My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Worst Days of My Life

Breeze and Blade reappeared with Fluttershy in tow, finding themselves on what looked to her like a large disk shaped platform. Shakily, she took her first step off of the platform, and was promptly scared out of her wits. “HI, GUYS!” Pinkie Pie called out from behind them. Breeze actually jumped in the air, and Blade stiffened up, while Fluttershy actually launched to the ceiling coils in fear. “Pinkie Pie? What are you doing here?” Breeze asked as he placed his hand to his heart. “Are you kidding, I wouldn’t miss this. Well I might have if I hadn’t been so close, but, hey, you never said how close we could be.” she said, her excitement reverberating around the empty room. Blade stood there, it had been ages since he had felt negative emotions and now this cotton candy pony was almost literally piling it on. “Pinkie Pie!” he growled. “Oooh! This must be the ship you were talking about!” she said, happily ignoring him and zooming off to one of the windows, “Wow we’re really high up, I’m not sure even I can get back down.”

“New Plan,” Blade said, as he let his anger rise, “We go home and you can tell the others why we abandoned the first plan.” with that he pointed at Pinkie Pie, and walked back to the controls. “OOoh!” she called out and ran to the door. “This must lead to the rest of the ship.” she said and the door opened in front of her, revealing a scientist of small stature and purple skin. “Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie!” she said introducing herself, and the scientist screamed before running away. “I don’t think that’s how they say hello.” she said as she watched the scientist run away. “Great,” Blade said as he pushed past her, “Now the whole ship knows we’re here. Pinkie, you stay with Breeze, Fluttershy comes with me. DO NOT LOSE EACH OTHER!” he told her. Breeze saluted him, and Fluttershy galloped past, trying to keep up with Blade.

Pinkie Pie shied away a little, and turned as she watched Breeze move silently to a nearby large air vent about his head height. “I messed up huh?” Pinkie finally asked, her head nearly touching the ground. “Don’t let it bother you.” Breeze told her as he worked on the grate, “He’s just not used to emotions, not since that day.” Pinkie Pie lifted her head slightly, “What day?” she asked. Breeze turned to her, just as the grate came off, “The day he lost someone close to him.” he said simply, “The day she died.”

“Tell me.” Pinkie Pie said, “I want to know so that maybe I can sympathies with him a little.” Breeze laughed, trying to keep the volume down to a minimum as he hoisted the pink pony up and allowed Pinkie to crawl through first. “He’d kill you if you did that, but ok. However, to really understand the story, I’ll have to take you back further.” he said, and took his first steps down memory lane as he jumped up and into the vent.

“About fifteen years ago, there was a huge war on the planet Coluca 6. You would just see it as a bright blue star if you were looking through a telescope from here if at all. The battles were fierce, and the Academy was hired to put a stop to the fighting. However, we were completely overtaken by both armies after we found out that it was a coliseum planet for galactic entertainment. Betrayed and over powered, we simply tried to survive until backup arrived. Blade and I were among one of the battalions sent to fight the war. Months passed and we found ourselves alone, our comrades dead and backup almost twenty four hours away, we tried to stay ahead of the warring races. Suddenly, we found ourselves surrounded by a group of both soldiers. The battle went on for who knows how long until I was careless and took a sword deep in the eye and an ax to the leg. Blade was furious, and slaughtered the lot of them. Apparently we had only a few drops left of his elixir, he was always more picky about his use then I was. He used it all on my eye and my leg. My eye reformed itself but the scars I got never disappeared.” as he spoke he placed his left hand to the scar on his left eye.

“We were the only survivors of that war until Head Councilor Riida arrived.” he told her, “She was incredible, never once did she use her NanoPack in battle. The weapons on the field were what she used, and she just destroyed the entire race, the ones that hired us to be slaughtered were arrested and sent to the Prison Dimension without any hope of escape. Ever since my brother has been trying to protect me and get as strong as he could, but a few years after the war, he fell in love with one of the Councilors. A Meltackian woman named Shy.”

“Meltackian?” Pinkie asked, trying to get a picture of the person. “A Meltackian is a humanoid alien from the Planet Meltak, they have legs but can’t use them easily. They use their psychic powers to float around. They also have skin that shines with the colors of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.” Breeze explained, and turned his mind back to memory, “She loved him the same way.”

“What happened?” Pinkie asked nervously, she almost didn’t want to know but somehow hoped that it wasn’t as bad as she thought. “Shy was killed right in front of him, a shot to the back through the heart. No reason except that she and him were close. Since then, he’s closed himself off to everyone except me as his brother, so that no one else is killed for that reason alone. They never actually caught who did it.” Breeze sadly said. “Oh.” Pinkie said, feeling worse. “That’s why I’m so surprised that he’s taken such a liking to Fluttershy, I think he may be falling in love again.” Breeze said, and Pinkie perked right up, “With Fluttershy?” she asked in both happiness and surprise. “He’s never been this nice to someone, not even Shy, he was more of a take charge guy with her, but he was still nice enough.” Breeze said, and passed by a specific portion of the ship, “Hey, the NanoPack storage.”

The shelves were stocked full of unbounded NanoPacks, each a grey box on the shelf, each within inches of each other, yet none touching. “That’s a lot of boxes.” Pinkie said, and pushed her face against the grate. “Yah, let’s get…” before he could finish his sentence, holes appeared between him and Pinkie Pie, with shots ringing out as each one was formed. “What the…” he called out, and Pinkie tried pushing herself against the grate, only to have it collapse behind her. “Wha!” she called out and landed on her stomach. “Ouch!” was all she could say before she looked up. A crazed smile on the human in front of her, as well as the short wild brown hair, told her he was mental, but the rifle in his hands told her that he was willing to kill. “Pinkie Pie!” Breeze called out, and the man turned to gaze right at him. “My new throw rug!” the man said, and pointed his gun at Breeze. He quickly disappeared behind the metal as the gun went off, the bullets striking the ceiling and walls of the duct. “YAHHHAHAHAHA!” the man laughed, “You’re too close, too close to him. He’s mine!” Pinkie stood up slowly, and began sneaking away, trying not to gain the madman’s attention, but failed. He looked right at her, and turned, focusing his fire on her. Quickly she jumped into the air, causing the bullets to fly under her, and in midair, dashed off to the other side of the room. “Not fun, not fun, not fuuuun!” she called out as she ran from the shots. “No one will have him, only I can admire him. He’s my trophy.” the mad man called out again. Pinkie quickly found herself in a corner, between two walls and a shelf near the corner. The smile on the man’s face, was of insanity, “My, trophy!” he breathed, and Pinkie grabbed the closest thing to her, a NanoPack, and held it in front of her.

Before the bullets could be fired, Breeze dropped down and wrapped the man in a full nelson, aiming the gun away from the pink pony. “Run!” Breeze called out, and Pinkie ran from the corner, without noticing the liquid metal around her hoof. Instantly she began thinking, and stopped at the door. “Nah!” she said and turned around, “You don’t think that it was him who killed Shy do you?” Upon the sound of the woman’s name, the madman yelled out, “GRAAAA! CURSE YOU SHY! You stole something precious to him!” and broke the hold he Breeze had on him, before running out the door, “I’LL KILL YOU!” he shouted, as if the two in the room didn’t matter. “I’ll take that as a yes.” she said to Breeze. “Wait, he thinks that Shy is alive, that means that he’s going after…” Breeze reasoned. Pinkie gasped deeply, “Oh no. Fluttershy!” she said, and the two of them ran off, to find Blade and Fluttershy.

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