My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

The Fear of Another

“There they are!” Pinkie Pie called out. Pinkie was another one of Twilight’s friends, a pink pony with a poufy dark pink main and three balloons on her flank as a Cutie Mark. The pony always bounced around and had a strange habit of doing the impossible. On the up side, she always wore a smile on her face. “Sorry guys, I guess I got wrapped up in my studies again.” Twilight said. Applejack looked around, “Where are Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash?” she asked. “The poor dear still putting her dish together.” a white unicorn pony with a perfectly styled purple mane and tail said, her voice was sophisticated, almost to the point where you might believe she was rich. “I tried telling her that a simple salad would do.”

“Hi Rarety.” Spike said in a dreamy voice. He had acquired a crush on the beautiful pony the very day he had laid his eyes on her, and she had yet to know about it in his eyes. “Ho boy!” Twilight sighed as she rolled her eyes. “And Rainbow?” Applejack asked in frustration. “Dashie’s late because she was practicing this afternoon.” Pinkie said and hopped back to the blanket on the ground. “Figures!” Applejack said under her breath and followed the others.

Somewhere in town, the man called A-3672 was leaping from roof to roof, looking inside chimneys and hanging from rafters to look into windows, finding no one home each time. He knew he was doing a good job, he hadn’t been seen by anyone. So he didn’t understand it when something slammed into him in the middle of one of his jumps and knocked him to the ground. “Hehe, sorry!” a raspy female voice said in laughter, “Didn’t see…wow what are you?” When the boy opened his eyes, he found himself face to face with a cyan colored pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail. Lying next to her was a basket of what looked to be cupcakes, with a green frosting and a tiny apple slice placed on top. “Cool a pegasus!” he said and jumped to get to his feet. The moment he touched down, a ring of dust was kicked up around his feet, and not a sound was made. “Cool, teach me that trick!” the pegasus said. The second those words were said, the man A-3672 jumped in fear, causing the pegasus to do the same. “Gah!” he shouted. “Ghyah!” she called and jumped into a pile of hay nearby.

Poking her head out, she decided to get a better look at him. The person standing there was tall and only stood on two legs and had pale skin with no fur except on his head, and that was jet black. The man wore loose black pants with cargo pockets, and the shirt he wore under his black hooded sweater seemed to fit perfectly with a thick black belt wrapped around his waist. His raven black hair seemed unkempt and long, but the most noticeable thing about him was the scar on his left eye. It was shallow, and didn’t seem to hinder his vision at all, because both of his baby blue eyes were open.

“What are you?” she asked. “I’m human, and I didn’t know ponies could speak, or is it just you?” the man asked. “No, every pony in Equestria can talk.” she answered as she made her way out of the hay stack. “Equestria.” the man repeated under his breath.

The pegasus smiled as he seemed like he was a friendly human, “I’m Rainbow Dash! Best flier in Ponyville!” she said, introducing herself. “Fits you to a T. You were moving at a good clip when you ran into me!” he said, rubbing his side. “Hehe, sorry about that, I’m kind of late for a huge picnic with my friends.” she admitted, “Wanna come along?” she asked and picked up her basket, leaving the few cupcakes that had hit the floor. “Sure, I’ll race you there!” he said with a confident smile. Rainbow Dash placed the basket back on the ground, “You’re challenging me?!? Hah, hope you’re fast!” she said and grabbed the basket again, crouching into a starting position. The human lined himself up with her head and crouched down himself, placing his hands on the ground and leaning his body forward as much as possible, “I have to warn you, I’m very competitive!” he said, and looked forward, “Ready, set, GO!” he shouted, and Rainbow Dash took off like a lightning bolt, the human next to her disappearing instantly, leaving a ring of dust behind.

W-3673, made his way to the house, his raven black hair was longer than his brother’s yet the style seemed better. The top spiked up and back, looking like it defied gravity but only just barely. His bangs dropped in front of him in a single sharp lock hanging from his right side. His eyes focused and strong, hiding everything about him. His cloths were neater than his brother’s as well, opting for a long black coat that was held at his wrists with golden rings. The same thick belt was wrapped around his tight white shirt and loose black pants. His eyes stayed focused on the door as he approached the cottage near the forest.

“There, now it’s perfect.” he heard a shy whispering voice from inside the house, “I know Angel, but I promised I’d be there!” said the voice, and the door opened, revealing a yellow pegasus pony with a salmon colored mane and tail, both naturally long, smooth, and perfect. She had her head turned at first with a basket in her mouth, but the moment she turned and saw him, she dropped her basket, yelped and ran back into her house, slamming the door shut.

“Uh,” he said, his deep gruff voice seeming softer than usual, “I’m sorry I scared your pony!” he said. “Go away please!” the voice said politely. “I just wanted to talk and see if you could tell me where I was?” he said and walked around to the side of the cottage, where the window was. “Um…you’re in Ponyville, near the edge of the Everfree Forest. This is my house, so if you could please…” she said and then saw him watching from the window. The surprise on his face was of something he’d never experienced, and all he could do was watch as she jumped into the closet and closed the door on herself. “The voice came from the pony. That pony can talk?” he asked, and received a squeak from the closet. Determined, he climbed in through the window and walked up as quietly as he could to the closet door and sat there waiting for her, even as the little white rabbit continued to kick his boot.

Zeral walked as quickly as he could, passing all of the buildings he found, noticing that they were all much smaller than he was. The doors only reached up slightly higher than his elbow. ‘They must be short people. Makes sense that ponies would be their best form of labor.’ he thought to himself and rounded the last corner. What he saw not only surprised him, but somewhat frightened him. Ponies of every color and size, talking amongst each other like humans; pegasi, unicorns, and ponies with no mystical features, all speaking in a language he could understand. The ponies gathered and shared stories as if talking was one of the most practiced things in the universe. “What is this madness?” he asked himself and looked to his left, seeing a grey pegasus with a blond mane and tail, snuggling a brown colt with an even darker brown mane and short tail and the picture of a hourglass on his rump, and in front of them played a small grey unicorn filly with a blond mane. “No, ponies are just animals, why are they talking?” he tried to convince himself, “Unicorns and pegasi are just myths.” he continued and rubbed his eyes, trying to correct his vision. Suddenly a light blue unicorn with a white and blue striped mane turned to him, curiously, and waved her hoof at him.

In a small panic, he turned and ran back to the forest. The further he went in his fear the darker it got, and the more afraid he found himself. Lost, he finally slowed down to a slow walk, looking around him all he saw were trees. A shriek brought him back to reality, only to have a flock of bats cover his head. Zeral placed his hands over his face and ran, further into the darkness. Through his fingers he saw a cave, but before he could go inside, he saw what looked like a large bear, glowing a bright blue with stars shining inside as if it were formed by a constellation. The growling it made when it snored shook him to the core. ‘If these are their neighbors…’ Zeral thought before he brought his right arm to his mouth, and touched his wrist with his left hand. “Emergency Transport!” he called out in fright, and quickly vanished in a bright white and pink light.

A rainbow streak sailed through the air, followed by a blur of someone that could only be seen for a second or less on the roofs of the houses. Rainbow Dash touched down easily, with A-3672 not far behind. “Looks like I win!” she said cockily. “Not fair, I didn’t know the course.” he complained. “Hey Rainbow Dash, who’s your friend?” came an overly cheerful voice. Rainbow Dash turned to see the cotton candy colored pony, Pinkie Pie, standing there right in front of them as well as the rest of her friends, minus Fluttershy. “Oh, hey Pinkie, this is…uh…what was your name again?” she asked. “I don’t have one.” he admitted, “My number is A-3672.”

“Pch, boring!” Rainbow Dash said, and placed her right front hoof to her chin, “I’ll call you…” she began, only to have Pinkie jump up and down in excitement, “Ooo, ooo,” she called out, “How about Breeze?!?”

“Breeze?” the man asked. “Yah, like the way you silently move through the town, like a gentle breeze coming to say ‘It’s going to be alright!’.” she began and before anyone could stop her, Pinkie Pie began talking again, “Witch is kind of silly because wind can’t talk but if it could it would have a lot to say, and it would go on and on and on about what it saw. That reminds me how long does the wind live? I mean it can’t be that same wind every time right? Then that would mean it’s been around Equestria every day and that would make me tired. Say, do you think the wind is…Mff!” Rainbow Dash cut Pinkie off, by placing one of the cupcakes she had brought with her into the pink mare’s mouth, effectively plugging it as Pinkie happily chewed on the treat.

“Breeze!” she said, testing it for herself as she brought her hoof back to her chin, “I like it, definitely an awesome name. That settles it, you new name is Breeze.” she said and turned to him, only to see shock still prominent on his face. “Is he ok?” Twilight asked. Pinkie promptly swallowed the tiny cake she had in her mouth, “He’s just happy!” she said, smiling brightly.

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