My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Hacking Problem

Blade and Fluttershy, creped through the hallways, never once letting the rushing guards see them. Once they turned a corner, and found a guard with a sandwich half way in his mouth. Blade and the guard looked at each other before the guard held up the hand sign for ‘wait one moment’, and finished his sandwich. “Best ever.” the man said, and was just about to pull out his NanoPack when Fluttershy jumped up, with her shield on her hooves and slammed it into his head knocking him unconscious. “Sorry!” she apologized while she flapped her wings, just floating there, hiding behind her shield. “Uh…thanks.” Blade said and stepped over the unconscious guard. “Oh, you’re welcome.” she said as she flew over the same man, and turned back to the guard, “Sorry again.” she said and flew off.

Blade continued to move through the facility with Fluttershy hot on his heels, only to run into Pinkie Pie, who wasn’t looking where she was going. “Goof!” he said as he fell to the floor. “Gah!” was her response, “Oooh good, we found you.” she said as she lay there on top of him. The glare Blade was giving her could have melted ice. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Warning you of the bad guy.” she said quickly. “What bad guy? This ship is full of bad guys.” he said, only to have her point her hoof towards his new up position. “The one trying to shoot Fluttershy in the back.” she said as a matter of fact.

Blade let his eyes open wide, and pointed his head along the ground. From down the hall, he could see a silhouette in the shadows, aim a gun. Without hesitation, he flipped them both over, pushed himself off of the ground, and drew his sword, placing himself between Fluttershy and the bullet as it ricocheted off of the oversized blade. “Ooh he’s good!” Pinkie said, impressed, and then shook her head, bringing her senses back into reality, “Wait, this is a bad situation.” Zooming off towards the end of the hall, she hollered, “Breeze, the ugly man and Blade are fighting.” and retraced her steps to grab Fluttershy by the tail, and hide her. Fluttershy seemed to just lie there curled into a ball and shiver, her fear finally overcoming her. “Don’t worry Fluttershy,” she said, trying to calm her down, “We’ll get out of here.”

Around the corner, Blade quickly changed his sword into his shield and blocked two more bullets. “Mine, mine, all mine!” the mad man said, and ran off towards another part of the hall. Blade quickly pulled back, meeting up with Fluttershy and what looked to be Pinkie Pie in a strange metal suit.

The suit itself looked streamline, metal plating going up her legs all the way to her neck. Around her eyes, was what looked to be a visor of some kind, completely transparent and on the hips and shoulders were ports for what looked to be some sort of cable. “What?” she asked as he looked at her. “What are you wearing?” he asked, hopping for a silly answer. Instead Pinkie looked at herself quickly, and did a double take. “Wow, I look like a robot!” she said and chuckled, “I am RoboPinkie!” she said mimicking a robotic voice. Breeze finally arrived on the scene, “I saw him going towards the science labs. Hey Pinkie, what are you wearing?” he said. “I am not Pinkie, I’m RoboPinkie!” she said to him in her fake robot voice, and laughed again. “Sounds like that NanoPack you picked up bonded with you.” Breeze said and pulled out his NanoPack. A quick beam of blue light that swiped up and down told him all he wanted to know. “Well that’s roughly disappointing.” he said as he glanced at his NanoPack. “Pinkie has a NanoPack, what else could go wrong?” Blade asked in a huff. “Hey!” Pinkie shouted slightly insulted. “She has a Hacker style.” Breeze explained, “And a really powerful one at that.”

Blade relaxed his muscles, and pushed his way past them, only placing his hand on top of Pinkie’s head as he passed her, “Take her, to the control room, see what she can do.” he told his brother, “Fluttershy and I are going back to the telepods, with that psychopath on the loose it’s just too dangerous for her. Once you’ve gained control of the ship, make sure they can’t access the telepods without going through trouble, I don’t want any one following us.” Breeze saluted him. Blade reached down and lifted Fluttershy off of the ground, instantly she calmed down and smiled at him. ”Whatever he told her before must have a calming effect.” Breeze said. “She really trusts him.” Pinkie said and lowered her head in shame, “I wish that he could at least trust me a little.”

“He does Pinkie.” Breeze said as he walked on by, “He didn’t shove you as hard as he could, instead he placed his hand on your head so that you wouldn’t get hurt by him. I think he’s starting to get used to your overabundance of happiness.” With that, Pinkie smiled, finding what she needed to be happy again. “Ooh!” she called out, “I almost forgot, I still haven’t thrown you two a welcome to Equestria party yet. We’ve been so busy getting our lives back in order and helping all of the unicorns that I haven’t had time.” Breeze smiled brightly, “Can’t wait to see it, I love parties!” he said, and the two continued walking, chatting about their most memorable parties.

By now Fluttershy was walking by herself, albeit cautiously. Now she never wanted to leave Blade’s side. “Um, why do you think he was trying to kill me? If you don’t mind my asking.” she finally spoke. “I wish I knew.” he said, and looked to her with a worried look, “I’m sorry I made you come here Fluttershy, I didn’t know about him.” Fluttershy moved her shield to her hooves, and flapped her wings to get lift before moving in front of him and wrapping him in a big pony hug, “I’m ok, and thank you for bringing me.” she said, and dropped back to the ground. “He’s MINE!” they heard from behind Blade, again the madman stood, aiming his gun at Fluttershy. At first she was frightened, but quickly put herself and her shield between Blade and the gun. The shot ricochet off of the shield, and back to the gun, knocking it clean out of the man’s hand. “Nice shot.” Blade said, and scooped her up again, before running towards their destination. “I’m GONNA KILL YOU, SHY!” the mad man screamed, and Blade’s eyes went wide. ‘It can’t be.’ he thought to himself.

The moment he stepped foot in the telepod chamber, he placed her onto the platform, and slammed his fist against the controls. “Wait!” Fluttershy called out, but she disappeared before she could continue. Blade turned around just as the door opened up. “You killed Shy, didn’t you?” he said. “Mine, all mine!” was the only thing the mad man said. “Why, why did you kill her? WHAT WAS YOUR REASON?” he asked, pulling out his sword. “Mine, you are mine!” the lunatic said, and he walked up to Blade, he brought his hand out, as if to touch his face, “You’ve been mine since you were born, my little boy, my strong man, my trophy.” Blade instantly slapped the man’s hand away, before he could touch him. “I belong to no one. And I certainly won’t go anywhere with you.” he said, scowling at the crazed look in the man’s eyes, “You killed someone I loved, I’ll make you pay for that.”

“You’re mine.” the mad man said, “You belong to me!” and pointed his gun at Blade. Now that he could see it, he recognized it, not as a regular gun, but a gun blade. The scimitar like blade that curved off to the barrel was sharp and long, almost as long as half of his sword. Blade instinctively brought his sword up and blocked the shot that came from it. Smoothly he lifted the blade above his head, and with a mighty roar, brought it down on his enemy.

Breeze punched another guard in the face, rendering the man unconscious. “This is the door.” he said and pressed the guard’s hand against the panel. When it didn’t work, he grunted, “Apparently the grunts aren’t trusted.” he said. “Let me try.” Pinkie said as she lifted herself up to take a look at the device. While she was looking at it, one of the ports on her shoulders opened up, and out came a metal covered cable, that moved like a tentacle and plugged itself into the side of the panel before becoming motionless. Seconds later the door opened. “Pinkie, how’d you know you could do that?” Breeze asked. “I didn’t, I was just going to put my hoof on it and see if that worked.” she said happily as the cable retracted itself. “Oh.” was all he could say and walked into the room with Pinkie behind him. “This is the main computer.” he said as they approached a half circle of monitors that Breeze could comfortably work with. “How come nopony’s here?” Pinkie asked, and they heard the sound of a toilet flush. “We get all of the awkward situations don’t we?” Breeze asked as the two of them turned their gaze to their left. Out from a room near the back, appeared what looked to be a chubby guard zipping up his pants. “Yes we do.” Pinkie Pie said with half eyes, and breeze darted in to slug the guy in the cheek, knocking him out instantly. “Wow, the other guards were way tougher than him.” he said as Pinkie ran up to the computer. She put her hooves up on the side of the console, making sure not to push any buttons, and from all four ports, metal covered cables emerged and plugged themselves into the computer. “Wow you’re a regular Doc. Oc.” he said as a joke. “Who?” Pinkie asked, and Breeze lowered his head in shame, “Never mind.”

“OK.” she said happily and turned to the screen with a grin, “Let’s take this baby out for a test run!”

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