My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Letter to the Princess

“Rarity? Where are you?” Rainbow Dash asked. Twilight searched the metallic armor of the droid while Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie searched the area. “Psh duh!” Pinkie suddenly said to herself, and spots on her visor began to glow. “Huh?” Rainbow Dash asked as she watched what Pinkie was doing. “I’ve got a scanner, I’ll find her in a jiffy!” Pinkie explained, but frowned when she came up empty. “I don’t get it.” she said, “Normally my scanner can tell me all kinds of things, but I can’t even find Rarity in this entire orchard.” she said. “Then I guess this NanoPack of mine has just as much function as it has fashion.” they heard Rarity say, and she seemed to fade back into existence on both the scanner and into view. “Invisibility!” Rarity explained, and lifted her golden hoof boot, “Also silent steps.”

“Drat blast it Rarity!” came Applejack’s voice from the trees. The orange pony took angry steps as she stomped up to the white armor clad unicorn, “So this is where y’all went. What’s the big idea, up and leaving me like that?” she nearly shouted. “Well you see…” Rarity tried to say, her nervousness causing her to stutter. “I got it!” they all heard Twilight shout. “Got what?” Breeze asked out of nowhere. Twilight launched into the air with a frightened scream, causing the little gem to spin in mid air. Gently yet quickly Breeze snatched the crystal out of the air and caught the falling Twilight. “STOP DOING THAT!” she yelled into his ear. “If I yell I scare you, if I stay quiet I scare you. What do you want me to do, clap while I walk?” he shot out. “Ugh!” Twilight groaned as she placed her hoof against her forehead, right before Breeze placed her back on the ground. The moment Breeze opened his hand, Twilight used her magic to pick up the crystal he held. “How do you handle him?” Twilight asked as she turned to where Blade sat. “Stay vigilant.” was all he said, and turned back to Fluttershy as she looked at his bandages. Twilight lowered her head nearly to the dirt, and groaned again. “What cha got there?” Breeze asked as he looked at the floating crystal. Her anger subsiding quickly, Twilight moved the gem into her line of sight, “I’m not sure, but I think all of those droids had them.”

“I didn’t see any others.” Rainbow Dash said, challenging Twilight’s knowledge. “Not even the one you stepped on?” the purple unicorn asked. At first the cyan pegasus was surprised, then realized that Twilight had more information than her, “Uh…no.” she said, folding her ears down, “Sorry.” Twilight simply smiled with a satisfied whinny. “I’ll take it back with me and run some tests. Hopefully I’ll understand it more.” she said. “What about all of the other crystals?” Blade asked. “I’m not sure about that either, when Rainbow Dash lifted her hoof, it had just vanished.” Twilight said. “Like Rarity in the middle of the orchard.” Applejack commented glaring at the diamond armored pony. “Are you suggesting that I abandoned you?” she asked appalled at the notion, “I’ll have you know that the invisibility was something I discovered by accident. I’m not sure how it happened but I just walked into the light and poof, gone.” Applejack simply glared at her, “Poof, that’s it?” she asked. “Fine,” Rarity said, sticking her nose in the air, “I’ll prove it.” and just like that she vanished, right in front of them. “Looks like light bending technology to me. And radar dampers as well.” Breeze said as he watched Pinkie Pie tap the side of her visor with one of her front hooves, trying to get it to work again, “You have an adaptive assassin style.”

The sun began to go down as the eight of them found their way back to the center of town. “Thanks for the help taking out those droids.” Breeze said as he helped his brother walk, “We’ll meet you back at the cottage Fluttershy, see you later.” he said as the two of them walked away. “I still don’t trust that roof he built, I’d better go check up on them.” Fluttershy said as she lifted up off of the ground, “And I’ve got to git back to the farm.” Applejack said as she turned around, “Thanks for the help after wards, those stupid droids kicked me back on my chores.” she said and trotted back the way she came. Fluttershy flew off, following the brothers and Rainbow Dash rocketed into the air. “I’m gonna hit the hay guys!” she said and flew off to her home in the clouds. Pinkie Pie yawned deeply, “I’m more tired than I thought.” she said and walked away. Twilight turned to Rarity just as she was about to leave, “What made your NanoPack bond with you Rarity, so far it’s never the same. Pinkie’s bonded with her as a surprise, Applejacks responded to her courage and Fluttershy’s rescued her and all of the other ponies. What did yours respond to?” she asked, curiosity surging through her. Rarity stopped and turned to the purple unicorn, almost ashamed to speak, “I sort of learned a lesson about hidden beauty.” she said. “Sounds like a letter to the princess if you ask me.” Twilight said.

Inside the Library, Rarity could be seen admiring herself in one of Twilight’s mirrors.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I’ve learned today the importance of a beauty within. Things can look shiny and attractive on the outside, yet hide an ugliness that we can’t see. The same goes for inner beauty. The ugliness on the outside can easily hide one of the most beautiful things this world will ever see.

Rarity quickly activated her NanoPack, admiring the armor until she got a look at Twilight in the same mirror, still wearing her unbonded NanoPack. From inside one of the pockets, Twilight pulled out what looked to be a rugged round stone, only to break it open right in front of Rarity, and reveal the beautiful gems inside.

It is that inner beauty that shines the brightest. A beautiful heart is always better than a beautiful dress or mane. It is that hidden beauty we should always look forward to.

Your faithful friend,


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