My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Unjust Trial

“Now remember, don’t reveal your NanoPacks if you don’t have to.” Breeze told the six ponies. “When do you think the Councilors will hear our story?” Twilight asked. “If Zeral has already talked to them, I don’t think they’ll even listen to us.” Blade told her. Fluttershy turned her head to him, “Why is that?” she asked in a near whisper. “Because he’s cunning, intelligent, and a persuasive speaker. He’ll probably doctor some videos as evidence or just leave out all of the innocent parts, like when you apologize to all the solders you hit on the head.” he told her. Fluttershy looked to the ground, “Oh.” she said. Blade reached down and lifted her chin with his hand, “You did nothing wrong Fluttershy, it’s Zeral who is wrong here.” he told her. She smiled shyly, never leaving his eyes as they peered into her soul. “EHEM!” Rainbow Dash cleared her throat, breaking Fluttershy out of her revere. The yellow pegasus turned her head down, and blushed furiously. “I’m trying to listen to this guy’s rambling.” Pinkie shushed and pressed her ear against the wall.

“…so you see my fellow Councilors, these…creatures are perhaps the most dangerous of all we have ever encountered.” Zeral shouted as he stood on the platform. His arms waved around as he addressed each of the Councilors he could and could not see. “Your points are all valid!” one of them shouted. “But where is the proof?” called out a second. “You wish to have proof?!?” Zeral shouted, “Then here it is.” and with that he pointed his NanoPack to the ceiling, above him a holographic image was created, showing Fluttershy as she slammed her shield onto the head of one of the guards. “This one attacked one of my guards for no reason, he was simply taking his scheduled lunch break when she struck him.” he called out and switched to a still picture of her sitting in a field of grass, “She adopts the persona of innocents and fear, only to bring the guard down of those around her.” Next he switched to a picture of Twilight lifting one of the search droids and throwing it into the air before it exploded. “As for the virus, we have recently discovered that it was actually the power of these so called unicorns. They somehow infiltrated the circuitry of the droids and cause them to explode.” The next picture was of a document that seemed to be signed by Trilli, the scientists he had killed. “Before she was murdered by the hands of A-3672, witnessed by myself, she had revealed the true cause of the droids going haywire, here is her detailed report.”

“How do we know that Trilli was in fact murdered by A-3672 as you say?” one of the Councilors asked. This caused the entire room to start murmuring until Zeral lifted his hands, “The autopsy report confirms that the stab wound was made by a thin double sided blade with a spade tip.” Zeral told them and switched pictures to the report in question, “Only A-3672 has acquired that specific upgrade, and let’s not forget that was a new base form for his NanoPack as well, so it would be easy for him to go straight to that specific form and kill her right there.” he said, the murmur around the room got louder, and Zeral smiled wickedly. “Just as well, their power has now increased exponentially.” he announced, and switched to a picture of Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie, each wearing their NanoPacks. Gasps erupted around the room, “Those are NanoPacks. Who is responsible for this?” one of the second seat Councilors asked. “Those traitors, A-3672 and W-3673. All because they were given names by these creatures.” he told them. During the somewhat panicked murmuring in the room, he again shouted to the masses, “They have even declared themselves soldiers of that planet, which the creatures call Equestria. They have betrayed us all!” Now the noise seemed to get riled, almost ready for battle, “They must pay!” he shouted and the others shouted, “HURAH!”

But one of the Councilors shouted against him, “Wait!” he called. It seemed as if all of the electricity and tension in the air simply vanished, “Though it is a fact that they have betrayed us, they will be dealt with civilly, we will place them in a sub-prison and let the people decide whether banishment the this Equestria or imprisonment in the Prison Dimension is a fitting punishment.” he said, slowly each of the Councilors began to agree, the right thing to do was that very action.

Zeral on the other hand, growled in his place, ‘Blast you Councilor Millian.’ he thought to himself, ‘This is going to be harder than I thought.’

Fluttershy lay curled up next to Blade, her eyes closed and chin resting on his hip as the two of them snored softly. Rainbow Dash was practicing sitting like one of the bipedal beings on the ship, but was quickly finding it uncomfortable, “Mmmh, how does Lyra find it so comfortable?” she asked. Twilight was pacing around with Breeze following close behind, simply trying to annoy her. Pinkie kept her ear pinned against the wall, listening carefully while Applejack picked up one of the magazines lying around and…tried to make sense of it. Rarity was gazing at one of the paintings on the wall next to a vase. Floating in front of her seemed to be a paper cup of hot tea.

When the circular door opened up, everypony except Pinkie lifted their head to see who it was, she needed help from Rainbow Dash.

Instead of seeing an escort, they saw guards, each one spread out to stand next to one of them. “You are all under arrest.” one of them said, and grabbed both Blade and Breeze by the arm, attaching a black shackle to both of their wrists, “You two for treason and these six for attempted conquest.” Breeze simply blinked at the man, “Seriously?” he asked, “Treason and Conquest? Can’t Zeral come up with anything better?” Each of the six ponies were clasped with black steel collars around their necks, each with a long heavy looking chain hanging from the front. “What did I do wrong?” Fluttershy asked as she shied away from the collar, causing the guard to make several attempts at locking her up. “Nothing Fluttershy!” Blade said, “Zeral just wants us out of the way, why he didn’t go for complete imprisonment is beyond me.” as he said this, the guard finally got the metal collar around her, and sighed in relief.

“He did.” said a female voice from the door. When everyone looked to it, they saw a golden skinned girl with a mane of smooth sunlight hair that was pulled back into a pony tail wearing the traditional Councilor’s Robe, “However, even in your heinous crimes, we have standards; you will be sentenced by the people.” she said and walked past them. “Councilor Millian, we’re innocent.” Breeze said simply. Millian turned to him, “May I see your proof?” she asked. When Breeze lowered his head in shame, it told her all she needed to know, “A-3672, even you should know that proof is a necessity.” she said to him and turned away. “My name is Breeze.” he said sternly. “A-3672-Breeze then, even you should…” she began, however he instantly interrupted her.

“I never want to hear that number again.” he growled. She turned to him in shock, her eyes wide with an unreasonable fear, “I’m never going to be a number again, I am a person and my name is Breeze. Don’t you ever forget that.” he growled to her. When she looked into the boy’s eyes, she could see a darkness, an undeniable hatred of what he was referring to. Taking a step back she steeled her nerves, “You weren’t given that permission!” she said. “I don’t care, people shouldn’t be referred to as numbers, I am an individual, different than you and different than him.” Breeze said as he pointed to his brother. Blade looked to his younger brother with both admiration and shock, completely unsure of what he was hearing. “W-3673 please talk some sense into him.” Millian pleaded, turning to the spiky haired man. When he kept his eyes to the floor instead of answering her, she felt her control slipping, then he spoke, “I don’t know. Don’t you like being called Millian rather than S-1077-Millian? Or would you rather have your number back?” he asked, his voice finally unfocused and curious. “This is madness!” she said and took another step back, “Take them to the sub-prisons immediately.” she ordered. “Yes mam.” the guard said, and the eight of them were escorted back the way they came. “Ludicrous,” she said to herself, “I was given the permission to discard my number, how dare he repeat it. I am a Councilor!” she said and turned to stomp down the hall.

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