My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

A Plot for Revenge

Zeral sat in his chair, tapping his fingers wildly while he waited. ‘That unicorn, she knew. She knew of the new magical siphon, and now they have three bonded NanoPacks.’ His thoughts raced as he sat there, ‘It’s a shame about the numberless one, his insanity was handy.’ Closing his eyes, he purposefully tapped one of the buttons on his armrest. The giant screen in front of him lit up with a view of Ponyville, namely Sweet Apple Acres. By now Blade was walking on his own, albeit carefully, and Fluttershy walked with him into the farm. ‘The naïve one. She helps the traitors.’ When they met up with Applejack, she was bucking trees without her NanoPack on. ‘The strong one now has more strength than she knows what to do with.’ The next tree Applejack bucked, Pinkie fell out and into the bucket instead of apples. Blade slapped his forehead and the two ponies laughed before Pinkie joined in, ‘That one has a mysterious ability, one even I cannot copy. No matter where she goes, it’s as if the forces of gravity and physics have absolutely no effect on her when she denies them.’ Pinkie’s tail then twitched, and she jumped out of the basked before it filled with apples, Blade reached out and caught the last one. ‘And those twitches, psychic spasms to predict the immediate future.’ With a push of a button, he switched to three still shots of the three with their NanoPacks on. ‘And now their power has increased, changed into these.’ Suddenly a beep on his console broke him from his revere, and with the push of a button, the pictures switched to that of a video call with his head scientist, S-3701-Maverick.

“Good day sir, considering I know not weather it is day or night.” Maverick greeted, his voice high and full of insanity, just as well, the false accent had been discarded completely. “I don’t want small talk, I want progress.” Zeral snapped. Maverick’s smile seemed to grow, “My aren’t we testy today, I just thought you would like to know that the sample you have given me is finally crystallized, what’s more, I have infused a portion of it into ten of my type 6 recovery droids.” Zeral was astonished, “Already, and who gave you permission to test the energy?” he asked. “No one sir, I just thought ahead of schedule.” he said, “Besides, it was crystallized yesterday, late yesterday, and I got bored.” Maverick said, his smile never fading. “I think the energy has distorted your judgment.” Zeral said. “Oh no sir, I just wanted to see the increased power of the droids, and I must say, they are much more destructive now. It’s like they think for themselves.” with that, Maverick held up a purple crystal no bigger than half of his pinky finger. “A gem this size is all it takes to completely repower a bonded NanoPack, while an unbonded NanoPack can be infused with only a tenth of this and still portray signs of artificial intelligence, or complete sentiency.” he told him. “Transport that crystal to me.” Zeral said, his smile growing ever so slightly, “I wish to test this theory myself.”

“No need.” Maverick said with a smile, “I already sent down all ten of the droids with orders from their…father. Destroy the three ponies with NanoPacks and the two traitors.” his smile grew to nearly touch his ears. “I care not for your thoughts.” Zeral said and pushed a button on his right side. From the front of the armrest, a tube no bigger than his hand revealed itself, “Give it to me now.” Maverick seemed to growl, but still complied and placed the crystal in a similar tube before pressing a few buttons. The crystal vanished and instantly reappeared at Zeral’s side. A grin found its way to Zeral’s face, “Continue on with your work.” was all he said and the screen went black. Maverick placed his hands against his forehead and sighed an uncharacteristically sad sigh, “You ponies better be as ready as I think you are.” he said, “The power of these new NanoPacks, please, use them to bring him to justice, for Trilli!”

Applejack bucked another tree while Fluttershy dove into the branches and literally shook the tree to loosen the apples. Pinkie and Blade sat by, resting against one of the bare trees. “So, how are you?” Pinkie asked. Blade kept his focus, watching Fluttershy as she flew into one of the trees, “I’m feeling better. The air of this planet seems to accelerate the healing process. I’ll be on my own in a matter of days.” Pinkie turned her head to look at what he saw just as Fluttershy popped out of the tree and flew to the next one. “You like her!” Pinkie said teasingly. “Who likes who?” they heard Rainbow Dash as she arrived. Rarity and Twilight followed close by. The three girls all had grey saddle bags on, each the same in every way. “He likes Fluttershy!” Pinkie said as she pointed to Blade. It seemed as if he wasn’t even listening, he never once turned away from Fluttershy as she fluttered from tree to tree. Twilight chuckled at the spectacle, and walked up to him to tap his shoulder with her hoof. When he turned to her, his eyes hardened, focusing completely, “Enjoying the view?” she asked. “Funny!” he said and turned back to Fluttershy, before leaning his head against the tree and closing his eyes. Twilight turned back to her friends, “Definitely a secret crush!” she heard Rarity say and the four ponies giggled at his expense. “I see Breeze showed you how to change your NanoPacks into their common form…for ponies.” Blade said. “I must admit that they are a bit drab, but if I must, then I must.” Rarity said and pointed her nose into the air.

“Drab: A word meaning colorless, dull and uninteresting!” A mechanical voice called out. When they all looked, there were ten droids, a large disk shape in as the torso while a tall human shaped metallic chest seemed was mounted on top with arms sporting pincer style grabbing claws. The four legs were long, skinny and very sharp with three joints on each of them. “We are required to obtain combat data from all Nano bonded sentient beings.” the first one said again, “Please do not resist.” with that, it reeled back one of its massive claws and slammed it into where Rarity used to be.

Above the robot, Breeze seemed to be soaring with Rarity in one arm and his sword in the other. The robot quickly fell apart, though no one actually saw the crystal that shattered on the ground, and disappeared into nothing. Touching Down, he released Rarity allowing her to stand on her own four legs and turned to the other nine flipping his sword once, changing it into the long bladed Shurikan, “No one hurts my friends!” he said. Another one quickly approached him, and just as quickly he lunged, plunging one of the blades into the heart of the robot. At the same moment Blade lifted himself gently off of the ground, and pulled out his own sword, however Fluttershy immediately landed in front of him, focused, and ready as she’ll ever be.

Breeze suddenly lurched a little, like he had been shocked and when he pulled out his weapon, it instantly shrank back down to its standby form. “Hey? What gives?” he asked and jumped back as another one slammed its claw into the ground where he used to stand. “Do not resist!” the robot said as it turned to Fluttershy.

One quick swipe to the shield from its massive claw sent Fluttershy flying into another one chasing Pinkie Pie, knocking the thing to the ground. Her shield lodged itself into the chest of the massive robot, and she felt what could only be described as a tingling feeling as she held onto it. Just as quickly it retracted, vanishing from her body.

Blade used both hands to swing his sword behind his head, and with all his might, cut through the thick shell more than half way, but got stuck. The tingle he felt run through his arm, told him something was happening, but it wasn’t enough to let go of the weapon. However like Fluttershy’s armor, it retracted back onto its standby form. “What?” he whispered and slowly backed up as another one stalked up to him, “I don’t understand. What’s happening to our NanoPacks?”

Applejack slid underneath, and kicked all four of her legs upwards, launching the machine into the air. As it hit the crest of its flight, the orange pony quickly rolled to her hooves, and waited until the last second before bucking the robot hard enough to rip a hole in its chest. The same surge of tingling forced its way through her, and her NanoPack disappeared into her hat. “What in tarnation…” she asked and jumped away from a large clawed fist that crashed into the ground next to her.

“Pinkie!” Twilight called out as she backed into another of her friends. “Yah?” Pinkie Pie asked in a worried tone. “What about your NanoPack?” Twilight asked, as the eight of them were surrounded by the remaining four. “Sorry.” Pinkie said, “When I tried to reprogram one of them, it was like he just shoved his battery into my NanoPack and fell apart…see?” she told her as she pointed one of her front hooves at a pile of metal parts.

“Now what?” Twilight asked. “I do wish Spike were here.” Rarity said, “Perhaps they are week against dragon fire.” Twilight focused hard, literally picking one of the massive robot off of the ground and swinging it into the others. “RUN!” she called out and all six ponies took off, Blade leaning against Breeze as they made their way further into the orchard. All four of the recovery droids stood once again, “Obtain Battle Data.” one of them said, “Do not damage the trees, we must preserve the food source for the rest of the creatures.” another exclaimed. “Affirmative!” the other three said, and the lot of them followed them into the acres of apple trees.

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