his chest. The pain started to change, evolve.

What… What is this?

Allen started whimpering again. Try as he might, the sounds wouldn’t stop spilling out of his mouth. He could feel Aizen bouncing around in his body outside of his mind.

It feels good, doesn’t it?

Yes… No…

Which one is it?

I… I…

The heat began to spread down to his groin. The blood started rushing down to that direction. Allen started to tremble.

Aw, what is this? Are you enjoying this?


Then there came a whisper in his ear. One word that would shatter his mind. One word was all it took in this nightmare land mine.


His eyes widened. Every part of him froze. The itch came back. Allen whimpered as the heat spread through his body faster. The feathery fingertips ran down his back. He buckled under the touch.

Mmmm. Mmm. Mmm!

Come on. This feels good, doesn’t it? You know you want it. Just come out and say it.

Allen bit his lower lip. He shook his head.

No? That’s a shame. Oh well. Looks like I’ll have to do that the old-fashioned way.

Wait! What does that mean?

Allen’s body was turned over outside of his head. The claws dug into his shoulders. He let out a voiceless scream. But then, something else joined the pain. The angel opened his eyes and looked around. Black and red spirals floated around him. He could also see Road’s face. His eyes widened. Even in his dreams she started taking over. He couldn’t move.


Road caressed his cheek. Allen cringed. But the pupils in his eyes dilated. He started to breathe heavily. She licked her lips.

“Now, I am going to make you mine,” she said. He didn’t get time to protest. The airy fingers moved down his stomach. He still couldn’t move. The angel drew in a heavy breath. Suddenly, a tight pressure surrounded his cock. Allen didn’t want to look down. Instead, he tightly shut his eyes. A loud moan escaped from his lips.

No! I… I… I…

He shut his eyes tighter.

“I want this!” Allen shouted. “Oh!” He could see her eyes in his head.

“What did you say?” she asked. The angel shook his head. The pressured air started lapping at his cock. More whimpering escaped from the angel’s lips.

“No,” he said in a whisper. “Please… Don’t make me…”

“Say it,” Road purred in his ear. The angel ripped open his eyes. Try as he might but he couldn’t break down. Allen finally opened his mouth.

-Nightmare Ends-

Allen lay in his cage covered in sweat. His dreams alone were a warning that he didn’t have much time left.

Meanwhile, Road watched from the darkness.

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