My Little Pony: Trouble Between Worlds

Built for Speed

Celestia looked to the mid-day sun, smiling happily as she thought of all the ponies playing and working in its light. When a knock came to her door, she looked to it, and in came one of her guards, “Your highness.” the colt said, “Some…strange pony wishes to see you, she says it’s urgent.” Celestia nodded her head in acceptance, “Let them in.” she said, and recognized the worried look on his face. “Alright, if she tries anything, just yell.” he said and withdrew his head. Celestia began thinking, wondering about what the colt meant, until in came not a pony, but instead a blue skinned biped with silver moonlight hair draping off of her head like waves of light. The robe she wore was navy blue in color, with silver lining and a crescent moon collar. “Princess Celestia, I presume?” the woman asked. “Yes?” Celestia answered. The woman smiled brightly, and bowed respectfully to her, “I am the Head Councilor of the Galactic Patrol Academy. My name is Riida. My species, a Shimmer.”

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS, I HAVE RIGHTS!” Rainbow Dash called out as they locked her cell door. “They’re not listening to you.” Rarity said as the guards walked away. “I know, but I’m gonna make it so they can’t ignore me!” she said, “AND THE FOOD HERE HAD BETTER TAST BETTER THAN IN THE WAITING ROOM!” Rarity rolled her eyes as Rainbow Dash kept on shouting, then turned to Pinkie Pie, “I do wish they would have taken these dreadful things off of our necks.” she complained. “I know,” Pinkie agreed, “I look like a punk pony!”

“I think we’re in bigger trouble than that.” Fluttershy said, “I can’t activate the Valkyrie at all.”

“What?” Pinkie and Rarity asked. “It’s true, even Tremor won’t respond.” Applejack said in worry. Pinkie Pie and Rarity both closed their eyes to concentrate, only to get interrupted by Blade, “It won’t work. They left those Interference Cuffs on you in order to keep you from activating your NanoPacks.”

“But why?” Fluttershy asked, ready to cry. Blade reached through the bars on the side as best he could, and wrapped her in a comforting embrace, “There, there!” he whispered to her. Pinkie Pie, bit her lip, and focused even harder, Breeze sighed as she struggled, holding her breath and pushing the pictures of her NanoPack into her mind. Breeze chanced a look at her, and gasped. The visor had appeared over her eyes, and the armor was ever so slowly emerging. “What the…” he said in surprise. “No way!” Blade agreed, and Pinkie flopped to the ground, exhausted. The instant she lost her focus, the NanoPack retracted itself into her hair. Gasping for air, and breathing heavily she asked, “How’d I do?”

“Spectacular!” Breeze said in aw, and pulled out his NanoPack. “I thought you said we couldn’t use our NanoPacks!” Rarity said. “I can still do scans, these cuffs only interfere with transformations.” he said and shined a light onto Pinkie’s hair, and dropped his jaw. “What?” Blade asked. “The energy in her NanoPack is morphing, changing from Xacrimon into…something else!” Breeze said in surprise. “How is that possible?” Blade asked. “Remember that crystal we found in those type 6 recovery droids?” Twilight asked. Everyone nodded in response to it. “Well I ran some tests on the one we found, and discovered that it’s a power source, one that completely overtakes any existing power supply.” she told them. “That’s crazy.” Blade said, “But if Twilight’s theory is correct and they all had one, then that means that we all have morphing power cells, just because we fought those recovery droids. Does that mean someone gave us this new energy on purpose? And if so, what are we supposed to do with them, and when will the transformation be complete?”

“Hey Twilight, where exactly is that crystal you found?” Rainbow Dash asked, but never got an answer. The cell block doors opened up and Blade looked up, seeing the guards as they entered. Breeze quickly and smoothly placed his NanoPack back into its holster.

The guard walked right up to Rainbow Dash’s cell and slipped the key into it. “You with the rainbow hair!” he grunted. “The one and only Rainbow Dash.” she said and placed a hoof to her chest in pride. “Yah, Rainbow Dash, the scientist would like you for a flight test, we need to see just how good you pegasi are.” he said, and opened the cell grabbing the chain attached to her collar to lead her out. “Better get ready to be amazed cause I am the best!” she gloated, and held her head up high, proud to finally do what she loved. “Can you believe that, she didn’t even give us any recommendations.” Rarity complained. “Actually I feel sorry for Rainbow Dash, they’re probably going to push her to the point of collapse.” Blade said.

"So…where exactly are we going?" Rainbow Dash asked. "Don't you worry your skittle colored head over it." the guard said. "I just hope it's somewhere fun, you know like a race track or something." she said. This caught the guard off guard, "Wait you like races?" he asked. "Yah, if it goes fast, I'll beat it." she said, her confidence sky rocketing. The guard smiled, "Really, you think you're fast huh?" he asked. "Fastest in Equestria!" she gloated. "We'll see just how fast that is." he said as he detoured from the rout and opened a door next to him. He ushered her inside, and released her from her collar. "There," he said, "now you got no one to blame when you lose." he said and shut the door in front of him, locking Rainbow Dash inside. "Me, lose?" she asked herself as if it were impossible.

When she turned around, she saw what looked to be a tunnel like track, glass on top and white steel on the bottom with white steel beams reaching from one side to the other for support. The path ran from her right in what looked to be a straight stretch, all the way to her left where it turned out of sight. Suddenly she heard a kind of high pitched roar, one she couldn't remember ever hearing before, come from the very direction she was looking. "OK, I’m not sure what kind of crazy tests you’d do in a place like this." she said quizzically and trotted towards the turn. As she rounded it, she caught what looked to be a kind of vehicle, floating in mid air, a low hum of the same sound she had heard before screaming out of it as it hovered there. The front was topped with glass, and shaped in a square like pattern with a tapered front. The wings on each side seemed to be in the same shape hers were, and the round tubes on the back glowed with a green light as the high pitched whistle it made rose and fell.

"What the…" she asked as she approached it. The glass portion of the machine lifted up, supported by hinges near the back, and inside a pig faced man with green skin and blue hair sat in the pilot seat. With a snort, he turned to the cyan pegasus. "Who are you supposed to be." the thing asked her. His voice was deep and gruff, almost nasally, like a pigs'. "I'm Rainbow Dash of Equestria, who are you?" she asked. With a snort he answered, "Name's T-1872-Tusks, {Snort}. {Snort} I’m the fastest pilot on the Genesis Ark, and this {Snort} is my NanoPack. I call her the 'Iron Bird'." he told her. "Fastest?" Rainbow asked, "You mean second fastest now." Tusks, looked at her, then laughed, "You think I'd lose to a…whatever you are…"

"Pegasus!" Rainbow angrily corrected him. "You think I'd lose to a pegasus {Snort} with a name that could be the flavor of an ice cream?" he taunted. "Heh, it's a better name than something that sticks out of your mouth." she said, finally getting into the trash talk. "Oh you are on, my friend {Snort}." he said, and closed the top of his hatch. "Bring it!" was all she said, and they waited, "Hey," she said as the countdown continued, "Do you think after this they'll let us have ice cream?" She never got her answer, because the light turned green and off the two went. Rainbow Dash flapped her wings, keeping speed with the Iron Bird easily. 'She's fast,' Tusks thought to himself, 'I'd better not underestimate her, she literally lives this speed.' and with that, he pushed his engine further, pulling away from her around the corner. The moment she got a good view of him, she pushed herself even further, catching up with him quickly.

The smirk on her face, lit his soul on fire, 'I haven't had a challenge like this in years.' he thought as he made the next turn, and punched it again. 'The excitement of the race, to imagine the cheers of the crowd, this is the life I have missed, this is what I crave!' With that, he gunned it again, finding her keeping pace with him. "Very few have even come close to keeping up with me at this speed {Snort}." he said over his speaker. "Then I guess very few have what I have!" she retorted. "And what exactly do you have?" Tusks asked. "Heh," she scoffed, "I'm a master of the Sonic Rainboom!" she gloated. "I'm not sure what a Rainboom is, {Snort} but the word 'Sonic' means you can go even faster than this. I'd like to see it, just once." he told her. "You got it!" she said, and pushed her wings even faster. The pressure of the wind as it passed by her and built in front of her was something she remembered gratefully, the barrier building in front of her, the power as it bent to her will, and suddenly shattered as the shockwave was filled with the colors of the rainbow. Her speed doubled instantly after the crack of the boom, rocketing her forward with the colors of her rainbow hair following her in a streak. "Oh yah! Beat that!" she shouted. "That might be a bit difficult since I can't do the colorful part." she heard Tusks say, and when she turned her head, she was shocked, he was keeping pace with her even now. "No way!" she called out. "You'd better believe it my friend {Snort}," he said with a smile, "this race is far from over!"

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