My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Another World

“Can I stop now?” Pinkie asked with a slight exhaustion. Her NanoPack encompassed her body and the visor across her eyes lit up with two green lines, one traveling up and the other going across as they swept the screen. “Yah bro, she’s been at this for three days.” Breeze said in her defense. “Straight?” Blade asked, his face showing nothing. “I hope not!” was all Breeze said and turned to the pink pony. “Even I’m not that crazy.” she said. “I just can’t understand why it’s so hard to locate a ship large enough to hold a science lab.” Blade said, and started to walk in a large circle. “Maybe it has those things that Rarity’s NanoPack has. Oh, what’d you call them?” Pinkie guessed. “You mean radar dampers?” Breeze asked. “Yah those.” she said. “No, it’s illegal to have dampers of any kind equipped to a ship that size. Plus those specific dampers are specifically designed for the Sapphire.” Blade told them. “Oh, so she named her NanoPack the Sapphire.” Breeze said in realization. “That is soooo like her.” he and Pinkie said at the same time, and Breeze bumped his fist gently against her hoof as she brought it up. Blade looked at the two, one of his eyebrows lifted to the sky, “I think she’s been hanging around you too long.” he said to his brother. “No, she’s always like this.” Twilight sighed as she walked up behind him. “That’s what I was afraid of.” Blade commented, causing Breeze to scowl at his brother and Pinkie to start thinking about it. “Pinkie’s scanners are unable to pinpoint the science station.” Breeze informed the purple unicorn, as he slowly turned away from his brother’s deadpan stare. “How big could it be?” Twilight asked. “Easily the size of this town or larger.” Breeze said, “Those science geeks like their space.”

“Well what if they weren’t given that space or there’s not as many scientists on the ship as you think.” Twilight suggested, and the two brothers glanced at her, Breeze with surprise and Blade holding his deadpan expression. “Oh!” Breeze finally let out. “We assumed it to be a large vessel, but what if it’s anything, from an escape pod to a battle cruiser?” Blade said. “Well if that’s the case…” Pinkie said and lit up her scanner again. When she turned away from them, Blade and Breeze looked to her curiously, though Blade never actually showed it. “Alright!” she suddenly said, “I got three hits, one little, one medium, and one big.”

“Big?” Breeze asked, “Can you get an ID on it?”

“I can do better.” she said, and extended one of her front cables, “Taking over computers isn’t the only thing my cables can do.” With that, a holographic image of the ship in question came into view. The actual ship looked to be spherical in shape with eight triangular attachments surrounding the outside. The triangle pieces seemed to stick out from the actual sphere, making the ship look like a strange and odd planet. “That’s the Galactic Patrol Academy ship, the Genesis Ark.” Breeze shouted.

“They’re here? So early?” Zeral said as he stood at the window, gazing at the massive ship. The actual thing looked to be the same size as the planet Equestria, rotating on an axis pattern, just like a planet. Suddenly his screen lowered itself into his view, and with a flicker, showed the picture of a massive spherical room with literally hundreds of seats, some empty but mostly filled with councilors like himself. The seats were arranged in a familiar pattern to him, a single seat in the middle of four seats surrounded by eight more. The pattern of doubling seats continued, creating a room filled with hundreds, maybe even thousands of seats for Councilors. “The Councilor Sphere.” he gasped, and the picture quickly changed to that of the head councilor. “Ca…ca….Councilor Riida!!!”

“Greetings Zeral.” she said, her face turned downward in an untrusting glare, “I hope this isn’t a bad time.”

“N…no, your excellence, I was just retrieving the Chronicling Pod now.” he said, the sweat finally visible on his forehead. “Be quick about it, I believe you have something to show me.” she said, getting straight to the point. Panic quickly set in on Councilor Zeral, and behind his back, he fidgeted with his own fingers, “Y…yes Head Councilor…five minutes is all.” he told her and gulped quietly. “I expect you in less.” she said and the screen went black. Zeral slid down to the floor, his feet under him and his knees spread open, “Oh great.” he squeaked, “I’m about to get treated like a criminal.” The small pod on the outside of the ship, floated closer to the battle ship, before docking completely.

“What is the Academy doing here?” Breeze asked. “Not really sure, but at least we can find out.” Blade said and drew his NanoPack. “Pinkie, Twilight, please go retrieve your friends, we’re going on a trip.” he said sternly. Pinkie instantly retracted her NanoPack, and took off in a pink blur while Twilight ran off in the other direction. No more than a few minutes passed before the six ponies arrived, Fluttershy being the last, “Oh my, what’s going on?” she asked timidly. Blade turned from her to his brother, “Is it done?” he asked, and Breeze lowered his head and his NanoPack. “Yah,” he said with a smile, “The Board knows that we want to speak with the Councilors.”

“Good,” Blade said, and turned back to Fluttershy, “You don’t mind being representatives for your planet do you?” he asked. Pinkie Pie bounced up and down excited while Rainbow Dash lifted herself up and pumped her hoof in the air like a fist. The others simply smiled, Fluttershy with a slight blush. “We’d love to.” Twilight announced. Blade released the shadow of a smile again, and lifted his NanoPack into the air, “Grab a hold of us and don’t let go.” he said. “Wait!” he heard Rarity call out, “What will I wear? I haven’t a dress for this occasion!” Blade looked to her, his deadpan expression never betraying him as he smiled on the inside, “You’ll just have to skip the dress!” he said. Rarity gasped in horror, “You expect me to be a representative without a dress?” she asked. “I expect you to be a representative without a dress!” he responded. Rarity scowled at him, “You bruit! Were you raised in a cave?” she asked. “We really don’t have time for this! You can wear your dress next time!” Twilight interrupted. “Fine!” Rarity said as she gave up on the idea. They all touched their hooves to the pants of the brothers, just in time to vanish completely.

Seconds later, the eight of them arrived on a platform quite similar to the one on the battle ship. “We aren’t going to end up fighting again are we?” Applejack asked, only to be answered by a sweet female voice from the shadows of the door way. “That, little one, is entirely up to you.” From out of the shadow, stepped the Councilor with blue skin and silver moonlight hair, Head Councilor Riida. “Welcome to the Genesis Ark. You are that planet’s representatives?” she asked. “Yes, my name is Twilight Sparkle,” the purple unicorn said to her, then turning to her friends she named them respectively, “This is Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and…” as she looked for the yellow pony, Blade reached behind himself and gently urged her to reveal herself, “This is Fluttershy.” he announced. With a timid squeak, she pulled her head back behind him. “I am the Head Councilor of this Academy, Riida. I do hope you find your stay comfortable, we aren’t really accustomed to having quadruped guests.” she said, and moved past them onto the transporter, “Twilight Sparkle.” she said, “Who is in charge of your planet?”

“You mean Equestria?” she asked in surprise, “Princess’ Celestia and Luna, I guess. They live in Canterlot.”

“The castle on the mountain side?” Riida asked, “I hope nothing goes wrong while I am away.” and with that she disappeared into the transporter. “What just happened?” Twilight asked as she turned to Breeze. The boy simply shrugged his shoulders and turned to his brother, “I think she went to talk to the monarchs of Equestria, that can only mean that there is someone here she doesn’t trust.”

Zeral stomped as he made his way down the hall, anger boiling through him, “This is humiliating,” he told himself, “Why does the Head Councilor distrust me so. Those wrenched creatures need to be destroyed, and they all know it.” He soon found himself standing in front of a large circular door, “I’ll make them understand.” he told himself and placed his hand on the door. It rumbled a little, and then as soon as he picked his hand off of it, it lifted up, opening wide and revealing the very Councilor Chamber he remembered. ‘It feels like forever since I’ve been here.’ he thought, and turned his eyes to the sixth row of chairs from the center. ‘I was always a sixth chair Councilor, while all of the others moved on to become greater. Yet I did so much more, destroyed so many enemies. That’s how you save lives right, you destroy the ones trying to hurt them.’ He then turned his eyes to the center chair, and the round platform in front of it.

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