My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Lies and Deceit

“Are you sure Councilor Zeral?” one of the other Councilors asked. Zeral stood on the other side of a screen, standing still as a statue. “I am my fellow councilor,” he responded, “the two warriors under my command turned traitor the moment they were given names by these silly creatures. The one that calls himself Breeze even murdered one of my scientists in cold blood.”

“How can we be sure?” another asked. “I saw him myself, that is why I disconnected their transport beacons.” Zeral said; he had gotten good at lying. “And what of this new mineral you have found?” one of the female Councilors asked. “We have yet to determine its true origin, but it looks as if to be a great source of power.” he explained, “I think I’ll call it…”

“You will do no such thing Zeral.” the head Councilor said, and removed her hood again. “I will have my scientists analyze the crystals you found. Then and only then, will your findings be either rewarded or punished. Only after that is when this ‘Theyron’ will be used to advance our society.”

“Theyron, Head Councilor?” Zeral asked. “A word from my home planet that meant ‘Magic Crystal’.” Zeral didn’t want to show it, but he was surprised at her mentioning magic. ‘No, it’s just a coincidence.’ he told himself. “Should my scientists or I find that you were lying about anything on this matter, you will be instantly thrown into a sub-prison to await public trial.” she told him, “That is all.” and with that the screen went black. Zeral slumped and fell into the chair behind him, “I’m doomed when they get here.” he said, and an idea struck him, “Unless…” and with that, he smiled maliciously.

Blade stood in front of Fluttershy as she listened closely to him. She had wanted to know more about NanoPacks now that she had one…and Rarity was bugging her to death about wanting to see it. “Alright Fluttershy,” he said, addressing everyone there. Apparently all of her friends came to cheer her on, “NanoPacks are semi-sentient, which means they can think but not for themselves. That’s why your thoughts are your most important weapon.” Rarity, lounged on her decorative red velvet daybed with Spike fanning her with a giant leaf, as the other mares either stood by and either flapped their wings or just lay down on the grass. “Got it!” Fluttershy said confidently. “I know you don’t like seeing your friends in trouble, so try bringing up the need to protect them again. See what that does.” he added in. “Oh…ok.” she said nervously.

“And all that courage went away in one sentence.” Breeze said as he watched the scene from the grass, earning a chuckle from Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, but a glare from his own brother.

Fluttershy closed her eyes; trying to bring up the fire she felt when she was giving Zeral her ‘stare’. She wanted to pretend that her friends were in trouble, but she just couldn’t. Sighing in defeat, she looked back to Blade, “I’m sorry, I…” she began, and Blade shook his head, “Don’t imagine them in dangerous positions, you just need to ‘want’ the armor to be there. Imagine yourself in the armor and it will respond.” Fluttershy looked to the ground, slightly discouraged that her first try didn’t work, but still, closed her eyes picturing her NanoPack. She felt nothing, yet when she opened her eyes, Rarity was gawking. “What? Is there something on my face?” Fluttershy asked and looked to her hoof. The gold and silver boot of the NanoPack reflected her face back to her, showing off her crested crown. “Darling that look absolutely fabulous.” Rarity said as she slid off of her daybed, “Very silent guardian, yet a beauty beyond the skies. Oh I hope mine turns out as beautiful.” she drawled.

“Oh, IDEA!” Rarity called out, “May I use the design of the side of your helmet for a hair clip dearie?” Fluttershy let her ears fall to her head, “Oh, well, I guess that it’s alright.” she said shyly and was hugged by her friend, “Oh thank you Fluttershy, thank you. Now I must get back home right away to put my new line of fashion together, cheerio!” Rarity told her, and ran off as quickly as she could. Spike grabbed the daybed, and hauled it over his head, taking it back to Rarity. “Wow that was almost as random as Pinkie Pie.” Twilight said as she looked after her little dragon. “Yah.” Pinkie said both happily and worried.

Blade turned back to Fluttershy, letting the situation pass, “Ok, now remember yourself without the NanoPack, that should make it return to its stasis mode, though where the stasis mode resides, I don’t know.” he told her, and Fluttershy nodded before closing her eyes, and picturing herself without the armor. Blade watched closely this time, waiting as the nanites destroyed the individual cells in a certain pattern.

The hooves were the first to go, the boots slid up and into themselves, until they disappeared into the triangle plated chest piece, which seemed to fold up to the neck and shrink into the headpiece. The shield seemed to close up like a fan, as it circled itself and shrank into the side armor. When the feathers folded like a fan and shrank into the sides, and the head piece seemed to disappear into Fluttershy’s hair; that was when he knew, “It’s in your hair.” he told her. Fluttershy squeaked and began rubbing her hair with her hooves, “After I woke up form that hypnosis…thing, I heard Zeral call her shield an Ion Deflector, what does that mean?” Rainbow Dash suddenly asked. Blade turned to her, still emotionless and stern, “It means that the blue part on her shield emits an energy field that deflects beam attacks, from whet I got, her shield has a level ten Ion Deflector, the strongest deflector the Galactic Patrol has ever designed, and to be honest, I think she even trumped their design.” he quickly turned back to the dancing Fluttershy, her hooves rubbing her hair wildly as she tried to remove the NanoPack from her mane, “Just leave it there Fluttershy. It’s a part of you now, just hidden so no other…uh…pony can see it if you don’t them want to.” She quickly stopped rubbing her hair glanced up at him and lowered her hooves, her mane jumping out into a mess of locks sticking out everywhere, “Oh, that’s…um…nice of it.” she said. Breeze and Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but chuckle at the way she looked, even though they tried really hard. “Come on Fluttershy, let’s go to the spa, I think we all could use a treatment after that fiasco with Zeral.” Twilight said, as she tried to stifle a laugh.

Deep in the lab on the ship, one of the scientists leaned over a microscope, looking at whatever it was he was testing. “Interesting,” he said in a practiced half French accent, “Very interesting indeed.”

“S-3701-Maverick, please drop the suspense.” Zeral said as he entered the lab. “Just because you were given the privilege of discarding you number, does not give you the right to rush genius.” the scientist said. “That’s the privilege you get when becoming a Councilor, now I asked for results, but instead I want something different.” he said, and S-3701-Maverick looked up from his microscope. “Can you crystallize this energy?” Zeral asked. The scientist smiled, “How long to I get?” he asked, dropping his fake accent. Zeral seemed to know the required answer, “You get ten people, and until the end of the month, I want all of this energy crystallized before the other Councilors arrive.” Maverick’s smile, seemed to widen, “Deal!”

“B…b…but, are you sure he said that?” Fluttershy asked as she resisted being pushed out the door by Rainbow Dash, again. It had been almost two days now, and the boys had finally come up with a plan of attack. “Definitely Fluttershy,” Twilight said, “Blade just doesn’t want to put you in danger is all. The problem is that your new NanoPack may be the only way to get to that ship and get all that magic back. It belongs to Equestria, not Zeral.” and lowering her head and ears she said, “Considering it was unicorns he stole it from.” Fluttershy pushed even harder against the door frame as Rainbow Dash pushed against her, “I want to hear him say it, besides, what if there are m…m…monsters up there? They could just gobble me up.” she reasoned. “You have what Breeze called an adaptive guard style NanoPack, apparently it adapts to any situation that you adapt to. Beside, have you seen that shield you carry, it looks like it weighs a ton. All you’d have to do is hit the monster in the head with it and walk on by.” Twilight argued. Rainbow Dash grunted as she tried to haul the pegasus out of the door, “Move your tail and save Equestria would you?” she said, and gave one final push against Fluttershy. The door frame broke at the points her hooves were at, and Fluttershy screamed as she went soaring all the way to the rendezvous point, while being pushed the entire way by Rainbow Dash and chased by Twilight Sparkle.

Blade stood there as Fluttershy was dragged by her tail, by both Rainbow Dash and Twilight. “Whoa, when she doesn’t want to go, she really puts the breaks on.” Breeze said and whistled. Blade on the other hand, silently stood up from his leaning position against Sugar Cube Corner, and walked up to Fluttershy. “You ok?” he asked as Fluttershy’s two friends let go of her and dropped to the ground in exhaustion. Breeze dropped his jaw in surprise, and Pinkie Pie caught the act, lifting her to her back hooves to close the gaping maw. “I never thought he’d open up again, not after the last time.” he said. Pinkie looked up at him, questioning what he just said. She only snapped out of it when Fluttershy said, “Ok, I’ll do it.”

“What? What’d I miss?” she asked and looked to Applejack, she also had a dropped jaw. “He got her to agree just by hugging her?” she said, and Breeze smiled, “I bet there was a lot more than just hugging.” he said, “Probably something he said, I’m not good at reading lips like he is.” Pinkie watched as Blade pulled out his NanoPack, and without transforming it, pointed it at Fluttershy. “Ready?” he asked. Fluttershy swallowed hard, trying to gather whatever courage she had, “Yes.” she squeaked and closed her eyes. The NanoPack then reversed its method, sliding back onto her body from the head and flowing down to the hooves.

“Thus the Valkyrie is born.” Breeze said. “Valkyrie?” Rarity asked. “That’s what her NanoPack is based on, the legendary Valkyrie from Earth legends. Apparently that is what her spirit also represents.” Breeze said, only to be corrected by his brother. “It’s a coincidence that it looks like this, Breeze. Nothing spiritual about it.” he said sternly. “Well I think the spirit thing sounded cooler.” the boy said under his breath. Rainbow Dash patted him on the side, smiling up at him with an approving grin. “Alright every pony, except Fluttershy,” Blade said, pointing the top of his NanoPack at her. She squeaked a little when her name was mentioned, knowing full well that it was, so that she couldn’t make excuses, “move out of the way, Breeze come here please.” As Breeze moved closer, Blade focused on his NanoPack. From the head of the handle, a light blue beam shot out, and touched Fluttershy’s forehead crystal. “I’m just downloading different pieces of information, hopefully they haven’t cut off teleportation to your NanoPack.” he said, and the beam changed from light blue, to green, as they vanished in a flash of light. “Well’ let’s hope they can save Equestria, and bring back the energy.” Twilight said. “Has anyone seen Pinkie Pie?” Applejack suddenly asked.

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