My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Being Legit

“…and that’s the entire story.” Applejack said as she finished telling the two Princesses the story. Her NanoPack had been retracted, an example during her explanation, and the group had migrated to the hospital where Blade was lying in three beds put together to form one. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie had also retracted their NanoPacks, and Fluttershy refused to remove herself from his side.

“I wonder how it is we did not know of this the first day, dear sister.” Luna said as she turned her head up towards her sister. “Yes, I was wondering the same thing.” Celestia agreed. “That would be our fault princesses.” Twilight said, “We’ve been so busy trying to get back into our everyday lives that, I guess we just forgot to write a letter.” With a whinny and a smile, Twilight let her ears flop down to her head apologetically. Celestia smiled brightly, and turned to the human called Breeze, “I do believe I owe you a thank you.” she said, “If it hadn’t been for the strength of you and your brother, the ponies of Ponyville would have been lost.” With those last words, Celestia stood tall and proud, “In the name of all of the ponies of Equestria, we welcome you to our world, and hope you will continue to aid us until this darkness has passed.” she said. “We concur sister, we hope you will accept our invitation to join us in Canterlot.” Luna added. “We can’t.” they heard Breeze say, “No disrespect your majesties, but our place is here in Ponyville. We received our names here, and here is where we will stay.” Luna was stunned, until Breeze lifted her hoof and knelt down, “However, if you need anything from us at all, just ask.” and with that, he kissed her hoof like a gentleman. Rainbow Dash scoffed, “Flank kisser.” she whispered under hear breath. Luna seemed to be pleased with his response, “We will remember your words should need arise.” she said with a small blush, and Celestia rolled her eyes. “Anyway,” she said with a smile, “You mentioned that you received your names here in Ponyville, I’m…unfamiliar with this sort of tradition.”

“I was wondering about that too, you and Blade had numbers when you came to us, why is that?” Twilight said as she popped up between Breeze and Luna. Breeze sighed and Luna glared at the back of Twilight’s head.

“In the academy, we’re trained in the laws of the universe until our NanoPacks bond with us, this can sometimes take years. While studying the laws, we’re given a four digit number. When our NanoPacks bond with us, we are given our first letter, signifying our class. I was A-3672, meaning my number was 3672 and I was of the Assassin class.” Breeze told them. “Blade was W-3673, of the Warrior class.”

“What would my number be?” Pinkie Pie suddenly asked, to which Breeze smiled and shrugged. “What other classes are there?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Let’s see; Scientist or S, Gunner or G, T for Technical, M for Medical and I for Intelligence.” Breeze recounted, “Most of the Scientists and Technicians stay inside the ships while Assassins, Warriors and the others go out onto the field.”

“So, why doesn’t Zeral have a number?” Pinkie asked. “I’m getting to that.” Breeze said, “Soldiers get their names by proving they deserve to be set apart from the rest, and add a name after the number, like my brother’s would actually be, W-3673-Blade, if we had gotten our names from the Academy. When you become the best, you become a Councilor and are given the privilege of discarding your number. That’s why Zeral has no number before his name.”

“I see.” said Celestia as she placed her hoof against her chin in thought, “Does the rule apply in this situation? Is your title, A-3672-Breeze?” she asked. Breeze seemed to darken, his face pointed to the ground and his voice angry yet quiet, “I never want to hear that number again.” he said, “Yes I’ve lived with it, but I’m no longer a number, I am a person, and I will never be a number again.” Lifting his eyes to Celestia, he stood up, eye level with her, and showed just how serious he was. Celestia smiled, “Then I guess it does not.” she said, “Breeze it is. Welcome to Equestria.” she said, and Pinkie jumped into the air, with a “YAHOOO!” During the crest of her jump, she threw her front hooves out and spread confetti all around, “This calls for a PARTY!” she shouted as she landed.

The music felt as if it moved a body up and down to its beat, the streamers thrown all around Applejacks barn. Tables with white cloths and cupcakes, apple crisps, and other goodies were placed all around the far wall. A sound system was set up near one of the other walls, letting everyone invited the chance to dance. Breeze decided on just that, he showed off all of the moves he knew, which was actually quite a few. Spike danced with Rarity and her sister Sweetie Belle while the others just danced. Celestia had grabbed a plate of treats while Luna watched Breeze dance. Fluttershy had somehow convinced Blade to participate, however he mainly sat at one of the tables due to his injuries. “I’m glad you came.” she said as she sat across the table from him. All he gave her was the shadow of a smile, but it was all she needed. “Gosh man, great party,” Breeze said as he staggered up to their table, his words slurred together and his feet disoriented, “That one pony with the…the berries and the…the grapes…”

“Stop acting drunk Breeze.” Blade said as he closed his eyes, the shadow of a smile still on his face. Breeze stood up straight, his feet finding themselves instantly, “You’re no fun.” he said and walked away. Fluttershy placed a hoof over her mouth and chuckled, amused by the spectacle the two brothers displayed. Blade watched her as she laughed, pleased that he could bring happiness to at least one person…pony.

The party soon died down, and all of the spectators dispersed. Pinkie Pie was happily cleaning up and Breeze walked up behind her. Even with all of the hay, the air cushions around his feet, made all sound of his steps disappear. “BOO!” he called out and tickled Pinkie on the back, causing her to rocket towards the ceiling. When she looked down, he started laughing, and then she started laughing. “You got me!” she said and let go of the rafter. She all too soon realized that gravity has an effect, but Breeze reached out to catch her, making sure that she didn’t hit the ground.

Setting her on the ground, he grabbed one of the brooms and began helping out. “So how exactly did you get to be so silent?” Pinkie finally asked. Breeze never stopped, “You mean my curse?” he asked. “Eh?” Pinkie asked as she lifted her eyebrow in curiosity. Breeze sighed, “It wasn’t actually my intention.” he told her, “During one of the missions where Blade and I got separated, I rescued a beautiful young shaman from one of the target facilities.” Pinkie nodded her head, though her eyes were nearly spinning from trying to process the information. Breeze signed again, “I saw a beautiful humanoid woman and I rescued her.” he put simply. “Oh!” she said as she finally understood. “When it was all done, she performed a certain spell that was supposed to give me ultimate stealth, she said no one would ever hear my footsteps when I didn’t want them to. Unfortunately, I have no way of turning it off.” he told the pink pony, “She also gave me another present as well.”

“Like what?” Pinkie asked. Breeze looked at the innocent look on her face, “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” he said, and began sweeping again. Pinkie just turned her head, confused.

“It was a pleasure getting to know you both.” Luna said then blushed and whispered, “Especially your brother.”

“Luna!” Calestia gasped. “What? He’s funny and a great dancer, and just so you know that’s all we did. Where did he learn all those moves?” she said in her defense. Celestia sighed, “Never mind” she said. Blade stood by, his focus shifting between Celestia and Luna, confusion setting in, “Ok!” was all he said. “It was a pleasure seeing you both again.” Twilight said, “And again, I’m sorry that I forgot to write a letter.” Celestia bent down to look her student in the eyes, “It’s alright Twilight. I know that a lot has happened all at once, and appreciate the effort you have given.” she said, “Farewell my little ponies, until we meet again.” and with that, Celestia and Luna flew off back towards Canterlot Castle. Blade watched as the two of them disappeared over the horizon, ‘I get the feeling that my life just got better.’ he thought.

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