Children of the Dragon Wars


It had been a year since the war had ended and peace was restored to Fiore. Natsu had grown into quite the handsome young man, and much like his mentor he adopted the gritty bearded look and kept his hair spikey, much to the dismay of his wife. He wore his armor, a florescent silver that gleamed brightly in the afternoon sun. The shape of the dragon's head was still embedded on his chest, exactly like Gajeel's, Rogue's and Sting's.

Natsu's crimson cloak fluttered along his shoulders as he leapt from a top his horse as he helped a young woman down from a top his steed. Her honey colored hair blew gently in the wind as she clung onto a small bundle in her arms. His wife had a radiant smile that beamed with the same brilliance as her husband's armor. She kept the bundle close and enjoyed the smell of the fresh summer air while the rays of sun bathed her in warmth.

Beside them rode another couple; Gajeel who's long black mane was now well combed and cut to neater proportions. He kept it tied back in a ponytail. He wore the same armor as Natsu, but instead of crimson, his cloak was as black as the night with a new moon. A small woman rode with him, with a lavender dress that draped her body. Her hair was tied up in a nice bun with a straw hat to shield her from the summer sun.

Natsu led his wife down a dirt path towards the old Magnolian gate. It had almost been completely consumed by moss and ivy. They waited there for a few minutes before the sound of flapping wings echoed from afar. The four looked up, seeing two red and chrome dragons dazzle the blue sky above before landing softly in front of them. The red dragon leered down at Natsu, his old yellow eyes looked sheepishly and happily at the young couple. The chrome dragon walked over to Gajeel and Levy, leaning over and staring at the small timid Levy with piercing scarlet eyes. Igneel bent his head to greet his son and the blonde woman who was traveling with him when he noticed the bundle Lucy's arms. Whatever was wrapped up inside must have been important if Natsu had given it his scarf.

"Natsu, my son, and who is this?" he asked peering down at the blonde. The girl slightly recoiled but she met the dragon's gaze with a friendly and courteous smile.

"Father this is my wife, Lucy," Natsu answered.

"Nice to meet you," Lucy replied happily.

"The honor is all mine," Igneel said bowing his head.

The dragon spotted the small bundle that Lucy kept close to her chest. It was a bit tattered, but the old dragon recognized it immediately as Natsu's scarf. He peered back up at his son, knowing that whatever lied inside must have been of great importance for his son to have used it.

Lucy saw Igneel's curiosity as she pulled one of the flaps to the side to reveal a small baby girl sleeping quietly underneath. She had a small patch of light pink fuzz on top of her crown and a small buttoned nose. The child did not stir as Igneel drew in closer to get a better look.

"Father," Natsu said happily, "I would like you to meet your granddaughter, Nashi."

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