My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Home at Last

“That NanoPack bonded with you!” Blade said, still gripping his side. “Wait, so I got me one of these like Fluttershy did?” she asked. The madman gritted his teeth hard, “DIE!” he shouted, and aimed the barrel of his gun blade at her. Applejack reacted quickly, spinning on her front hooves and throwing her back legs out as hard as she could. The power from her legs knocking him in the chest, knocked the wind completely out of him, but also lifted him off of the ground, and into a bare spot on the wall. The force of the collision actually caused two shelves of unbonded NanoPacks to collapse and tumble to the floor around him. “Let’s go everypony!” Applejack said, and ran to the door, rearing back and bucking it completely off of its hinges. “I’m right behind you.” Twilight said as she carried both an unconscious Rarity and Spike. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy walked slowly as Blade leaned on them, trailing slowly behind. “Mine!” they heard from behind. “Git goin, I’ll take care of this big lummox.” Applejack said, and stood in the doorway. “Mine!” the madman said again and lifted his gun blade. The move he made was his last, he placed his hand right on top of one of the NanoPacks on the floor, the spark that went through him, arched not only to him, but also to one of the other NanoPacks, the continued to all of the packs nearby and arched back to him in the same instant. He didn’t even have time to scream, and Applejack could only lift her hoof to her mouth in shock, before turning her head from the scene. Lowering her ears, she trotted away as the lights from the NanoPacks died down, preferring not to watch as someone hit the floor dead.

“Pinkie Pie can’t you work faster?” Breeze asked, “I’m not trying to put pressure on you or anything but now isn’t the time to be experimenting.”

“I’ve almost got it.” she said, “I’m in! Now let’s see…Ooo, music.”

“Are you illegally downloading music to your NanoPack?” Breeze asked. “I think so!” Pinkie told him with a smile, and he face palmed himself. “I found it!” she said out loud. “He’s got something separate for the Science Station. We can’t get to it without at least four NanoPacks, it’s part of the security on that ship.” she told him. “And with mine and Blade’s Transport Beacons deactivated, we’ll need two more of your friends to Bond.” Breeze said, and was quickly interrupted by the groan of the security guard. “That’s our cue!” he said, and Pinkie Pie retracted the four cables from the computer. The two of them hopped over the chubby guard, and ran through the door as fast as they could. “That way!” Pinkie shouted, and took off down the direction she pointed. “How do you know?” Breeze asked as he followed. “I downloaded a map of both ships.” she told him. “What else did you download?” he asked. “Everything!” was her simple answer.

Moments later, they passed by an open door, with small dolls on two massive shelves, with oversize heads swaying back and forth, one for each alien type on the ship. Pinkie came to a quick stop as she passed by and took a few steps backwards. "Oooo!" she whispered in distraction as she swung her head side to side, mimicking the bobble heads on the shelf. Breeze reached and grabbed her by the back of her NanoPack, and pulled her away from the distracting room.

“Go, go.” Rainbow Dash whispered as she ushered the others into the transport room. Fluttershy set Blade gently on the transport plate. “Now you be good, and stay still.” she said quietly. “I’m not an animal Fluttershy.” Blade retorted, “But alright.” Rainbow poked her head back out the door, “I don’t see anyone.” she said. “Then you should be looking the other way.” came Breezes voice from the back. Twilight stiffened in fright and rocketed towards the ceiling, “Yahhhhh!” she called out, and while hanging on the cables shouted, “DON’T DO THAT!” Rainbow quickly closed the door, and kicked the control pad. “That should keep them busy.” she said. “Yes dahling, and us trapped in here!” Rarity said as she lifted her head from the floor. “Uh, what happened?” Spike asked woozily. “Well sorry! I was only trying to keep everypony safe, I mean you weren’t coming out with any ideas.” Rainbow huffed. “Well, you never asked.” Rarity said as Fluttershy gently set Twilight on the ground. “How could she ask if you were unconscious?” Twilight huffed in frustration. “Oh…good point!” Rarity agreed, albeit unwillingly. “There,” they all heard Pinkie Pie say, she had one of her cables connected to the Transport device. “What…Pinkie!” Applejack began to say, only to have Pinkie right there asking questions, “Ooo! Applejack you bonded with a NanoPack too? What kind is yours? Mine’s a Hacker style, though I’m not sure what that means yet. I have these really cool cables that come out from my body, and connect to anything electrical. I don’t even need any holes to plug them into. Oooo! You have these thingies on your legs, what do they do, huh, huh, huh?” she asked at light speed. “Questions later!” Breeze called out, and the ponies gathered on the plate, “Is it ready Pinkie?”

“You betcha, I even left the guards that get in a little surprise.” she said and suddenly the machine activated by itself. “A timer, nice.” Breeze said as they disappeared. Seconds after they left, a group of guards burst into the room and punched in what was to be an access code. Instead of the transport machine activating, the entire room lit up with holographic party games. A party whistle went off, and holographic confetti rained from the ceiling. “Welcome to the Party Challenge!” Pinkie’s voice called over the loud speaker.

The entire gang arrived on the grassy area near Twilight’s library, Blade sitting against the tree, for support. “I really tried.” he told Applejack. “I know, I saw yah.” she told him quietly. “OH YAH! BUBBLE TO THE RESCUE!” Pinkie called out. “Bubble?” Breeze asked, “You’re calling your NanoPack, Bubble?”

“Yah, why?” she asked. “Well, I thought that maybe the Silver Hack might be better…” he tried, but Pinkie had made up her mind, “I like Bubble better!” she told him as she went through all of the things she downloaded, “Oooo, space mode!” she said suddenly and a giant bubble formed over her. “Ahh! Bubble!” called Breeze as he crossed his arms and pointed to her. “It’s good to see everyone back to normal.” Twilight said and turned to Blade, “What did Pinkie mean she said hers was a Hacker style?”

“Each NanoPack has a different style depending on the personality and strengths of the Bonder.” he told her, “We’ve classified them into several groups.” by this time Blade was grunting out his words, “I’ll take it from here brother, you go see the nurse.” Breeze said, and turned to the purple unicorn while Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash took him to the hospital. “The groups of NanoPacks are: Sword, Firearm, Guard, Hacker, Assassin, Power, Flight, Mech, Medical and now Adaptive. The Adaptive style can usually be pared up with any of the others, like Pinkie Pie’s.” Upon hearing her name, Pinkie turned her head to see who had called it out. “So Pinkie has an Adaptive Hacker Style?” Twilight asked, trying to get a handle on it. “So that would make Applejacks a Power?” she asked. “An Adaptive Power actually.” Breeze corrected. “So what in tarnation are these things on my legs?” Applejack asked as she moved in closer, “Was I imagining it or did I kick harder with them?”

“That’s what they’re designed for Applejack.” Breeze told her, “The pistons on your legs give you an extra boost that you can control by thoughts. Why, who knows how hard you could…” he tried saying, but Applejack lifted her back hooves and stomped on the ground, giving it all the power she dared.

The ground shook all over; Princess Celestia easily felt it from her room and turned her head to Ponyville.

“That was some tremor you just caused!” Breeze said in surprise. “Tremor, I like that, I’ll call this thing Tremor!” Applejack said proudly. “Then Tremor has some explaining to do!” they heard the princess say. Applejack let her ears flop to her head in embarrassment and turned to her, both princess’ were there. “Eheh.” she chuckled, “Howdy yer majesties.” she said.

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